Unaware she had a 14 year old stalker, Stacey's plans for a girlie night out on the town take a unexpected twist
John had lived opposite Stacey for all 14 years of his life and, since his first erection at 8 and subsequent wank at 10, had made her the focal point of his fantasies. A mousey brown haired beauty, Stacey had a beautiful face with big eyes, great breasts and shapely legs.Her hair came down her back to where her bra would clasp, and she looks as good today, at 40, as she did in her mid 20's, despite having given birth 2 years ago. When she was pregnant John feared his beauty would go the way of many a woman in his area once they'd had a child/children... downhill, but Stacey had kept herself in shape and looked slimmer after birth than she actually was beforehand.

John, it has to be said, had become compulsive over her, always watching out of his windows to see her leave and arrive. It certainly didn't help that she would often surprise him with a sexy outfit every now and again rather than just a t shirt and jeans, so she'd (unknowingly) treated him to all manner of mini skirts (particularly leather and it's derivatives), leather tops and pants, small vest tops and tight tees, many of which captured forever by the long lensed SLR camera he had for his 12th birthday, which pointed continually at the front of her house. John and his mates would then print the pictures to poster size and he and his mates would whack off to them in the privacy of his bedroom.

This day was hot and sunny and with Stacey's husband out at work for the evening she planned a night at Reflex with the girls, this was the local club that played all the 80's music that she loved. John had bumped into her in the street and they'd chatted about her plans for the evening, so he knew he'd be treated to another sexy outfit.

"What ya doin'?" asked his mate Ste (15) as he walked into his room, letting himself and Tommy (15) in via the back door. "She's out tonight, so i'm just preparing" replied John, inserting a clean card into his camera and positioning it atop the tripod by the window. "Forget about that for a while and get some of this down ya" said Tommy, flashing two huge bottles of White Lightning. The three drank and did some of Ste's meth, getting themselves pretty tanked up.

They heard Stacey's front door shut and they rushed to the window to see her put her baby girl into the back of the car, ready to take to her mum's who was the assigned babysitter for the evening. The outfit certainly didn't disappoint, a black leather halterneck top, matching mini skirt and incredibly high heels. Quite how she could dance in them was a mystery but "they'd look fuckin' great right here" said Tommy, holding his hands up to his ears as if her legs were up in the air. "I'd love to fuck that bitch" added Ste as John took pictures of her bending over her daughter, securing the baby seat. "Get yer fuckin' pictures of her out, i fancy a wank".

As Stacey drove away, John went to his drawer and produced a huge A3 picture of her from the Christmas Do last year, the last time (to his knowledge) she'd worn the outfit, and placed it on the table. The three lads whipped out their cocks and proceeded to rub themselves over unknowing Stacey's photo. "Imagine fuckin' those big fat tits" said John, "and having those fuckin' thighs wrapped around yer fuckin' waist", chipped in Ste. Then, to their surprise, Stacey arrived back (childless) and went back in her house. They'd presumed that was her out for the night, but clearly she wasn't going out 'til later. "What say we actually fuck this bitch rather than just wank over her?" piped up Tommy, clearly high on drink and drugs, as were all three. "Yeah Tommy, let's hit that" agreed Ste, "you in John?"
"Hell yeah, she's been askin' for it for years" agreed a rather stoned John, and all three went over to the road and peered into the windows.

They went round the front of her house but couldn't see anything, then opened the wooden door into the back garden. "There she is" said Ste, "fuckin' look At that". Stacey was leaning forward into a full length mirror applying her lipstick, then she looked at herself and smiled, smoothing the leather over the slender belly she'd worked so hard to retain. Turning to the side she did the same to her ass, smoothing it over her small, round buttocks, "yeah Stace, you've still got it" she said to the mirror. With the window open this comment was heard by the three wanton teenagers outside, their cocks twitching in their pants aching to enter the sexy MILF. "Got it?" said Ste, "she'll fucking GET IT in a minute", and with that he kicked the backdoor open and the three ran in.

"What the... John?!!" questioned a confused Stacey as they burst into her hall. "Grab her!" John shouted to his mates and the two lads, both 5' 10" to her 5' 4", grabbed an arm each and started to drag her kicking and screaming up to the bedroom. As they reached the landing Stacey managed to free herself and ran down the corridor to the bedroom, what she didn't notice was one of her daughter's dolls on the floor. She tripped on it and fell backwards, knocking her out.

"Oh shit, she dead?" asked Tommy, as Ste lowered himself to the floor to see if she was still breathing. "Nah, 's cool she's still fuckin' breathin'. Let's get her up and onto the bed". The carried her to the bed and laid her on her back, her seemingly lifeless legs draped over the end of the mattress. "No, pull her right onto the bed and let's get to work" said John now climbing onto Stacey, straddling her waist and releasing a massive cock for such a young lad. He groped at her flabby breasts through her leather top, striking at them with his monster hard on. "Fuck me!" exclaimed Tommy as he saw his mate's cock now fully erect. He'd seen it limp in the shower room after football and joked about it's size, but to actually see how much it grew beyond flaccid left him gobsmacked.

