Author's note: Don't be too hard on me. I wanted to change things up and try a little humor and kinkyness. If you are trying to find a story to jerk off to, this one isn't for you.

In a remote rural area of a southern state, there is a clan of rednecks called Boogers, and they have terrorized the female population of that territory for years. People in most cities and towns within a fifty mile radius know enough to stay clear of this redneck territory, but there are times when innocent folks find themselves trapped or lost in this scary place. This is the story of one of those situations.

Clem Booger sat on his porch swigging white lightning, as he did most mornings, watching and waiting for any female prey that might happen by. His dilapidated shack was situated on the main thoroughfare that led to towns in each direction, both about twenty five miles away. Clem was the clan leader, voted to that prestigious position, by all his sons, brothers and cousins, with the vote based on the length of the erect pecker. Clem was a full four inches long when erect and was so proud that his pecker was king of the territory. The next biggest was his son Jethro, who came in at 3 inches long. The rest were all under 3 inches, with the shortest being Billy Bob who proudly stood erect at 1 ½ inches. Billy Bob was the favorite bum fucker of the clan, since he couldn’t do much damage with that little pecker, but he had a huge set of balls that felt good smacking against the boys butts.

Today wasn’t a good one for finding female prey, because there wasn’t much traffic and when Clem finally figured that out, he gave up and began looking around for one of his sheep. The closest ewe was grazing about ten feet away, so Clem snuck up behind her and dropped his overhauls, and was 4 inches deep, before the ewe knew what hit her. He held on tight to the curly wool as the ewe dragged him to and fro on the lawn, but he managed to cum in 15 seconds; a new endurance record to be bragged about to the rest of the clan.

Usually Saturday night was special, because all of the clan, except for Clem who hid near the side of the road, would line up in front of the shack with bare asses pointed towards the road, and Billy bob would go down the line bum fucking each clan member for passersby to see. Inevitably a car would pull over out of curiosity, and Clem would look closely to see if there were any women in the car. If not, he would fire his rock salt shotgun to scare them away. If there were women in the car, he would jump out of his hiding place, and wave his shotgun to get them under his control.

This Saturday night was really looking up, when Clem saw a convertible carrying four young females, who were probably high school students from the next town over. They had pulled over and were laughing and hollering at the clan getting bum fucked, but when Clem jumped out and pointed his shotgun at them, the laughter stopped in a hurry. After getting them out of the car, he took them into the shack, while Billy bob drove the car out back and parked it out of sight. These girls were terrified and when they realized that they weren’t likely going to get out of this alive, they became very indignant and started making fun of the rednecks.

The rest of the clan joined Clem, and all of them were drooling through their yellow and rotted teeth, and all were furiously fist pumping their peckers in anticipation. Needless to say, many shot their seed before a minute had gone by, and the girls were starting to think that they may get a reprieve.

These good ole boys had done this so many times, that they had their routines synchronized, and were as organized as the assembly line workers at the John Deere tractor factory down the road. The girls had been stripped naked, and Clem stood back admiring his handy work of selecting very beautiful ones. Ropes were already strung from the ceiling beams, so as each redneck picked a girl, and chose either an arm or leg, they lifted her up and tied her limbs to the ropes. This allowed the girls to hang horizontally face down about three feet from the dirt floor, and once secured, two of the rednecks had a mouth and pussy at their beck and call. All four girls were strung up in record time, and all the rednecks then drew straws to see who got second dibs. Clem being the clan leader always went first.

It was quite a sight watching the girls swing back and forth on those ropes, as they were pumped one direction by a pecker in the pussy and then the opposite direction by a pecker in the mouth. The assembly line of redneck peckers spewing bucket loads of seed into these girls, was surely their worst nightmare. When all of the rednecks had finished with mouths and pussies, they lined up again for their turn at bum fucking. This time the girls were told to squeal like pigs when their ass was poked, or they would be shot with rock salt, so needless to say, they complied. I’m sure the girls didn’t mind when Billy bob went first, because his little pecker wouldn’t hurt much. The girls were getting more indignant now and started berating the rednecks for having such tiny cocks. They told them that the boys at their school have cocks starting at 7 inches long and as big as ten inches in some cases. This would turn out to be a very big mistake for the girls, which they would discover when the bum fucking was over. When the rednecks had all finished their turns, they left the girls hanging from the beams and went outside to drink some moonshine, and rest up.

After an hour, they went back inside and took the girls down, but left the ropes attached to their arms and legs. They led them out to the back forty, and tied them to the fence, bent over at the hips with their asses sticking out. The girls all looked back to try and see what the rednecks were up to, but when they saw them leading 4 mules towards them, they knew that it was going to be brutal.They must have been thinking that it was a bad idea to have made fun of the clan's little peckers. It was quite a sight as the mules mounted the girls, with their front hooves on the fence rail, and their huge mule cocks stuffed in the girl’s pussies, humping mercilessly as the girls screamed.

