My Neighbor’s kids-Final Chapter

My uncle was pretty drunk and you could tell from his mood that it wouldn’t be wise to mess with him, so as the girls got dressed; I ran out the door in my boxers and headed for the main trailer. I found my dad and told him to get out back in a hurry, because my uncle was drunk and acting crazy. Both of us got to the camper trailer as my uncle was dragging the twins to his pickup truck. My dad stopped him and asked what he was doing, but my uncle told him to fuck off and took a swing at him. That was a big mistake, because my dad was in great physical condition and was pretty adept with his hands. One right cross and my uncle hit the ground with a thud, spitting blood and teeth. He was dazed and knew better than to get up, so my dad told him if he got up, it had better be to go to bed, or he would knock him on his ass again. My uncle realized that he better back off, so he dragged himself up, wiped the blood from his chin and headed for the main trailer.

My dad came back to the camper once he was satisfied that my uncle was in bed passed out, and he asked me what had gone on. Runt opened his mouth and said that his dad had come out to have sex with Wanda and Emily, and he was glad that his dad had got his lights punched out. The whole story came out, and when my dad said he was going to call the police, the girls begged him not to, because they would all end up in foster care. He went inside and talked it over with mom and my aunt, and came out twenty minutes later and told me to get my things together, because we were leaving for home.

During the drive home, I found out that my aunt had known all along what her husband had been doing to the girls, and chose to look the other way because she was afraid of him. I couldn’t say that I disagreed with them when my parents pulled over at the next town and went into the police station to report what my uncle had been doing, but I worried about the kids and what might happen to them. It was now after 5am and everyone was really exhausted, after giving our statements to the detective. We were told that the police and Children’s Services agents would be arriving at my uncle’s house around 6am, and they asked us to stay over to help with the kids. We were parked down the street as the police cars and agency vehicles arrived at my uncle’s trailer, and both my uncle and aunt were led to the vehicles in handcuffs. The three kids were brought out after they had dressed and were taken by Agency staff to their vehicle. We pulled up to the trailer and the police asked us to follow the Agency vehicle to the hospital, where the kids would have medical examinations.

It was now close to lunch time, when the Agency staff asked us to follow them to a private conference room to discuss the situation. I had to wait outside, but from where I was sitting, I could see the kids in a ward, dressed in those medical gowns. I went over to talk with them, and told them I was really sorry that this had happened. They were very quiet and didn’t say much to me, but runt said that he was glad that his dad had been arrested, and he could now have the twins to himself. He really was a fucked up kid, but I understood what he meant as I thought back on how delicious those pussies had been.

My parents were in that conference room for an hour, and when they finally came out, they told us that the three kids would be going home with us, until all the investigations had been completed. It wasn’t what the prosecutor and police wanted, because it would be more difficult for their investigations, but Agency staff insisted that it was in the best interests of the kids to live with us right now, rather than strangers. By the time we left the hospital and had something to eat lunch, it was near 4:30pm, so my Dad said that he was going to drive straight through, and we could sleep in the car if we needed to.

We arrived home at 1:30 in the morning and spent an hour getting sleeping arrangements finalized, and then everyone basically passed out from exhaustion. I heard my dad leaving a voicemail for his boss, saying that he wouldn’t be at work tomorrow, so I knew we would probably spend Monday talking things over, and then sorting out living arrangements. The twins were put in the spare bedroom, sharing a double bed, and runt ended up in a sleeping bag on my carpeted bedroom floor. It wasn’t what I wanted, but I was too tired to come up with a better alternative. I had visions of waking up with runt’s cock in my ass, and would probably have nightmares. Then I thought “no, I will just think about those magic finger pussies, and probably have a wet dream”.

It was 10am Monday before anyone stirred and I could smell breakfast cooking in the kitchen. When I went downstairs, the twins were helping my mother cook bacon and eggs, and they looked really hot in their short t-shits and pink panties. I knew that it was so wrong, but I started getting hard, so I sat down quickly and exchanged “good mornings”. Runt was next, and I saw him get a boner too, but he didn’t even try and hide it.

After dad had got up and we all finished eating and the kitchen had been cleaned up, dad said that we all needed to talk. I knew that the conversation was going to be really uncomfortable for everyone, but to his credit, he mixed in some humor, as well as assurances that everything would be okay, and it seemed to go well. There were a few crying moments, as well as a few angry moments, but we got through it, and began the process of integrating the three kids into our house and our lives.

Mom and dad thought that I should take the three kids on a tour of the neighborhood, while they did some re-arranging in the house, so off we went. Unfortunately before we got too far, I ran into the lady next door and Sarah. I tried to keep going after saying a quick hello, but she called me back and asked me to introduce my new friends. There was no way I could conjure up any kind of story that would make sense, so I simply introduced them by name, and got away as fast as I could. After we were back home, my parents told the kids to explore the house and make themselves comfortable, while they finished their work. I used this opportunity for some “me” time, and went to my room to look for something to do.

