Brothers and sisters: fighters and lovers-chapter two

As the four of us sat on Tim’s bed, stunned and confused, there was nothing but wilted cocks, cum dripping pussies and total silence. I broke the ice and said that Tim was the oldest, and because he had started all this, he should figure out how we could get out of this mess. There was still silence, so I figured that I had better take charge and find some way to get us out of this problem, or at least do some damage control.

I knew that Dad must have some kind of recording device hidden somewhere, but because the cameras were wireless, they could be transmitting virtually anywhere. The girls and I started a room by room search, even checking underwear drawers, because some of the new DVR’s were pretty small and could easily fit there. We finished searching the third level, without finding anything, so we moved to the main level, and then to the basement. Nothing. I was sweating bullets as we climbed the basement steps, but couldn’t help noticing the girl’s asses in front of me, and as my cock started to enlarge, I had to give myself a shake, to bring me back to the reality of how much trouble we were in.

When we got back to the main level, my cock had not completely deflated and the girls giggled when they saw my bulge. This was fucking unbelievable; here we were with the rest of our lives in jeopardy, and yet, there we were on the living room carpet, with Judy riding my cock cowgirl, and Valerie straddling my face with her pussy. Just as Valerie was cumming all over my mouth, I noticed Tim at the top of the stairs, watching and shaking his head in disbelief. Soon though, he was shaking more than his head, and he almost took a header down the stairs as he stroked his cock and made his way down. Judy was still riding and working on another orgasm, when she was suddenly found herself mouth fucked by Tim. She didn’t miss a stroke on my cock, and worked us both to an orgasm a minute later, just as Tim filled her mouth with his cum load. I suppose that the circumstances were so dire for us, it was normal for kids our age to find a distraction to take our minds off the problem, and we certainly did that.

As we recovered from our orgasms, we noticed that we had three hours before our parents would be home, so we began brainstorming to come up with a plan. Larry, one of my buddies from school, is a bit of a nerd, and also very tech savvy, so I could try and ask for his help, but since it was summer, he was probably away somewhere on vacation. I called his home number and his cell number with no luck, but I left messages anyway, just in case. We were all really hungry from sucking and fucking ourselves all day, so the girls offered to make something to eat for us, while Tim and I continued to brainstorm.

After eating we were no further ahead, but at least we weren’t hungry; only worried and miserable. The phone rang, so I grabbed it quick in case it was Larry calling back, and when I said “Larry I’m so happy you called back right away, because I need your help”, Tim and the girls breathed a sigh of relief. I told Larry that our problem involved trying to find a recording device for wireless cameras, so he said he had equipment that would pick up the signals and could come over tonight. I said “Larry, we have a serious problem here that can’t wait until tonight, so I will owe you big time, if you can come over now”. He said he would have to bring his girlfriend, because they had just started making out, and he didn’t want to leave her. I agreed, and said “just get here as soon as you can”.

It was now 90 minutes until our parents got home, when the doorbell finally buzzed. When they came in, I recognized Larry’s girlfriend from school, and remembered her as a tech nerd as well. She wasn’t all that pretty, but her body was killer, and it didn’t go unnoticed by Tim. Introductions were made hurriedly and then I told Larry how urgent the problem was and that we needed to get started immediately. Larry and his girlfriend pulled out a laptop computer and a couple of handheld devices, and asked us to show them the cameras.

Before we went upstairs to check out the cameras, Larry asked me to go to the basement with him alone to discuss something. When we got down there, he said that the problem with the cameras and recording device sounded suspicious, and he wanted to know more. I started turning red, so he knew that he was onto something and pressed me even harder. In fact, he told me that unless I told him the whole truth, he may not help me.

I was never very good at lying and knew that Larry would be able to tell, if I gave him a story that wasn’t true, so I wrestled with this mentally until I finally blurted it out. He said “DUDE, YOU FUCKED YOUR SISTERS”? I asked him to keep it down and told him that there wasn’t enough time to fully explain, but if he could solve the problem, I would tell him everything later. I did notice that his pants were tenting out, so I guess the story had turned him on.

