80 plus still at it ( nothing like those
This is a true story you have to work it out is one of the person telling the story or is this what was told to them

It all started a few month ago and unbelievable. People say when you reach old age of 80 you lose all your sex drive. This is not true it’s even get better with age if you have an open mind and are true to your inner self.

Yes this could be your mother or father or grand parents they still fuck hard.

I will change names but is happing to-day her name is going to be Pam and his name is Jim. That’s the best I could come up with.

I started off with a kiss. Yes they had known each other for a while and by change in a shopping centre (in my county we spell like this not the USA way) Pam was 80 years old with a partner and Jim was 73 with a partner married.

A simple kiss but this time unknown both kissed on the lips. Some how it was different when talked about it later it was like a magic come over the both. Why at our age It’s was like being a teenager again.

Pam said I having trouble can you call around and see me one day. Jim replied to-morrow after 2 o’clock.

Pam said Ok my partner will not be there as he going out to ------- and will not be back till 5

It all seams innocent but think changed.

Jim turns up on time and Pam through her arms around Jim. Jim step back for a second and then embraced Pam. Pam kisser where deep and lasting no peck but an enjoyment to hold and see Jim.

Would you like a drink Pam ask Jim “no” replied Jim what did you want me for Pam

Pam said “I don’t know just wanted to see you alone as when you kissed me in the shopping centre something came over me and I wanted to see you alone.”

This was the first meeting and a lot of small talk but with hands stretched out then moving closer neither of us felt wrong. It was good feeling needing each other was on both sides.

It was not long before embracement to each other was natural with out shame.

The small talk time passed on as both had to be discrete because both had partners and did not want a seen.

Enthusiastic kiss French style. Departing that day with young dreams and to see more off each other

Next day Jim phone Pam just to see it was not a one day stand and was supper surprised when Pam was excited of Jim phone call.

“When can we see each other again” asked Pam. Would Sunday afternoon is Ok as I would like to take you out for a drive replied Jim.

“How are you going to get away” Pam ask. “I’ll just tell my partner I’m off to the pub but I’ll be with you.” Ok replied Pam “I’ll tell mine that I visiting an old girlfriend”.

Any guilt was making it more and more exciting and as in the early days of there lives. With the arranged Sunday pick up and looking for a place to park, a comment from Pam. The days have gone when we could fine a parking spot easy every think is built out or taken.

50 years ago would be adventure or ever 20 ago years ago but to-day it all in motels Pam’s was giving out over her body language was taking over feeling like when they was young again.

Pam said that back seats was good in the young days as it’s no good at our age and the front seats are know bucket seats so they have taken fun out of these new cars.

At last a concealed parking spot was found up a bush track on top of a hill.

Jim groped Pam and Pam had no resistant even helps to helping to expose her small tits which looked like an eighteen year old. Slowly undoing her top to let Jim feel her body and accepting feeling the smooth flesh of Pam mouthful tits.

Pam pulled Jim shirt and singlet up and her tender hand slipped down under Jim underpants as Jim was unbuckled his belt. With her hand grabbing Jim long time used cock Pam announced I can see that I’ll have to do some work on this. But this bloody steering wheel in the way Jim complained.

It was not long time Jim responded and Pam saying “O its come alive and it what I can handle easy.”

Time was getting on and to cover there movement agreement was made to see each other again next Saturday as Pam partner was going out to the -------- and will be away most of the day.

Saturday came and It was 11.00 o’clock Jim was back at Pam house.

Jim welcome by Pam was overwhelming it was just a few minutes and Jim was lead into the bedroom and Pam sitting down on the bed pulling Jim down.

Next thing Pam was giving a French kiss and Jim was not rejection it.

Know lying down Pam spoke out “these clothes are a bloody nuisance “ and with that stood up and dropped her dress and knickers with one movement off come the top and in nature she stood. Walking over the dresser and removing all her rings and stood in fount of Jim asking “do you like” What could Jim say with a not bad looking 80 year old naked in fount of him.

Yes she looked like a 30 year old surprising not a wrinkles or creases on her smooth snow white body. No excess fat she looked like a star not like those grannies in those porn movies or stills photos. ( See ) Pam was looking Fucking good and she new it, and was very proud displaying her natural self.
Pam stood in front of the mirror displaying her private hairs which were blond and rubbing her hands up and down her body and asking what Jim thought of her.

All Jim could say was “I‘ll can fuck you so easy” and Pam replied “that what I want”.

Pam jumped onto the bed and pulling Jim shirt and singlet up and with one exploring hand straight down his trouser and grab his dick that was growing at a rate for action.

“You are bigger that I thought ‘Pam came out with. “Come on I want your body.”

“Want about you partner” asked Jim. “He will be away for hours so forget about him”

All Jim could do is joining Pam in her birthday suit with Pam helping to hurry thing along.

