Susan was stroking my cock gently, however when she began to whisper, she started squeezing forcefully “ Jerome I need you one last time, it will be our last time Jerome, I want you to fuck me long and hard, Please, I need you, I want you” Susan leaned down taking my cock into her mouth, running her tongue over and around its head, flicking her tongue into my little piss hole “ Jerome, please take me, make me cum, do me now Jerome, before it gets too late” she continued as she brought her lips to mine.

“ Jerome, I want you I need you, I need to cum good, see I am ready” she said as she pushed my hand down between her legs, allowing my to feel her the wetness of her cunt.
I got up, taking Susan in one hand and the towel in the other. I walked over to the side of the deck where there was more room and laid out the towel. “ Susan get yourself spread out on the towel”

Susan wasted no time laying down and spreading herself for me. I knelt and began using my tongue , licking at her silt, pushing her pussy lips wide as I eased my broad tongue for top to bottom. I sucked at her nectar, that which was coating her slit, in an every increasing flow. I reached up taking her breasts in my hands squeezing them, molding them, then flicked at her nipples until I felt them sprout up even longer than they had been. I listened to Susan gasping for air, her breathing become erratic .She pulled at my hair, bringing my mouth to hers kissing me, then pushing my mouth to her tits, where I wasted no time , and began to suck on her hard nipples. “ OH ! Oh Je….ro…me, that is soo good, don’t stop don’t stop, please oh so good” she said as she thrashed about just a bit.

I aligned my pulsating black rod with her little pink hole and slipped just the head of my cock into her cunt. “ OH! Gawd , Oh Jerome, Yes , more Jerome, More push it push all the way in Jerome, I want you I need you Please fuck me Je…ro…me” Susan cried out.
I did just that I slipped my long Johnny bar part way in then pulled it out, covered with her nectar, then I pushed half way in once again and held myself short. Susan was desperately trying to move her pelvis, hump her cunt, wiggle her ass , make any movement possible that would allow my cock to slip all the way in, which was not quiet my game plan.

“ Je…… Please fuck me, put it to me , do me Please Jerome, I need it I want it
I want to cum Jerome, ” Susan began whimpering as she continued bouncing her buttocks around on the deck, She was now beating her little fists against my shoulders in her attempt to get me to fuck her good. I began moving my cock, pulling back then pushing forward, but tried very hard not to push too far in, I wanted Susan frustrated, well perhaps beyond frustrated. Then I began, “ Susan, I want you to suck Darryl’s cock while I fuck you, Susan , I want to watch you sucking his cock while I fuck your cunt Susan, to you understand”

“ Oh ! Jerome, yes yes anything Jerome, just I need you to fuck me , Jerome I need you , Yes Yes , I’ll suck them all , just push it in Jerome, push hard, push far, just push Jerome please push” Susan said as she looked to see if Darryl was near by. I used this opportunity to turn us over , getting Susan on top. I saw her smile immediately as she tried to sink her bottom down hard , to take my whole member up her chute. I had placed my hands under her rump in anticipation of her moved effectively stopping her from taking any more of my that I had in her at that moment.

“ Susan call Darryl over tell him you want to suck his cock. Susan called out immediately “‘ Darryl get over her I want to suck your cock, please I need to suck your cock I need to cum Darryl” This certainly surprised him but he was not one to miss any opportunity to have a naked girl suck his cock, Her got it out and fed it to Susan in quick time.

Now that she was skewed at both ends, two holes filled with black meat, I began to push in further, I rewarded her for her actions, yet I did not give into to her request. I began to fondle her nipples, pinching, pulling, twisting, trying to cause just enough pain that her body would respond. “ Jerome, Oh Jerome, Oh OH ” Susan whimpered as I pulled her down by her nipples, lowering her to my chest. Darryl was quick to catch on , he lowered his body setting his knees on the deck, so that Susan’s mouth did not have to leave his cock. Once I had Susan in more or less the position I wanted, I called out .

