Carefully, gently , lovingly, I washed Susan down, being naked myself, with a large protruding dick provided me with the excuse to be in the shower with her. Holding her, cooing her, telling her everything was alright, that she was a good girl, I asked “ Susan did you enjoy it, was it good for you” I received no reply so I said nothing else right then as I continued to soap her parts, to let her feel the warm water cascading off her body.
I held her tight, fixing my cock so that it jammed upwards as I pulled her body close to mine.

“ Susan ” I said in a soft voice “ What were you thinking when they held you laid out on the kitchen table like that”

“ Were you thinking back to your first time when Jane and Richard had you on the study table with me licking your pretty little cunt” I continued in the same inquiring soft tone.” Or the time I had you on the kitchen table at your place” sensing a slight shudder rack her body.

Immediately I thought, well maybe at first that she had been scared, but if her body was still able to react in this manner I tried “ Or was it you were thinking perhaps your father was watching from his hiding place” feeling her grab at my waist just a bit I continued “Perhaps Susan , you were thinking that you had come home with a bunch of your black school friends and had begun to play some truth or dare games and they had gotten a bit out of hand” stopping for a moment to collect myself, to run a few thoughts, a few ideas I began again “ At first you lost and had to suck the black girl’s pussies, which was not a big deal after all you had enjoyed sucking Jane’s bald pussy hadn’t you”

Susan was now whimpering I could hear her little gasps for air quite well “ Then they wanted more, the girls wanted more, they held you and stripped you naked , you weren’t too sure where things were going as they were kind of rough with you, as they shredded your clothes, tearing them from your little white body.” I thought I was getting pretty good at creating these stories. “ Then Susan you caught a glimpse of movement in the mirror on the buffet, you weren’t sure what you saw, but a second longer movement indicated to you that it was your father back behind the old cupboard, trying to look but staying out of sight at the same time”

Susan was now rocking, her emotions had indeed caught up with her, I debated whether to carry on, then thought what they hell, let’s go for broke . I still had to make a deal with Benjamin, Susan might as well be in the mood. “ Suddenly Susan the girls pick you up high in the air, one each holding your limps, you could not get away they were too strong for you. they plunked you down hard on the kitchen table held you firmly, while the boys set themselves that your extreme ends. You felt wet mouths covering your nipples, tongues flicking at your nipples which had increase in length, were pushing out further than they had every, so much so they were hurting. Then you felt little pin like points pulling at your labia, opening up your pussy lips ”.

I had to take a few deep breaths, to be able to continue in the same tone, I did not want to sound too excited by this , I wanted it to be monotone I wanted Susan absorb what I was saying and alter it with her own emotional translation. “ Susan again you look in the mirror, you see your father still looking from his hiding place, he had not come to your rescue , he is watching his eyes filled with desire, with your pussy lips spread like they were your father was able to look directly up your pretty little pink cunt he could almost see the petals opening and closing, vibrating as you waited for your friend’s black cock to push through and into your little virgin hole, to make you a woman, to pierce your hymen, to fuck you for the first time”

I knew I was putting things on kind of thick, but it was imagination, it was a fictional story I was relating, so I took a few liberties. “ Susan your father hid there watching, watching your friends rub their blackness all over your pretty little white body, sucking and pulling on your elongated pink nipples, rubbing your now swollen pink pussy lips”
Stopping for air, I licked my own lips trying has to visualize what I was telling Susan ,
hoping that a similar vision was running through her mind .

“ Susan you see the image of your father licking his lips and swallowing hard when the boy pushed his black cock up your virgin cunt, hitting your hymen in the first shove, as you tried to prepare your body for his second shove the other male friend pushed his hard member into you panting mouth, his body blocking the image you had of your father in the buffet mirror, then you lost it, you tried to scream, but could not , you tried to fight things but you could not , you could not do anything, but accept the abuse, and it kept coming and coming, it did not retreat, it did not stop, it did not relent until you blacked out and went limp.”

At this I felt Susan shudder, it appeared that she had had a mini orgasm “ Susan“ I continued hopefully in the same tone of voice “ when you came to you found yourself still on the kitchen table, but you were lying face down, it was very quiet , no one was holding your arms, so you figured your friends had left , you could not however move your body, something was pressed against the bottom of your spine, trying to wiggle your legs you thought you felt something rough and hairy rubbing against the inside of your thighs, but again you were not certain” pausing to let Susan’s mind to wander a bit.

