Thursday morning’s ride had me full of anticipation as well as anxiety, I was concerned that Susan would not be able to get permission to stay late Friday, I was anxious thinking what we might be able to accomplish during out study period. I was anxious because I was loosing the companionship of my little white girl, the one that I had not been interested in at the beginning. All these thoughts were running around in my mind as I stood hanging on to the support bar of the bus.

“ Jer…ome !! Hell…O Jerome!!! ” I heard , as I felt something tapping at my ribs
“ Hey big guy where are you ? ” . Recognizing Susan’s sensual voice I looked down to she her standing beside me offering up her luscious lips seeking her morning kiss. “ You weren’t expecting me this morning!!! ” she said as she broke our kiss. “ Oh Susan, I’m sorry, I was so deep in my thoughts, thinking about you , thinking about us, that I guess I got carried away . I’m sorry, you know that I always expect you ” . Thinking now it would be a good time to enhance any opportunities that might arise “ In fact my mornings would be very disappointing if I did not expect you, they are going to be very different after tomorrow ’

“ I’m glad you will miss me Jerome ” Susan said in a now quivering voice . “ No one has ever missed me when we moved away you will be the first ”

“ No Susan, this time you will be missed, not only by me but also by Jane and probably just a little by Richard as they are your friends ” I went on to say. There was silence for a few minutes the only noise was that of the routine sounds in the bus’s interior, ones that we have become used to hearing. “ Jerome, I did some think naughty this morning ” Susan continuing with her conversation leaving the statement hang.

“ What could you do that was naughty ” I asked after I realized she had left me that opportunity. “ Well you know we are packing to move right, well my parents were up real late last night fixing things up ” she continued now taking quick gasp of air . “ They slept in this morning, leaving me all alone to fix my breakfast and get ready for school ”
Now I could feel her rubbing her body harder against mine “ You know that I usually leave dressed properly , changing at the corner store, so as usual I left the house with the intention of following my ritual ” holding me even tighter, I figured that she did some thing real naughty and was now getting herself off by relating the story to me.

“ Part way down the street I thought to myself was there an opportunity to get a bigger charge out of things , given the fact that my parents were not up” gulping larger quantities of air. “ I turned around and returned home, to check, seeing that my parents were still sleeping soundly I went back to my room ” Susan said in a more excited voice.

“ Jerome, I so nervous I was shaking like a leaf so much so that I had to lean against my closed door ” saying no more for at least three minutes. Finally I broke the silence
“ Susan if you are going to tell me what happened be fore we arrive at school you had better get on with it ”.

“Jerome, I waited listening to hear if I could detect any movement on my parents part . When I was certain they were still in bed, I undressed myself completely, I took all my clothes off and stood there my heart beating so very fast ” said Susan as I felt her shuddering against me.

“ What was so naughty about that< I inquired > I mean you are often bare naked in your bedroom aren’t you ! ”

“ Oh !! yes Jerome, but that is not it ” Susan said hitting my chest lightly with her little fist . “ I put my socks and shoes back on then I got my skirt back up in place, I adjusted the skirt , rolling it right up like it is now when I wear it for you, almost not covering any of me ” increasing if that was possible the intensity in which she was spilling this all out.
“ Then I walked out of my room carrying my school blazer , I left my blouse and bra in my bedroom and walked carefully trying not to make too much noise, down the stairs, through the living room . I opened the front door moved out on to the porch, then walked to the end of the front path ” at this Susan stopped for a moment again taking deep breaths
“ Then I got scared, I wanted to walk to the bus dressed just like that, I could feel my juices churning, ready to run down my legs, Jerome I really wanted to try it on my own, you know rather than having you or Jane make me ” and then continued “ I covered myself with my blazer, but I did not button it, nor did I try to hold it closed by the time I got her and onto the bus I got real horny ” finishing her story just as the bus rolled to our stop.

