My Neighbors kids-Chapter three

As we drove for hours to get to the redneck’s place, my mind kept wandering back to Sarah getting bum fucked, and my cock would enlarge from lust and then deflate from the guilt. This went on until I heard my mom say “we are finally here”. Great, let the redneck jokes begin, I thought to myself. It had been five years since we saw Dad’s family, so maybe they have changed. I could only hope.

As the family came out to greet us, I was surprised to see how the two daughters had grown, but the son was still a runt, and looked like a little gangster. The girls were 13 and runt was 12. I was especially taken by the two girls who looked very sexy in their Daisy Duke outfits. Wanda and Emily were identical twins whose bodies had developed beyond their years, with full round breasts and butts that looked soft and inviting.

As we unloaded and took our stuff into their double wide trailer, my uncle explained that I would be sleeping with my cousins in the camper trailer out back. Even though these three kids were my cousins, I had only seen them once before, five years ago, for a weekend, so they were pretty much strangers to me. By the looks of the twins, I don’t want them to be strangers anymore, and I looked forward to sleeping in the same trailer.

We had supper, and of course the topic of conversation turned to me being a witness to a sexual assault. Everyone seemed fascinated with the story, except for my cousins, who never opened their mouths. Supper finished at 9 o’clock, so we were sent out to the camper trailer and told to be in bed by eleven. When I went out back with my cousins, I had totally forgotten about their practical jokes, so my guard was down. At least it was until I stepped on the metal step to get to the trailer door, and found it coated with Vaseline. My legs flew into the air, and I hit the grass with a thud, and the silence was broken by runt laughing hysterically. The girls laughed too, but they wondered if I had been hurt, so they restrained themselves a bit. I was sore but not really hurt, so I waited for the girls to clean up the Vaseline, and then we all went in to settle for the night. The girls changed into night shirts, which were basically long t-shirts barely covering their panties, and runt and I just wore our boxer shorts, due to the heat.

As we lay in bed trying to think of activities we might do on the weekend, runt asked me to tell the story again about the neighbor kids and the cops. I think he was more curious about what I actually saw, because the version told by my dad at supper, was pretty tame. I thought to myself that maybe I should tell an x-rated version of the story, and it might get the girls involved in a conversation about sex. I asked everyone if they wanted to hear exactly what I saw, and I warned them that it would be pretty graphic. Runt asked what that meant, so I said that I would describe everything in enough detail for everyone to be able to visualize what I saw. They were all keen, so as I started the story, I made sure that I could see all three of them to gage their reaction. The girls slept in two twin beds that had been pushed together; and runt was a couple of feet away from them on a sofa pullout. I slept on a cot facing all three of them.

About a minute into the story, the twins sat up with their legs crossed, still facing me, and I had a perfect view of their panty crotch. Runt was lying down under a sheet, but was propped up on his elbow. As I reached the part where Matt penetrated Sarah’s bum hole, the twins shifted their positions and lay down on their stomachs, still facing me. They motioned for me to look over at runt, and it was pretty obvious that he was jerking off under the sheet. This was getting very curious, since the girls now had one of their hands under their stomachs and seemed to be squirming slightly. I was more than a little miffed that runt was jerking off in front of everybody, so I asked him what he was doing. He said without hesitation that he was jerking off, because he couldn’t do the usual stuff, since I was here. I started to feel that twitch in my shorts, because I could sense this conversation leading to something, so I said “what is the usual stuff that you do”? He said if I wanted, I could just sit back and watch, and then I would see for myself. I said “go for it, I’m game for anything”.

As soon as the words left my lips, runt threw back his sheet to expose his cock in his hand, but then he joined the twins in their bed. He had kicked off his boxers, and while he was joining the girls, they had taken off their t-shirts and panties. I was fully hard and throbbing like crazy, so uncharacteristically; I kicked off my boxers and grabbed my cock. What was unfolding on the girl’s bed had me mesmerized and I couldn’t stop jerking off. Wanda was holding runts little pecker, and Emily had got between his legs and was sucking his balls into her mouth. Wanda now moved down so she could get his pecker into her mouth, and he was fully engulfed by two gorgeous twins. I blew my load and it shot all the way to their bed and landed on Wanda’s back. The second stream hit runt right in the sack, so Emily began licking it up.