We got back upstairs and then Larry and his girlfriend went to the top level with their equipment, to start scanning for wireless signals. It took only a few minutes for them to identify the signals and the number of cameras transmitting. He said that this was the simple part of the process, and finding the receiver that is recording the signals would be a little more time consuming and challenging. Larry’s girlfriend fired up her laptop and opened a program that hopefully could track the signal’s destination.

After moving through all levels of the house and even the garage, there was no sign of the recording device, but they had identified the signal. We moved outside and walked around the house, when Larry said “Dude, you are in a deep mess, because the recording device is in the house next door”. The guy who lived there was a friend of my dad, who worked as a Private Detective, so I knew we werepretty much fucked. Larry said that it wasn’t hopeless, but very dire. He thought he might have a way of dealing with it, but needed a huge favor in return. He wanted us to tell the story of incest to him and his girlfriend, which hopefully would get her horny enough, so he could get laid. I guess she had only let him touch her, up until now, and he said he was desperate to fuck her.

We all went back into the house and as Larry had insisted, I started to relate in detail the story of incest that had been captured by the cameras. We all sat in a circle on the carpet in the living room and I watched Larry move closer and closer to his girlfriend as the story got more graphic. He was rubbing her leg, and she was rubbing the inside of his thigh, and it was pretty obvious that his pants were bulging, and Tim noticed too. Tim asked Judy to sit on his lap, so I had Valerie sit on my lap, and Larry followed suit. This looked pretty kinky, because the girls weren’t just sitting; they were moving and grinding on erections. Actually, Larry’s girlfriend was more active than the others and appeared to be really turned on. I guess Larry couldn’t take much more of this, so he asked me if we could show them what we had all done, rather than just telling the story. That was all Tim needed to hear, so he asked me to help him up, and as soon as his feet hit the floor, he dropped his pants and boxers, and placed his throbbing cock in Judy’s mouth. I followed suit and got my cock into Valerie’s willing mouth, and proceeded to fuck her face hard and deep.

I watched Larry’s girlfriend for a reaction, and she suddenly stood up, pulled Larry to his feet, and dropped to her knees. She pulled his pants and boxers down, and it was kind of funny how Larry’s pecker sprang up and hit her in the chin. She gobbled his cock like a starving dog, and the slurping was so loud and erotic, I started cumming in Valerie’s mouth. I pulled back and let some of it spray all over her face, and when Tim saw that, he started cumming too, and also sprayed Judy’s face. We all looked over at Larry, and waited to see what he would do. He said that he was going to blow, and grabbed his girlfriend’s ears and held them tight as he blasted the back of her throat. It was probably his first blowjob, so I can understand him wanting his girlfriend to swallow his cum, so he must have figured that she wouldn’t have a choice if he was holding her ears and couldn’t move. She did swallow all his cum and he had to forcibly pull his cock out of her mouth, because she wouldn’t stop sucking and his cock was getting tender. This girl was in a state of horniness, and since Tim was now hard and ready to go again, he started moving in on her like a shark smelling blood. Judy sensed what was going on, so she diverted Larry’s attention, by pushing him onto his back, and straddled his face in the 69 position. He kicked off his pants so he could spread his legs and began pumping up into Judy’s mouth. Tim had already managed to get his cock into Larry’s girlfriend’s mouth and was face fucking her hard.

Valerie and I were enjoying the view, as we groped each other and I didn’t even mind that she kissed me with my cum still all over her face. When Larry came in Judy’s mouth and she let some dribble off of her tongue and then licked it back into her mouth, I couldn’t take it anymore, so I moved behind Valerie and thrust my cock at her behind. It startled her, because my cock head had hit her bum hole and lodged there. She pushed back at me, so I started thrusting and was soon balls deep in her bum. Boy, that felt great, and I jack hammered that ass for a good three minutes, until I came. Larry had now decided that he wanted to try that with his girlfriend, so he put her on all fours and mounted her. His cock head hit her tiny opening and she flinched and groaned in pain, and asked him to stop. He pulled back slightly, and then found her pussy lips, and was just starting his penetration when the front door opened, and my parents walked in.
To be continued…..

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WOW!! This story is just full of suspence. Quite well done. Sure hope you can finish this story.

Good Work anyway.

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Were is number 3 please. This is to good to end here. Please continue.


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I enjoyed 1 and 2, how you coming on Chapter 3?

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