Getting us off the bus, I let my hand slip up under skirt, letting my finger rub through her slit accumulating a good coating of her sweet juice, which I immediately brought to my mouth. “ Susan you know that I cannot miss the last practice, especially with the game being tomorrow night, so I cannot walk you home ” I paused to lick my finger once more letting Susan see just how much I was relishing her taste “ Since you do not know if you are getting permission to stay late tomorrow, the really only time we are going to have together will be at this afternoon’s study session ” providing Susan with something to think about, I kissed her, tapped her bare bottom and sent her off to class, trusting she would at least put her uniform blouse back on.

The day went very slowly, in fact time seemed to just creep by, all I could think of was Susan thinking about her situation, would she be thinking about offering herself to me one last time. I wondered just how horny her little morning adventure had made her, I tried to visualize her this morning, walking out the house dressed normal, then walking back a bit nervous, checking out the situation of her parents. Having seen the out lay of her place, I could imagine her carefully creeping up to her bedroom, taking her clothes off and standing there contemplating her next move.

Susan might have sat on her bed as she put her socks and shoes back on, or maybe she just bent where she was, sticking her little white bum up in the air as she attached the fixtures on her shoes, perhaps she was wiggling her bum to some tune that was running in her head. As this vision danced though my mind, I began to fantasize about her father getting up thinking the whole family had overslept and rushing into Susan’s room to wake her. When he opened the door all he sees in his little girl, bent at the hips wiggling her bum. He would speak out in total surprise asking her what she was doing, why was she putting he shoes on, before anything else. Then he asked why had she not put her under garments on first, before her shoes all the time staring at his beautiful naked daughter. Looking around he would only see a brassiere, so he would ask her where her panties were, as he advanced closer to her. Her got a whiff of her aroused body odor which did nothing but spark his libido, he would reach out to touch his daughter, to feel her warm soft skin having his cock react in a nature way. Then the bell rang startling me out of this day dream .

My cock was now more than semi hard, and I still had a few classes to deal with before our discussion period , thinking , hoping that Susan might be looking for a special treat, one last treat before she moved out of my life. It was much easier to day dream however as I had a few Mickey mouse courses, and my mind was indeed wandering. I wondered if Susan had put her blouse on or had decided to stay the way she was , naked under her blazer and skirt. I began to image her sitting in the from row of Mr. Smith’s class, her bare bottom on the wooden seat, her skirt rolled up to her waist, her legs stretched wide , out under the desk.

She would be running her finger up and down the edge of her blazer, moving it slowly, wider and wider, until she was exposing the curves of her breasts. She would be watching Mr. Smith’s reaction, seeing just how much havoc she could cause. Easing the blazer wider, until her would be able to see the deep pink color of her areolae. Suddenly Susan would drop a pencil and move to pick it up bending forward, letting her blazer open wide, exposing her tits, as the hung forward where she bent causing Mr. Smith to groan. The bell would ring and she would gather her affairs, smiling at Mr. Smith as she left the class, moving on to her next victim old Mr. Borrows.

Again I was roused from this train of thought by the bell, I had only one class left before I could be reunited with Susan, my cock was taking on a life of its own. The confined quarters of my jockey shorts had me constantly playing with myself in order to reposition my growing cock. Let me tell you I wasted no time getting to the study hall, hoping Susan would be waiting for me. Unfortunately I found only Jane and Richard waiting, so I went in to exchange greetings. By the time we had finished we sensed Susan’s presence in the room, she came in , turning to close the door, which we heard her lock. She however remained with her back to us for several minutes causing us to call out in unison “ We are very pleased to see you Susan” .

Susan turned slowly to face us at the same time straightening her shoulders, an act that allowed her blazer to slip for her body, baring her torso. We watched as she sucked in her tummy, effectively pushing her firm young tits outwards , and allowing her skirt to slip off her waits and down to the floor to join her blazer. It was a completely naked Susan who walked over to Jane and embraced her passionately. I know I watched with intrigue as Susan held Jane, whispering in her ear, then saw Jane’s eyes open wide. Susan whispered again, and Jane nodded her head.

I thought perhaps Susan was then going to come and kiss me, but I was very mistaken, for she began undressing Jane, taking her blazer off , folding it carefully and placing it on a chair. Susan returned , bending to Jane relieve Jane of her socks and shoes. Moving back and forth from Jane to the chair Susan took off one piece of clothing at a time, bringing Jane to a state of mutual nakedness. Finally removing Jane’s panties, Susan started to make love to Jane’s body from the top of her temples to the tops of her feet Richard and I were provided with the most sensuous sexual expos?hat I had ever seen.