I was so horny and turned on by this, my cock didn’t even soften after cumming, and when I saw runt get up and mount Wanda from behind, I had to start stroking again. He was bum fucking her, and she seemed to love it because she was squealing like a pig and pushing her ass back to meet his cock thrusts. I went over and put Emily on her hands and knees and tried to get my cock in her bum, but it was a little dry and I couldn’t penetrate her. Emily said to wait until she had prepared me, so she pushed me onto my back and slobbered away at my cock with her tongue. She sucked a bit, but mostly lathered up my cock with spit. She said to try again, and got on her hands and knees. My cock head slid nicely into her bum, but I went very slowly since I didn’t want to hurt her. She became impatient and pushed back at my cock, and told me to bum fuck her hard now.

I didn’t need to be told twice, so I rammed all six inches into her bum, and then started thrusting in and out. She was rubbing her clit as I pumped in and out of her, and she started trembling and shaking and said she was going to cum. That was my signal, so I pounded her deep and fast, and blew my load into her bowels, just as she came.

Runt had already cum in Wanda’s bum hole, and was now eying Emily. She told him he would have to wait because my bigger cock had left her a little tender. Obviously he was a lot like Matt, because he wouldn’t take no for an answer, and threw her down and mounted her in the missionary position. His cock wasn’t long enough to reach her bum hole from there, so he flipped her over and rammed his cock straight into her bum. She was full of my cum, and with his little pecker, he slid right in. I had to hand it to him, he was a good bum fucker, and pounded that ass for a good five minutes straight without taking a breather. When he came, Emily told him to get out of her bum, and back to his bed. We all returned to our beds and were so exhausted, we fell asleep in no time.

Saturday morning was pretty nasty, with high winds, thunder and lightning and pouring rain, so we didn’t even feel like going to the main trailer for breakfast. I was badly needing a piss, so I asked them where the bathroom was, and they said it was in the main trailer, or beside the trees out back. I couldn’t wait any longer, so I opened the trailer door, stuck my dick out and pissed into the wind. This was a very bad idea, because mom and dad had walked through the storm to bring us breakfast, and I had just pissed all over them and breakfast. They threw the stuff to the ground and ran back to the main trailer.

Fortunately the storm let up and we were able to get in to the main trailer for showers and then lunch. The shower felt good, since my cock had been smelling a little shitty. We had the usual redneck lunch of Kraft dinner and then sat around talking about what we were going to do today. Emily and Wanda whispered that they couldn’t wait to get that cock of mine in their mouths since they wanted to taste my seed. That did it, so we told the folks that we were going back to the trailer to play cards, and that was fine with them, since they planned to go to town to shop.

We got back to the trailer, and as soon as the girls heard the adults driving away, they started taking off their clothes and then proceeded to undress me. Runt was still in the toilet inside, but when he finally came out and saw the twins devouring my cock, he dropped his pants and approached the nearest bum hole. Emily jolted my balls that she was sucking on, when runt rammed his dry cock into her bum. He withdrew and asked someone to wet him, so Wanda volunteered, and started lapping at his little pecker.

I decided that I wanted some of this action too, so I asked Emily to slobber me up. Once my cock was covered in spit, I pumped it into Wanda’s bum hole and runt now was lathered up and pounding his pecker into Emily. Runt looked at me and said time, so I had to ask him what the hell he was talking about. He explained that we needed to switch bum holes every 60 seconds, since we could last longer. I was game, so I withdrew from Wanda’s bum, and pumped my cock into Emily. Runt was right about lasting longer, and this must have gone on for 15 minutes or so before we unloaded. Even after we both came, he said time, and we had to put our cocks in the other bum hole, but I said “no way, I’m not putting my cock in your cum”.

The girls hadn’t cum through all this, so they said it was their turn, and plunked down on their backs and spread their legs. I started eating Wanda, and after runt yelled time, I switched to Emily. I had to be careful that I didn’t get near her bum hole, because the last thing I wanted was to get Runt’s cum on my tongue. Emily was really enjoying the licking I was giving her, so she asked me to stay with it and not move. Her pussy tasted great so that was fine by me. I had this uncontrollable urge to fuck one or both of their pussies, but it hadn’t been talked about, so I started to think that maybe all they had done up until this time was bum fuck. In between licks I asked Emily if she had ever had her pussy fucked, and she said that she wasn’t allowed to talk about it. I looked over at Wanda, but she said the same thing. I now looked to runt to see what he had to say, so he said “their pussies are reserved for daddy, and he said if anyone else ever fucked their pussies, he would cut their dick off”.

