Susan in fact would no longer be part of my life after tonight , she was moving to the east coast, there was very little chance that we would every see one another again. Tonight was the last night that I hoped I was going to be able fuck her to satisfy my desire. What the other girls thought of the situation I gave two hoots. I had however decided that I might be able to get Susan to put a good show that would remain a wonderful long time memory. As directed Susan back to a corner near the couch, Rudy had started playing his record collection, every one was sort of moving to the music, not quite dancing, or dancing together, but moving to the music, so I began to rock a bit with Susan.

“ Unbutton your dress Susan” I whispered in her ear “ I want to feel your warm body naked up against me” Allowing her a bit of room to move, I gently rubbed her back in slow circles applying just a slight pressure with my fingers once Susan had complied, I eased one hand down between us and concentrated on rubbing her sex . No one was paying us any attention what so ever, each was tied up in their own little undertaking, as I bent to embrace Susan, offering her my tongue to suck on while we gyrated in slow animated movements. When I slipped my finger into her she cried into my mouth
“ Ummmhp !” Susan was wet, very wet.

I began working my finger in and out of her cunt dragging it back up over her mons, then slipping it back over the entire length of her slit, rubbing between her now swelling labia.
Susan’s movement began more and more accentuated, her cries more intense .
“ Jerome, Oh Ah Je… , please don’t stop Oh Oh Je….ro….me ”

As I continued my moves, I eased a hand up to the little bows holding her open dress, untying one at a time, yet holding the back or her dress tightly against her body. I maneuvered us back towards the more open area of the living room then proceeded to finger Susan vigorously, not giving her a chance to realize that she if she was going to reach her orgasm, she was going to do so while standing there in a room with an audience of more than just Jane and Richard.

“Oh! Oh!…me….Oh! gawww…d! , what are you doing to me Jerome, Oh! Oh! it feels so gooood ! ” Susan cried out fairly loud . Loud enough to catch Rudy’s attention that was sure , I could see him watching us with intensity. I do not know if Susan realized at that time but the music had stopped, the room had gone silent. We were the only couple in motion every one else was standing fixed in their position, their attention was fixed on the scene being played out before them . I eased off just a bit dragging my finger from her box pulling it up over her mons , up to her tummy button where I began making little circles with my finger. “ Oh Jerome, no don’t stop, Jerome keeping going, Please put your finger back in my cunt, Jerome, I’m so close, Oh! Oh ! Jerome” Susan was crying now loud enough for anyone to hear.

That was all I wanted, I wanted to hear that Susan was ready, now she would not even think about objecting, I wanted to make sure we had the attention of the audience. I sent my hand back down, cupping her sex, but keeping my finger from slipping in to her wet box, at the same time I moved my other hand from her back to the neck, releasing the hold I had had on the material of her dress. Thus allowing the dress to slip from her body, uncovering her lily white nakedness in a room of black people, a very nice mix if you can visualize it. Seeking to prevent an outburst I placed my mouth over hers and slipped her my tongue at the same time slipping my finger up her twat.

This brought Susan to a crushing orgasm . She moaned and groaned into my mouth and she shook vigorously, as she let go of a full load of juice, shooting it out over my hand and down between her legs on to the material of her dress which was laying on the floor.
There was some quite vulgar verbalization heard in the back ground along with a short moment or two of applause as our audience witnessed Susan’s orgasm flow though her little white body. Susan still jerking and shuddering appeared to be oblivious to her surroundings as she continued to hold me tightly.

Finally I maneuvered us to the edge of the couch and eased us down on the soft cushions cuddling my little white toy, rubbing her body, allowing her to enjoy al of the little aftershocks that were running continuously through her warm body. We must have held that position for perhaps twenty minutes before Susan stirred once more . Looking up at me with her ‘ I’m in a dream like state,’ expression of hers, she said in a whispered voice “Jerome, I want you to make love to me, I want you to fuck me, I want you to take me now, I want your cock up inside me”

“Well my dear,” I started “ a while ago I was more than ready, however as you took some time to recover, you may find that you have a big job ahead of you to get me back up to where you want me” With that said Susan reached out and undid my pants. Once she had them open she slipped her hand inside letting out a little cry of surprise “ Oh! Jerome!” as she found that I was not supporting underwear. She grabbed on to my naked manhood pulling him free and began stroking me. Once my natural instinct kicked in, Susan moved, kneeling up on the couch taking my cock into her mouth. In this position she was provided the beautiful sight of her little white bottom with it’s pulsating pucker hole to Washington and one of his girls who were leaning on the far end of the couch. They were certainly, from the comments I heard, very pleased with the view they were being offered.