At the same time I began rubbing Susan’s back, letting my hands travel further and further down her back towards her bottom “ Susan you were a still bit groggy, from the ordeal your friends had put you through, you could not hear them, you were not being held, yet you could feel, you could feel your body it was full, full almost like when that boy had taken your virginity but different some how, painful, yet with a tinge of pleasure, you could not tell”

Taking another large breath, I knew if I was not careful, I would not be able to bring it off I had to make the rest of the story plausible. “ Then Susan , you remembered you had seen your father’s image in the buffet mirror., or that is what you had thought , you knew he had not come to rescue you, so you thought maybe your imagination had been playing tricks. Slowly Susan you tried again to raise your body, only to find it still being held down, so all you could do was turn you head towards the buffet” Once I said this I grabbed on to her ass cheeks spreading them just enough to allow me further advantage, and pulled Susan tightly into me

“ Susan you turned your head, blinking your eyes trying to focus on the movement in the mirror , finally the image became much clearer, Susan you saw your father standing at your bottom, he was as naked as you . Susan he was rocking back and forth against your body . Susan you felt full, but it was not the same. Susan then you realized, why you felt full, yes your father was fucking you Susan, but Susan he was fucking you up your ass, your back chute, your shit chute Susan ”. at the same time I inserted my finger up into Susan back hole and jerked it upwards causing Susan to cry out “ Oh! Jerome,. Oh! Oh !
harder! , Jerome, push harder!” and I did allowing Susan to orgasm , as I held her tightly in my arms.

I knew I had her then she was ready for more, I shut the shower off drying Susan with the big fluffy towel Rudy had provided , leaving her covered in its warmth. I put another one around my waist and guided her out on to the deck where Rudy had prepared us with a feast. Things had calmed down a bit, every one was more demure, I guessed that we had finally come off the high we had gotten from our basketball win that evening.

I saw an opportunity when Kali went into the kitchen alone so I excused myself from Susan and followed her inside.

“ Kali could I ask you to do something for me” I queried not leaving her too much time to think I sweetened the pot “ I would like to get Susan in to a position where all three of her orifices were being used at the same time. ” Hoping my desire just might interest Kali to ask a question.

“ Why don’t you just grab her then and fuck her ” Kali said

“Well I could do that, I could just hold her and tell my friends to rape the hell out of her then dump her off at home a used piece of white trash, that would certainly work” I said trying to show that I was just as nasty as she was “ but if I do it my way, then there is a good chance that she will like it enough to continue, to look for more and even perhaps make other people she meets happier” leaving it for a minute figuring that maybe I had really misjudged Kali .

Then I added “ Kali do you know who the girl was who streaker at the basketball game?
Kali did you like what the streaker did , , would you have done that Kali?”

“ No I have no idea who it was , I thought it was a girl from the other school, it took guts to do that, No I don’t think I would have done that , not like that in front of the whole school” Kali replied

“ Well Kali it was our little Susan who did that, she did for me and I had not even thought to ask her , she wanted to please me Kali, she knew she would never see me again , but she wanted to please me” I said, a warm smile broadening on my face, thinking back to her deed.

“ No shit, your kidding me, Susan did that all by herself !!! ” Kali exclaimed

“ Yes Kali, she wanted to please me to show me that she would take on new experiences all by herself, with out my intervention” I continued, feeling a bit proud that I had created the need to experience new sensations in Susan. “ Kali if I just grab her and have her fucked for my entertainment then I loose out , if however I get her to want it to crave it or better yet to ask for it then I win. Then I can hold it back and use it to bargain for more, for better and greater things, do you understand Kali”

“ Jerome , I don’t know , I think I follow, you but I am not sure” Kali said

“Well look at this way Kali when you and Rudy are going at it and you are ripe and ready, what would you do if he stopped “ I said

“ I’d kill him “ she replied throwing completely off my train of thought.

Finally laughing I tried it another way “ Ok Kali, I know you like chocolates right ”:

“ Yes: Jerome I love chocolates”

“ Ok if Rudy had the only box of chocolates in town and gave you one then asked a kiss, would you give it to him” I asked

“Yes, why not ” Kali replied

“Then if he gave you another and asked to touch your bum” I left this hanging in the air

“Well I guess so if it was the only box:” Kali said in a laughing matter.

