My Sisters Confusion

Growing up with an older sister can be a royal pain, since they are usually bossy, and think they can make all the decisions in the house that affect all kids. There was just the two of us, and because our parents were very strict, my sister started using me to cover for her, when she decided to break the rules. I didn’t like it much, but she had enough dirt on me that she could tell my parents about, I didn’t seem to have any other choice, but to go along with it.

My name is Bryan and my sister’s name is Kristin; I am 14 and she is 16, but sometimes her behavior made it seem as if she was the younger and less mature one. I started getting more rebellious with her because I was sick of getting threatened with the usual- “fine Bryan, I’m going to tell mom and dad what you did”. The last straw with Kristin was when she walked into my room and caught me masturbating, and what really pissed me off was that she didn’t even knock. Because she saw me with a pair of her panties wrapped around my erect cock as I masturbated, she offered the usual threat. I told her to do whatever she felt she had to, but I wasn’t going to cover for her anymore. That virtually started all out warfare, and things got really tense between us.

About a week after this latest incident, she came to me and said she wanted a truce, because all the tension was making her miserable. Kristin apologized for walking in on me and said that she would never tell what she saw, but wanted to know why I had used her panties to masturbate. I guess I was still feeling miffed at her, so I said “don’t flatter yourself Kristin; they just happened to be handy so I used them”. Kristin said “I know that you are still a little annoyed with me, but I’m serious; why my panties”? I started to feel guilty for throwing her peace offering back in her face, so I said “Kristin, first of all you are a female and second of all you are very attractive and have a hot body, so why wouldn’t I want to masturbate using your panties”?

Her reaction was not what I expected, and I began to listen intently as she said “I can’t believe that you find me hot, because you usually give me the impression that you hate me. I wish I had known how you really saw me and maybe our relationship could have been so different, but I am really flattered”. In that moment, my opinion of my sister changed, and for the first time, my cock got erect looking at her. It’s strange how you never forget moments like that, and even years later it would remain vivid in my mind.

I guess we had talked through all that needed to be said that day, but before she left my room, she gave me a hug and flashed me the peace sign. I don’t think she saw the bulge in the front of my pants.

That night as I lay in bed thinking of my conversation with Kristin, I kept going over those words “our relationship could have been so different”, wondering what she meant. My cock was erect, and I was playing with myself when I heard a knock at the door. I held up the blanket to hide my erection, and said “come in”. Kristin came in and said that she wanted to be sure that we were okay after our conversation earlier, and said she had something for me. She handed me a pair of her panties and asked if they would help tonight. I said “as long as they have already been worn by you today, they would be great and would help a lot”. She smiled and said they were clean ones from her dresser, and she called me a deviant; but clarified that she thought I was a real sweet deviant. I was astonished as she slipped her track pants off, and then her panties, and passed them to me. I caught a glimpse of her pubic hair before she put on the clean panties, and I was so excited that I let the blanket go and my erection was now tenting for her to see. Kristin said “wow, little brother, you and your tenting friend do seem to like my body”.

Because I was now past the point of caring about consequences, I took the used panties and put my hand under the blanket to stroke my erect cock. Kristin said “Little brother, this is going a little further than I expected so I think I better go”. I said “please Kristin, don’t leave just yet. I really want to do this with you here”. Kristin sat down on the edge of my bed and told me that I was suggesting something that was considered morally wrong, not to mention illegal. I didn’t want to sound pathetic and appear as if I was begging, but my erection was doing my thinking so I said “Please Kristin”? She finally nodded okay, so I pulled the blanket down to fully expose my erect cock. I wrapped her panties around my cock and began stroking, and then I took the panties and put them up to my nose and inhaled deeply. As the smell of her pussy permeated through my nostrils, my cock throbbed and the first stream of ejaculate shot onto my abdomen. There were three more spurts, all of them landing on the blanket. Kristin hadn’t moved and never took her eyes off my cock all this time, so I asked her what she thought. She said “Bryan, I don’t know what to think, but you have a really nice cock and I think I had better leave now, before I do something I will regret”.

Kristin was gone before I had a chance to react or even ask her to explain what she meant, but my erection had not gone away, and I felt like I wanted to cum again. I masturbated again and it took longer to cum the second time, but smelling the crotch of her panties sure helped.

Although our relationship continued to improve, she didn’t mention the masturbation incident, and I was afraid to bring it up, until I got caught going through her laundry hamper. “Bryan, are you looking for today’s panties” she said. I was a little embarrassed and looked at her sheepishly and said “sorry Kristin, but I really needed your aroma to help me tonight”. This was about eight o’clock at night, so Kristin said “I’ll come into your room at 9:30 and bring you today’s panties”.

As I lay in bed, hard as a rock, watching the hands click slowly on the clock, it seemed as if 9:30 would never arrive. It did though, and my door opened and then Kristin shut it and walked towards my bed and sat down. She was wearing a t-shirt and white frilly panties, and she pointed to them and asked me if they would do the trick. When I told her that they were perfect, she stood and took them off, and then held them up to my nose. My eyes were fixated on the beautiful mound of pubic hair that was a foot from my face. Between the aroma of the panty crotch and the view of that pubic mound, I nearly ejaculated. Kristin continued to stand there knowing that I had a perfect view, and I wondered to myself what she could be thinking. I don’t know why, but it just came out, and I said “Kristin, are you going to stay with me and help with my masturbation”? She said “Bryan, I have been thinking about this ever since the last time, and I have decided that you and I now have a great relationship, and I don’t see why I can’t help you with your frustrations”.

