Arriving at my locker however I was more than pleasantly surprised to find that the person dressed in bright red was indeed Susan. She was wearing a very short, and I mean very short summer dress. There were two little sting affairs holding it on her shoulders tied like bows, it had buttons down the front, well there were buttons but they were not buttoned up. It was quiet evident that Susan was not wearing a bra, and since we had gotten together she did not wear panties, so she was fairly naked once more for my benefit. Once she had gotten her welcoming kiss from me she asked if I had a few free minutes before I had to hit the locker room to get with the team. Usually I went to the locker room immediately so I could have some time with the guys, male bonding sort of thing but to night was different.

The basketball game was to start about 5 or perhaps 5:30, our school had organized a sort of buffet for all those participating in the game, our out of town guests, and any student who was planning to stay and support their team , if they contributed two dollars to the charity box. I had hoped Susan was going to have permission to stay because I wanted to show her off , now that she was able to stay, and was dressed as she was , I figured this was indeed a bonus. “ Yes we have time Susan ” I replied : In fact we have more time than you think, because there is a small buffet that we can go to, after all if we are going to play hard, we have to have something to eat so that our energy will not be drained right away, why what did you have some thing special in mind ? ” I asked.

“ Well no not really Jerome, I just thought we could be alone for a bit that is all Susan replied” then adding “ we cannot really go out side as it is still raining”

“Come with me “ I said taking her hand pulling her along a bit quickly, causing her dress to fly open providing a good shot of her nakedness underneath. I lead Susan to the cloak room that was just opposite the main offices, , the principal’s office to more exact. I slipped us through the entrance as there were no doors to this location maneuvering us to the far end near the large window that opened out towards the street and came to a halt .
“ Is this to my lady’s liking ” I said making and exaggerated bow , kissing the back of Susan’s hand. Giggling she tried to get all the words out of her mouth in order but was having a problem, “ Yes, my man, Lord Yes I well…. maybe not …..I mean it is well …. close enough to what….. I think is all right”

“Now Susan what did you have on your mind ” I asked making certain that I had her standing as close to the window as possible, hoping she was unaware of this fact. .

“ Jerome, ” she said as she raised her arms up around my neck and planted one of her wonderful kisses on my lips “ Oh Jerome, I ‘m going to miss you so much” she began
“ I do not know how I will survive with out you, life is going so be so awful , I am so sorry that this happened ”

“ Susan you cannot look at it that way, yes we managed to get something going, we clicked, you were ready, you were at the right place at the right time” I found myself saying, talking like I was her mentor or something, Christ all I was , was some black dud who wanted to take advantage of an innocent little white girl, that I had done, hoped I had done it well enough, and was hoping to take it to a final?onight if at all possible.

Playing this girl for all she was worth I commented “ Susan you have been the best thing ever that has happen to me, you have made my life worth living to it’s fullest, you really are the best” and I kissed her hard and strong, leaving her gasping for breath. “Oh Jer…orme , Oh Jer….o …me I love you ” she finally comes out with . Shit I realized that is not where I was going, but then I knew she was just a simple naive little thing, so she would really never understand that she was just toy for me to play with.

With her arms up on my shoulder her hand rubbing the back of my neck Susan said
“ Jerome, pull at the bows on my shoulder straps would you please” I carefully reach for the strings tied in bows on the top of her shoulders, not wanting to damage them and pulled gently . Once I had the strings apart, there was nothing holding the dress on Susan’s body so it floated down and bunched up on the floor, leaving Susan in her all together. “ Jerome it feels so good to be naked when I’m hugging you , Jerome I would like to be hugging you all the time, Jerome let your hands roam all of my body please, I want you to make me want you more than anything in the world Jerome, please rub my body with your hands”

I began slowly rubbing her back, , over her shoulders, down her spinal cord, down to her tailbone, I covered the side of her waist with my warm hands rubbing gently, firmly . I eased my arms down further letting my hand cup her behind, where I massaged her lily white cheeks,. I pride her crack apart and ran a finger down to rub at her little puckered anus. Susan was grinding herself into my growing bulge, moaning words that I could not decipher. Then I turned her around facing away from me. Her ass settled at the bulge on my cock. I faced her towards the window , the dull weather had turn it into a mirror.
“ Susan look out the window” I said knowing that it would be difficult to do, given the reflection factor “ look you can see us, white on black, watch Susan as I rub my hands over your body” and I did just that, I left no part of her lovely young white body untouched by my large black hands. I rubbed her breasts, her nipples, down over her tummy, down her thighs, slipping my hand in between her legs.

