A Brothers Yearning

My favorite memories of my home and my childhood, always revolved around my sister Hannah, because she was the finest person that I had ever known, and she took me everywhere with her, even though I must have been a royal pain sometimes. There was just the two of us kids growing up in a home where both parents worked long hours, so we had to fend for ourselves most of the time. In fact, my sister fended for us, because of the type of unselfish person she was. I was younger by two years, so as I approached my 13th birthday, Hannah was already blossoming into a beautiful woman, but that didn’t change our relationship; what did was my testosterone level. I had grown body hair, experienced morning erections, and now felt the need to release pent up emotions that I didn’t really understand. I started to look at my sister differently and although I loved her very much and she still treated me really well, there was something eating at me that wanted more of her.

Our relationship had always been fun loving, but considerate and respectful of each other, so our parents often told us that they were very proud. We had grown up without closed bedroom doors, and were very comfortable around each other, even when wearing the skimpiest of clothes, or sometimes just our underwear. Even now at this age, Hannah would come into my room wearing just a waist length t-shirt and panties, and me wearing only my briefs, to talk about different things that were happening in our lives. What was different now was that I had to conceal my erections from her, because I saw a gorgeous woman, with full breasts and a curvy figure, and I think she still saw her innocent little brother. I had started to fantasize about her while lying in bed, and it bothered me that I thought that way, because she was my sister, and yet thinking about her, made me horny and erect.

There was one night when I came home after being beaten up by a bully at school, and my sister was right there to comfort me, with a warm hug, and a kiss on the forehead. It made me feel that everything would be okay, but I worried about how my body was reacting. I was fully erect and had to conceal it from her, and I noticed when she hugged me that I could feel her breasts pressing into me. I loved her for trying to console me and I hated myself for feeling sexual urges towards her.

When my parents came home that night, exhausted as usual, my sister told them what had happened to me, and they barely acknowledged it. Later that night when I went to bed, my sister came into my room and said that she was sorry our parents didn’t take time to understand how I was feeling. Maybe it was the hormone changes that I was going through, but I started to cry, I suppose feeling sorry for myself, so she lay down beside me on the bed and hugged me close to her. She knew me better than anyone, and she knew that this hug would make me feel better. She just didn’t know how much better. When I felt her body press into mine, I also felt her breasts on my chest. My arms wrapped around her and held her tightly, as my cock throbbed under my blanket, and I hoped that she didn’t notice because I didn’t want to upset her.

Hannah must have thought that I needed to be with someone, so she told me to slide over and she would lay with me for a while until I was ready to sleep. She lifted my blanket and snuggled in tight to me, and I pulled her in close to me, without thinking about my erection. I don’t think she felt it, because she didn’t react, and she told me to turn over facing the wall, and she spooned me. She put her arm over my chest and held me tightly and as we lay there, almost as one, I couldn’t stop my cock from throbbing. Hannah must have started to fall asleep, since her arm seemed to be gradually falling lower on my body, moving from my chest to my abdomen.

My cock was virtually out of control now, and I could feel wetness in my briefs. I shifted my body slightly and this allowed her hand to slip even lower, and was now less than a couple of inches from my erection. I sensed from her breathing that she had fallen asleep, so I shifted my weight again slightly, and her hand came to rest on my cock head. Even though my briefs stood between her hand and my cock, it felt wonderful, and I wondered what it would feel like if her hand actually touched my bare cock.

I reached down very carefully and started to move the waistband of my briefs lower, while listening to her breathing to ensure that she was still asleep. I got the briefs as low as possible and about 4 inches of my cock was exposed. I shifted slightly again, and now her hand was resting right on my cock. I did not dare move now, but I couldn’t control the throbbing of my cock. I’m sure it was my imagination, but I thought I felt her fingers moving on my cock, and that was enough to cause me to ejaculate. Hannah started to stir, so I snored a little bit and pretended I was asleep, and she very quietly slipped out of my bed and returned to her room. I rolled over on my back, and reached down to where Hannah’s hand had been, and there was a lot of sperm, so she must have felt it. I couldn’t imagine what she must have thought, and I also wondered how she would react to me tomorrow.