Was she hot? Her leg’s rapped around him as she tong him and with one hand rubbing his dick the make it hard so she could sit on top and ride him like a young bitch.

Screaming out “Fuck me I want you to fuck me hard fuck me.”

Pam cunt was projecting so much juice when she mounted and driving Jim cock it into her it was like a torrent juice was turn on.

“O Fuck” she said “I’ve never been this worked up this much up before, I need it Fuck me I want it right up me make it bigger I want it up my cunt all the way give it to me.”

Pam was productizing some much cunt juice that when she riding hard down on Jim it was like a pump overflowing saturating Jim balls and even up to his belly button.
The sheets were known so wet is like fucking in water.

Pam could not stop demanding more and more scream and trying to get more into her cunt.

Pam was working has her perfect muscular activity to the cervix was working in a perfect motion giving all to Jim what Jim had missed out on early in life.

Pam had a dream body a dream cunt and an action that was to kill for.
Men only dream of this and you never get but Jim was getting it all.

Her body was twisting and working her cunt so she could feel all wanted and thanking Jim in want she was receiving

At last Jim blow his load and Pam screamed “thank you I need that, shit this is the best I ever had.”

Pam rested and Jim fucked out losing his hardness and as Pam off mounted swinging around a grabbing Jim knows downgraded cock. “Holy Hell where did all this mess come from it’s like a bucket of water has been tip over want happen.” Pam said.
“That all out of your cunt you were set on fire it was like a slush pump”.
“Fuck” said Pam “I know I want you to fuck bad but I never thought I wanted it that much. Fuck it was good I need it badly.”

Looks like we have to do a lot of cleaning up and I only changed the sheet this morning especially for you Jim. I’ll had to keep them as a souvenirs as I’m shore I’ll never be able to do this again at my age.

Pam said she wish Jim could come hard again as I still need you dick in me and I want you to come alive again as I wanting to be fucked again Jim.

“When I was younger” said Jim “I only had to have a short spell and I would have been ready. Did you know that I could easy come up with an 8 inch to please the ladies but to day is only good for 6 inches”

Pam said how about if you get some Viagra they tell me that it will bring you back to your old self and with that you can please me with your old 8 inch.
“I’ll have to think about that” said Jim
“Don’t think just do it, you could fuck me again and again would that be fucking good”. Pam order

Jim just realizing that Pam has turn into a sex maniac in to change of age

With small talk both together go into the shower to clean each other up but it took so long as rubbing each other Pam tried hard to bring up Jim to a horny erection but poor Jim had been fuck out.

After the drying of each other and Jim kneeling down so he could taste such a perfect cunt and Pam did not hesitate to raising her leg on a stool to give Jim more pleasure. Jim was getting more than he had every expected as Pam once again producing juice for Jim to lap it up. Pam spread her legs even more and was opening for Jim to deeper lick her cunt that was again projecting more and more juice beyond believes.

As Jim was drowning in juice but Pam came to the rescue

Pam asked would like a cup of tea and helping Jim up from her spread legs.

Pam did not hesitate being naked as every, lead Jim in to the kitchen to make the cupper.

First time Jim every sat naked on the chair with a very sexy women have tea with her.

Time was getting on Jim say what would happen if your partner walk in know Pam replied “Shit you are home early I just had the best sex in my live” Jim laugh “I dare you” Pam said “What don’t you think isn’t that true” “more that true’ Jim agreed.

Pam asked Jim to call in another day but you better have some Viagra so you can please my entire hole more that once.

This it true story and Jim did come back for more and did take a Viagra and did fuck her so much and Pam hole was used very well and this could not stop her for wanting more.
Pam even wants more.
Pam did not like vibrator and a large bottle jammed up her cunt and she wanted more to satisfier her she love being fisted so at last to satisfier her Jim started first fingering her with two fingers to bring her to her peak and it only took as second before four fingers and with Pam grabbing Jim arm and asking is that all you got Jim did not hesitate closing his hand tight so Pam could get her cunt filled.

Pam then started to pull on Jim arm by pulling it in more and more inside her spread open cut. This wanting granny want to take the lot. Finally Jim spread deep inside of Pam, his hand was getting twisted it to feel the wall of Pam’s muscles.
Gripping Jim hand and reaching more and more inside Pam’s cunt, as she was shriving all over.
Jim was surprised of the mount of Pam’s cunt juice being discharged become undeliverable and at the same time Pam was thanking Jim for bring her to a climax.

Jim also was surprised that such a at tiny 80 year old perfect body but appetite of sex beyond any think Jim had fucked before. The same time as the Pam cunt was excepting Jim’s fist with ease.

Pam had made a comment that she was surprised that her bones and body was standing up to the pleaser she said it was because she did yoga and TAI CHI classes.

Jim just takes Viagra regularly to keep up to Pam.

Jim and Pam still fucking on a regularly bases and Pam is juicing more and more.

Yes this is true so doing think of giving up sex you are not living.

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