Once Susan had placed her head between Jane’s legs , Jane was vibrating, her hardened nipples poking out defiantly from her perky tits, her body struggling with emotion. Susan grabbed on to her Jane’s ass, pushing her mouth, and no doubt her tongue into the center of Jane’s universe. Suddenly Jane yelled out “ Oh Christ, Oh ! Ah! , Jesus ! , I’m cumming” as she placed her hands on the back of Susan’s head and rock her hips forwarded. Having done what she set out to accomplish Susan removed herself from Jane and came to me , placing her wet moist lips on mine, pushing her tongue into my mouth. In doing so Susan provided me with the taste of Jane’s juices, they were not as sweet as Susan’s was, there was a sharp almost tangy flavour to Jane, not unpleasant in itself, but not quite like Susan.

Satisfied that I had licked all of Jane from her mouth, Susan them walked over to the study table and climbed onto it. She laid her body prone, grabbed her legs under her knees and pulled them as far as she could towards her head, opening her sex, her ass , her body for us all to see. It was easy to tell that she was excited, there was so much creamy white liquid resting in her slit you would think it was she who had cum , not Jane. “Jerome ” she called out “ Come and stick your hard rod up my hole, I want you to fuck me in front of our friends, I want our friends to see how happy you make me, I want to share my happiness with our friends”

I was certainly ready to handle this task, I had been stoking myself since Susan took the first item of clothing off Jane. I moved over placing myself, for my onslaught. I eased my cock on to her slick slit , rubbing it back and forth, coating it with as much of her liquid as I could. Then I eased the head of my big black cock in between her outer labia, teasing her by rubbing it up and down her opening, once Susan began to buck a bit, trying to envelope it with her pussy lip, I forced it in , in once violent shove, drawing a loud cry from Susan herself. When I bottomed out, I began to work my meat like the piston it was, there was a time constraint, I needed to get my rocks off before the bell cut us short. I placed my hands on the under portion of Susan’s thighs, squeezing my fingers in to her soft flesh, pushing her legs high, and wider as I pumped my black rod into the pink hole.

Richard’s moaning and groaning caught my attention for a moment, and I looked away from my baby, to see Jane on her knees before him, sucking his little white rod. Jane had managed to drop both his shorts and slacks, she was holding on to his tight buns while she bobbed her mouth along his cock, providing him no doubt with the nicest of sensations. I was getting closer, the sound emanating from Susan allowed me to believe she was nearing her peak also, so I eased one hand down under my cock and placed the tip of my finger at the entrance to her anus. I increased the tempo of my pounding, now I was providing quick short jabs , I could feel Susan’s vaginal muscles desperately trying match my movement , oodles of juice was leaking out the sides. The slouching sounds of sex filled the room, we were on our way.

I could feel my own spunk rise, it flowed forward engorging my cock, swelling it to it full blown size, I would not be long in cumming. My breathing was ragged, Susan’s breathing was rapid, she was huffing and puffing, try hard to take in enough air to keep her going. Then I knew it was time, I felt the tingling arrived at the head of my cock. Just as I exploded, shooting my hot spunk into Susan’s womb, I pushed my finger up her ass in one swift movement. That did it for Susan she let out a blood curdling howl and both her lower orifices were filled simultaneously. “ Oh Jesus Jerome what are you doing, Oh gawd Jerome I feel so full” Susan continued to yell as I worked both of her holes.

I had no intention of uncoupling until my cock was soft and or limp so I continued to pump into Susan’s cunt, while I frigged her back chute with my finger. Susan could not stop bouncing around, she was pushing her body up, forcing my cock deeper into her hole, then she would buck bad down onto the table, forcing my finger further up her shit chute finally coming to the point where she was calling out “ Jerome ,stop, I can’t take any more, Please Jerome, Oh Jerome, Ah, Oh gawd , please stop, please I can’t”
Only then did I slip my finger from her anus, I stretched my arm between her legs placing my finger at her lips “ Susan suck, clean my finger” I ordered, giving her a slight tap on her bottom.

