My first time with Janice-Chapter two

Saturday morning seemed to come so fast, because Janice and I had fallen asleep, after that beautiful experience last night. We must have made our way upstairs last night because I awoke in my bed with Janice spooning me from behind, and her arm flung over my hips and still holding on to my limp cock. She was still asleep, and my mind started to drift back to the moment when I broke through her cherry, and made her mine, and I felt my cock growing in Janice’s hand. I also thought of the huge cum load I had deposited in her pussy, and wondered if my lack of planning would come back to haunt me. I thought to myself “what the fuck was I going to do if she got pregnant? No, virgins don’t get pregnant the first time, do they? What if she wakes up regretting what we did? What if”. “Are you awake Cuz, she mumbled”? Yes, she just woke up so I guess I would get answers to all those things soon enough.

I said “Yes, I’m awake beautiful, but I guess we wore ourselves out last night and slept through the night”. Janice kissed my neck, and whispered that last night was so wonderful, and she hoped that I felt the same. Janice was still holding my cock, but with everything buzzing through my mind, it had gone soft. Well it was, until Janice rolled me over on to my back and gave me a long and sensuous kiss. She felt it growing in her hand, so she started gently stroking it, as we continued kissing.

I got thinking that maybe I was worrying about too much stuff, and should just enjoy this weekend with my gorgeous and naked cousin. As we kept our lips locked together, I rolled on top of her, and parted her legs. She still had a hold of my cock, so she pointed it towards her pussy, and I started the journey back into that hot, moist piece of heaven. As I sunk deeper into Janice, she wrapped her legs around my waist pulling me in and began to moan softly. When I was fully inserted in her pussy, and felt my balls resting against her ass, she held me tightly with her legs, and whispered to me “I want it hard and rough this time, so give it to me now; I want to cum so badly”.

That was enough encouragement for me, so I started thrusting in and out, and Janice was starting to find her rhythm, timing her upward moves to match my down strokes. I was now banging her hard and the sound of my balls slapping off her ass, seemed to be signaling that we were ready to cum together. I felt that special sensation in my balls, so just as I was ready to blow, I pulled out of Janice, and shot my cum straight ahead. It went as high as her face with the first stream, then on her breasts, and then finally the last streams pooled on her abdomen. Janice looked puzzled as well as disappointed, and she asked me why I didn’t cum inside her pussy, like I had last night.

I rolled off of Janice and lay back staring at the ceiling. To explain the real reason, would surely ruin the mood, but how else was I going to deal with this? I said “Janice, do you have any idea how beautiful and sexy you look, with my cum all over you? Even my cum running down your face is making me hard again”. She smiled at me as she took some of my cum, and brought it to her mouth to lick. Oh my god, this was so sexy watching her lick my cum from her finger. My cock was fully engorged again, and as I lay there taking it all in, I watched her move between my legs. Janice lapped at my cock with her tongue and caressed my balls with one hand, while the other hand was rubbing my cum in circles on her face.

This was too much for me, so I reached down and pushed her head deep on my cock and I started bucking upwards into her mouth. I said “Janice suck me hard, because I’m ready to blow again, and I want you to swallow my cum”. She was like a hungry wild animal, making groaning sounds as she sucked and bobbed up and down the shaft of my cock. When I blew, she stopped bobbing and just sucked and licked at my cock head, swallowing everything I had. When the streams of cum subsided, she licked her lips and then moved up to lie her head on my chest, still moaning softly. I held her tightly and gently moved her face to mine to kiss her. As her tongue darted into my mouth, I could taste the salty residue of my cum in her mouth, and it didn’t bother me one bit. This second time with Janice was even better than the first, because she had totally given herself to me, and performed the ultimate act of love.

Janice and I were startled, and we both jumped at the sound of the doorbell, as I’m thinking “who the hell could that be? Fuck, it better not be her parents looking for her. What if it was the guy I had kicked in the balls?” I told Janice that I would throw on a t-shirt and track pants, and check it out. I went downstairs to the kitchen, because from the window in that room, you could see anyone standing at the front door. I started shaking uncontrollably when I saw that it was Janice’s parents, and not having a clue what to do, I ran back upstairs to tell Janice. She was scared and started crying, so I hugged her and told her that we shouldn’t answer the door, and we could figure out a story later. Talk about a “mood killer”. I had just had the most incredible sex of my life and here I was shaking like a leaf and totally clueless about how we could get out of this.

Janice and I showered and got dressed, and when we went downstairs, the phone rang. I didn’t want to answer it, so I let the call go to the message machine. After a few minutes, we listened to the message, which was from her parents. My Aunt and Uncle said “we knew that you were home alone this weekend, and dropped by to check on you, and when you didn’t answer the doorbell, we got worried. Please call us as soon as you get this message, so we know that you are okay. Oh, and by the way, did Janice get over last night to talk with you?” I wanted to call them back to tell them that I was in the back yard and must not have heard the doorbell and that everything was okay, but Janice was still a little shaken and asked me to hold off.

