A Brothers Yearning-Chapter two

Again the next morning Hannah carried on as if nothing had happened between us the night before, and I started to think that my imagination had run wild and I had been dreaming about all of the sexual play.

That evening, I didn’t see Hannah after school, since she was doing homework with a girlfriend and then staying there for dinner. She still wasn’t home when I went to bed, but before I fell asleep, she came into my room to say hi, and asked if everything was okay. I said “you are home, so everything is definitely okay now”. She smiled at me and said she had to go get changed but would be back later to talk. I used this time to get rid of my briefs, so I would be naked if she joined me in bed later.

About a half hour later, Hannah came in and casually got under the blanket, laid her face on my chest and said to me “there is something that you and I need to talk about, and we both have to be serious about it”. I had been erect and throbbing the whole time I was waiting for her to come back to my room, but now I went completely limp. There were so many things flashing through my head, and most of them involved me being exposed as an incestuous molester.

I looked sheepishly at Hannah and asked her what she meant. She said “look, I think we both know that we have been doing things in our sleep, and I’m not totally sure how I feel about it”. The time was long past for saying something dumb, like “what do you mean”, so I looked her directly in the eyes, and said “Hannah I love you more than anyone in this world, and my body craves you, and I feel like something is missing from my life when we are not together”. She didn’t say anything for a few seconds, so I felt totally vulnerable, and perhaps I had set myself up for a huge disappointment. Hannah started crying and buried her face in my chest, and all I could think to do was to hug her tightly and caress her face and body. She looked up at me and asked me to just listen closely for the next few minutes.

Hannah said she had gone to her closest friend’s house earlier, because she needed to talk to someone close about how she was feeling. She said “I didn’t go there to do homework; my friend and I talked for hours about you and I and what had been going on”. I was very shocked that Hannah had told someone our secret, and I guess the expression on my face made that obvious to her. She asked me to just listen and she would explain.

She said “I feel the same about you as you just told me how you feel about me, and because we are brother and sister, I worried that it was wrong. I knew what was going on between us in bed, and we both played games pretending it was happening while we slept, but the truth is that it was beautiful and I loved every second of it. I only hoped that you felt the same as I did, and that it wasn’t just about sex.” I took Hannah’s face in my hands and kissed her passionately on the lips, then told her “the sex was wonderful, but the love I feel for you is so much more powerful”. She kissed me back with so much passion; I thought that I would never release her from my hug. Hannah looked me in the eyes, and said “I love you very much and I want to make love with you right now”.

I slipped Hannah’s t-shirt over her head and laid her back gently on the bed, kissing her face and neck, and licking lightly on her ear lobes. My hand traced circles lightly around her nipples, and Hannah’s body began lifting off of the bed to meet my touch. As my tongue moved over her breasts and nipples, her moaning grew louder and her breathing more rapid. When my hand made its way slowly down her abdomen, she was humping upwards as if to rush the inevitable. I kissed my way down her stomach and as I licked her navel, and my hand touched her pussy hair, she told me that she was going to have an orgasm. My fingers reached her pussy lips just before my tongue, and with the first flick of my tongue on her button, she went into spasms and I could feel the heat and passion burst from her pussy. The smell of musk permeated my nose and as she humped wildly into my face, and against my tongue, she clamped her legs together and came again. Hannah pulled my face up to hers and told me to hold her and never let her go.

We lay embracing for a few seconds, and then Hannah asked me to lie down on my back. She whispered that this would be her first time, and she hoped that I liked it. She began kissing my lips, and then my nipples and using her tongue, she licked her way down my abdomen, as her hands began touching my cock and balls. When she reached my pubic hair, she crawled between my legs and licked her way up and down the shaft of my cock, while her hand caressed my balls and sack. When the licking stopped for a second, I wondered what was next until I felt her hot moist lips engulf the head of my cock and suck it into her mouth. She flicked her tongue at the underside of my cock as she sucked it into her mouth, and I was now over the edge. The surge from my balls to the tip of my cock was enormous, and I was surprised that she was able to hold me in her mouth. My sperm shot out the sides of her mouth and made her cheeks puff out, and was running from her lips down my shaft and over my balls. This was the biggest cum shot I had ever experienced and I know it was the biggest for Hannah.

I pulled Hannah up to my face and kissed her passionately as we cuddled and exchanged countless “I love yous”. I asked Hannah if she was ready to make love and she said that she would love to, whenever I was ready. My cock had never really gone soft, because of my lust for her, so I got between her legs and pressed into her pussy. Her pussy lips felt like they were on fire and she was so wet from her orgasms, I slid easily right up to her hymen. She asked me to wait until she pushed upwards before I thrusted, and as soon as I felt her push, I gently eased my cock through her hymen and deep into her pussy.

She moaned and purred like a kitten, and I felt her nibbling at my earlobes, as her legs wrapped around my back and pulled me deeply into her pussy. I wanted this to last a long time, and I wanted her first time to be special, so I moved in and out of her with slow methodical strokes, and would keep that up until she signaled that she wanted more. The slow strokes went on for a few more minutes until she whispered in my ear that she was going to cum and she wanted me to fuck her hard and cum with her. I increased my speed and intensity and was now jack hammering her pussy and slapping my balls off of her ass. We came together explosively, and I could feel contractions in the walls of her pussy that milked every drop of my cum. We collapsed, totally exhausted but never breaking our embrace, and then we exchanged “I love yous” before falling asleep. I only hoped that when I awoke, this wasn’t a dream.

The end

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