Since Susan was so busy concentrating on getting me hard, I did not think she would mind , so I reached out and spread the cheeks of her little ass as wide as I could, hoping that Washington and his girl would be able to get a good look at Susan’s swollen wet lips
I must have done it correctly as Washington gave me the thumbs up almost immediately.

I noticed him playing with his companion through her clothes, so I decided to add to the tease, as I eased a finger up Susan’s back hole rubbing just so, around her anus ring, this provided the additional effect of having Susan take my cock deeper into her own mouth.. Susan had managed to get my cock hard and firm, almost to its full length, which I knew she would have a hard time doing with her mouth so I eased my finger from her shit chute. “ Susan you’ve done good ” I said, “ now you can take your reward if you wish”

She removed her mouth from my cock, licking the full length of it’s underside, before turning and asking “ Jerome, could I , would you , I mean , I’d like to feel your naked body against mine” taking a large gulp of air “ before we leave one another , I’d like you to lie naked with me Jerome” waiting a moment Susan continued “ Would you … Jerome… take me somewhere and lie naked with me please ”

“ Susan” I said, “ I have no problem with that at all if that is what you desire” watching to see her face light right up “ But you will have to strip me, and accept to be fucked right here on the couch” letting the idea of being fucked in the open with an audience
not but a few feet away run through her thoughts. I hardy had time to finish when Susan began tugging at my pants, so I stood to give her as little difficulty as possible. I had no problem with either the guys or their girls seeing my equipment at full mast. I knew for a fact that I was better built, with a larger apparatus than they, if that embarrassed them or their girls, I did not really give a damn. Once Susan had my pants off,. my feet out of my socks and shoes, she stood up rubbing her white nakedness against my long body of blackness . With her final gesture she , reached up and pushed my T shirt up , over my head , tossing it to the floor , we became one body, two souls, black and white in fusion.

I reached behind her grabbed on to the bottom of her bum cheeks and lifted her off the ground grinding my pelvis into her clean shave pussy. I spun us around and lowered us back on to the couch, Susan now spread wide on my lap. This was the first time Susan had had to opportunity to explore my naked body, she was rubbing my chest, kissing my chest, letting her tongue flick at my nipples as she gyrated her sex onto the underside of my cock which had become trapped between our bodies. Susan was moaning and groaning like a little child, she had my cock caught between her labia and was rubbing a long its length. “ Oh! My gawd Oh! My gawd ” she kept repeating over and over.

The more zealous of the group had now settled themselves in front of us, several of them sitting on the floor as close as they dared, watching and no doubt being able to see Susan’s wet pink lips running up and down my engorge black cock. I could see Rudy, he was standing behind Kali, he had his arms place around in front of her and it sure looked like he had his hand up under her shirt, no doubt playing either with her brassiere covered tits or perhaps even her bare boobies themselves, he certainly had a shit huge gin on his face.

Susan having no doubt satisfied her curiosity of fondling my bare skin , lifted her pelvis , reached down and placed the head of my cock at the entrance to her cunt. Yelling out
“ JE….RO.ME ! ” she forced her body down on to my rod, sending herself right down in one swift push, down hard until she hit bottom. She had filled her love tunnel with the full length. Susan settled herself on the bottom and stopped. I could feel her vaginal muscles working hard trying to adjust to this sudden intrusion, they were working as quickly as possible, I could feel the secretions her body was releasing, in order to help lubricate things . The music began once again filling the room , I could hear the beat throbbing in the room, as the sound of the ‘Lion sleeps tonight” flooded the house..

Suddenly Susan began moving, moving up and down on my rod, in tune to the beat, I figured the song had brought back memories. “ Umph~! Ah ! , Umph~! Ah! ,Umph~! Ah, ! Ah! Ah! ” Susan cried out lifting her head up and back as she rode my cock.
Susan placed her hands on my shoulders for leverage, and went to town, rocking, humping, rolling her little white body all over my blackness. Susan was providing a show, a show of wanton lust, a show that not many get to watch live that close up. Our audience picked up on the lyrics of the song, they began clapping their hands together to the beat of the tune urging Susan along on her journey.