While she completed this task she still managed to wiggle her bottom, using her vaginal muscles, to squeeze my softening member. Susan was mumbling her “ Ohs! and Ahs! ” as she continued to suck on my finger. She was certainly expiring mini orgasms , there was no other explanation. We had been at this a good half hour if not more, our time had run out.

If this was to be my last time fucking Susan I had enjoyed it immensely, I trusted she had
experienced similar feelings . We would see each other tomorrow, but that would only be for the ride to school, unless by some lucky chance Susan got permission to stay for the Friday game. We held each other tightly, my hands roaming all over her naked body, in an attempt to memorize her physical attributes. When the bell rang, reluctantly Susan covered her luscious young body kissing me adieu and running off to her last classes.

At first I had a devil of a time getting into my game, my teammates wanted to know if I was sick , they told me I had better snap out of it if I was to help with Friday’s game, then realizing that neither I nor Susan knew what the final out come might be, I decided that it would be best to concentrate on the practice at hand, we had to beat the other team, our school reputation was on the line.

Friday morning was the pits, it was pouring rain, cats and dogs stuff, we had not seen a down pour like this in a long time. While I had rain gear, I was dripping wet like every other passenger, most of us none too happy with the day’s beginning. I was fortunate enough knowing that at least Susan would be getting on with me. I hoped she had good news, but even if she did not well we could at least hold one another for good times sake.
At her stop several people got on and off, so I did not notice her right away, every one was in rain gear. As she cleared several bodies however, she pushed the hood of her coat back uncovering that beautiful head of shiny blonde hair. It was almost as though she had brought the sun in to the bus, every thing just lit up, including my spirits. After all with Susan grinning her wonderful smile it was hard to keep a straight face. I wet my lips in anticipation of her wonderful morning kiss, the last morning kiss I would receive from her. She did not fail me she kissed me passionately and though we had not seen one another in a while.

Regaining her decorum she spoke up “ Jerome I was naughty again this morning, if fact even naughtier than yesterday” peaking my interest immediately

“How could that be ” I asked “ unless you continued your walk like you had intended, but it is raining out and you are covered”

I was unaware that Susan had undone the fastenings of her coat while she had been kissing me, so when she took my hand and slipped in between the folds and placed on her bare shoulder I was a bit surprised, she was not wearing her blazer. Susan then controlled the movement of my hand rubbing it over her bare chest, her now heaving chest . She moved in over the taught little nipples, and down on to her tummy. I could hear her taking a deep breath and felt her body tighten as she moved my hand lower down past her tummy, over her mound and pushed into the wetness between her legs, Susan was not wearing her skirt, she was bare naked under her rain coat.

While she continued to work my hand in her little box, she began talking “ Jerome , I was very lucky this morning just like yesterday, my parents we too tired to have gotten up early” pausing for a moment “ So I thought I could try for a repeat of yesterday morning as I had gotten a real thrill then”

“ This time however, I knew that with the rain I would not be able to walk outside, I would have to wear a rain coat. That was when I got a great idea”

Susan was now becoming excited with her story telling, I could feel her wetness all most dripping “ I went back to my room, but instead of taking my clothes off, I picked up this big beach bag and retuned to the kitchen” I could feel her gripping into to my side, but could not tell if it was a result of her working her sex, or if she was having trouble with the story. “ Jerome, uh Jerome, Oh Jer…o… me!” squeaked out of her causing her to stop talking and let a shudder pass though her body.

“Jerome, in the kitchen I began to undress, slowly I was so nervous, I kept hoping that my parents would not wake up, then the thought passed, what if my father was watching, that made me even more excited” Susan had managed to fix the position of the hand she was holding so that she could direct my finger part way up her tunnel her body jerking just a little as it slipped in “ Oh! Je… ! , with that thought in mind, I tried to be as sexy as I could taking my clothes off, pretending I was stripping for my father, I took my time unbuttoning my blouse carefully, folding it placing it in the sac, then I took my shoes and socks off,. I did several pirouettes there in the kitchen in my bra and skirt, turning my back to where I assumed my father might be hiding trying to watch me without being seen . I undid my bra then twirled around holding it up over my tits. I moved it slowly , teasingly exposing one tit at a time finally letting it drop to the floor. I had to bend to pick it up and shove it in the bag.”

