Early childhood trauma

I am 14 years old, and live with my grandparents on a farm in a rural and isolated area of Indiana. When I was old enough to comprehend things, my grandparents told me the following story about my early childhood days, and how it came about that I lived with them:

My parents died in a horrific car crash when I was six months old, and miraculously my car seat kept me alive, but badly injured. I was in a Children’s hospital for several weeks, and I seemed to physically heal fairly well, but not so well emotionally. A young child stuck in a hospital without his parents can suffer devastating mental trauma, never mind trying to deal with physical pain. Because I had no Aunts or Uncles, the Authorities had contacted my Grandparents to ask them to consider adoption. They were farmers in their mid forties and lived alone, except for two farmhands that helped them work the fields. They felt privileged to start the adoption process, and by the time I was discharged from hospital, they had been granted temporary foster care status. The actual legal adoption took months of paperwork, countless visits from agency staff, and endless frustration, but at the age of one, my adoption had finally been formalized. From age one to age six, my Grandparents had been increasingly concerned about my mental state, since I wasn’t a very happy child and seemed to be moody most of the time. That’s when they decided that I should be told about my parents.

From the day they told me, I began to understand why I had been so unhappy, and that’s when things started to turn around for me. Now, at age fourteen, I thought I was pretty well adjusted, and was also very adept at performing all the chores associated with running a farm. I had grown to five foot eight, weighed 170 pounds, and was pretty muscular from all the chores. Sexually, I think my maturity had been delayed because of the trauma suffered when I was a baby. It was around my thirteenth birthday, when I noticed pubic hair, morning erections, and thoughts of females. Aside from weekly trips to the small town 20 miles away, to pick up supplies, my only exposure to females was my grandmother and a female farmhand that my Grandfather had recently hired. My Grandmother had home schooled me, so I had no opportunities like other boys to meet girls at school.

I had become increasingly fascinated by the new farmhand because she was very cute, and her body was very well developed. Every time I watched her wipe sweat from her forehead, her tits rose up, and as the sweat beads ran down her cleavage, I could feel an erection starting to form. More than once she saw me watching, and I’m sure she also saw the bulge in the front of my jeans. Rebecca was only 19 and had finished high school and didn’t know what she wanted to do with her life, so she tried a farming job to get by. She was muscular for a girl and didn’t mind hard work, so my grandparents were quite happy to have her there. The barn had a loft that had been converted into two apartments, and Rebecca stayed in one while John, the other farm hand, lived in the other. Masturbation had never really crossed my mind before, but the more I watched Rebecca, I felt I needed a release for the frustration. My Grandparents had not talked to me about sex, probably because most farmers believed you could learn all you needed to know by watching the animals mate. As curious as I had become, I had nowhere to turn for advice, but I did figure out how to masturbate.

My Grandmother must have noticed my cum shots on the bedding because she took me aside to talk, while Grandfather was in the fields. She started the conversation by telling me that she had noticed a lot of white stains on my bedding, and thought that maybe she needed to explain a few things to me. I was very uncomfortable with this, and as she led me to the barn, I was also getting very curious. She told me that some of the animals were in heat and needed to mate, and she wanted me to watch. Before we got too far into it, we heard sounds coming from Rebecca’s apartment, so Grandmother said we should go upstairs and check it out, because everyone was supposed to be in the fields. On farms, no one locks their doors, and no one knocks, so Grandmother just walked into Rebecca’s apartment, and stopped dead in her tracks and gasped. I followed her in and got the shock of my life. There on the bed, Rebecca lay naked, spread eagled with her legs in the air, and my Grandfather was naked laying on top of her, and pumping furiously. When he heard us come in he got off of Rebecca, and I had my first look at a naked girl, so my cock sprang up to full erection. My Grandmother was still in shock and couldn’t seem to move. My Grandfather’s cock was sticking straight out, and dripping as he stood frozen looking at my Grandmother. Rebecca scrambled for something to pull over her naked body as I stood there staring at her with a very large erection and felt wet in my underwear.

