It might be best to read a trip to Grand dad's farm to see how this began
This particular story I guess you could call it in English, in the French language it is easier to say a `rencontre` which is a more or less a verbal telling of an event was given to me by the older of my two sisters. At a family reunion in the early 80’s we had begun reminiscing about our teenaged days and my sister asked me if I had experienced any exciting situations with my long time girlfriend that I might have considered not normally her style. I was not sure what my sister was trying to get at but told her that my girl usually did everything I suggested without question. My sister continued to tell me that , other than the time we had spent the three of us together at the farm, she had had the opportunity to repeat the terms of that same agreement . Apparently my girlfriend had given herself over to my sister for one whole weekend while I had been away at camp. I told her I never heard of anything in that regard, but assured her that what ever had happened back then , was back then and not to worry about it . I did not think it had anything to do with our breaking up after some 7 years of being together in any case. My sister then went on telling me she had written about that weekend and had it in her journal, which she had found in one of her packed boxes. The written work had fallen out long forgotten, but now that she had it she wondered if I would like and gave it to me .

Well back then I read it , liked it, found it interesting that there was no follow up, then I put it away. The written story has now come back to light as I am cleaning up all my papers and the such as I prepare to move to a retirement home. I thought however I might post it for others to read, before it goes into the trash. How much of it is true I do not know, I doubt that my sister fabricated something she was putting into her journal back when she was a teenager, or at least I do not think my sister would have done that. She my have enhanced it somewhat, you know a young girl writing in her journal would want to make it interesting. In any case , I have changed the names as a precautionary measure, no one who knew us back then will be able to tell who the people were in this if any of them are still around to read it , but better to be safe than sorry.

So here it is …..

Susan had called me asking if I could stay with her for the first long week end of the summer as she had not really wanted to accompany her parents on their little trip to the back country. They had told her that if she was able to find some one to stay with her she could remain at home. I had nothing planned for the summer as yet as I had just arrived home from boarding school so I thought for not but a moment, asking her if she would be interested in playing ( our term for her being subservient to me) during this time. Sue readily agreed, knowing full well the terms and conditions that came with accepting to play.

Having set the wheels in motion I told my mother that Susan had asked me to keep care of her as she was not feeling well and did not want to spoil her parent’s trip so she was going to stay home. I was of course granted permission as Susan lived in the next block only fours houses down from ours. My mother would not have to worry too much about me as she also had planned to take my younger sister to her mother’s, and as far as my brother , well he was off at a cadet retreat for the next few weeks.

My immediate thought following Susan’s call was to get a hold of Joyce my brother’s girlfriend. After our last encounter where she had agreed unconditionally to complete any and all tasks that I requested of her, she had sent me a little note. In the note she explained that she had never ever thought that what I had put her through would entice her to consider a repeat performance . The weeks following our weekend together however had gotten her experiencing sexual sensations never before attained, so she was asking, no she was offering , no she was begging, she wrote, for a second opportunity.
Joyce wrote that should it ever come to be that I would be able to once again have her submit to my desires, I should contact her and see if things could be worked out.

I called Susan back telling her part of my thoughts ( not wanting to go into details as I figured I might have a few surprises for her also) I asked if she would be willing to have a few more participants over for the week end event . I suggested that she call Jen ( another submissive friend of ours) and I would call Bev who leant more to the sadistic side of things. I made a point to ring up Joyce before I called Bev , as if she could not come out to play, I would forget Bev and keep both Susan and Jen to myself for the weekend.

Needless to say I was delighted when Joyce accepted, without any hesitation, even though her voice appeared to sound a bit apprehensive. I informed her that I would drop off some clothes for her to wear, along with instructions that I wanted followed if she was going to play the game once again. I told her she might as well get permission to stay the weekend as I would not be bringing her back until late Sunday night, and the game would not end until I dropped her off at her porch like I did the first time. I asked her to repeat what she had understood I was offering and heard her say over the phone in a normal tone – `` I accept unconditionally to do your bidding, without hesitation, no matter what the request , without being able to refuse for any reason what so ever.``

I then called Bev and explained things to her in as much detail as I thought necessary, as I knew she would like to have a chance to play with some submissive girls, one bit more depraved than the others, over a period of a few days with very few constraints or limitations. Everything was now set for a very entertaining week end, which I could hardly wait to arrive.

Friday morning, I took my little package of things over to Joyce’s, waiting for an opportunity to hand them to her mother and not to her directly. I made a point of telling Joyce’s mother that Joyce was going to be doing a few personal favours for me and would defiantly be needing the objects in the package that I had prepared. I tried my best to peak her curiosity, hoping that she might either take a chance and look in the package, or at least get Joyce to explain something about what was going down.