Susan was now forcing my finger into her pussy hard, she was pumping it with concentrated control as she tried to continue with her story “ Seductively I unzipped my skirt, again turning away, I let it slip over my bottom then I bent forward, letting it fall to the floor, I moved my legs apart as wide as I could bending even more, then I did a nasty thing I reached up, Oh Je… !! ” she cried out not quite finishing her sentence
“ Oh! Jerome, I reached back and pulled my bottom cheeks apart exposing every thing I had to my pretend voyeur. I stepped out of my skirt then turned to show my pretend voyeur my cleanly shave puss, with it’s now swollen pink lips, then I pulled myself open uncovering my delicate private parts . Jerome I was so excited at that moment that I squirted my juices all over the floor ” squeezing my hand between her legs Susan released her juices then and there.

This event silenced Susan, she was holding me tightly, my hand firmly fixed between her legs, my finger still up her little tunnel I could fell the vibrations of her body as she experienced her orgasm. The bus was moving slower given the weather, the traffic heavier no doubt, but that was alright with me, I was contented to have this almost naked girl holding me shuddering through her orgasm while we stood amongst our fellow passengers, I was in no rush to get to school.

In an almost whispered voice “ Jerome I had never ever cum like that, I had never squirted, there I was standing naked in the kitchen cumming hard, because I was thinking about my father watching me Oh Jerome I am nasty aren’t I ???”

Susan began once more “Realizing that I had to get going, I put my skirt and shoes in the bag, taking my time replacing my socks one at a time , I slipped my rain boots on grabbed my rain coat and walked out on to the front porch. ” letting the muscles of her thighs relax I noted that she did not remove my finger, so I continued to wiggle it in her warm wet cunt.

“Jerome, it was really raining out, you could not see clearly , but I noticed the kitchen light was on across the road, I did not know if it was Mr. or Mrs. Houver who was moving around , but I could see some one. ” pausing again trying to control the speed at which she was spitting out the words.

“Jerome I stood there looking across the street, trying to tell just how clearly I could see, trying to determine how much they could see, how much of me they might be able to see, then I walked back into the house, not even thinking to check to see if my parents had gotten up, I turned the front porch lights on, and walked back out. I took my time putting my rain coat over my body, exaggerating my movements just incase old Mr. Houver was indeed in his kitchen and might be looking out. Aren’t I nasty Jerome ” Susan finally finishing her story “ Then I walked to the bus to meet you ”

Actually it turned out to be a very nice ride to school, Susan’s story telling was just what was needed to change the mood of things, brightening the out look for the rest of the day.
As the bus arrived at our destination, I regrettably removed my finger from Susan’s warm cunt, bringing it to my mouth and licking her juices, while we made our way out the door. Being the gentleman that I was I exited first, turning to help Susan off the last step , she had not bothered to do up her rain coat so I was treated to the lovely view of her naked body, flushed from her recent orgasm, a delicious sight so early in the morning.

Just as we were to break for our classes, Susan stopped me ,closing her nakedness into my body she offered up her glossy lips seeking a kiss, then said “ Oh Jerome, I was so busy talking about me , I forgot to tell you , my parents gave me permission to stay for the basketball game, they told me that I could attend any celebration if there was one. My father told me that if you could not get me home safely, to call him no matter how late it was and he would come and get me.” then she took of running to get ready for her first class, leaving me standing there with an expression of wonderment on my face.

The day passed quickly, even if it was dull, the heavy rain had stopped, but there was still a drizzle falling. Between, knowing that Susan would be able to attend the game, perhaps the small celebration party that had been planed at Rudy’s place and the fact that this was a basketball game our school had to win . I hardly heard or retained anything that was taught. I rushed to my locker, expecting Susan to be there, honestly wanting her to be waiting for me. From down the hall I could tell there was someone in the vicinity of my locker, but who ever it was , was wearing a bright red outfit , I was a bit disappointed, but figured that Susan was just a bit late.
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