Monday morning found me anxious to see my girl getting on the bus for the ride to school. I was not disappointed as Susan weaved herself through the other passengers, it was very easy to tell she was not wearing any thing under her blazer, as it was not buttoned, each time she squeezed past someone the blazer would open exposing her nakedness to any one looking. I sensed there was something wrong when she kissed me almost as thought she was trembling. At the moment I thought perhaps she had had second thoughts about what had happened at the dance “ Jerome I have some terrible news” Susan started . Immediately I had a million “Oh shits” run though my mine, from “ Oh shit she is pregnant ” to “ Oh shit someone squealed on the dance activity ” and “ Oh shit she’s had enough and wants to break things off. ”

“My father has received his marching orders, we are being transferred , I have to ” and with that she broke into tears sobbing into my chest “ I have to move, I have to leave, I have to leave you ” she continued to sob out “ Jerome I don’t want to leave you, I don’t want to leave you”

“Oh Jerome it is just so unfair” I heard her say “ Just when every thing was going so well, it is so unfair”

I countered “ I am so sorry Susan, sorry for you , sorry for us, yes it seems very unfair”
Trying my best to consol this lovely young girl , who had been made a woman Saturday night. Thinking to myself, well I guess all good things come to an end, I had had a good run at it and she had not moved yet. I did not attempt to put any moves on her that morning, nor did I broach the subject of her Saturday night experience, I did not think it was the right time given the situation, I would be patient and see what might develop.

Arriving at school Jane met us she realized that Susan had told me what she had found out Sunday when she dropped Susan back home. She expressed her regrets telling us both that we had to think of the good times we had had and to make the memories last. Jane took Susan by the arm , blowing me a kiss and directed her to their classes.

Our lunch period was scheduled at the same time on Monday, when I arrived at the cafeteria, Jane, Richard and Susan were already seated way off almost at the exit door, well back from the crowd for sure, that I almost missed seeing them. As I arrived at the table Susan stood up , grabbing onto me hugging me like we had be separated for weeks. She raised her head offering me her soft lips to kiss at the same time taking my hands and placing them under her blazer, setting them on her soft warm naked tits, Susan was not wearing the regulation blouse, nor was she supporting a bra catching me by total surprise. Not being one to avoid difficult situations, I continued to fondle her tits while saying “ Susan how did you get away with being dressed, I mean undressed like that ”

“ Jerome, I was unable to tell you all of it this morning, I was crying too much” Susan began ” The army has ordered my father to a station back east, he has to be there next Monday morning” she said taking a short breath, “ that means we have to be packed by the end of this week as we will be leaving Saturday some time”

“ I don’t care if they catch me out of uniform, they can’t do much of anything, I won’t be here next week, I’m going to do what I please, when I please where I please , to hell with them all ” Susan spit out in a defiant voice “ Jerome if was sure that you would not get in trouble I would ask you to fuck me again right here and now,” grabbing my hand slipping it between her legs and up on to her wet box she continued “ right here on this table in front of our friends, Jerome , without one regret”

I pulled her tightly into my body “ There there my little one, let it all out, let the anger fly, say what you will, there is no harm doing so” said I as slipped my arm up under her bare back and patted her gently. “ While I don’t think I could fuck you here and now perhaps we can find some time this week that would allow me to make love to you before you leave” trying hard to visualize my schedule as we had an important basketball game coming up on Friday. It was a semi finale game and our team was favored to win.

“Ok,” said Susan, “‘ if I can’t fuck you here during lunch, I want to sit on your lap and rub my bare pussy on your bare cock, will you allow me that concession” . Thinking of the possibilities of getting caught in the cafeteria, my mind was racing for some thing to say . Then I heard Richard ‘s voice “Jerome go for it, Jane and I will do any blocking that is necessary, first of all its old lady Peat, who is on monitor duty today, she can’t see much of anything with those thick glasses of hers and she usually just sits near the front door, not really bothering any one.” With that said Susan pulled at my hands directing me to the far side of the table, allowing Jane and Richard to place themselves opposite us, actually blocking things fairly well. Susan pushed me down on the chair, unzipped my pants and fished out my rod, which had reacted favourably to all this discussion. Once she had placed it in the position she wanted she straddle my legs, pulling her skirt up to her waist clearing all obstacles between her bare pussy and my bare cock.