I tried to hurry things us and time was running out “ Ok Kali, what if Rudy put the box away telling you , you would get another chocolate if you showed him your bare tit now you have to remember theoretically Rudy has the only box chocolates in town”

“Well if you put it that way yes I probably would” Kali said with a big smile

“Ok then pretend the box of chocolates is sex, I am holding the box and Susan likes sex, every time I have offered a little, then stopped and but the box away, when I ask her for a little more she gives it to me because she knows it satisfies her own desires.” I said

Then repeated “ She gives me a little more because she know it will satisfy her desire”

“ Ok “ said Kali “ you don’t want to force her, if you can get her to ask for it then it’s her fault if she doesn’t like it”

“ Now you’ve got it Kali, so would you be willing to help me? “ I concluded

“ Yes, I will, I’ve got to see this, I want to see how it works, what do you want me to

“ Listen carefully, you know that she is only covered by that towel, so things should not be too difficult. “ I started “ I’ll beginning playing with her to get her going, to warm her up a bit , then I’ll excuse myself to go talk to Benji, I’ll take him away from the group in to the house” taking time to arrange my idea of how I wanted the event to unfold
“ Kali if you and maybe Jerica, or one of the other girls would take my seat, you could begin fondling Susan, like you have done before, but this time, working her then stopping, starting again and stopping , getting her to the edge and not letting her get over”

“Oh Yes Jerome I like playing with Susan she is so , well so naive it’s fun. I think I am beginning to understand what you mean , Yes Jerome let’s go do it” said Kali, jumping up and down her large melons bouncing all around , so back out we went.

Taking my seat I began kissing Susan, rubbing her body, gently but with determination
There was a plan to executed. I slipped my hand under her towel and began rubbing at her naked tits, paying particular attention to her nipples. I wanted to draw her attention away from the group, to get her into the world of two, her and I . As I pushed my hand further into and onto her body, I kept moving the towel away exposing more and more of my baby . It is always more enjoyable to watch a female being undressed, stripped, exposed a little bit at a time, than being completely denuded in one pull of the cord.
It is still more intriguing, even if you have seen her completely naked, to watch her loosing her clothes one piece at a time.

Our group was no different, as I played I watched both girls and guys turning to look then turning not to be seen staring. I got the towel completely open and send my hand down between her legs, rubbing at her mons, pushing my finger into her slit, wetting it and bringing it back up to rub her juice on her nipples. Susan had begun to squirm, to moan to whimper “ Jerome, oh Jerome, that feels so good, please don’t stop, push you fingers further, yes like that oh yes Jerome ” Susan said as she slumped down in the chair and spread her legs opening her cunt to my fingers.

I looked over to see I had my chance with Benjamin, so I called out to him, “ Benji can I speak with privately for a moment” setting my plans in motion . I do not think Susan understood what had just happened, because she did not react right away when I pulled my fingers from her slit. Before she had too much to say I was gone and Kali was taking my place. I moved into the house with Benji, explaining to him that I knew he had his license and I was wondering if he would do me a favour and help me drive Susan home, later that night. I explained to him that otherwise we would have to leave now rather than later .

I told him that I knew he was an ass man and was willing to provide an incentive for driving us back home, but I needed first his agreement to drive us home so I could make my plays, and I needed his patience so that I could carry them out. Benjamin asked about a car, and I told him Rudy had offered up his parent’s car, a large Oldsmobile, he agreed immediately.

When we went back to the deck, every one was around Kali and Susan, there was no more appearances of not looking . Kali had understood what I told her about, or she had learned quick. She had Susan sitting on her chair, she had her knees up around her ears, her arms holding her thighs and her finger pulling her pussy lips wide open so that Kali could flick at her clit. Susan was howling yelling “ YES! YES! YES!, OH Gawd! . Oh Yes right there, there, Oh Yes that’s it , right there ! Oh Yes!!!” . Her little cunt pulsating almost at the speed of a bee’s wing.

I tapped Kali gently on the shoulder, not wanting her to jump or jerk and perhaps poke her finger into Susan’s waiting cunt. Having gotten her attention I thanked her for keeping Susan on the edge while took care of business, telling her I would take over from there. Seeing the disappointment on her face I asked “ Kali would you like Susan to pleasure you? ”. At the same time instructing Susan to straighten up and sit properly, taking any thought that she was going to be let to cum away from her. “ Jerome !! O ! No Please no I have to cum Please Jerome ” Susan cried out

I feigned deafness, as I waited for Kali to reply to my question, thinking I would not mind seeing this young black girl naked as the day she had been born, especially with those huge knockers of hers. “ Kali, ” I began in a much stronger voice one that almost every one could heard clearly “ This is Susan’s last night with us she is moving away, you might not get another chance to have a little white girl get you off ”

“ Well… I … I don’t know. I mean .. well I certainly got charged up playing with her, but I don’t know , you know I’m not .. well I am more private if you know what I mean” Kali replied.

