My Sister’s Confusion-Chapter Two

After Kristin left my room, I was still mentally in a fog, but was grasping at the memory of her parting whisper. Did I hear her correctly, and is she coming back to my room to fuck with me tomorrow night? Maybe I just heard what I wanted to hear, and had totally misinterpreted what she said. This was going to be a very restless night mentally and yet, I was so sexually satisfied physically, I should already be sleeping like a baby. I couldn’t shake all these thoughts out of my head, so I decided that I would sneak into my sister’s room quietly and see if she was still awake, so I could ask her about tomorrow night.

As I tiptoed down the hallway in stealth mode, my cock was erect again and it must have been thinking that part two was coming up shortly. It wasn’t the first time that my cock had taken over thinking for me, but I had to be careful that I didn’t ruin things with my sister, and destroy any chance of getting my cock into her pussy. Oh fuck, now it’s throbbing and I can feel pre-cum leaking; what the hell should I do? “Bryan, are you alright”? I heard from the other end of the hallway. Oh shit; it was my mother and now I would have to explain what I was doing sneaking down the hallway, and would have to hope that she didn’t notice my throbbing erection. Mind you, the erection started deflating as soon as I heard her voice.

This was a bit of a quandary, because I had already passed the door to the bathroom, and the stairway leading to down stairs, so I couldn’t think of anywhere to tell her I had been headed. I finally blurted out that I had been coming to see if she was awake so I could talk to her. She put her arm around me and led me back to my room, and asked me what I needed to talk about. I’m certain that she noticed the bulge in my underwear, and now I was squirming uncomfortably.

She sat on the edge of my bed, but then realized that she had put her foot on something slippery, and reached down to pick it up. When she pulled up those white frilly panties and held them in front of her face to examine, I wanted to just disappear under the blankets. Mom said, “Bryan, what are your sister’s panties doing in your room”? Just then Kristin came into my room, and asked why we were both up. Then she said “”Bryan, you friggin little pervert; what are you doing with my panties”? She walked over and grabbed them and then said to mom “you better punish him for taking these from my laundry basket”.

Mom appeared rather dumbfounded and didn’t say anything until Kristin had gone back to her room, and then she said “Bryan, what the hell is going on”? I said “can you just leave me alone and go back to your room, because I’m not talking about it”. She looked puzzled as well as annoyed, but she got up and left. I lay there thinking to myself “not only am I not going to get into my sister’s pussy tomorrow night, but I’m totally fucked”. I fully expected that my father would be charging into my room next, but the house was quiet, and the rest of the night was spent worrying and tossing and turning.

The next morning after maybe getting two hours sleep, I went to the bathroom, and then got dressed and left the house before anyone got up. I was at school well before they unlocked the doors, so I just sat in the football bleachers pondering my fate. A half hour later, I saw Kristin walking towards me and when she got there and sat down beside me, I asked her what she was doing here so early. She kissed me on the cheek and said “I was worried about you and wanted to see if you were okay”. I told her everything that had happened with mom, and I also told her that I appreciated the fact that she covered for me, when mom discovered her panties. She said “Bryan, you look so stressed and worried, and I’m concerned about you. I’m also concerned that my pussy is going to miss out on your really nice cock tonight”. I couldn’t help but laugh since I knew that she was trying to cheer me up, so I said “thanks for trying to cheer me up, but I have to face mom and dad tonight when I get home and I have no idea how I’m going to explain about last night".

Kristin said “Bryan, you said that you were sneaking down the hallway when mom saw you, so what were you planning to do when you got to my room”? I said “it was really hard for me to get to sleep after our incredible sex, so I was lying in bed trying to figure out if I heard you correctly when you whispered to me before leaving my room. I was going to your room to see if you were still awake so I could ask you”. Kristin leaned in and whispered in my ear “this isn’t an exact quote, but basically I told you that I wanted your cock in my pussy and I would come for it tomorrow night”. “Even under duress the little bastard can’t control himself”, I thought to myself, as my cock throbbed in my pants.