As the shock wore off, and it was probably only a few seconds, my Grandmother cussed at the two of them and headed downstairs. My Grandfather grabbed his clothes and followed her to the house, begging for forgiveness. I remained frozen looking at Rebecca cowering under a sheet and neither of us said anything, until she yelled for me to get out, and started crying. The tears got me feeling very sorry for her, so I went over to her bed and told her that everything would be okay, after everyone let their anger settle down. The crying had turned into sobs, so I sat down and put my arms around her and gave her a hug and I guess she needed it because she hugged me back. My cock was still rock hard, and started throbbing uncontrollably when I noticed that I could see her bare tits. When she hugged me, the sheet had slid down off her upper body, so as well as seeing them, I could also feel her erect nipples pressing into me.

When Rebecca released herself from the hug, she pulled up the sheet, and eased up crying. She said “maybe you should leave, because I can see the bulge in your jeans, and I am in enough trouble already”. She went on to say “I know that you are an innocent teenager curious about girls, so I’m not upset about your erection, but I don’t want to get you in trouble with your Grandparents”. She asked me if I knew anything about sex, so I told her the truth, and that she was the first female body I had ever seen naked. I told her that I was pretty shocked that she would mate with My Grandfather, who was 60 years old. She cracked the smallest of smiles, and said “we weren’t mating. Your Grandfather has been fondling me for weeks and finally he told me that if I didn’t have sex with him, I would be fired. It started out with touching, and progressed to him making me stroke him until he came. Last week, he forced me to take his cock in my mouth and then made me swallow his sperm. Today, he brought me in from the field and told me he was going to mount me. He was in the middle of that when you and your Grandmother burst in”. I was beside myself with lust, and couldn’t stop my cock from throbbing, so I just recklessly pushed Rebecca down on the bed, tore off the sheet, and started sucking on her breasts. I must have shocked her because she didn’t move or try to get away, so in addition to sucking her breasts, I had my hands roaming all over her body until they settled between her legs. Rebecca opened her legs, so I now held her pussy in my hand. As she reached for my hand, I thought she was going to pull it away from her pussy, but instead she moved my hand deeper in her pussy area. She said “please hurry in case either of them comes back out to the barn”. I took that as permission to continue, so I stood up, ripped off my clothes, and prepared to mount her. Rebecca gasped and said to be gentle because my cock was much longer and thicker than my grandfathers, and she was afraid of getting hurt. My lust had me only thinking of my cock in her pussy, so I was not being very gentle as I ripped her legs apart, and pushed my cock towards her gaping pussy hole. It took no time for my cock to penetrate her, because she was plenty moist. I wasn’t sure why, but it was probably because my Grandfather had seeded her pussy, before getting caught by my Grandmother.

I was now all the way in Rebecca’s pussy, and started pumping her hard like I had seen Grandfather do earlier. From masturbating, I had learned about that feeling you get in your balls, just before shooting a load, and I now felt it. I banged her hard, and sprayed her insides with stream after stream of my cum. It made squishing noises as I continued pumping into her, and the sounds kept me horny and hard. I stopped pumping and looked down at Rebecca, and thought that I must have hurt her, because she wasn’t moving and had a rather strange look on her face. She looked at me and said “don’t stop, because I am still cumming”. I started pumping into her again, and felt her legs wrap around my waist, and her hands digging into my shoulders. She moaned softly, and pushed her hips up off of the bed, and said “I’m done, I can’t cum anymore”. I asked her what that meant so she said “I have cum at least three times, and am totally spent”. I was still pretty hard, so she asked me to roll off of her and lie down on my back. She got between my legs and took my cock into her mouth and began licking and sucking. This was the second best thing I had ever felt (fucking her pussy was the best), and within ten seconds I found myself pumping my cock deep into her mouth and shooting another load of cum. Rebecca tried to swallow all of my seed but the thickness of my cock had her mouth pried open too wide, so a lot of it dribbled down her chin onto my balls. She licked up as much of the overflow as she could and then flopped down on the bed totally exhausted.