It wasn't long before Stacey came cound, John by this time was positioned on top of her hips, wanking hard as the others groped at her breasts and thighs. Her vision sharpened just in time to see John's massive mushroom head explode over her. Ste and Tommy held her struggling body by the arms as John twisted the foreskin over his cockhead gently before releasing the first pent up load of hot sticky cum right into her face. She saw it coming and tried to turn away but it hit her squarely across her face, hitting her hair, eye and right cheek. "Hey!" she gasped in horror, as the second squirt landed right in her open mouth. "Ha ha, this bitch is really getting creamed" laughed Tommy as the next few shots landed on her leather top and the rest fell on her beatuful flat belly. John smeared some of his cum over her belly with his dick before wipng himself on her leather skirt.

"Right you fucking wanker, you done now?" shouted Stacey, annoyed at how she'd been treated by these young lads, "fucking get off me!" Tommy laughed, "we've only just begun with you, you cock teasing little bitch. Let's get her over and free those fun bags". Stacey protested, kicking and struggling beneath a now limp John, but fighting was futile and she was soon on her belly having the straps removed from her top, John's cum now being smeared all over her expensive duvet as she continued her futile struggle to freedom.

They turned her back onto her back and John grabbed at the messed up top with his right hand and flung it across the bedroom. "Look at those" said Ste leeringly, "i could suck on them all day". He was right of course, the breasts he'd imagined and wanked over in her tight tops looked fantastic naked. Big, soft and round, he pushed John off her midriff and straddled her himself, placing his hard shaft between, squeezing them into his manhood as he rocked forwards and backwards, claiming his titwank as Tommy and John held her down this time. "I love your fuckin' tits bitch" he declared, building up speed. Stacey lay there, her breasts being abused by this young lad, high on booze and drugs. She smelled the cheap alcohol on his breath as he occasionally looked at her face, concentrating his gaze almost entirely on her mounds as he pummelled away at them.

"Oh yeah, oh yeah, here it comes bitch" he said, sliding back as his first shot came bursting out of his prick, shooting up in the air like a fountain before landing with an audible splat on her soft left breast. Then again on her right, then he jerked back on his cock sending the next to her chin before concentrating again on her breasts. As the streams of hot jizz seemed never ending Tommy commented "look mate, she's not closing her eyes. She's loving this". "Like the attention from young lads do you MILF?" Stacey remained silent, secretly loving watching these horny teens literally shower her with attention.

She feigned a struggle as Tommy took postion on top of her and started smearing Ste's cum over her fleshy breasts with his hands, before placing his cock between them and pushing them firmly into his member and rampantly fucking them. In and out of them he rammed, her looking down and watching his mushroom stick out towards her face with every rampant thrust. He built up pace and she knew he was about to blow, he pulled away from her tits and moved forward to her face. "You are so fucking pretty" he said pointing his cock to her face "even if you do have some grey hairs there ha. You're still our favourite MILF". She looked down at the cockhead that was being jacked off in front of her as she took the first blow straight in her right eye, the streak running up the side of her nose. Then he pumped away at his cock as it blobbed thick cum all over her cheeks, mouth and chin. As some had blocked her nostrils she had to open her mouth, recieving a shot to the tongue. Ste squoze every last drop onto her face before sitting back onto her waist and looking at the cumsoaked babe that lay before him. "Nice work" said John, pulling a pocket camera from his pants. Ste took it and photgraphed the MILF totally creamed, cum streaming from her cheeks down the sides of her face to her ears.

Stacey lay there with her knees now up, almost acting as the back to the human chair she'd become. John walked round and looked up her skirt. "Oh lads, lads, gimmie that" he said, taking pictues up her leather mini. "What?" asked Ste, unable to see. "She's fuckin' wet" John replied, looking at the wet patch on her blue satin knickers. "Oh fuck!" Stacey thought to herself, thinking the ordeal was over. It wasn't of course, but she'd presumed once they'd all shot their loads that would be it. Now, of course, they realised that she had in fact been turned on by what they'd done to her.

"You've had your fun boys, now can you leave please?" she pleaded, hoping that abusing her massive breasts was enough. John did live over the road after all, so if he actually took this any further she'd have him in prison. "I'm prepared to turn a blind eye to all this John, so long as you all fuck off... NOW!" she exclaimed. "Oh i think the lady doth plead too much" he replied, "particularly now we can clearly see you're liking this far more than your words portray... and your actions, i notice you stopped struggling. I think you like the idea of some young lads fucking you. When did you last fuck Mr. Atkins then?" "Erm, erm last week sometime" she replied, actually it was a month ago. As fit as she was, sex wasn't regularly on the agenda since giving birth. She had always enjoyed being found attractive though, and had in fact often wondered what young guys thought about her. This night she was finding out.