“Oh! Oh! OH ! OH! I’m cumming, Jerome, I’m coming, Oh Jerome ” she yelled as she increased the quickness of her movements. Susan was bouncing around on my lap almost uncontrollably, her tits were swinging eveyr which way , her head moving as thought it had become disengaged from her shoulders, she was pounding her little fists into my chest, she was making a great deal of noise that I could not muffle as I was unable to make contact with her lips because of her movements.

Then Susan went limp, falling into my chest, her body heaving against mine. I however had not finished, I was near enough but not at all satisfied. I grabbed on to Susan fixing her body to mine so that I would not have my cock slip out, and I turned us around, placing Susan in a prone position on the couch . I bent her knees forward on to her chest and took what I wanted. I placed my hands on her the back of her thighs applying a good deal of pressure, then I worked my dick, my rod, my long engorge black cock into her little white pussy. The music had stopped, you could hear the faint sounds of moaning coming from our friends who had managed to couple, but the sharp sounds, the louder sound was that of flesh hitting flesh as my ball sac banged against Susan’s crack, muffled only be the sloshing sound of my cock pumping in and out of Susan’s sloppy wet, swollen pink cunt.

“ Oh Christ ! , sweet Jesus! ” I yelled out as I felt the spunk rise from the depths of my balls, running through the length of my cock and burst out in a stream as it flooded , Susan’s love tunnel . I kept pumping, and pumping, pounding Susan’s hole until I could not longer continue. I looked down upon my little girl to see that she was no longer with me she had passed out from exertion . I did not care , I did not give a damn, I raised my body just a bit, and stayed , coupled to her, my long hard cock pulsating, jerking inside her cunt until I realized Rudy was standing beside me with a towel, talking to me. I finally understood Rudy telling me that it might be better if her slipped this under Susan’s ass , because when I did decide to pull out there was going to be a good deal of fluid released.

Susan and I had put on a good two hour show, we had captivated the audience who were in awe of our performance. Finally I felt my cock move, it was slipping out, not really being pushed out as Susan was certainly not in control of her muscles, she was still out of it . As I felt the head ease out, I remained still letting it droop and hence rub down Susan’s crack and tried to flex it to stiffen a bit once it touch her little pucker hole, but there was no reaction. I needed time to recuperate , I wiped the remnants of our juices on the towel as I could not expect Susan to lick me clean .

I got dressed, grabbed a beer, taking Rudy up on his offer to help get the Bar-B-Q going,
I was certainly hungry, thinking Susan would also be once she regained her composure , went out onto the deck. It took us a while to get every thing fired up, the rainy weather had dampened every thing making it difficult. When I came back in to the house I came upon the most surprising scene . Susan was laid out on the kitchen table, there were four black girls in various stages of undress holding her, two at her arms two at her legs. Susan was spread wide, Washington was between her legs his pants on the floor at his feet, he was busy pumping his tool into the tunnel that I had not but a minutes earlier deposited a shit load of spunk. Darryl on the other hand was standing at Susan’s head, his pants were also down around his ankles, and he was busy feeding his cock into her mouth. Susan was being taken by both these black boys, while the girls appeared to be caressing every other part of her body with their ling fingers, no doubt equipment with those long artificial nails they wore.

I stayed back a bit, watching all this action, it was quite exciting, very erotic, very stimulating, which I realized when my cock began to rise. I was not angry, not jealous, not disappointed, I was simply intrigued that Susan had been placed in this situation. Had she allowed to happen, had she been conscious enough to realize what was happening , I was wondering to myself, or had she been forced,. Had she been taken by force, perhaps by the girls who figured I was out of the way for a while.

Perhaps they had grabbed the little white hussy that they called her . Each taking a limb and lifting her off the couch were she had passed out, carrying her to the kitchen.
I could almost visualize them swinging her on to the table like a piece of mutton, thinking that they would be able to do what they wanted to her, carving her up with their sharp finger nails , perhaps even drawing blood this time around. Once Darryl and Washington realized that Susan was not crying out, and that I was not or did not seem to be on my way back in, they thought they could have some of the picnic offering.