“ Look Susan look at how erotic it is black on white, look out past the reflection, look out and see all those people watching your white body being rubbed by my black hands.” I continued, as Susan squirmed in my arms her moaning increased in intensity, her ass was bang hard back against my cock. “ Susan look out there through the rain , look see your father is standing there , he is watching us, he is watching me fondle your naked body”

I continued thinking perhaps I could implant the seed of thought in her mind especially since she had brought the subject up this morning “ Look Susan, your father is smiling, he is jacking off, look at his little white cock see how hard it is, Susan he is getting off watching you , his daughter being manhandled by a big black man,” I paused for a moment, pushing my leg between hers and moving them apart . I reached down to her little cunt inserted my fingers into a slopping wet orifice trying with a bit of difficulty to pull the labia wide open “ Susan look your father is staring at you pretty pink cunt, that I have spread open, look Susan , see him jerking his cock, look Susan , see his cock surging, look Susan , look see your father , he is shooting his spunk, while he stares at your petty little cunt ” Susan let out a loud cry “ Oh! Oh ! Je….rom….e” and sent a stream of juice shooting out splattering all over the window. Susan had cum, she had attained her orgasm, and it was a good one.

By this time I realized that we had to get a move on, I had to stop regardless of her protests. “ Susan , Susan “ I tried to sound demanding “ we have to get going, Yes I know you are ready to be fucked, but I can’t do that now”, I picked up her little red dress trying to cover her properly as she squirmed around “ Let’s go get something to eat and then we can see what can be done for you” Pulling her with me as I excited the cloak room , I realized that I had not tied her little bows very well, one of them coming undone letting the dress almost slip forward and uncover a breast. I did nothing about it until we had found a seat in the cafeteria amongst several of my brothers . I sat Susan down , going off to get us each a plate of something to eat. When I got back I found that the other bow had also come apart, Susan was sitting interacting with my teammates who were trying their best to get her to undo the buttons on her dress.

“ Come on guys , you know we have no time for that today, we have to keep our thoughts on winning this game, if we win we might be able to play with Susan later” I said in a forceful voice, I really wanted to win the game, it would mean big points for my scholarship program and I needed that. I retied the bows of Susan’s shoulder straps, kissing her on the head telling her to behave, and things might be made good for her later, if we lost the game then I might not be pleased with her. There was a lot of friendly banter , most of it ribbing, the guys going on about how I was loosing the best thing that had happened to me, and how miserable I was going to be with out Susan .

Finally we heard our coaches announce that we had ten minutes to get our stuff together , the game would begin as soon as we were on the court. The home team had been given the boy’s locker room to change in and we the home team were to have use of the girl’s locker room. I kissed Susan one last time telling her to go get a good seat so she could watch all the expert moves of her beau, and left to change. It was very easy to find her in the crowd wearing that red dress of hers, of course it helped that she was waving enthusiastically, sitting not to far up from the floor, in the end spot on the bench. Looking at her sitting in that position, I realized that ever time I would walk of the court to the players bench I would be able to look up her long legs and almost into her private area, if she opened her legs at all I would be able to see her clean shaven pussy with out any trouble at all. Then I thought she must have remembered me asking her to spread her legs each time I scored, that was certainly going to be an incentive for this game.

The game while a very tight one, went very well, even if the scoring had the visiting team ahead .We would catch up, the take the lead for a bit when they would come back with a few good baskets. Both teams were very even as to playing and players capacities, neither they nor us really had an edge. We relaxed at half time, our coach boosting our spirits, telling us how proud he was of our playing skills, all the old corny stuff that is supposed to be said, then we were back on the court. My Susan , I found back in her seat waving and blowing me kisses which certainly was helping to encourage me on. I had scored several baskets in the first half, looking up at her to see her with her legs spread wide, however I was never close enough to her side of the court to see very much. The thought was there however, as I knew what she was showing, what she was offering.

I was on the bench when I felt a hand on my shoulder, Susan had snuck down and was standing behind me. She did not say anything, it was not necessary, just the sensation of having her hand on my shoulder said it all. Our coach saw her and told her to move off, not too politely either, I was a bit embarrassed by his shouting, but then I guess Susan should not have been that close . The third quarter was just about to end, we were 4 points ahead, not very much let me tell you, I was thinking that it was going be very very rough playing for the next 20 minutes, when suddenly I heard a roar of joy come up from the crowd.

I looked around to see if I could figure out what was going on when I saw a streaker running across the court, a young blonde haired female running not so quickly that you missed seeing her. Seeing her tits swinging from side to side, seeing her bare buns flexing as she peddled across the floor, over to the opposing teams bench where she sort of hesitated for a moment allowing the school authorities to almost catch up with her, then she bolted towards the exit and disappeared. Immediately following her exit, I turned to were Susan had been standing only to see her red dress lying on the ground. Exhilarated that my girl would attempt such a deed, I got back into the game intent on winning, I needed to win, to be able to celebrate, to celebrate our time together, our last day together, I wanted to be in good spirits as I spent my last moment with Susan.