Having formulated the situation the way I thought it was going to transpire, after all Susan had said she was just going to rub one against the other, I was very surprised to find her wiggling her hips in such a manner that she managed to slip my semi hard cock up into her wet love tunnel. Once she had taken all that she could given the position were sitting in she pushed her blazer off her shoulders letting it fall to the floor. Susan then reached up placing her hands around my neck lent back and proceeded to fuck me.
I looked into her eyes , seeing a wildness that had not been there before “ Now Jerome is this not the best lunch you have ever had ” Susan said smiling at me as she pumped her hips quickly and forcefully allowing her cunt muscles to work wonders on my now fully blown cock. I watched as Susan closed her eyes and went to town, I looked over to Jane then to Richard who were both smiling with delight, I looked out into the cafeteria concerned that other would be watching us, but that was not so. There was nothing indeed stopping us from getting it on right then and there so I began to fuck Susan back. I humped my arse hard, pushing my cock into her welcoming cunt, pushing as far in as I could, building momentum, seeking to fulfill a desire in both Susan and myself.

It was Susan who first felt the release coming, she opened her eyes staring into mind, a large smile breaking at her mouth “ Jeee .. roo , cum with me, please cum with me , Jee…. Roo… me I need you now , shoot your hot spunk into me, make me yours, uh uh uh Jeeeee…” she said as she panted in short gasps releasing her hot liquid all over my throbbing cock. That did it for me, I jerked twice extracting sharp little cries from Susan then exploded my spunk into the depths of her tight tunnel. Susan then collapsed her body into my chest and held tightly to me as spasm after spasm rocked her body. We sat in that position until the first warning bell was heard, only then did we begin to move. Jane handed Susan several paper towels with she placed carefully at the opening of her cunt as she pulled off my cock. It would take a bit of time before her lips regain their former tightness, my cock had spread them wide. Susan once she was certain she had managed to stop the leakage for her cunt, knelt and used her tongue to clean my rapidly softening cock “ I did not get to do this last time Jerome and I should have, I hope you did not mind” she said as she slipped my manhood back under its cover.

Both Jane and Richard congratulated us for a well done job, telling us that they were very pleased we had chosen them as friends and had allowed them to partake in so many of our events. I told Susan what a wonderful girl she was, how much I have enjoyed being with her these past few months as I helped her on with her blazer. “ I am indeed sorry Susan that I can not ride home with you tonight, I am sorry you cannot stay for the practice given the circumstances” I offered . “ I think we might be able to fix something up on Wednesday however , but I will not be able to tell you until tomorrow morning.” then I continued “ Perhaps you should not be so angry, and maybe get back into your blouse at least so that nothing bad happens between now and Friday”

Susan seemed to agree not to take too many more risks , telling me that perhaps I was right she allowed me one of her passionate kiss and took off for her next class. Susan was in a much better mood the next day, as she was Wednesday morning, telling me once she had released me from her morning kiss, that she was looking forward to our ride home that evening. “ I want just to hold on to you, this morning, to feel the rhythm of your heart , if that is ok with you Jerome ” Susan asked “ will make it up to you to night I promise ” she continued, as she pulled me tight against her soft sweet smelling body.