“ Hey I got no problem with that , if you think you can hold yourself off until you can find a private moment to do your thing that is fine with me, we shall simply carry on with focusing on Susan, thank you very much however for keeping her on the edge.” Bringing this to a closure, I had no time to waste on silly girls.

I returned my attention to Susan, kissing her, taking her arm slipping it under the folds of my towel and placing her hand my hard cock. “ Susan you feel that, that is what you do to me, it will be your reward should you be able to bring it to it’s proper size”

I heard someone beside me cough “ Ah! Um! Jerome I well maybe I ” it was Kali who was trying to get my attention “ Jerome, about your offer , I think I would like to … you know if you… you know would have Susan ” Kali was stuttering, she had a whole lot of words coming out of her mouth but in such an order that even I was unsure just what she wanted to ask .

“Kali ” in a sharp tone I asked “ What is it you want girl, I don’t understand, and I am having a hard time hearing you, speak up girl ” trying my best to embarrass her, knowing almost full well what she wanted. It was time to have some fun at her expense, perhaps get her back for putting all those red marks on Susan’s body last time.

“ Jerome you know have Susan pleasure me like you said ” Kali finally getting the words out in order.

“ Kali what ! , you want Susan to pleasure you, what you mean girl, be a bit more explicit please, I am not following you” came out of my mouth almost with a nasty taste .

“Jerome, you asked me if I would like to have Susan pleasure me, you know get me going get me off, you know or shit Jerome, make me cum “

“ Yeah and you told me you liked things more private,. Kali , Susan does not do things in private, especially take care of girls with needs. Kali do you have a need,? Kali do you have a need bad enough that you are considering a solution that would be more out in the open?” I retorted .

I was trying very hard to hold things together, I did not want to lose the opportunity of getting Kali naked out here on the deck, to have her submit to Susan’s wonderful ways. She had made Jane very happy, so there was no doubt in my mind Kali would be putty in her hands, I just had to get Kali to assume a more submissive attitude “ Kali I have seen Susan make love to a girl, Kali I wished then that I had been that girl, Kali , I am certain Susan will satisfy your need, if you have one”

“Kali ” I continued “ the only thing I have to hear is how bad you need it, how much you want Susan to make love to you and that you need it right here and now and Susan is yours”

“ Oh Shit Jerome you and your games” Kali said in a loud voice attracting the attention of several of the group most importantly Jerica “ Jerome can you get Susan to make love to me , I need to come and now, Please Jerome I need it now any where you want it ”

I wasted not a second “ Susan place your towel on the deck, strip Kali like you did Jane, and make her cum in your own way ” . Game, set and match. I made myself comfortable in my chair taking over the stroking my cock where Susan had left off and prepared to watch the live entertainment

My naked Susan, did not hesitate she spread her towel on the deck not but two feet from me, in such a manner that once Kali was laid down with her legs spread , I would be treated with a direct view right up her pussy. Susan approached Kali pressing her lips to hers, kissing her with a passion, that perhaps Kali had not been prepared for, as she was left gasping for breath when Susan broke off.

Susan began with the blouse, slowly unbuttoning and pulling it from Kali’s shoulders.
Taking it and carefully placing it on a chair on the far side of the deck. Susan work her way through the group brushing up against one then the other and she crossed back and forth. Kali was stripped of her shorts, then her brassiere, exposing a set of knockers twice, maybe three times the size of Susan’s ample pair. Kali’s areole looked to be the size of round bar coasters, deep deep pink in color, her nipples the roundness of a dime at least , they were impressive, not only to me judging by the sound of a few low whistles I heard.

Susan said not one word, whether she was surprised, impressed or otherwise taken by these beauties, she continued, kneeling down and slipping Kali’s panties from her fairly well trimmed bush of tightly wound black hair. Kali was now naked , standing there on the deck amongst her friends both male and female, you cold see her shaking a bit, perhaps from humiliation of being stripped by a white girl, or perhaps just from the embarrassment of being in this state of undress out in public.