When I headed to the bathroom in the morning, I was a little hunched over because I was erect, and I heard “Hey buddy, how are you feeling this morning”? I said I was okay and had to get to the bathroom, and I don’t even know if she saw my erection, because I virtually ran to go and pee. When I came out, she was waiting for her turn, and gave me a hug and a peck on the forehead. Either she didn’t know what happened last night, or she did, and it didn’t upset her. Either way, I felt much better, and was looking forward to another opportunity like that whenever I could pull it off.

A week later, Hannah came home from school crying and when I asked her what was wrong, she told me that some of the girls in her class had been very cruel to her, and it really upset her. I gave her a hug and asked if she wanted to talk, but she said she needed to be alone right now. At bedtime, I went in to the bathroom to pee and when I came out, I could hear sobbing from Hannah’s room. I walked in and gave her a hug, and she responded by crying even harder. She told me that she had talked to mom about the girls treating her cruelly at school, and how much it upset her, and mom didn’t seem to care. I guess mom told her that she would have to find some way to handle it, and just walked away. I pulled her in even more tightly and told her that she could talk to me about anything and I would always be here for her, as she has been for me.

Hannah lifted her blanket and told me to lie down and she would talk to me about what had upset her so much. She propped herself up on her elbow, while I lay on my back, so she had one arm over my chest, and one leg thrown over my thigh. Her knee was about three inches from my cock, so naturally it started growing and tenting up the blanket. Hannah rested her head on my chest and wasn’t looking down, so I figured she wouldn’t see it. She began telling me about the girls at school and how they had teased her about being a virgin and a prude. Most of the girls in her class had dated and already lost their virginity, and because Hannah wouldn’t date the majority of those types of guys, who are just after sex, she became the target of their teasing. I was trying to be very sympathetic, and choosing the right things to say to console her, but my cock had virtually taken over my brain, and all I could think about were those luscious lips that were inches from my face and her breasts that were pushing into my side.

When I told her how proud I was of her for not giving in to those jerks looking for sex, she pulled in even closer to me, and I thought I could feel her erect nipples pushing into me. After about ten minutes, she had stopped crying, and I could feel her hug relaxing, and since her breathing was different, she must have started to fall asleep. I started turning to face away from her, and pushed my body back into hers. Her arm and hand had fallen lower off my chest, and with a few shifts on my part, her hand was again resting on my cock, only this time, I had already lowered my underwear, so it was skin to skin.

I was determined not to ejaculate this time, because I wanted to see how far I could take this. A few slight shifts of my body allowed my entire cock to rest under her hand, and as it throbbed, I was sure her fingers were starting to move. As much as I didn’t want to ejaculate, I couldn’t hold back any longer and filled the area under her hand with sperm. She still didn’t move her hand but I thought I noticed a change in her breathing. Also her fingers appeared to be moving on my cock, and I really hoped that it was not my imagination. I guess because I had already ejaculated, I started to drift off to sleep, but was awakened when Hannah got up to go to the bathroom. I thought for sure when she got back that she would expect me to return to my own bed, but instead, she slipped quietly back into bed and spooned me, returning her hand to the exact spot where I had ejaculated. This was so great and I didn’t want to ruin things, so I went to sleep, and waited until morning to see what her reaction would be.

When Hannah woke up she hugged me, gave me a peck on the cheek, and said she was going to the bathroom. I went back to my room and got ready to shower and start my day, as every other, except with a lustful happiness that I had never believed possible.

That night when I went to bed I felt so alone, and lonely. Something was missing, but because Hannah was my sister, I had to put those types of thoughts out of my head. A while later Hannah stuck her head in and asked if I was asleep. When I said no, she told me that she couldn’t sleep, and asked if it was okay to come in and lie down. I said “sure Hannah anytime you need someone, I’m here for you. Come in”. Before she got to my bed, I reached down discreetly and lowered my briefs with one hand, and then wiggled my legs until they were completely off. As she got near the bed, I pulled the blanket up for her to get in, but not enough to expose myself. I asked her if she wanted to talk, but she said she just felt like she didn’t want to be alone. She turned her body away from me and took my arm and placed it over her arm, and got in the spoon position. I was careful not to let my erection push into her backside, but she seemed to be pulling me in tight.