“ Benjamin now it the time to extract your payment ” waiting for him to get closer “ Benjamin be careful to start, she had only taken my finger so far, nothing bigger or longer, but as you are the expert you should have no difficulty ” . I directed my attention back to Susan, rubbing her tits which were hanging, we were nipple to nipple, cooing to her, telling her what a good girl she was, how much better it was going to get. I carried on telling her to relax and go with the flow, let her body enjoy the sensations that are to come.

I began once again to attempt to get the thought in to Susan s subconscious of her father “ Susan do your think your father would like to see you like this, riding a black boy, while you are sucking another .Imagine him Susan standing just there at the patio door. Susan can you see him trying to hide just beyond the blinds ” I said as I moved my hand seeking her clit.

“ Close your eyes Susan, try and imagine you father standing, his cock in his hand watching us, watching Darryl and I take you out on the bright deck, he can see every thing clearly Susan, he can her you grunting and groaning Susan ” I said as she let out those grunts and groans in a deep low voice. “ Ohhhh! Ahhhhh! Owwww! ” when I let her side the rest of the way on to my cock, taking it’s full length of my black rod up her lily white cunt.

Susan went to work now that she had the whole member up her cunt, she advanced onto my belly, the wiggled herself back down, grunting like a pig in a corn bin. I saw Benjamin ready himself, trying to position himself to strike. “ Susan don’t wiggle so much, hump your bottom, yeah that’s it hump your bottom at your father, entice him to come out on the deck with us Susan ” I said as I reached up trying to get hold of her buttocks, to try and steady her movements so Benjamin could continue.

“ Susan see your father, see him moving, opening the patio doors. Susan he is creeping out on to the deck , look he has his cock out , he is stoking himself ” I said a bit faster than I wanted but I had to move things along “ Can you see him Susan look, he is enjoying watching us, look at the smirk on his face, Susan he likes what he sees, his little white girl being fucked by two black boys, look at his cock it is growing in his hands ”

I could hear Susan making noises , but as she had her mouth full of Darryl’s cock it was impossible to make out what she was trying to say. Darryl had a good idea as he yelled out “Holly shit Jerome, what are you telling her, she is sucking so hard, it feels like I have a vacuum hose attached to my cock, man this is just great, keep talking Jerome ”

“ Susan your father just had a evil idea, he knows you are busy, he doesn’t thing you’ll mind, relax Susan let it happen ” I continued just as she jerked, then held her self almost in a frozen position, I figured Benjamin’s cock had come in contact with her black hole.

“ Susan, relax, let him join us, Susan let your father in, relax he wouldn’t want to hurt you, breathe slowly, relax” I went on as I rubbed the lower portion of her back as best I could. Susan advanced however, almost letting my cock pop out. She must have realized that she was going to loose it for she stopped short just in time and slid back down along it’s full length . You could almost feel her whole body centering itself around my cock. This move of hers allowed Benjamin in , I am sure , to slip past the tight anus ring and part way into her ass, as I was sure I felt something push against my cock from the other side of her membrane.

Susan was moaning groaning and grunting in a very excited manner, if she had not had her mouth full of Darryl I am certain the whole neighborhood would have been able to hear what she way saying. I could feel her muscles contacting, relaxing and contracting, as she was accepting Benjamin cock up her arse, He was apparently an expert when it came to fucking girls up the ass, so I trusted him to do it right. I wanted Susan to enjoy this event, even if she was having second thoughts.

Benjamin finally dropped to his knees as I felt them rub up against my thighs, both boys were on their knees, working Susan’s two holes while she was straddled across my lap working my meat. It is too bad that back then there was no such thing as a video camera, or a cell phone camera because I am sure this would have made good footage for you-tube . a young white girl taking on three black boys, but there was no such thing.