Kristin saw it and told me she was flattered that she had made me hard. She said “if I had you alone somewhere private, I would fuck your brains out and you would be begging for mercy”. My brainwaves started emanating from my cock again, so I leaned into Kristin and kissed her passionately on the lips, not even thinking that there may be other kids around. Kristin pulled her face away, looked around and then returned to kissing me, and touching my cock through my pants. Obviously she hadn't seen anyone else around.

I took her by the hand and led her under the bleachers, where I dropped my pants and placed her hand on my cock. I slipped my hand under the waist band of her pants and began to rub her pussy lips and clitoris. Both of us were caught up in the passion of the moment and didn’t care if we were discovered, so we continued kissing and touching, until I felt like I was going to cum. Kristin dropped to her knees when she sensed that I was going to cum, and my hand was dragged involuntarily from her pants. She engulfed my cock in her mouth just as the scrotal spasms started sending my cum streams up my shaft and into her mouth. Looking down at my sister swallowing my cum, was another one of those “moments in time”, that I would never forget. When she cleaned up all of the cum, she stood up and said she hoped that she had helped with my stress. I kissed her and held her tightly and she knew then that my stress level had definitely gone down.

We sat back up in the bleachers because it was still pretty early, and still couldn’t think of a story to tell my parents, at least one that made any sense. I said “Kristin, I am so happy about our relationship, and what you just did for me; I really don’t care anymore about the problem, so I will just go home and refuse to talk to them about it”. We could see kids starting to arrive, so we made our way towards the school.

That night I went home and straight to my room, but I didn’t get much peace because my mother opened my door, and said “your father and I want to talk to you in private tonight after supper, so don’t plan on going anywhere”. I didn’t look at her or speak, so she left. “ I guess my silence is working so far” I thought to myself. Supper and the time afterwards, may be a little trickier, but what the hell; they can’t beat me, because they would get arrested, so I’ll just stay quiet and deal with their punishments. The supper table was very quiet and uncomfortable, and even Kristin sat without uttering a word. When the table had been cleared and the kitchen cleaned up, my father said “go up to your room, and your mother and I will be up shortly to talk to you”.

When they arrived in my room, my father started at me right off the bat, “what the hell were you doing with your sister’s panties in your room”? I didn’t answer, so he grabbed my arm, and told me to look at him when he was speaking and to answer the question. I didn’t look or speak and this infuriated him, so he grabbed both arms and pulled me up in front of his face. I said “I’m not talking about this so go ahead and punch me or punish me or anything else you want to do”. I could see that his face was getting red with rage, so I prepared myself for a hit, but mom recognized that this was going to get out of control, so she grabbed him and pulled him out into the hallway. I sat back down on my bed waiting to see what would come next, but all I heard was the front door slamming and dad’s car screeching out of the driveway.

As brave as I had tried to be, probably because of my new found sexual releases with my sister, I sat trembling not knowing what the future held. I could hear my mother in her room crying and then Kristin came into my room and asked if I was okay. She whispered to me “little brother, I’ll bet you could really use a blowjob right about now”. Her sense of humor was priceless and her timing couldn’t have been better, so I laughed and said “No doubt about that”. She said that she had to go to a friend’s house to work on a school project, but she would be back around 9 o’clock.

The phone rang and mom must have answered because it only rang once, and a few minutes later, she came back into my room. She said to me “your father is in a bar drinking, and he will probably come home late drunk, so I would suggest that you feign sleeping, so he leaves you alone. She stared at me with the strangest look on her face, and I suddenly felt sorry for her. She walked over to me and sat down on the bed and hugged me tightly and began sobbing. I put my arms around her, realizing that I had probably screwed up my parent’s relationship, so I felt terribly guilty.

When she got her sobbing under control she said to me “you know Bryan, you could have talked to me about sex things if you were having problems or were confused about anything. I know that your father is not easy to talk to, but I am your mother and I love you, and you should know that I am there for you whenever you want to talk”. Her hugging and her sobbing had made me feel very emotional, so as I pulled her close to me, I could feel her breasts and her nipples pushing into my side. I also noticed her thigh pushed into mine and felt kind of good. I’m not suggesting that I felt like fucking my mother, but I was getting aroused and emotional.