I decided that this situation needed to get taken care of now, so I picked up the phone and dialed her parents. When they answered, I thanked them for checking on me, and told them I had been in the back yard, and must have missed them. I said that Janice had stopped by last night and then left about 9pm. Then I said “hold on for a minute, someone is at the door”. When I returned to the phone, I said that it was Janice at the door and she had left her friend’s house and came back here to see if I had been okay alone last night. I said “hold on and I’ll let her speak with you”. Janice looked a lot less worried now, and smiled at me as she took the phone. I heard her telling her parents that she was worried about me being all alone last night and that is why she came over this morning to check on me.

After Janice hung up, she grabbed me and I got such a big hug, and passionate kiss, so I asked her what that was for. She said “I am so impressed how you handled that difficult situation, and my parents suggested that I stay with you until your parents get back, so nobody had to worry about you”. She took me by the hand and led me back upstairs and laid me down on my bed. As she joined me, we laid there kissing and cuddling for a long time without any sex, and that was fine with me, because my cock needed time to recover and we had the rest of the weekend to make love.

We spent the rest of the day messing around on the computer, and watching TV. After dinner Saturday night, we decided that it would be cool to spend the rest of the evening naked, so we got rid of all of our clothes and settled in on the sofa. We watched a movie, as we hugged, touched and kissed, but held back from actual sex, since we wanted to save that for bedtime. I was erect pretty much all of the time, since Janice’s body was such a turn on for me. In fact I spent a lot of time just admiring her, and feeling so fortunate that she was all mine. That would change very soon, as a past nightmare would come back to haunt both of us.

As Janice and I shut off the TV and got ready to go upstairs, we heard noises in the backyard, so I turned on the patio lights and looked outside. I thought I saw movement, but nothing clearly, so I figured it was probably a raccoon. When we got to the top step, we heard the sounds of breaking glass and then footsteps, and suddenly we were being chased by three people in black ski masks. This was terrifying but before we could even scream for help, we had been grabbed and gagged. One of the masked intruders had a gun, so Janice and I didn’t resist, because we didn’t want to get shot. I was pushed into my computer chair in my bedroom and handcuffs were put on me behind my back, as the other two threw Janice on the bed. We were told that we would be shot if we made any sounds, so we remained silent.

I feared the worst and knew Janice was going to be raped, but because they were masked and we couldn’t identify them, I thought we had a chance of staying alive. I cringed as they violated Janice one after another, and not only raped her, but sodomized her as well. Janice was bleeding from her bum and seemed to be laying there in a trance, but I guess mentally she just shut down, because of the trauma. It seemed like hours, but I suspect it was only about thirty minutes, when they finished with her, except for one of them, who took off his mask and proceeded to fuck her mouth. It was the gym instructor who asked her if she liked what happens to cock teasers.

Janice was virtually passed out from the trauma, but when the gym instructor said my ass and mouth were going to be raped when he finished with her, she opened her eyes wide and then bit down with all the strength her jaws could muster, and in an instant, his cock was gone and blood squirted everywhere. Janice spit out the remains of his cock, as he fell to the floor in pain screaming for help. The other two masked men couldn’t handle this, so they ran from the house. Janice got up and dialed 911, and after giving the police the address, she passed out on the bed. The police arrived in about seven minutes, and when they saw the guy and the severed penis, they called for two ambulances; one for him, and one for me and Janice. They did however, handcuff him and read him his rights. They told us as we were loaded into the ambulance, that they had apprehended the other two men running a mile from the house, still wearing their ski masks.

As Janice and I travelled to the hospital in the ambulance, I held her hand to comfort her, and I couldn’t get the images out of my head from what they did to her. When her parents met us at the emergency room, they just seemed so relieved that we were both still alive. The rape kits had been gathered and our statements had been taken, so after 15 hours, we were released. Her parents wouldn’t take me home, but insisted I go to their house and stay with them until my parents returned.

It was two weeks later and Janice still hadn’t returned to school, and I was afraid to call her, because I was at a loss for words. My parents said that I should invite her over just for comfort, and forget about trying to find the right words, so I called, and her parents drove her over. As we sat downstairs, I put my arm around her and held her tightly, and didn’t say a word. She melted in my arms and began sobbing softly at first, but then she totally broke down and cried harder than I had ever seen. I held her and kissed her forehead, and finally whispered to her that I would always be there for her, and that I loved her. She tried to speak, but was unable to since she couldn’t stop sobbing. When Janice finally composed herself, she kissed me on the lips and then told me that she loved me. She asked me if my feelings about her had changed after what I saw happen to her, and I responded by kissing her passionately, and then whispering “never ever”.

It took months for Janice to find her old self, but when she did, the police told her that she wouldn’t have to testify at the trial of the three rapists, since they had all pleaded guilty, and were going to be sentenced to 40 years each. The gym instructor received an additional five years, and I guess that, combined with the loss of his penis, was ample punishment. We resumed our passionate love making and vowed to never let anything come between us.

The End

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