Susan did not appear to be struggling too much, I could see her body reacting to the fucking Washington was giving her, but it did not look like she was fighting the girls who were holding her limbs. Either she had tried and given up, figuring they would hurt her, or perhaps that I would come in just in the nick of time and save her, failing which she had given up and had left them to satisfy their animal instincts. What ever it was I had no intention of interrupting the scene, I wanted to watch I wanted to see it carried out to its end, after all this was the last time I would be with Susan, there would be no repercussions that I could see.

I felt Rudy come up beside me “ Holly shit man, what are they doing to you’re hoe!,
Aren’t you going to stop them?” he said in a low voice.

“ I don’t see why Rudy” I said calmly “ Susan has to experience new things, this is part of her learning process, besides I’ll never see her again after tonight” then I added “ As long as they don’t disfigure her, I have no problem at all”

“ Jerome,” Rudy replied “ would you mind, I mean would you let me, you know, I would not what you mad at me or anything, but since that first day I’ve wanted a piece of her”

“Tell you what Rudy” I went on to say “ Benjamin has his driver’s license, doesn’t he”

“ Yes he has” Rudy replied

“Well, if we can borrow you parent’s car and get Benjamin to drive me home with Susan we can say here later, otherwise I have to call a cab and leave in the next few minutes ” I offered trying to peak his interest

“ Shit man, you think we can do that” Rudy said very much excited “ but how do we get Benji to agree to that, I mean I have no problem with the car, if you’re telling me I can have a piece of her”

“ Go get your piece, as it looks like Washington is finished and the girls are still holding Susan down” I said quickly “ I’ll fix a deal with Benji, I know he is an ass man, I’ll fix him a deal he won’t refuse. Go on go before they release her and tell Washington to get her to clean his cock real good”

Rudy moved quicker than I had ever seen him, quicker that he usually moves on the basket ball court , if fact he had his pants around his knees before he entered the kitchen causing him almost to trip into Kali who was holding onto Susan’s left leg. Everyone certainly looked surprised as Rudy, came running in to take Washington’s place. Washington himself looked perturbed when Rudy told him, that I had told him to get Susan to clean his cock. I felt that it was time to make my presence known, but waited until both Rudy and Washington had their cocks in Susan’s orifices.

“ Looks like we are having roast mouton for supper” I quipped as I entered the kitchen
“ Don’t let me disturb you by any means, in fact I’d love to see you girls sucking my little white girl’s tits they are quiet delicious” I continued hoping that they would not panic , thinking I was there to admonish them. “ Kali you and Jerica should actually hold her pussy lips wide open so pour old Rudy’s dry cock can slip right in with out too much trouble” giving both girls an opportunity to keep doing what they loved to do , torment poor Susan.

By this time I could see Susan’s eyes wide open, either from fear of doing what she was doing, fear of having it done to her or fear that I would be pissed of seeing her in this awkward position seeming not fighting very hard to have it all stopped. My cock was long and hard, sticking out perpendicular from between my legs, but I was no where near ready to cum. The sensations were great however as my mind recorded the scene and transferred the information to my cock, I could feel my body tingling all over.

Rudy did not last very long, I guess he had dreamed of doing this to Susan for so long that when he got his chance he was ill prepared to take it slowly. To the tune of “ Oh! Shit man , Oh! Fuck, this is the greatest , Oh! Oh! Oh! here she comes, Uh ! Uh! Uh! AHHH! ” we all watched as Rudy blew his load up little Susan’s already pretty well filled cunt.

Before Rudy, however could get himself over to Susan’s mouth to get licked clean Kali had let go of the leg she had been holding and went down on Rudy, cleaning him spic and span. Someone suggested that we eat, I do not know it may have been Rudy, but what ever, Susan was left on the table gurgling, groaning , moaning in sync with her own emotions. I stood there looking down her body, watching it spasm and perhaps took pity on her, knowing that I still had to make a deal with Benjamin, if I wanted him to drive us home. I called out to Rudy asking permission to use one of the shower facilities to freshening Susan up, he told me where the towels were and told me that he would keep some food ready for our return.
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