Probably the smallest mule cock was 16 inches, so those pussies must have been bruised and raw, and the clan loved it. They jerked their peckers and slapped the mules on the ass, so they would hump harder, and they laughed hysterically as the mules started shooting buckets of mule sperm into those pussies. The sperm shot everywhere, since the pussies couldn’t handle the volume, so the girls were completely drenched. Billy bob took over when the mules finished spewing their loads, and bum fucked each girl, one after another. By now the girls were pretty raw, and would likely have to live with hemorrhoids the rest of their lives, assuming that they got out of this alive.

Most of the other rednecks had already cum jerking off, so the girls got a bit of a rest after Billy bob finished. They left the girls tied to the fence, and went back to the porch for some moonshine. What they hadn’t seen was an advance scout for the rival Bagrot clan from the next territory. He had watched from the woods, and as soon as the boogers were out of sight, he took turns bum fucking the girls. He told them if they made any noise, he would stuff their pussies with hornet’s nests, so needless to say, the girls didn’t make a sound. He blew into the last girl, and quickly returned to his clan’s shack to bring them back for rape and plunder.

The girls watched as the 4 members of the Bagrot clan approached from the woods, with peckers already sticking out of their overhauls, and were preparing themselves for the worst. Just after the Bagrots got their peckers inside the girls, they heard the unmistakable sounds of shotguns being cocked. The rock salt cut into their asses, and in one case completely blew off the nut sack of the clan leader. Jethro whooped and hollered that he had never seen a pecker wilt so fast, as he looked at the bagless Bagrot leader. Jethro bent him over and bum fucked him, just to add insult to injury, but before he blew, he withdrew his pecker and replaced it with the shotgun barrel. That barrel split the clan leader’s asshole wide open, but not as wide as when Jethro fired both barrels of rock salt into his ass. The rest of the bagrot clan made a run for it and the boogers hooted and high fived, and then started shooting. The three bagrots made their escape, so now the boogers turned their attention back to the girls, but were puzzled as to what to try next.

Clem came up with a new plan, and what he decided was that they would bury the girls with their asses left up in the air exposed, so the clan would have a place to rest their shotguns and to butt their cigarettes out. Before burying the girls, Billy bob couldn’t resist kneeling down and having another go at their asses. Just as he got his pecker into the first ass, Clem noticed a red dot on Billy Bob’s forehead, and in an instant, the red dot was replaced by a bullet hole. One after another, the clan dropped to the ground, shot through the head, and when there was only Clem left standing; he threw down his shotgun to surrender.

The three bagrots ran in and released the girls and handed them each a sling blade and told them that Clem was now their prisoner and could do whatever they wanted with him. It was quite a sight watching Clem lose his body parts slowly and methodically, starting with his nut sack and pecker. The three bagrots weren’t all that bright and didn’t realize that they would be the next victims of the girls. The blades swished through the air with precise and vicious strikes and soon the bagrot body parts joined those of Clem on the ground. As the girls threw down the blades after finishing off all the clan members, they danced and high fived, until they heard guns cocking nearby. Four State troopers had arrived and put them under arrest, but the sight of these naked girls was too much for them. They decided that the girls would be punished by them on the spot using southern justice, rather than going to all the trouble of arrests, trials, etc.

Out back, the girls were handcuffed to the fence, and four State Troopers mounted them from behind. Just as they were ball slapping those asses, the mules came by jealous of the proceedings, and reared up and fucked the State Troopers in the ass. Those cops were split wide open but the mules kept on pumping and when the seed started to flow, it was red with blood from torn rectums. When the mules finished and left, the State Troopers were all unconscious, so the girls found the keys to the handcuffs and made their way to their car.

Nine months later the girls all gave birth, and 18 years later they were the proud mothers of boys with yellow and rotted teeth, and with ears like mules.

The End

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2012-10-09 11:20:12
Amusing. A funny change to your norm.

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2010-09-22 18:32:58
Gave a positive due to the intense ignorance of the clans...Just remember size matters, you didn't mention the size of the penises, I hope they inherited from the asses. Thanks for sharing your humor.

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2010-09-02 03:10:50
You are really to good for this crap.

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2010-08-29 01:10:56
I guess I'll try to let a mule to fuck me XD lol


2010-08-12 07:19:23
I see from the ratings that my foray into darker and funnier stories wasn't well received, so I guess I'll go back to the more popular "jerk off" stories.

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