Good to her word Susan was waiting for me , leaning back up against the locker, her school blazer hanging loosely down her side, she had become accustom to allowing those who wanted to gawk do so ,with out the original humiliation of the first few occasions. I mean not that there was a lot to see, but you could tell she was not wearing a brassiere nor her blouse, I began to wonder if in these last days of her presence at our school if I would not be able to get her to walk the halls completely naked as she had first suggested when we first began going together. Susan was perhaps reading my mind as I arrived beside her I could see that she was looking up and down both ends of the hall. Susan was smiling, her face was all lit up bright and busy, as though she was planning a dirty trick or some thing like that. She did not grab on to me immediately, but offered me her lips seeking a kiss, which I afforded her with pleasure.

Being this close to her I had not noticed anything out of the ordinary except for her smile and the fact that she had not grabbed hold of me as was her normal ploy. Breaking the kiss Susan began “ Jerome, do you remember around the first time of our meeting , we almost had an argument concerning the conditions I might have to meet before you would consider me your girl ” turning her head from left to right and back again almost as though she way waiting for someone to arrive “ I was a bit sarcastic with my reply, but then I was concerned that you were not taking me seriously ” Susan continued.

“ Well I have to say that then I did not quiet understand, I had thought I had done what was required of me in order to please you ” taking time to gather her breath, Susan went on , but not before she looked around the school corridor once again “ I want you to know that I now realize that if I had not acted in that manner I would have not doubt enjoyed things much sooner ” . With that said I felt Susan move away from me, pushing her hand into my stomach to open the space between us . I watched her shrug her shoulders, then stand straight moving her arms behind her . To my entire surprise , delight I must add, Susan’s blazer slipped right off falling to the floor , before I could react Susan flexed her stomach muscles, sucked in her waist and wiggled her bottom.

This caused her skirt to slip from her body , down her legs and settle at the bottom of her feet beside her blazer. Susan stood there in the school corridor in the buff, bare ass naked, with only my body providing a bit of cover from being entirely exposed, to anyone walking the hall. She reached her arms up around my neck, “Jerome hold me tight let your hands roam over my body, let them make love to my nakedness, to my complete submission to you, Please now while we stand here in the corridor ” Susan then attached her mouth to mine, slipping her tongue between my lips seeking to connect with my own.

Now even I had lost all reason, I left caution to the wind, I pulled my naked girl into my body and did as she asked I let my large black hands roam all over her lily white skin.
Squeezing, molding, rubbing I let them roam from as far down as I could reach in back to as best I could in front with out separating us. I listened to Susan’s moans which increased in intensity as I fondled her fine white body. I continued until I felt her shudder against me and groan into to my mouth with words that I could not understand and go limp in my arms. I do not think we were there standing like that for a long period of time, but it was certainly a good fifteen minutes since Susan had dropped her clothes on the floor of the corridor.

Realizing that Susan was making sounds similar to those when she had an orgasm, I brought myself back to the present, taking measure of the situation we were in and figured we had better get out of there as quickly as possible. Looking around quickly, seeing no one present in our part of the hall, I picked her clothes up , grabbed her hand , pulled her to the end of the corridor and out on to the pathway that led to our bus stop.

I stopped beside a small area of greenery that supported several trees placing ourselves more one less amid the foliage drawing Susan once again tightly against my body. I lowered my hands on to the soft cheeks of her bottom and lifted her off the ground, permitting her to grind her bare pussy onto the bulge that was more than evident of my cock. I let Susan ride herself out, humping and bucking her cunt onto my now hardening rod until she finally howled in satisfaction “ Oh gawd Jerome it’s so good just so good ” dropping her legs back on to solid ground.

Following a few minutes of silence, Susan spoke again “ Jerome if I had known, only if I had known that it could be so good ” trying hard to catch her breath “ I would have let you strip me naked the very first day and fuck me any where you wanted, any time you wanted, any way you wanted ”. Lifting her lips back up to mine kissing me with hot passion. I felt Susan lowering my zipper slipping her slender hand into my shorts finally grasping at my rod. “ Oh Jerome it is so wonderful, so hard , so big, I want to suck on it, Please Jerome can I suck on it ”.