I was about to tell Rebecca how great I felt about what had just happened, but my Grandfather came into the apartment carrying a leather strap, and began hitting me with it. He told me to get to the house and he would find me later for the rest of my punishment. I grabbed my clothes and headed for the stairs, but I now heard the strap hitting Rebecca, so I turned back around. She was screaming and crying, and my Grandfather wouldn’t stop strapping her. I grabbed the strap, and tossed it down the stairs, and told him to stop and get out. He had a crazed look on his face and charged right at me, knocking me down the stairs. I must have been knocked out for a couple of minutes, but when I came to, I heard slapping noises upstairs. When I made it back to the top of the stairs, I saw him with his cock in Rebecca’s pussy, pumping her hard. His balls were slapping off of her ass, and that must be what I heard when I regained consciousness. I grabbed him and threw him off of her, and as he stumbled across the room, he fell against the window, and when it broke, he fell three stories to the ground. I looked down from the window at my Grandfather’s motionless and naked body on the ground below, and thought that my life, as I knew it was over. Rebecca joined me at the window, and when she saw him, she began crying hysterically. I ran for the stairs screaming for my Grandmother at the same time, but when I finally got to where my Grandfather had landed, I knew it was too late. I could see that his neck was broken, and there were no signs of life,

My Grandmother came running and became hysterical when she saw that he was dead. When a bit of the shock wore off, she asked how this could have happened, so I told her the truth. She was astonished, because not twenty minutes earlier, he had begged her for forgiveness, and promised that nothing like this would ever happen again. Rebecca came down after getting dressed, so my Grandmother asked her to tell her version of what happened. The stories were identical, and my Grandmother now cussed at my Grandfather’s lifeless body, and said, “he got what he deserved and will rot in hell”. Being only 14, I was still scared shitless and asked my Grandmother what was going to happen to me. She told me that she was going to call the County Sheriff, and we should all just tell the truth, and from there, it was in God’s hands.

When the Sheriff arrived, he determined fairly quickly that this was a homicide, so he needed to call in the State Police. Each of us gave our statements to the State Police Detective, while the Coroner completed his investigation and then hauled the body away. My Grandmother was told that they had to take me into custody and review the facts with the prosecutor, to determine whether I would face manslaughter charges. When I got to the State Capital, I was told that the meeting with the D.A.’s office was scheduled for tomorrow, and I would know then if I had to stand trial. Fortunately, they decided that I was acting in self defense and in the defense of a rape victim, so there would be no charges.

After the funeral, my Grandmother asked me if I would be able to handle the farm now, and I said that I would do everything in my power to keep it going. Rebecca decided to quit, since the memories were too painful. Before she left that week, she called me into her apartment for a farewell hug and kiss, and as I hoped, it turned into a farewell blow job.

A year later, things were going reasonably well, and Rebecca’s replacement was working out fine. He was a migrant worker with a large family, so he really needed the money to send back home to his wife and kids.

All of my sweat and hard work went virtually unrewarded, and I found myself becoming increasingly frustrated. I masturbated every night as I thought back to my sex with Rebecca, and in particular that farewell blow job. She had greedily swallowed every bit of my seed.

My Grandmother was turning 60, on the next Saturday, so she said that we should do something special to celebrate. She said that she had to go to town that day anyway, because the dentist had her new false teeth ready, so we could celebrate at the Steak house.

During our dinner on Saturday night, my Grandmother asked me why I seemed so sad these days, and she asked if it had anything to do with Rebecca. I told her that I work extremely hard and don’t complain or expect anything other than food and a roof over my head, but I just felt empty and frustrated. She mentioned that she had received mail from Rebecca asking for a job reference letter, and apparently she is in Iowa working as a horse trainer. I think she told me this news, so I would give up thinking about Rebecca.

When we got home, I decided to head for bed, and although I was tired, I had a hard time falling asleep. I thought that if I masturbated, maybe that would help me fall asleep, but as I reached for my erect cock to start stroking, my Grandmother walked into my room. There was enough light shining in from the hallway, for her to see what I was doing, so I was really surprised when she sat down on my bed. I had scrambled under the covers, but unfortunately my cock was still hard and sticking straight up and tenting the blankets. She was wearing a nightshirt, and had obviously been heading for bed, so I don’t know why she came into my room.