Hannah lay quietly and I listened to her breathing trying to tell if she had fallen asleep. I whispered, asking her if she was asleep, and when she didn’t answer, I started moving my hand lower from her arm, to her abdomen. She still hadn’t stirred, so I summoned up all of my courage and continued moving my hand, figuring I would soon feel the waistband of her panties, but instead, my hand felt her pubic hairs. She was not wearing panties. I froze, afraid to move, but my hormones were raging, and I couldn’t stop my hand. I continued going lower until I felt heat emanating from between her legs, and because she was still breathing the same and hadn’t moved, I now moved my erection closer to her backside and soon it touched her bare skin. No movement still. As my hand slid lower, I thought I felt a hot wetness and smelled a musky odor, and this turned me into a raging sexaholic. I took Hannah’s arm and moved it to her side near my erection, and after letting go, her hand settled directly on my cock. As my hand pushed gently on Hannah’s pubic mound, I could feel her weight shifting from her side to her back and her legs were slowly parting. I now had enough access to slowly rub my fingers over her slit, and it was definitely wet, because my fingers easily slid into the opening.

Hannah seemed to moan and shift her weight some more, so I asked her if I had woke her up. No answer and because she must still be asleep, I continued moving my fingers over her wet pussy lips. I thought I felt her fingers close around my erection, and my cock just exploded sperm all over her hand, her side and her thigh. I laid there very quietly hoping that she hadn’t been awakened, and because she didn’t move, I continued fingering her pussy lips. I felt a little bump at the top of her pussy lips, and when I rubbed it, Hannah appeared to move her lower body, and her breathing changed. I thought she was waking up, but then I began to think that she might be having an orgasm in her sleep. I continued rubbing my finger in circles on that bump, until Hannah’s legs closed tightly on my hand, and I could hear faint moaning sounds from her.

I was now pretty tired and drifting off, hoping I would dream of one day making love to Hannah while she was awake.

In the morning Hannah slipped out of my bed and I never saw her until after school that evening. She was in a great mood and asked me how I was doing. I told her that I was great, and I thought to myself “Sis, if you only knew how great”.

When I went to bed that evening, I was hoping that Hannah would make another appearance, but I was disappointed. I thought maybe I should go to her room and tell her that I couldn’t sleep, and perhaps she would invite me in again, but that may be pushing things too far. I decided that I might be better off masturbating, so I did and then fell asleep. It must have been midnight when I awoke to footsteps in my room, but I didn’t move or speak. Hannah said “are you asleep”? When I didn’t answer, I felt the blankets lift up, and I felt her body snuggle into mine. I was lying on my back, so her leg crossed over mine and landed directly on my bare cock, since I hadn’t put my briefs back on after masturbating. Hannah shifted her leg away from my cock, but replaced it with her hand. This time was different, because she was fully awake, and her fingers were completely wrapped around my cock. As she softly and slowly stroked, I couldn’t help myself and turned towards her. She moved her hand off my cock and said “sorry little brother I didn’t mean to wake you, but I was having trouble sleeping and wanted some company”. I said “no problem Hannah, cuddle up”. She turned me over and spooned me, but fell asleep before me, so for anything more to happen, it would have to wait for another time.

To be continued……….

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2012-10-08 19:40:25
I had the same thing happen except with a childhood friend. I'm a super deep sleeper and while I was asleep she gave me hand jobs and blow jobs. I found out later though at the time I thought I had just had a great nights sleep. She also confided in me that I was an active sleeper and she had helped me finger and eat her out on a number of occasions.

Ever since then I've become VERY turned on when it comes to makes specifically being taken advantage of while sleeping. Though sadly my soon to be wife has no interest in it I still hope that my childhood friend will delight in a repette and il get an especially good nights sleep.

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2012-03-21 17:16:18
That last one is my favorite. It's torfecpien! I wish we would've done this when our daughter was born. We didn't get pictures till she was 2months old a lot of that was that she had colic and it was such an ordeal to go somewhere to do it. I dont know how I didn't know this, but the thought never crossed my mind that a photographer would actually come to me! Isn't that crazy?! These pictures are priceless.

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2011-01-31 07:02:14
involved completely in the story. You must write the next part giving some more details of how she took off her clothes and then yours. You can explain early morning reaction between you and your sis etc.
Keep it up.

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2010-08-22 01:55:10
Please continue this story , anxious to read more of it , and what happens next .

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2010-08-21 09:46:29
you should of just fuck her that what she wanted dumbass kid

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