“Susan you know how long it took to get me ready the night of the dance, do you really think we have the time her and now ? ” I answered thinking to myself, boy am I stupid refusing this, then I continued “ Perhaps if we were closer to your place, because if we miss the next bus we shall be real late getting you home ” I started out saying, then tried to clarify things “ Susan if get the bus now , you can start if you want and we can continue in the nearby park that is if you want ”.

“ Oh Jerome, I want, I want to please you yes let’s get on our way ” not even asking for her clothes Susan began to move way “ Whoa! Little girl you will need some covering to get on the bus unless we can make a deal with the driver ” I said in a half laughing manner.

“ Oh Jerome, ” Susan retorted “ Yes I guess I had better cover up a bit ”taking her skirt and blazer from where I had dropped them and began walking towards the bus stop. Susan got a few honks from passing cars as she sauntered along the path, her clothing draped over her shoulder. Once we saw the bus approaching she slipped her arms in to her blazer covering her upper torso but much to my appreciation, she only held her skirt up to cover the front of her lower body as she climbed aboard. Walking behind her you could readily see the bare curve of her bottom cheeks which I must say was quite a sight in itself as they wiggled to her walk.

Slipping in to a back seat Susan doffed her blazer, and waited naked for me to join her.
She lost no time fishing my manhood out into the open and placing the head in her mouth swirling her tongue around and around in an effort to swallow as much as she could..
I must admit it was not that Susan did not try , but she would have needed much more practice than she had to be able to take any more of me than she could. Several times she stopped as her gag reflex clicked, each time she moved off my cock , looking at me with her puppy eyes I would hear “ I’m sorry Jerome, I’m sorry I can’t please you like I should”

To which I told her “ Susan you are doing fine, just take your time, you will see everything will be al right” who was I to tell a naked girl that she was not pleasing me while she fondled and sucked on my cock while we were riding the public transit system. I was more than delighted that she continued to try and did not just give it up. No matter how unsuccessful Susan thought she was, she had indeed managed to get my cock stiff and stranding perpendicular, ready to go to work. I gently eased Susan up off my cock offering “ Susan you have done very well, look at how it has grown, look at how stiff it is, you should be pleased with yourself , if fact I would think you could certainly find a way to please to put it to use to please yourself ” . I did not want to tell her what to do I had hoped she might figure that out.. We still had a way to travel before our stop and I saw no reason that would prevent me from allowing Susan to climb aboard and do her thing.

I had hoped that she would be so bold to go right ahead, but she made no move at all, she simple kept stoking gently but firmly as though she was wanting more. I figured I had better speak up “ Susan you know since you have worked so long and hard to get me in this position you can take what every you want, I have no objection and we still have twenty or so minutes before we reach your stop.” Susan looked at me, then looked around the bus, “ You mean I can mount you her in the bus ” she said a delightful expression appearing on her face “ I do don’t see why not” I countered “ I don’t think any one is going to complain, if anything they will be awful jealous”

Susan moved to her knees immediately, she lifted herself over and straddled my lap, a comfortable position established, she reached down between us aligning the head of my cock with her slit and flexed her hips forward “ OoooH! ” she let out as I felt her take a good portion of my cock into her in one movement. She pulled of a bit, not allowing my rod to slip very far and pushed down one more “ OOOOh ! AAAAh! ” she cried again.

Susan then began to rock her body gently back and forth coating the length of my cock with her love juices, the more the juices flowed, the longer the length of cock coated, the more was taken into her little love tunnel. She continued on until she bottomed out, coming to the barrier that my lap had unfortunately created. Unless my sitting position changed Susan had to make do with the length that she had available to her and that was what she did. Susan rode my rod with enthusiasm , working her cunt with dexterity , her inner muscles doing their best to stoke my cock, keeping it hard as steel, as long as it would stretch. I tried to keep my mind busy else where, keeping my thought off the situation at hand, I watched the other passengers to see if any one cared enough to become a voyeur to our activity, but there were none. I looked at the highway scenery, I let my eyes wander up to read the ads strategically placed in the interior of the bus itself.