Susan was doing her thing, she finally completed taking the last sock off Kali’s foot, she directed Kali on to her stomach on the towel, probably to the delight of Kali because this took the best parts of her body from our sight. Susan then straddle Kali’s upper thighs and started working her fingers in to Kali’s body. It was interesting to watch, as these little white hands roamed all over this mass of black skin, massaging, rubbing, and caressing all at the same time.

When Kali began moaning, which did not take too long, Susan reversed her position and leant forward to work on Kali’s feet, legs and thighs. Kali was moaning and groaning in a deep and loud voice, Susan was having that effect on her and knew it. Susan took the opportunity to move Kali’s legs apart, spreading them fairly wide, well actually wide enough to allow me to have the most pleasant view of the back of Kali’s light brown pussy lips, Susan tenderly slipped a finger in Kali’s slit, causing Kali to emit a very very loud “ Ooooo Gawd !!!”

I guess Susan realized then that Kali was hers now without question, so she parted the lips as wide as possible exposing a interior that was bright pink and slipped her finger further into the folds, almost causing Kali to buck her off her back. I continued to watch, now being very carefully how I stroked myself, because I did not want to be shooting off before hand. I noticed Rudy and I thought I saw Benjamin had their dicks out in their hands and were pulling their pods. That was good , as if they came now they would be able to remain firmer longer for the final event I had hoped to pull off that evening.

Susan finally turned Kali over. Every one could now tell Kali was aroused , excited, horny, for her nipples were poking out at least and inch and a half from her areole, her breathing was rapid . Susan straddled her stomach leant down and caused nipple to touch nipple, or nipple to rub nipple. Susan then began kissing Kali, kissing her hard, passionately , From her mouth Susan worked down Kali’s body, kissing every where except on those delicate sex spots. Kali began rolling her head from side to side, calling out to Susan “ Oh yes, Oh yes, Oh that feels so good, keeping going, keep going, bite me, pull my nipples, Oh suck my tits”

From where I was sitting it looked like Kali was losing it, she did not appear to be that singularly black bitch Susan had known before. Kali had become more docile in nature, perhaps maybe even a bit submissive. Kali was moving her head from side to side her body was vibrating humping up and down on the deck. Susan again switch her position, facing Kali’s feet, in this position I could see that Susan’s own nipples had elongated themselves, they were poking right out, Susan was getting her jollies.

Massaging Kali’s legs, Susan opened her up exposing her black cunt to my viewing, well actually her pink innards,, her little petals , her now almost fully extended clit, which when Susan flicked at it brought a loud howl from Kali “ OooooH !” . Susan certainly knew what I had wanted, she pulled Kali as wide as she could. She moved her pelvis on to Kali’s abdomen for support and brought Kali’s legs up high, spreading her crack, to open her up, not only providing a wonderful view of her cunt, but in this position I was able to clearly see Kali’s little puckered ass hole as it pulsated to the rhythm of her quicken hear beat.

With the deck lights providing almost daylight illumination it was easy to tell that Kali was very excited, her semi-lucid body fluids were leaking from her cunt, you could see more and more being pumped out as Susan continued to play with her clit while she held her in this open position. The juices were running in a constant flow out her cunt over her crack, down past her little back hole and dripping on to the towel. After a few minutes of this expos?usan altered her position once more, this time while holding Kali’s legs , high she got up and knelt directly between the opening she had created, blocking my view. Susan then went to town on Kali’s sex with her mouth and tongue.

Kali screamed when Susan must have flicked , nibbled or perhaps even bit Kali’s clit and bucked her ass off the deck with such force that I thought Susan was going to be knocked away from her position. While I could not see Kali’s sex any longer I was afforded the pleasant view of my Susan, her little white ass sticking up in the air wiggling all over as she continued to pleasure Kali. Susan’s pussy lips were glistening with moisture, her own juices were flowing freely , it was quite evident Susan would be ready for anything.

For a good fifteen perhaps twenty minutes Susan worked Kali’s sex, before we heard her crying out loud and clear “ No more, please no more, I can’t take it oh Oh my gawd it is soooo good, Stop stop, oh oh oh I ” as she thrashed about the deck, trying to push Susan away from between her legs. Susan at that moment may have realized that she was now in charge of things, perhaps remembering the first time she had met Kali and Jerica . I don’t know but it sure appeared that way, as Susan stood, still holding Kali’s legs firmly
moved around and placed her feet one on each side of Kali’s head.