My mother pulled back a bit from me, and placed her hand on my thigh and asked me if I felt comfortable talking to her about sex. It shouldn’t have happened, but my cock throbbed at the word sex leaving her lips, and mom noticed the bulge in my pants. She said “now take that for instance; do you understand why boys get aroused so easily at your age”? I thought I better play dumb, so I just said that there were a lot of things I didn’t understand. She said that she would be happy to teach me about sex if I would open up and talk to her. I nodded sheepishly, so she began rubbing her hand up and down my thigh until it came to rest right near my erection.

She watched my cock throb in my pants, so she said that she was going to show me a way to deal with the frustration of erections. She stood me up in front of her, and pulled down my pants and underwear, as I was frozen in a state of shock. She began instructing me on how to masturbate, and because I kept fumbling and pretending to be inept, she took hold of my cock, and showed me how to stroke it properly. She said that I could add to the sensation by holding my balls and massaging them with my other hand.

It was my cock again doing my thinking, so I reached out and held both of her breasts in my hand, and she didn’t pull away, but she did gasp. She also increased the speed of her hand strokes on my cock, so I sat down and moved one hand from a breast and placed it on her pussy through her dress. Mom really gasped this time and also let out a moan. I asked her if I hurt her, and she said “no, I moaned because it felt so good. Your father doesn’t touch me anymore, and I had almost forgotten what it was like to feel that kind of pleasure”.

My cock was doing all my thinking for me now, so I pulled her back on my bed, and ran my hand under her dress, and pulled her panties off. I threw them on the floor and then worked my fingers into her naked pussy. Mom was writhing all over the bed, and moaning loudly, and when my fingers rubbed in light circles on her clitoris, she clamped her legs shut and moaned that she was cumming. She whispered to me that she hadn’t felt pleasure like that in years, and asked if there was anything else I would like to know about sex.

I crawled on top of her making sure that her dress was still completely pulled up, and when my erect cock made contact with her pussy hairs, she shuddered and said that I needed to stop, because this was wrong. Her eyes and facial expression betrayed her, because they were saying “fuck my pussy”. I managed to get her legs parted using my thighs, and as my cock now brushed against her pussy lips, she said “please stop, we can’t do this”, but I listened to her eyes, and began slowly entering her pussy. The heat and smells coming from her pussy were telling a much different story than her words, and my cock was now fully engulfed and my balls came to rest on her ass cheeks. She closed her eyes and began bucking wildly, uttering unintelligible sounds and digging her heels into the back of my legs. My cock had now felt the inside of a pussy for the first time, and even though it was my mother, it felt incredible.

I started slowly thrusting in and out of her, when she seemed to freeze up and I felt the walls of her pussy contracting on my cock, as she screamed that she was cumming again. Those pussy contractions felt just like the blowjob I got from Kristin this morning, so I wouldn’t be able to last much longer. Mom relaxed her legs, so I started moving in and out of her pussy more forcefully, and with my balls slapping off of her ass, I hammered her until I came. When she felt the spasms and the cum shooting deep inside of her, those pussy contractions sucked in my sperm, as she shook and held me tightly. She was having her third or fourth orgasm and appeared to be in a dream state; not talking or moving.

When I rolled off of her, she grabbed my hand and said that this was the most incredible sex she had ever experienced, but we must never speak of it again, and it must never happen again. She got up and put her panties on and left my room. I remembered watching her put her panties on, as my cum ran down her leg, and that is another “moment in time” that I would never forget.

I didn’t know what the rest of the night would bring, either with my father or Kristina, but just on the off chance that Kristina might be in later, I had to take a shower. After getting cleaned up and laying in my bed, I reflected back on the sex with my mother and thought about how wonderful it had been. My cock was hardening again thinking about it, when I heard Dad’s car pull in the driveway.

To be continued…………..

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