Ste and Tommy got back on the bed and kneeled on her arms as John slid his hands up her skirt. Her thighs were sweaty with the heat of the leather, but he managed to slide her big pants down and free them from her heeled feet. Taking them in his hands he smelled, then tasted, the wet stain in the crotch before passing them around. Stacey started to struggle and scream, so Tommy rammed her panties into her complaining, cumsoaked mouth. John started fingering her wet pussy as she moaned into the panties. She knew the inevitable would soon happen, she would come. John rammed his fingers in and out of her, then stuck his hand inside her and fisted her. Stacey writhed to his actions, thrashing as far as she could under the constraints of Ste and Tommy. Then it happened, her whole body shook as a shattering orgasm waved through her body. John felt her warm juices around his hand so he withdrew and her come flowed out copiously. "That's right slut, come for us" he said, as she continued to make muffled moaning noises.

John ordered his friends off Stacey's arms, pulled her to the end of the bed, positioned his huge cockhead at her sopping pussy lips and pushed forward, grabbing her hips. His cock was far bigger and fatter than that of her husband and she could feel it stretching her pussy. Her fighting against her young attacker subsided and she started fucking back at his masasive length. "Oh yeah slut, you're lovin' it", he said as he looked her straight in the eyes. The two guys removed her panties from her mouth and offered their erect cocks to her face. She reached her hands up and grabbed them, wanking one while she sucked the other. This young stud was fucking her like she was young again, her husband certainly wasn't up to these moves, so she conceded that she might as well enjoy it. John pulled out and raised her legs into the air and positioned his mushroom at her anus. Stacey shook her head, "no i don't do anal". "Like you have a fucking choice bitch" he replied, pushing gently into her virgin asshole. She screamed into the cock again pummeling her mouth as John started ramming her ass. She reached down and started fingering her twat as he built up momentum, fucking faster and deeper into her. "I'm almost ready slut" he said, transferring back to her pussy. After a rampant minute he blew again, this time pushing his massive length right up to her cervix as he shot stream after stream of his hot, young load deep inside her. She held his cock tightly with her vaginal muscles as he pumped away. Suddenly she was shaking again and came herself, a mixture of his and her cum oozing from her pussy.

Pulling out, he wiped himself on her skirt and John moved to her mouth and ordered her to clean him up while Ste entered her sopping pussy. Not as big as John, but certainly as fat, Ste's cock pounded in and out of Stacey with ease. She moaned with pleasure as this other young lad filled her twat so well and fucked like a Duracell bunny. "Turn her over!" he exclaimed, quickly pulling out. "I need to fuck her ass before i shoot". With that she was spun onto her belly as he raised her buttocks up and entered her ass. "I'm getting underneath" said Tommy, positioning himself underneath and entering her twat. "Ha" said John, "you look like right cum hungry whore", pulling his camera out for more pictures as he stood above her, fucking her face. "I'll blow again in you, my sexy MILF, before we're through".

All three lads were now fucking the shit out of Stacey as she bucked against Tommy's hard cock. "If you'll come again i fucking will myself" she thought to herself. All three pounded her as hard and as fast as they could, all three of her holes completely filled. John held her nostrils as she took all of him in her throat and each exclaimed they were about to blow. John went first, shooting straight down her throat as she gagged for air, Tommy shot up inside her cunt, grabbing hard at her leather hips as Ste jetwashed her bowels with his hot load. "Keep going lads!" Stacey spluttered once John had withdrawn his cock, so the two others kept pumping as they felt her convulse once more, then sigh, as she released a final time to their beats.

They exited her holes and she lay there on the bed motionless, cum seaping from her stretched, ripped cunt and ass. The three lads grabbed their clothes and walked away, "'til next time bitch" said John as he shut the broken door behind him. Stacey lay there hoping that time would come around real soon. No doubt her wish will come true soon, perhaps they should invite a few mates over too? If you'd like a continuance fire off a few ideas...

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2010-08-31 17:09:12
Glad you like it "anonymous reader", 5 times? RESULT! It's all an author could wish for. If you've any ideas for future stories please PM me.

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id tear that pussy :D id get in on all that sh*t! this story is the shit i came like 5 times off this!

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OK, I'll look into that one for you. To poster 2, here in the UK it's the DURACELL Bunny - what's an Energizer bunny?

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2010-08-13 21:38:26
make it so she eventualy becomes there sub sex slave as make it so shenot actual forty but eighteen or early twentyish and she gets pregnant with there kids and gives birth. just giving some suggestions. .


2010-08-13 05:18:56
Nice story Porny. Got me hard with the big breast stuff.

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