I am not exactly certain when, perhaps after I had continued talking to Susan about her father and him sticking his cock up her arse, that she managed to change the rhythm of things. It was almost as though Susan herself had taken control of her own fucking , her body moved in such a manner that she was pumping down on my cock , up on Benjamin’s cock and forward on to Darryl’s cock in orchestrated systematic motion.
I know she had me ready to explode, that that took some doing,

I do not remember who came first, but one after the other or in unison, Darryl filled her mouth, Benjamin filled her ass and I flooded her cunt with our black spunk, Susan came in convulsions, her body bloating from the liquids that were forced into it. I think she spit Darryl out first, lowering her head talking to me “‘ OH Jesus Jerome, I never never thought that it would be could be like that , oh my gawd , that was the greatest thank you Jerome ” as she collapsed into well, onto my body, still two cock suck up her bottom holes. Benjamin continued to pump her ass, Susan was letting little Ohs! and Aws! escape from her mouth, for each movement Benjamin made I knew then that every one had been right he was an expert in taking a girl’s ass for the first time.

It was done politely, gently, with concern for the Susan’s feelings, he took to places that I might not have been able to do with my big long dong, I might have hurt her and put her of any further attempt she might have made at taking it up the ass. All I could hear her saying was “ Jerome I never thought having two cocks work me like that would be so good, I never imagined have a cock up my ass would be so wonderful”

Benjamin pulled out from her warm moist ass hole, and I stood us up keeping my cock as far into her as possible. I regained our deck chair positioning myself so that my cock would remain up her cunt as long as it could. There was absolutely no reason to withdraw. I had made a deal with Benjamin to drive us home, and I had paid him in full up front, so Susan and I could just relax in one another arms until it was time to leave . We would allow nature to take its course, when it was time my cock would slip out but until then there was no reason not to enjoy the after glow of the evening’s events.

Susan fell asleep in my arms, her heart beating to a subdued rhythm, pounding against my chest. Two naked souls, one white, one black sitting on the deck, allowing the evening to continue around them. It was Benjamin who broke the spell however, he nudged me gently telling me that he had to get home, so if we wanted that ride it was time to go.

I gathered up all Susan’s things, then dressed as best I could, guiding Susan into the back seat of the Oldsmobile still in her naked state. Rudy got into the back seat with me . We each placed her leg over ours spreading her wide open, so we could play with her . In unison ,we kissed her ear lobes, the cheek of her face, down her neck on to her breast where we spent some time working her nipples, then we let our tongues slither down on to her belly each taking turn and probing her tummy button. Our hands were busy between her legs, rubbing the soft white skin of her thighs, allowing our fingers to drag up under the folds of her pussy. We each managed to have time to rub at her colitis, then we sent our fingers together into her pussy which was once again beginning to secret fluids.

We had Susan bouncing up and down on the car seat “ Oh! Jerome Oh ! Oh! , Oh My ! , yes! Yes! please don’t stop Oh yes! that’s it , keep rubbing” were just a few of the words she was spilling out as we enjoyed ourselves. Then I told Rudy to stop, to move her legs together and let her sit. Well that brought Susan out from where she had been

“ No! No! Jerome don’t stop, don’t stop, I need to finish , Jerome, please ” she cried out as I took her hand and placed it on the bulge in my pants.

Susan got the message immediately, repositioning herself on the car seat , unzipping me and quickly bringing my manhood out into the open. She reached in searching for my balls and began stoking them gently, but firmly. One she had my cock growing, she went to work with her tongue, bending over sending her bum up almost into Rudy’s face. I motioned to him to put his tongue to good use, not needing to tell him twice as he fixed his face between Susan’s buttocks.

“ Oh! My gawd Oh! Oh! ” she cried out Rudy no doubt made contact at that moment, causing Susan to apply pressure to my cock. As Rudy work her bottom end, Susan took my cock into her mouth , engulfing as much as she could. I could tell how well Rudy was doing, buy the way her tongue reacted on my cock. First she was very methodical, slow, soft and warm, then as Rudy either got further into her cunt or lapped at her bung hole, I could not tell which, Susan’s movements quicken she suck with more vigour, more determination. Each time Rudy changed tactics Susan followed suit, if she was riding a roller coaster, I was receiving the benefits.