She held the legs spread wide open, again providing my with a treat, I was looking at a swollen, red cunt, it looked as though it had been put through a mashing machine, Kali’s juice you could see was flowing from inside nonstop.

“ Jerome ” I head Susan say “ I think Kali needs a good fucking, she needs a cock shoved up her cunt, look at it leaking ”

While I would have really liked to shove my now hurting cock I knew if I did that then I would not have time to do Susan properly before the evening ended, so I looked around quickly, I saw Rudy off to the side watching things and still pulling his pod. “ Rudy how would like to do us the honors, after all Kali is more your companion than anyone else’s.”

Needless to say Rudy jumped at the chance, he had his pants and underwear down and off , kneeing before Kali’s spread legs before anyone could react. I looked to see Susan smiling at him as she moved Kali’s legs wider and towards her head, countering any opportunity for Kali to get out of the way given the fact that we had just heard her let out a loud low “Noooooo! Please not now ! ” I saw Susan smiling, then bend her knees just a bit, it looked like from where I was sitting she was dripping some of her love nectar down on to Kali’s, face if not directed at her mouth.

Rudy pushed forward , he moved his pelvis right up tight again Kali’s curved bottom , yelling, “ Oh! Yes, Oh Yes ! , is she wet, Holey crap, I’ve hit bottom ”

Kali of course screaming also as Rudy slipped into her sloppy wet cunt, there was certainly a lot of noise being made, I do not know how the neighbours did not show up.
Everyone now was egging Rudy on as he plowed into Kali’s abused cunt. Susan was hanging on to her ankles since Rudy had pushed his body against the backs of her thighs.
It was not long before Rudy was crying out that he was going to come , going to shoot his load, it was then that I heard Susan over the din of the encouragement that Rudy was receiving “ Jerome, oh Jerome I have to …. I think I’m going to … I don’t think I can hold back ….what can I do Jerome,”

Of course I realized that we had had Susan on the verge most of the evening, I had started after our shower, had Kali continue, then sort of placed Susan in the spot she was now in so I relented , I figured we could build her to another peak before the evening ended and said “ It’s OK Susan, just let it go, let it flow, satisfy yourself”

“Oh! No! Jerome, you don’t understand , your don’t understand, I have to well you know go, you no go , not cum ” but by the time poor Susan got this out of her mouth she had started, perhaps it was Rudy who pushed the button I do not know, but as he cried out “ Oh! Shit I’m coming” Poor Susan yelled out “ Oh! Oh! Oh! I’m sorry” sending a hot stream of piss down on to Kali, covering her face, her hair, her torso, it splashed upon her taught pointed nipples, it splashed all over her big round mounds, it splashed all over her face, no doubt some of it trickling down into her mouth. “ Oh ! Oh My gawd Jerome I can’t stop it , I can’t stop it,” letting it pour out of her until her bladder emptied itself.

Everyone was “Owing and Awing” as they watched Susan spay herself all over Kali, at the same moment that Rudy filled Kali with his hot spunk. I was too much for Kali, she black out , going limp as she lay there prone on the outside deck, covered in piss and cum. I saw Susan Shaking as she released Kali’s ankles, letting the legs fall first on to Rudy then slide down on to the deck where he remained limp and almost lifeless. I took my towel and wrapped her as she continued to mumble ‘ I didn’t what to do it, I didn’t want to do it, I couldn”t help it , I had to go I had to go, Oh! I’m sooo sor…ry , so ooo sor…ry”

I quickly moved to hold on to Susan telling her that it was alright, every thing was alright, she did good, it was about time Kali learned that she was not who she thought she was, it was good that it happened , it was good that it happen to night and it was even better that She had done it. I began kissing Susan passionately, rubbing her body, delicately but firmly, with the intention of building her back up to where she would want more, otherwise the rest of the night would be wasted.

I would like to think I worked with a finesse, I do not think I was rough, but I did try and hurry things along a bit. Susan perhaps felt a little more at ease, allowing her to react to my fondling more comfortably as the rest of the group was still focusing their attention on Kali who appeared to have passed out, and Rudy who seemed to be enjoying fucking this limp cunt. He had not let up since he had cum, so he was probably hoping that be continuing he would get hard again and had a second go at things. This allowed me ample time to play Susan properly, finally bringing her along to the point that she whispered to my ‘ Jerome, I still need to inside me, I want you to fuck me again, I want you to take and make me yours Jerome, please”
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