This was a real shocker, but I guess when you think about what the kids were doing, it shouldn’t be all that surprising. I asked the girls if their daddy would likely be fucking their pussies this weekend, and they said “no, he told us he couldn’t do it with company here”. I suggested to them that their daddy would have no way of knowing if they were fucked or not, and why don’t they let me put my cock into their pussies. Runt pipes in that he is going to get some too, if I do, but the girls said they had to think about it. We heard the car pull in and knew our folks were back from town, so we got dressed, and went out to meet them. The rest of the day was pretty boring, but I looked forward to bedtime and my possible entry into the twin’s pussies.

We made our way to the camper trailer, and knew we would be alone, since our folks were off to a karaoke bar in town for the evening. We all got naked and were ready for some fun, but the girls hadn’t decided yet, so I asked them for the verdict. They said that the three of them had talked earlier and decided that they would let me fuck their pussies with one condition. I said “sure, anything, you name it”. I would regret that in ten seconds.

They explained that Runt’s pecker is too small to pleasure their pussies, so I had to let him fuck my bum hole while I fucked their pussies. This was pretty bizarre and my initial reaction was “no way no how”. The girls insisted that this was the only way that I could fuck their pussies, so I asked them to give me a quick sample to see if it was worth getting my bum fucked. Wanda volunteered and spread her legs for me. As my cock sank deeper and deeper into her hot moist pussy, the inner walls of her cunt were like magic fingers on my cock, and I just knew I was going to be bum fucked for the first time. I said that I also needed to sample Emily’s pussy, so she spread eagled and I worked my cock into her. She also had those same magic fingers, so I continued pumping in and out and said “you got a deal; I’m going to fuck you both”.

I was thrusting hard into Emily when Runt tried to get his pecker into my bum hole, so I stopped and waited for the rear assault. Wanda had slobbered him up, so he got the head of his pecker into my bum hole, and I figured I might as well get it over with, so I pushed back hard and buried his little packer in my bum. It didn’t hurt all that much, so I started thrusting in and out of Emily, and I then said time. I told runt to cling tight to my ass, because I was going to switch pussies. It must have been a sight with runt buried in my ass and clinging to me, as I crawled over to Wanda’s pussy. Just as I started to hump Wanda’s pussy fast and hard, runt fell off and his little pecker came out with a pop. I kept right on humping and feeling those inner walls fingering my cock, but Runt was back, so I had to stop and let him back in my bum hole. I hate to say it, but it actually felt pretty good when our thrusts were synchronized, and he pushed into my ass, the same time as I pushed into Wanda’s pussy. The one thing I was dreading was having him cum in my ass. Maybe he would outlast me, and I could expel him before he came. I was ready to unload my cum in Wanda, but didn’t want runt to know, so I didn’t change my rhythm. Wanda felt my cum shoot into her womb and started bucking wildly, and her orgasm clued in the runt, and soon I felt hot liquid shooting up my ass.

The nasty was already done, so I might as well continue. I went back to Emily’s pussy, with my deflating cock, but as soon as I felt the heat from her pussy, my cock was hard again and I buried myself balls deep. I was about to start thrusting, when I felt runt pushing his little pecker back into my ass. He slid in fast and easy, because I was already full of his cum. I wanted to make the best of my time in Emily’s pussy, so I got runt and I coordinated and began pounding the hell out of her pussy. She was grinding her pussy in a circular motion, as I thrusted into her, and I knew if she kept that up, I would cum soon. Although I wanted it to last, I really wanted runt out of my ass, so I started with the short strokes and pounded her until I came. The runt came again in my ass, so I pushed him out, and threw myself down on the bed exhausted.

The girls said that later on when I was rested up, they would fuck me with their pussies’ cowgirl style. It seems like their daddy has trained them well. Runt couldn’t get at my ass, if the girls fucked me from the top, so I was looking forward to this.

An hour later, the girls took turns riding my cock, and I must have cum another four times, before we all collapsed to go to sleep. The girls felt bad for runt because he had no access to my ass, so while one of them top fucked me, the other sucked his cock. We were all sound asleep at 2am when the parents got home, but when my uncle came to the camper asking the twins to go for a drive with him, I knew trouble was brewing.

To be continued………………

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