Win we did, by 6 points on top of things, I was jubilant , my team mates were jubilant, the school was done proud, and I hoped I had made Susan happy. With all the jumping around once the last buzzer sounded ending the game, the commotion of the after game niceties, I was able to pick up the red dress unnoticed . Knowing Susan was naked, I figured that she was hiding some where waiting for me to rescue her, I thought maybe she had returned to the cloak room as it was an out of the way spot. I did however take a moment to scan the stands, more just looking at our supporters than anything else, when I noticed a figure on the top row of the bleachers wearing a rain coat. Our eyes met and Susan waved ,supporting a huge grin on her face, making sign that she would wait there for me to change, but to leave her little dress in the gym where she could get it back.

I wasted no time fooling around in the locker I showered, added deodorant ,rinsed my mouth, sprayed a bit of cologne over my body and headed back to the gym as fast as I could. Susan was sitting on the lower bleacher, waiting patiently, her rain coat undone, showing just a trace of her little red dress. If you had not known she was the streaker, you would not be able to determine much for what she was showing. I took hold of her , embracing her with all the passion I could, pressing my lips to hers as forcefully and as gently as I could. “ Susan I am so glad, you were able to stay , I am so pleased with the way you tried to please me . I am flabbergast by your decision to streak across the court, that was out-of-sight, perhaps the best part of the game. Your action will certainly be remembered for a long time, even if not everyone knew it was you.” I said as I broke the kiss, yet holding her still so tightly.

“ Susan as we won the game, we are going to celebrate” I told her “ but not here with the rest of the school, Rudy’s place is not far from here so it was decided that we would head over there unless you don’t want too” hoping that she would agree as it was still raining drizzle out I had no idea of where else to take her.

“ Oh Jerome, as long as I am with you I don’t care where we go” Susan replied to my delight. Knowing that the others would either not be far behind us or not far ahead of us we gathered up Susan’s things, making certain everything from her locker was securely placed in her beach bag, then took off in the direction of Rudy’s hand in hand.

Rudy’s parents were never there and this time was no different we had the place to ourselves, Darryl, Benjamin, Jerica. and Kali and of course Rudy had already arrived. Apparently Washington was to attend as he had boasted that he would be accompanied by two lovely ladies. It was always interesting attending events at Rudy’s because you never knew what was going to happen . When Susan and I arrived you could already see that several bottles of beer had been emptied and we were each offered one before we even had time to take our coats off. Susan declined saying she did not like beer, so the girls told her it could be cut with ginger ale to make it taste a long better, if she changed her mind.

We settled on the couch, cuddling, kissing , touching, enveloping ourselves in our own little world, while the chit-chat of the others filled the background. I had managed to get several buttons on Susan dress open and I was fondling her bare tits, slowly carefully, enjoying the sensations they provided as they swelled in the palm of my hand.
It was not long before I had Susan swooning “ Oh Jerome, ” she was cooing “ Oh that feels so good, your touch is so soft, so warm, Oh Jerome, don’t stop please don’t stop”

Finally Washington showed, with two very lovely black girls in tow, I can’t however remember their names , bringing our little party to ten in number, Rudy had now a full house. A variety of compliments appeared on the kitchen counter, since we had already gotten up to meet the new arrivals we decided to partake of the offering. I watched as the girls gave the once over to Susan, not paying much attention to her but snickering amongst themselves. I had not given a thought to the fact that to them Susan was just some white hussy, not much more than a piece of meat, I mean I was not there for social pleasantries of fitting in. I had come as myself, to be with my team mates, as we had won the game, we were celebrating rather than trying to drown the sorrows of a loss.

Susan in fact would no longer be part of my life after tonight , she was moving to the east coast, there was very little chance that we would every see one another again. Tonight was the last night that I hoped I was going to be able fuck her to satisfy my desire. What the other girls thought of the situation I gave two hoots. I had however decided that I might be able to get Susan to put a good show that would remain a wonderful long time memory. As I directed Susan back to the couch, Rudy had started playing his record collection, every one was sort of moving to the music, not quite dancing, or dancing together, but moving to the music, so I began to rock a bit with Susan.

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- Hey Aruna! These are fantastic! It's so funny beacuse I just updated our blog with an e-session we did at Mill Race and then I hit my google reader and the first thing that pops up is your post! Andy and I were in that church and remarked that it would make a fantastic wedding venue. Lucky you! These are gorgeous, you did a wonderful job!

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