Susan was babbling continually, her “ Ohs and Ahs ” numerous, her “ Jeromes ” frequents, her “ Oh gawds!!” loud and clear. If I had dared to let these sensual grunts and groans get to me I would not have been able to hold my load, I would certainly have shot my hot spunk up into her welcoming cunt several times over. I had no intention of letting her get the better of me there during the bus ride, I wanted to savour things a bit differently.

Several minutes before our scheduled stop Susan’s dam broke, she had attained her orgasm, it hit her hard she began to cry out well almost screaming that I could think of nothing else to do but to fix my mouth over hers to stifle the noise. While this stopped the noise it prevented Susan from taking in the large amounts of oxygen she needed to
satisfy her needs, causing her to panic and push at me when to beat her fits on my shoulders. This provide a scenario that resembled a spectacle of a young white girl being raped buy a big black brute. Which in this case entirely false.

Fortunately I was able to calm Susan down enough to allow her to breathe, not make so much noise and to ride her orgasm to its finish, otherwise I would most likely be writing this story from a prison cell and not the cushy setting of this wonderful Alta-mater’s , well furnished library while I wait for my newest charge to arrive. As Susan sat astride my lap, my cock firmly stuck up her cunt, I reached for and managed to get her back into the her school blazer, allowing her to let the sensations run thought her system. The bus however began to slow to a halt at our stop, which caused for some quicker movement on my part. I lifted Susan from my lap , my cock slipping back out her hole drawing with it a good quantity of her juices, grabbed for the rest of our stuff and moved us down the steps then out the back door of the bus in record time I was sure.

We stood alone at the bus stop for a bit, well until I was sure Susan could navigate with a bit more control, then I guided us up the park path way to the same spot that Jane had taken us to several week before. Sitting us in a more comfortable position I took the time to slip my still long hard cock under the cover of my slacks and draped Susan’s skit over the lower portion of her body. “ Well that seemed to satisfy you ” I whispered softly in Susan’s closet ear . “ Are you contented now , should we wander on home or it there something else you would like” I questioned.

“ Oh Jerome ” Susan began “ That was just great, I could have kept going for a long time, it was just so wonderful” thinking now she was going to ask to be taken home I advanced nothing further. “ But ” she went on to say after a moment or so of silence “ I wanted you to fuck me, and all that happen is I fucked myself on your big wonderful black cock” letting things drop to a quiet silence once again.

“ Jerome, I want you to fuck me ” then she repeated “ Jerome I want you to fuck me hard and rough” perhaps letting her thoughts wander a bit “ Jerome I want you to fuck me here and now, I want to be well fucked before you take me home” Since my rod had not subsided too much, it quickly sprang to attention hearing these words of desire.

“ So be it my little girl, get yourself up and uncovered, in fact it would be a good idea if you grabbed on to the back of this bench and spread your legs” I commanded, standing myself and undoing my pants. If I was going to take this little think I need the freedom of movement, so I divested myself of my slacks and under shorts , leaving my tool wavering in the cool air.

I stepped behind Susan, taking a good swipe of what was still leaking from her pretty little cunt and greasing my pole . I took a few moments to stoke my own meat, to insure its firmness, then placed the head at the back entrance of her cunt and pushed allowing her to take a good length before it stopped. I eased back but not so far as to let the head pop out and shoved my cock right back in causing Susan to cry out, as though she felt pain. Several times I repeated this maneuver, then I reached forward, slipping one hand on to the front of her slit, seeking to connect with her clit and the other to pinch and pull at her nipples. She wanted me to fuck her, I was going to give her a going fucking no doubt about it.

