My neighbor’s kids-chapter two

After I narrowly escaped a major beating over the cum shooting incident, I had to change my masturbation routines, and found it very frustrating. Shooting your cum into a Kleenex is nowhere near as much fun as shooting out your window on the second floor, but I couldn’t risk that anymore. I guess I was looking for some new way to spice things up, so I started masturbating while closing my eyes and visualizing Sarah’s little mouth bobbing up and down on Matt’s cock. Of course, when I was doing the visualizing, it was my cock and my cum in her mouth. Matt took Sarah to the tree house pretty regularly, and I could usually count on one, and sometimes two pretty good shows a day. This little girl was so cute and had become very good at following her brother’s orders. I guess Matt had forgotten that I could see them from my room, or maybe he didn’t care. It might have been his way of showing me that he ruled over his sister and he could do whatever he wanted, with no fear of consequences.

Matt was a bully and a jerk, and I would have liked nothing better than to “out” him, but I was quite happy to have the show he put on with his sister, to help with my masturbation. My visualizations of Sarah sucking me off and swallowing my cum, were still very vivid and helpful, but I knew that I needed more. I thought of many different ways that I could trick her into sucking me off, but because I didn’t want to end up labeled a pedophile or sex offender, I always chickened out.

Yesterday my father told me that we were all going away for the weekend to visit his family out of state, and even though I protested vigorously, he insisted that I was going. These relatives were rednecks, and I found them crude, and had no appreciation for their sense of humor. Their idea of a funny joke was to replace the sugar with salt, and then watch as you poured it on your cereal, and then gagged when eating it. Another favorite of theirs is to put Vaseline on the toilet seat, so when you sit down, you slide off onto the floor. Probably the one I hated most was when they greased the door handle to your bedroom. I had to think of some way to convince dad that I can’t go, but time was short, and he plans on leaving tomorrow morning at 7am. It seemed hopeless, so I packed my things and would have to make the best of the weekend. My father had asked our neighbor (Matt and Sarah’s mom) to keep an eye on the house while we were gone, and I was quite surprised, because I thought he would be too embarrassed, due to the cum shooting incident.

It was now 7:30pm Friday evening, and I waited for Matt and Sarah to go up to the tree house, because this was one of their regular daily times. I had closed my bedroom door, had my cock in my hand, with Kleenex nearby, and waited patiently. They came out of the house and as they walked under my window, I could hear Matt telling Sarah that this was the night, and she wasn’t getting out of it. He was holding her hand and was practically dragging her. I heard her tell Matt that she wouldn’t do it, but then they moved out of hearing range, and I watched as Matt forced her up the steps and into the tree house. Matt got Sarah’s clothes off so she was standing there buck naked, as Matt got undressed. My cock was now rock hard, so I began to stroke it up and down, and jerked even faster as I watched Matt put his cock in Sarah’s mouth. It only lasted about a minute, and then Matt made Sarah lean over the card table in the middle of the room, and although she protested, he held her in that position from behind. It looked to me like he was trying to stick his cock in her bum, and judging by the way she was squirming to avoid his cock, I’m pretty sure that is what he was doing. Matt reached around with one hand and held it over Sarah’s mouth so she couldn’t scream, and used his body weight to pin her to the table. His free hand was trying to spread his spit on her bum hole, and then to part her cheeks. I watched her throw her head back and flinch her entire body, as Matt pushed into her butt area, and because he started humping, I assumed that he had penetrated her bum hole.

I now picked up the pace of pumping my cock as Matt pumped his cock furiously into Sarah’s bum hole. I could tell that she did not like this at all, but she couldn’t move and couldn’t say anything, since his hand was still covering her mouth. I saw Matt speed up and thrust deeper into Sarah, and figured he was ready to cum, so I beat the hell out of my cock too, and came in huge globs, totally missing the Kleenex. I had a mess to clean up, but I really didn’t care. I had mixed emotions about what I had witnessed, because I hated seeing Sarah hurt, but at the same time, it made me very horny watching her pumped from behind. This was probably going to be my jerk off visualization for the next few days. I turned my attention back to the tree house, and saw Matt slowly withdrawing his cock from Sarah’s bum hole, and the way it popped out at the end, made my cock throb again. Before Sarah was able to get standing straight up again, I thought I could see Matt’s cum dripping out of her bum, but I couldn’t be sure at that distance. What I did see clearly was Matt forcing Sarah to her knees to suck his cock some more, but this time, she grabbed her clothes, and even from where I was watching, I could hear the scream. Matt panicked and went after her, but she managed to get down the steps, and hit the ground running, still naked and carrying her clothes. When she gets inside and tells her mother what Matt did, he is going to be in a world of hurt, and I couldn’t wait to see the little shit get his comeuppance.