About a half hour later I heard voices below my window, and when I checked, Sarah and runt were walking towards the tree house. This can’t be good, I thought to myself, but I watched their every move, and as they went up the steps to the tree house, my cock started to get hard. Sure enough, within five minutes, runt had Sarah on her knees and he was pumping his little dick in and out of her mouth, and she seemed eager, even when he spewed his cum in her mouth. I watched as he held her ears, and she didn’t miss a beat or a drop of his cum. She licked her lips, and gave a final tongue cleaning to runt’s cock head, and by this time, I could feel pre cum leaking into my boxers. I wanted to jerk off real bad, but wasn’t sure if I had enough privacy, so I went into the bathroom, locked the door and beat the hell out of my cock until it spewed.

I ran into the twins on my way back to my room and they asked me if I knew where runt had gone, so I took them to my bedroom window to show them. By now, runt had Sarah bent over the table and was pumping into her ass with everything he had. The girls smiled and said that they were happy that runt had found a new playmate. I was still staring at runt and Sarah, and at the same time wondering why she wasn’t screaming. It became apparent that the twins had become aroused watching runt pounding away at Sarah, so they both started massaging my cock through my pants. I was fully engorged again, and was totally lost in my thoughts about their pussies. I hardly noticed that they had moved me closer to the bed, but in an instant, they had my pants and boxers down, and pushed me back on the bed.

As I looked deliriously at the ceiling, Wanda and Emily licked and sucked on my balls and cock, and just when I felt that tingle in my balls, I heard “what the fuck? I can’t believe what I am seeing”. My dad was in my doorway, frozen in shock, and my mom now joined him, and said she was going to pass out. I saw my dad’s face turning red, and it wasn’t embarrassment; it was full blown rage. I remember getting dragged down the stairs and into the garage, and for the first time in my life, I felt punches, rather than slaps. He was totally out of control and I thought my life was over, but then mom came in and pulled him off of me.

I was bleeding and felt like I had a few loose teeth, and I could feel my eyes swelling and closing up. Mom virtually dragged my dad out of the garage and back into the house, so I got to my bike, opened the garage door, and made a run for it.I was hurting everywhere, but I guess adrenaline kept me pedalling. I got about two miles, when I heard a siren, so I looked to my left and a policeman in a cruiser was waving for me to pull over. When I stopped, he could see the extent of my injuries, so he radioed for an ambulance, and sat me in his cruiser to wait. My mouth was swollen shut, so I couldn’t really answer any of his questions, and I guess he knew that, so he put his arm around my shoulder and held me until the ambulance arrived.

After arriving at the hospital, I was x-rayed, scanned, had my blood and urine tested, and was given an IV because of blood loss. It was about three hours later that the trauma doctor, told me that I have a fractured jaw, two cracked ribs, a mild concussion and internal bleeding from my spleen and liver. This was a lot to take in, but when he said that I was being taken to surgery and they needed to contact my parents, I mustered up enough strength to tell him “don’t bother because it was my father who did this to me”. I didn’t carry identification, and because I refused to tell them my name and address, they had to get approval from Children’s Services to do the surgery.

I woke up in the recovery room, and saw the surgeon and my nurse standing over me. Then I saw the policeman who had brought me in along with the paramedics. The surgeon told me that my liver had been damaged beyond repair, and there was nothing more that could be done. In my mind I’m thinking “so what can you do to fix me up, but then it suddenly dawned on me that they might be telling me that I was going to die”.

The policeman told me that he would stay with me as long as I wanted him to, but he felt that my parents should be notified, so he asked me again. I mumbled their names and address, but I was still in a fog, not only from the surgery, but from the thoughts of dying. Everyone except the policeman stayed with me, so I knew my worst fears must be true. I asked the surgeon how much time I had left, but all he would say was that he couldn’t be sure. I fell asleep and woke up a couple of hours later to see my mom sitting on the edge of my bed, holding my hand and sobbing. I tried to talk, but she told me not to, because of my jaw fracture. She tried to hug me, but I flinched from the cracked ribs, so she just sat there crying. When she got herself settled down a bit, she said that the police had taken my father to jail and charged him with aggravated assault, and the prosecutor was recommending that he be held without bail, so he would likely stay in jail for a long time. She also said that Children’s Services had taken away the three kids, and also Sarah from next door.

It was impossible to take all this in, so I thought to myself “it’s just as well that I am going to die, because life as I know it is really fucked up”.
The end

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2013-08-12 17:48:05
was good beginning but very deperessing ending hope you get better soon

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2013-05-11 22:15:59
The story would have been better if the parrents didn't find out in the end and the twins finnishing their work.. I enjoyed this series, I wish there was more of it!!!

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2012-11-23 00:21:58
this is good but crazy! Good job.. you got me thinking:)

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2011-11-18 23:37:01
This pretty much happend to me. My father beat my ass for fucking my cousins and I got on my bike and rode for 85 miles and for 1 and a half days. I passed out from blood loss and a police officer found me on the side of the nj state park way. He took me to the hospital and I had a completely broken jaw and a fractured skull. 5 broken ribs and. One punctured my lung and the other punctured my liver. I had to get a liver transplant. They patched up my lung. I was taken away from my dad and the police officer that found me and brought me to the hospital is now my foster father. I have never felt so welcome.

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2011-05-03 19:04:27
Wow really weird ass ending really didnt see that coming.

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