Grandmother said that she totally understood my weariness and frustration, and wanted to do whatever she could to help. I watched in shock as she removed her false teeth and set them on my nightstand. She then peeled back my blankets leaving my throbbing cock fully exposed. I couldn’t move and was so dumbfounded that I couldn’t even speak. I watched as she moved down the bed and got on her knees between my legs. She pulled my legs wide apart and whispered “I am going to take care of your frustration, so lie back and enjoy this”. I felt her lips touch against my cockhead and then I felt like I was entering a hairless pussy. She gummed me and hummed as she bobbed her head up and down, and instinctively I grabbed her head to push her deep on my cock, as I blew stream after stream of my cum into her mouth. She continued to hum and make slobbering sounds as she swallowed my cum, and I felt like I never wanted the blow job to end. When my Grandmother had completely drained me, she kissed the head of my cock, picked up her false teeth and said goodnight. When the shock wore off, I wondered how weird it was going to be at the breakfast table in the morning.

It was 5am and time for breakfast, so I made my way to the table, where Grandmother sat waiting. She said good morning and told me to eat up, because there was lots of work to do today. Not a word was mentioned about last night, so I finished breakfast and then headed out to the barn. All that day, I couldn’t help but think back on last night, and couldn’t decide if it was a bad thing or something I should be thankful for. After all, it was surely a onetime thing, so I better forget about it, and focus on all the work to be done. When the farmhands and I returned for supper, it was 6:00pm, so we were starved and very tired. We enjoyed Grandmother’s homemade bread and beef stew, and by the time I finished eating, I was ready to turn in, but it was a little early yet. I waited until 8 o’clock, and because my eyes were very heavy, I said goodnight and turned in.

I awoke at 9 o’clock to the sound of Grandmother’s false teeth hitting my nightstand, and she had my cock in her gums, before I was fully awake. Tonight she also sucked my balls into her toothless mouth, but she could tell from my reaction, that I preferred my cock inside her mouth, and quickly switched back. It didn’t take long before I felt that tingle in my balls, so I reached for her face to hold while I blasted my load. She sucked just as greedily as last night, and didn’t miss a drop. After my balls were completely emptied, she picked up her false teeth and said goodnight.

As I lay there thinking about how much I enjoyed that blow job, it occurred to me that her humming as she gummed me, was something pretty special and almost felt as if her entire jaw was vibrating. These nightly blow jobs continued for another three months, and Grandmother never missed a night and never missed a drop. My moods were now upbeat and farm work was being handled in record time. We never spoke of her nightly visits to my room, but we both knew that they were making a huge difference in my outlook on things, and the farm had never been this productive.

One night as I lay awake waiting for my Grandmother to come and suck my cock, I had this strange sense that something was different tonight. My Grandmother finally came into my room, about an hour later than she usually does, and sat down on my bed. The customary sound of her false teeth hitting the nightstand was missing. The blankets were peeled off, but then Grandmother removed her nightshirt and straddled my hips facing away from me. She wasn’t wearing any underwear, so my cock immediately felt her pussy hairs and then felt her pussy lips. Those lips seemed on fire because they were hot and pulsing. I felt Grandmother impaling herself on my cock, and before I could think about the fact that I was fucking my Grandmother, she had got every inch of it into her pussy. She began humping up and down, mixed in with a circular grinding motion, which felt pretty amazing. She was thrusting harder and faster and moaning, until she let out a very loud moan and stopped humping. She trembled and shook, and I could feel contractions inside her pussy that felt like her gums sucking me off. That put me over the edge and I shot my cum deep into her womb. As I fully emptied my balls, I felt her rise up off of my hips and then slam back down hard. When the trembling stopped she lifted her pussy off of my cock, and said goodnight. I watched as my cum ran out of her, leaving a liquid trail across the bed and the floor.

At breakfast the next morning, there wasn’t a word spoken about last night, but in my mind I was wondering what to expect tonight. When I came back to the house later for lunch, Grandmother said she had received a letter from Rebecca, asking for her old job back. Apparently the job in Iowa didn’t work out. She had provided a phone number and asked us to call with a decision, as soon as we could, because she was very unhappy there. Grandmother told me it was my decision, since I was in charge of running the farm, so I told her that I would think it over, and let her know after supper.