It took a bit of doing, but when Susan yelled out “ Oh JE >>>RO>>ME !!! ”. I felt her tunnel open up allowing me to advance forward until my ball sac came to rest on her moist lips . I had bottomed out, Susan had taken the full length of my black rod up her little pink cunt. I wasted no time, I began to piston my rod , hard sharp jabs I pushed in and pulled back, never letting the tip of my cock slip from her channel. Each time I pulled back my cock brought back a good quantity of liquid, which then ran down her crack and dripped down onto the seat of the park bench. While it was not evident at a distance, you could hear the slouching noise as I push back into her.

It was my time to fulfill my desire, it was my time to get off, it was my time to cum I kept thinking as I pounded her cunt to a reddish swollen mess. Susan had cried out several times that she was cumming, followed by her yelling “ Fuck me , Jerome, Fuck me harder” When finally I felt my seed build, and surge forward, I had never felt such a sensation, as it moved from my scrotum up my valves, though my cock and burst out my piss hole shooting far into Susan’s tight cunt bringing a howling reaction from far in side her young body.

We remained coupled for a long time, my cock jerking inside her tunnel, pushing the last of my sperm out into her body while I continued to stroke her sex, and her tits. I doubt that we would have cared whether or not we had an audience, we were oblivious to our surroundings, the only thing that mattered was that we were coupled like two dogs in heat each enjoying the others responses as our bodies worked out the semantics.
I guess it was Susan who first moved to uncouple us, as when my cock slipped from her hole, while it was soft it was still long enough to have remained inside her for some time, before it shriveled to a size that it would have slipped out on its own.

Susan tuned and sat herself on the bench, reaching up she took my dong and began to lick it clean , her eyes focused up towards mine almost as though they were daring me to let my member return to it hardened form . Had it not been so late, I might have taken her up on that dare, but the better of things got to me “ Susan we had better get you home or you parents will be worried or maybe even angry with you” I said pulling her to a standing position and kissing her hard on the mouth. We still had to stop at the corner store so that she could get her blouse and brassiere, which provided me with another nasty little thought.

I led Susan in her all together, through the park, out on to the sidewalk and down to the corner store with out even a mumble of concern on her part. Once however she came back out of the alley with her blouse and bra , I took them from her and said “ Susan I want you to walk into the store as your are and go to the washroom like you usually do” seeing a very concerned look appear on her face I continued “ I will bring your clothes to you and then you can get dressed, that will even give you a few minutes to wipe some of our juices from between your legs.”

“ But Jerome” she started “ they know me very well, they know my parents”

“ So” I said “ You told me that you were moving to the east coast on Saturday or the latest Sunday “

“What gives “ I continued “ You lied to me !!! little white girl???”

“ No No no , I mean well , I guess, ” she stuttered “ if you put it that way , I guess it does not matter” and off she took pushing the door open and disappearing inside. I waited perhaps five minutes then followed asking the young male clerk behind the counter if he had seen a naked girl come into the shop. He looked dumbfounded , he appeared to be staring at a set of security cameras behind the counter, for he only pointed in the direction of the washroom. I gave Susan back her duds , taking her arm in arm waltzing though the allies of stock and back out on to the street, where both of us broke into a gaggling of laughter.

Walking home I reminded Susan that Friday our school had scheduled the biggest basketball game of the season. There was an out of state team coming to beat the crap out of us or so they thought. It would also be the last day we would have together, so it was important that she got permission from her parents to stay late. I would make sure she got home even if it meant paying for a taxi to bring her home safely . If this was impossible we would have to find a way Thursday to be together, but that was going to be difficult as I certainly could not cut practice.

Before leaving her at the front of her house , I told her that if nothing could be worked out for Friday night not to worry to much I would see what I could do to be with her one last time even if I had to cut work on Saturday to be with her as long as we could. Kissing her good night , I stole another swipe at her poor abused cunt, so that I could partake of her scent as I continued my way home.
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