I wanted to ask her what she meant, but before I could speak, Kristin lifted the blankets and crawled in beside me. She said “Bryan, you concentrate on smelling the crotch of my panties, and I will take care of your cock”. She lay on her side facing me, with her head on my chest, and her leg propped over my thigh. She reached down and touched my erect cock and the sensation of her fingers on my cock felt electric and magical. My erection was throbbing and I felt some moisture on the cock head, and knew that it had to be pre-cum. Kristin’s fingers rubbed the pre-cum over the entire head of my cock, and then began stroking, as she stared at my erection. Between the stroking, and the smell of her panty crotch, I began shooting cum streams, in every direction, and some even landed on her face. She never moved or flinched, except to speak, when she said “Bryan, that was really special and I am glad that I could help”. I said “Kristin, I would like to make you feel good too; would that be okay”? She grinned at me and jokingly said that she really wasn’t interested in smelling my underwear and asked what I had in mind.

I was getting very bold at this stage, so I said “Kristin, I want to lick and kiss and touch every inch of that beautiful hot body if you will let me”. I could tell that she was a little hesitant, but she said “I will let you if you promise not to try and penetrate me with your cock”. I said “I promise, and now I would like to remove your t-shirt and lie you down on your back”. As Kristin took off her top and lay back on the bed, I had to take a minute to just look at her, because this was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I told her she was smoking hot, and asked her to let me know how I was doing.

I began licking slowly and gently on her ear lobes, alternating between licks and sucks. Then I moved down to her neck and did the same thing, as my fingers traced circles lightly around her nipples. She moaned “Bryan that feels amazing and you are doing just great”. With that encouragement, I licked and nibbled my way to her stomach area, and with my hands, I continued touching her breasts and circling her nipples. Kristin was now raising her lower body off of the bed and started rubbing her hands through my hair. Those mounds of hers were soft and yet firm, and were so fantastic to touch. They just made my cock throb uncontrollably.

As my hands moved all over her abdomen and my chin now felt her pubic hair, she bucked her hips up into the air. I got between her legs and put my hands under her and held the cheeks of her ass, as my mouth found its way to her pussy. First my tongue licked through the pubic hairs and then flicked at her outer pussy lips, and that is when she pulled my head into her and said she was cumming. She trembled and her whole body shook as she started to close her thighs against my ears. I did manage to reach her clitoris and suck it into my mouth while she was having her orgasm. Kristin was writhing all over the bed and it was all I could do to keep her clitoris from slipping from my lips.

Her hands and thighs slowly started easing off the pressure on my head, so I gently parted her thighs wide, and licked from her tiny anal opening right to the top of her pussy lips. Her moans now were much louder and I was hoping that our parents down the hall couldn’t hear us. My long licking strokes with my tongue had brought Kristin to the edge again, so when I darted my tongue deeply into her pussy, she again clamped my head and had another orgasm. This one was different, because I could smell and taste fluids coming from her pussy, and the musk-like aroma and taste were driving me wild. My tongue was now lapping hungrily at her pussy, and I could feel pre-cum running down the shaft of my cock. My finger was rubbing circles on her tiny anal opening and this made her squirm even more. Since she seemed to like it, I inserted my tongue into the anal opening and caused her to cum again. This time, after she bucked wildly, she clamped her legs and told me that she couldn’t take anymore, and she pulled at my head to get me up to lie with her.

I lay down beside her and kissed her on the neck before resting my head on her breasts. I put my leg over hers, and it felt all slippery from the pre-cum leaking everywhere. Kristin looked down and said “Bryan, that was the most beautiful and sensuous experience of my life, but I think you have waited long enough, and I need to take care of you now”.

Watching Kristin move down my body licking and nibbling, made me wonder if I could even hold off cumming until she reached my cock. I did though, but my hips were bucking wildly off of the bed as I reached for her face to move it towards my cock head. That first hot breath from her mouth and the first touch of her lips on my cock put me in a state of euphoria, that I had never felt before. When Kristin’s tongue started flicking and then her lips closed snugly around my cock head, my balls ached and then sent a surge of ejaculate into the back of her throat. I wasn’t sure how she would react to this, but she sucked hungrily and never took her lips from my cock head, as stream after stream of cum filled her mouth and throat. Kristin reached up and touched my lips with her fingers as she drained the remaining cum from my shaft, and I hadn’t realized how loud I was when I came. When Kristin was certain that she had all of my cum, she licked any residue from the shaft and then came up to lie beside me. We were both speechless and just lay there taking in the moment, as we embraced and nibbled at each other’s necks.

Before Kristin got up and returned to her bedroom, she whispered to me “I have changed my mind, and I definitely want you to make love to my pussy with your cock, and I will see you tomorrow night at the same time and place”.

To be continued…………………

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