All day I wrestled with the decision that had to be made, and mulled over all the pros and cons. On the plus side, Rebecca was a very hard worker, and could also suck cock very well. She may not be as good as Grandmother, but after all she didn’t have false teeth, so it wasn’t a fair comparison. Her pussy was tighter, so that was a plus as well. I couldn’t really think of any cons, except the uncomfortable feelings we had because of my Grandfather forcing himself on her. I guess the decision was made, and because I had increased the crop acreage, a third farm hand would make sense. After supper we called Rebecca and told her to come back, and a job would be waiting for her. After we hung up, Grandmother said that we hadn’t given any thought to where she would stay, because there were only the two apartments in the barn. I said “Rebecca could live in the house with us, if it is okay with you” and she nodded in approval.

The following week, Rebecca arrived and was just as beautiful and sexy as I remembered. She was glowing with happiness at being back in a familiar place, and I felt that her hug had a little extra feeling put into it. We told her that she would be living in the house with us, because the barn apartments were taken, and she seemed okay with it. I was so happy, because that pussy of hers would be only a few feet away at night.

The first night she was back, I awoke to the sound of Grandmother’s false teeth on the nightstand, and as she got between my legs, I had mixed emotions. She gummed and hummed and after ten minutes I was no closer to cumming, so she asked me if something was wrong. Before I could answer her, there was a very light knock at my door, which startled my Grandmother, so she got down out of sight on the floor by the far side of the bed. My door opened and Rebecca came over to the bed and sat down, and as I went to speak, she put her hand to my lips, and then crawled between my legs. Before I had a chance to tell her anything, she had my cock in her mouth and was sucking and slurping loudly. I looked towards the other side of the bed, to see if Grandmother was still there, and when I saw that she was, I pulled the blankets over Rebecca’s head, and pushed the back of her head down deeply on my cock. My Grandmother must have seen the blankets shift, so when she peered over the side of the bed and saw that Rebecca’s head was under the blankets, she quietly made her escape. When I came in Rebecca’s mouth, and she finished cleaning up all of my cum, she asked me why I pulled the blankets over her head. I explained that the slurping sounds were very erotic, but pretty loud, so I did that to keep my Grandmother from hearing us.

The following morning at breakfast my Grandmother was unusually quiet, so when I asked her if something was wrong, she said that she wanted Rebecca to stay behind for an hour, before heading out to work. I sensed that something bad was going to happen, but was afraid to say anything, so I just headed out to the barn to work. The day really dragged and because of what my Grandmother said this morning, I hadn’t gone home for lunch, and had also avoided Rebecca.

When I got home for supper, we ate quietly and there was little conversation. When bedtime rolled around I said goodnight, and headed to bed. I fell asleep fairly quickly but woke up an hour later to the sound of my Grandmother’s false teeth hitting the nightstand. Before she began gumming and humming, she pulled the blankets over her head and then I felt the bed move. Rebecca had come in and was trying to straddle my face and pushed her pussy right onto my mouth. I couldn’t even open my mouth to speak. What a mess this was going to be. Sooner rather than later they would realize that we weren’t alone in bed, and then all hell would break loose. My cock had started to wilt, with all the worrying over what might happen, so Grandmother lifted her head and loudly asked if she was not sucking my cock properly. Rebecca answered her and said “he can’t talk, because he has my pussy in his mouth”. Both of them began laughing, and left me terribly confused. Rebecca lifted herself off of me and joined Grandmother at the foot of the bed. Rebecca took my balls in her mouth from one side while my Grandmother went back to gumming my cock. My erection was now in fine form, and in another minute, I started exploding cum. Rebecca and my Grandmother shared the cum, and both of them licked me completely clean.

When they both came up for air, they explained the whole thing to me, and we all had a laugh. I guess the talk this morning had gone very well, and they had agreed to share me. Far be it from me to be the dissenting one, so I just agreed that they could have me whenever they wanted. Not such a bad arrangement!!

To be continued…….

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