I watched as Matt dressed and then sat in the tree house, I suppose waiting for something to happen. It seemed like a long time, but was maybe a half an hour, and then Sarah’s mom and two police officers made their way to the tree house. I watched Matt sweat it out and pace around the tree house, as the police made their way up the stairs. I slid my window up quietly so I would be able to hear what was going on, just in time to hear the officers ordering Matt to come down. He sat down and didn’t move because he knew that the tree house was too small for them to get in. Matt’s mother told him to get down immediately, but he still wouldn’t move. One of the police officers saw me in my window, so he motioned for me to come down. When I got down there, the cop asked Matt’s mom if it would be okay to have me go into the tree house to help get Matt out. She did not like this idea at all, but as the cop explained to her, their options were limited.

As I went up the steps, and tried to enter the tree house, Matt tried to kick me in the head, but his foot slipped and he ended up on his ass. I grabbed both his feet and dragged him to the top step, where the police waited to arrest him. They thanked me, and asked me to stay, because they had some questions for me, and I now started to sweat. If they knew that I watched the whole thing and didn’t try to help Sarah, maybe I was guilty of something too. I remember that Seinfeld finale episode when everybody got arrested for watching, rather than helping someone being assaulted. Nah, that was only TV and probably not really a law, I thought to myself.

There was a lot going through my mind, when my dad came over to check out the police activities, and put his hand on my shoulder, and asked me what was going on. I said that I wasn’t really sure, but the police asked for my help, so I agreed to do it. Before he could ask me anything else, one of the cops came over to us and asked my dad, if they could speak to me alone. I was relieved when my dad said that he would have to be present if they were going to question me.

The police said that they wanted us to go to the station, where there would be privacy, and they told my dad that they would explain everything once we got there. Once there, we sat in one of those interrogation rooms like you see on Detective shows, and waited and waited for someone to come in to talk to us. It took more than half an hour, but a detective finally came in and said that he had been briefed by the responding officers, and was now ready to ask me some questions. My dad must have sensed that I was shitting my pants, so he asked me not to speak until he had been told what these questions were about. When the detectives said that there had been a sexual assault, and that I may have witnessed something, dad looked at me and said “you tell them everything you know, and be 100% truthful, because a sexual assault is a vicious and horrible thing to happen to someone”.

I’m thinking to myself that my dad is right and I need to tell them everything, but what am I going to say when they ask me why I didn’t call the police, or at the very least go get Sarah’s mom? I couldn’t think straight, so I faked some tears, and said that this whole thing had really upset me, and I wanted to go home. I thought maybe they would let me go, since I hadn’t been charged with anything, but I was mistaken. The detective insisted that they needed my statement now, while it was still fresh in my mind, and my dad agreed with them, so they said to go outside and get some air and come back in a few minutes, or whenever I felt I could give the statement.

My dad led me outside and when we sat down on a bench, he asked me why I was so upset. Just then an agency worker from Child and Protective Services approached us and said that they understood that I may have witnessed something traumatic, and they wanted to know if they could help with counseling. Boy, this sure sounded like my out, so I said “dad I think she is right, I am getting more upset all the time, and I am feeling intimidated by the detective". That was the right word to use, because the agency lady said, she was ending the questioning immediately, and taking me to see a counselor.

When I sat with the Counselor, she started out by telling me that she totally understood how traumatic it can be witnessing an attack, and most people feel that they should have done something to help the victim, and have difficulty dealing with guilt. I looked at her sheepishly and said “that is how I feel, because I froze watching the attack and couldn’t move or do anything”. Boy I had this stuff going my way now, and I am sure it will never come out that I jerked off while watching Sarah get bum fucked. The counselor said that she would explain this to the detective, and I could just give my statement, without being questioned. I gave my statement to the detective, and dad and I were back home by ten o’clock that night.

When we got home and explained everything to mom, she asked dad if we should cancel the weekend trip, and just as I was about to celebrate, he said “no, I think it will do him a lot of good to get away from here”.

To be continued…………………

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2013-07-09 05:29:57
Loved the first part. Seconds not so bad. Loved that cum out the window and it landing on people thing hahaha. Can't wait for the third!!!

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2013-07-09 05:29:31
Loved the first part. Seconds not so bad. Loved that cum out the window and it landing on people thing hahaha. Can't wait for the third!!!

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Loved the first part. Seconds not so bad. Loved that cum out the window and it landing on people thing hahaha. Can't wait for the third!!!

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