We heard Benjamin call out telling us that he was almost at destination, so I told him that he had better park across the street from her house as it appeared we were not quite finished. It was however time to let go, I could not keep Susan any longer, the ride was over, she would be moving away this weekend, we would probably never see one another again. I pulled her off my cock, telling Rudy it was time to stop, much to his disappointment, then I pushed Susan back on the seat of the car. “ Susan this will be the last time, for us” I said as I spread her wide and slipped my long hard black erection into her little pink pussy.

I began with long slow strokes, bringing the tip of my cock back to he entrance of her cunt, then pushed in as far as I could, letting my ball sac tap at her pussy lips. Since we were at destination I knew I could afford the time needed to make this the best fuck ever.
Slow deliberate stokes, leaning down kissing her mouth, bending my body a bit to lick at her tits to flick at her nipples. Susan was squirming, meeting stroke for stroke , I image that she knew this had to be good as she was to get no more from me.

“ Jerome, Oh Jerome, it’s soo good, I can feel you fill me , push hard yes that’s it push hard” she whispered “ oh Je ro me Fu…cuk me, fuck me fuck me ” and I did.

I increased my rhythm, pumping harder , faster,, bring things to a crest. I could feel my own build up boiling far below, as my cock pumped into this little white thing’s cunt.
Every thing was quiet in the car except for the heavy breathing of it’s four occupants, you could not mistake the sloshing noise that Susan and I were making, as I pumped and she secreted.

It may have been five minutes but it seemed like hours, before Susan began crying
“ Now! Jerome Now!, I need it now ! Jerome, I’m cumming , Jerome I’m coming , Je…. Ro…. me cum with me please cum with me ” and I did . I blew my load up her cunt into her womb, my cock jerking as her muscles milked me for all I was worth, pulling my hot spunk into her body for one last time.

I got myself together, allowing Susan who was still gasping for her breath, to be able to calm herself enough to be able to function. Susan kissed both Rudy and Benjamin thanking them for a wonderful evening, then I pulled her from the car. I knew I was taking a big chance , a chance that her parents were waiting up for her return . Decidedly however I walked Susan across to her house and up the stairs onto the front porch still in her naked state.

Once we were under the porch light, fumbling in her beach sac for the school clothes that we had taken when we cleaned out her locker I took her socks and shoes and placed them back on her feet kissing her swollen pussy lips as I knelt before her. I then proceed to put her lovely tits back in her bra, taking again a moment to flick my tongue over her nipples, then fondling her breasts while I adjusted things. I then eased her blouse back onto her torso, placing kisses on her arms and shoulders before pulled things together. I took her skirt out , lifting one leg at a time I eased it up and around her waist buttoning it securely.

This I am sure too me a good twenty minutes , I was playing with fire, her parents could have come out to check at any time, and they would have found their daughter only partially dressed , perhaps thinking that I , this big black guy , was undressing her.
I then retrieved her school blazer from the bag and covering Susan’s lovely white body completely “ Susan, I now return you to the way I first found you” I said “ we have enjoyed each other’s company for some time now and I can only say that the experience has been very pleasurable.” kissing her passionately

“ In the beginning you asked if you could be one of my girls, you certainly have proved yourself worthy and I am very pleased that I now consider you one of my girls, in fact the very best of my girls ” kissing her smiling face once again. “ One last thing however, taking my handkerchiefs from my pocket , since we do not have a pair of your panties in which to dress you, and I am certain that if you walk into the house you will be dripping all over, I am going to substitute these for your panties.” Taking hold of her in a firm grip “Bend over , spread your legs and lift your skirt Susan ” I commanded.

Once she had assumed this position I bunched hankie in a wad and forced it up her little arse hole leaving enough hanging that she could pull it out easily. I stood her straight
“ Now lift the front of your skirt and spread your legs please ” taking my other hankie I pushed it into the leaking cunt cutting of any further dripping . Of course I took my time wiggling my finger obtaining little gasps from Susan, then I dragged it back making certain to tap at her clit before I withdrew completely. Taking one last kiss from my little white bitch, I left her standing there under the porch light unfortunately crying her eyes out, but that was something I could do nothing about.


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