The package contained a short almost transparent light coat or rain jacket if your like, a studded dog’s collar with the initial `JOYCE`` hammered into the leather. There were some ping-pong balls tied together , in a set of two and a set of three, with a thick string that had a real short end and a much longer length, and of course a sheet of instructions. The sheet of instructions was written in fairly large square lettered print. If you were reading it and some one was close enough to you they would certainly be able to make out the words without too much difficulty.

The instructions were simple in text – addressed -


You are to remove all body hair, except that on the top of your head.
You might as well soak yourself in a long hot bath because the next change to do so may not be for some time.
You will need no clothing other than what has been provided
Hygiene products will be provided during your visit
The collar is to be placed around your neck with the `JOYCE ` showing prominently in front
The set of two balls are to be firmly inserted in your cunt
The set of three balls are to be firmly inserted up your arse
( the longer length of string hanging down between your legs)
You are expected no earlier than 9:45 AM no later than 10:00 AM ( Failing which severe punishment with be applied)
No attachments for the coat have been provided as it is to remain open at all times (it is unacceptable that you clutch it together at any time during your walk to this destination)
Upon arrival at the edge of our property you will uncover yourself completely
You will walk up the path slowly
You will ring the door bell
You will assume the position
You will present the coat on your arms which should be extended upwards in front of your body
Only you will know if you have not complied exactly as required, however this knowledge will eat at your conscious until you beg for an appropriate punishment, a punishment which might well exceed that of what you have endured, or even thought possible.

Mistress C

I did not know then just how Joyce would react, she had however agreed unconditionally over the phone and by now must have had some knowledge of my way of doing things. I had been excited by the fact that she had written me after the first time, not realizing that I would get another chance at her so soon . I had to calm myself before I was able to put some ideas for the weekend’s fun down on paper before I lost them.

Saturday’s timing was just right, my mother and sister left around 9:30, perhaps closer to 9:45 providing me with a chance to run up to the sunroom where the large windows provided me with the most wonderful scene unfolding at the edge of our property.
Joyce had just arrived, she appeared to be walking a bit funny, almost like a little old Chinese woman the likes of what we had seen in the movies. Joyce was placing one foot in front of the other she was almost sliding them side by side, she was not taking long strides that was certain

Without hesitation she doffed her coat, exposing herself in her entirety, a naked beauty I thought as I watched from the window of the sunroom. Joyce then slowly, if not casually strolled up to the door and rang the bell . She then assumed her kneeling position placing her coat in her out stretched arms and waited for me to respond to the bell. That was the stature I wanted to see, a perfect submissive waiting for the beck and call of her mistress.
I took my sweet time descending the stairs and opening the door. I wanted to leave Joyce exposed outside on the front landing as long as possible, exposed to a chance that she would been seen by a passer-by. Finally I could wait no longer, I opened the door took the coat from her out stretched arms and gave her permission to stand and enter the house.
While I hung the coat in the entrance I told her that I wanted to inspect my slut-slave. I told her that I wanted her on her back, her ankles in her hands and her legs spread wide. Joyce complied immediately, placing herself on the floor in front of me, grabbing her ankles and spreading her sex as wide open as she could physically do.
Last time she had been in this position, she had been hog tied, ankle to wrist, without any choice in the matter. This time she quietly and quickly assumed , I guess we could still call it , the inspection position . I found myself looking down onto a glistening shaved pussy, its pink folds covered in a slick coating of what appeared to be love juices, secretions that could clearly be seen to be leaking from Joyce’s innards. I leaned forward to inhale the aroma of her sex, it was as my brother had told me often the aroma of cherry blossoms , a very strong fresh scent. I could not help myself , I ran my fingers over her shaven pussy, one that had recently been cleared of lovely golden silk hair and wondered what my brother might say about this new look .
Joyce moaned as my fingers continued to play havoc with the folds of her pussy, and began to buck her bottom ever so slightly. I immediately swatted her bare bottom, telling her I had not given her permission to cum and was not to until I did . I expected complete control on her part, otherwise we would have to begin a session of punishment immediately. I played with the string of her ping-pong balls, tugging so slightly then releasing, until I decided to pull the set of three from her arse. This caught her off guard and she yelped as the objects moved from their warm resting place in her ass. I pulled only one of the balls out as I was wanted to keep her on the edge, I certainly did not want her squirting in orgasm just yet.
Joyce’s moans increased in audibility, and she began uttering a series of “ughs ! “ so I knew I had achieved what I wanted, so I immediately popped the ping-pong ball back into her arse , tapped her on her bum and told her it was time to proceed. I wanted her to go upstairs prepare a hot bubble bath . I would follow shortly and then she could bathe me, her mistress . This I am sure brought her crashing back to reality, I had arrested any further thought she may have had about getting herself off and having a good cum.
I felt a smirk cross my face as I watched Joyce climb the stairs, her love juices running down her lovely legs, it was almost as though I could hear the squish squish of her cunt as she worked at keeping the balls in place as she moved.
Joyce was very attentive to my needs as she scrubbed my body, taking special care to spend the necessary time with my own private parts. I tried as best I could not to show any sexual reaction to her manipulations, I wanted to frustrate her as much as possible. It was difficult however when she slipped a warm soapy finger into my little back hole. I wanted to lean my head up and embrace her but I managed to steel myself, knowing that there would be time for this later, I had to get the day’s plan rolling along.
Once I was dried and dressed, I brought out a newly purchased leash and hooked it to Joyce’s collar . Her facial express told me that this action surprised her a bit. Ordering her to grab the overnight bag I had packed, I gave the leash a sharp jerk and told her we had to be on our way. I am certain that once we had reached the front door she expected me to give her back the short coat she had worn on her way over to my house. That however was not in the plan, as Susan’s place was only four houses away on the next block we were going to walk as we were. The shocked look on Joyce’s face when I opened the front door and pulled on the leash leading her once again naked, exposed into the bright sun , was a bonus for me. I had planned quite a few surprises for Joyce this week end, and I expected to see many surprising looks on her face, so this I counted this as number one.
Thinking back on things I perhaps should have walked her over to Susan’s on all fours but I’ll let hindsight be the judge of my error. As it was there were only four cars that passed by as we strolled down the street, and the drivers must have been very occupied for they did not seem to react at all to my walking with a naked girl in tow. I could understand that in today’s world ( circa 2010 , as many of the people on the street are almost naked) but back in the 1960’s I was very surprised that there was no honking or even a car stopping to actually watch us walk down the street.
As each vehicle passed I felt a hesitation in Joyce’s stride and as I turned to look at her I could see she was blushing almost turning a crimson red. Perhaps her redness was in anticipation of me having her perform, or perhaps it was from embarrassment, and or the knowledge that one of the drivers might recognize her. I did not ask and I do not know but Joyce was still flushed red with color as we arrived at Susan’s and rang the bell.
I was delighted to see that Susan was still in her baby-dolls when she open the door. Her large areola showed vividly through the thin material of the baby-doll outfit. As did her patch of lovely thick black pussy hair. Susan looked every inch like the baby doll that I knew her to be .
Susan was certainly taken by the nakedness of Joyce, I must say, for as she stared at her body, her own nipples began to harden, increasing in size. you could see the evidence pushing out in the material of her top . You could almost feel Joyce’s anxiety as we stood there on the front stoop waiting for Susan to pull the door open wide enough so we could enter the house. Susan however must have been awe struck for it took more than a few minutes for her to react, and then only after I spoke suggesting that we be let in.
Another surprise awaited Joyce as we got to the family room. The family room which was located at the back of the house was more or less a solarium, a glassed in enclosure. Susan’s house was on a corner lot, and the south side of the solarium faced , well looked out on to the street. There was only a small hedge that surrounded her place, unlike the layout at my home, there was far less cover. I felt things would proceed much differently for Joyce in this environment than they had when she had been tied and spread naked outside in the back yard at our house. There was far less privacy, much more openness the perfect setting for exposing a naked person. I had to swallow hard as my heart began to increase its pulse rate, just thinking of the possibilities that would be available over the week end.
Sitting on the sofas in the family room were my lovely Jen a submissive person, dressed also in baby doll pajamas and Bev who broke into a large wicked grin when she saw Joyce being paraded into the room on a leash . It must have been some sight , Joyce in all her naked glory still flushed in a crimson red coloring. I pulled down on the leash telling Joyce to assume the position which she did immediately, her hands going up behind her head. I dropped the leash and went to sit with my associates, and began to introduce them.
As I made the introductions to my slut-slave (avoiding on purpose using her proper name) in an emphasized voice I explained that this slut-slave had agreed unconditionally to undertake, act out, and comply with any task that was requested of her. I went on to explain that she had agreed to do my bidding without hesitation or refusal for fear of punishment, until such time that I returned her to the back porch of her home on the other side of town. I then asked my slut-slave to confirm that she had indeed agreed to the arrangement which was unconditional.
Joyce replied quite well, given the circumstances in which I had placed her, in fact she made me feel proud in the manner she spit out ``Yes Mistress``, even though I detected a little tremble in her other wise clear voice. I then continued to speak telling my accomplishes that it was my desire, during this week-end, that my slut-slave carry out any and all tasks, requests, and or commands that all of us or any of us individually might so wish to see carried out. As I completed that sentence I watched as the color drained from Joyce, she went from her full crimson red of embarrassment to a pure white almost ghastly color of no doubt fear.

There is more do I continue to post .. is it worth posting .... is there any interest at all ............

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