Monday morning Susan was back on the bus in her usual form , her skirt rolled high, her blouse and bra absent from under her blazer as evident as it was to me I have to assume that several of the regular passengers had guessed that she was not quite dressed for school. She took her natural place beside me offering me her full lips seeking her morning kiss. I obliged, as her kisses were always pleasant , a welcoming way to start the day. I then slipped my hand between our bodies seeking to slip a finger under her and into to her young pussy. This morning there was a more than wonderful sensation when I reached my goal, Susan’s mound was bare, she had removed the hairs protecting the entrance to her pussy .

Susan winched however when I make contact “ Jerome, please be gentle, I am still pretty sore from the tonguing Jane gave me on Friday ” . I slipped my hand a bit higher on her body exploring, in my attempt to determine if all her hair was gone and indeed it was , Susan was as bare as a new born baby girl. Susan began to whimper as I let my hand roam all over this newly shaven area , the lower portion of her body banging into mine as she gyrated against my leg . Being the nice guy that I was, I heeded her request to be gentle, I slipped my hand down around the back of her arse, and inserted my finger in her crack.

This intrusion caused her to jerk just enough so that I was able to insert my finger in her little pucker hole. I figured that she was not too sore there and I could still enjoy my ride to school. I teased Susan mercilessly finger fucking her ass hole , I got her pushing her ass back and forth in such a manner that I am sure several other passenger knew exactly what I was doing to her. Mind you , her noisemaking did not help to quell any speculation on their part. Just as the bus came to a rolling halt at our stop Susan let loose with “ Oh! Oh! Oh! Je…ro ! Take your finger out !!!! ” loud enough that more than just the passengers close to us could hear.

Needless to say Susan was red faced as we exited the bus, what with almost every one turning to look at her. Splitting for our classes Susan placed one of slopping wet kisses over my mouth, slipping her tongue as far in as she could and twirling it. “ I hope we are meeting with Jane at lunch” she said as she tapped my package and ran down the hall.

Sure enough Jane and Richard were in the cafeteria holding a spot for us, waving us over as we entered. Jane began immediately talking about the up coming dance, telling me I had to make sure I was not working next Saturday, as I had to take Susan to this event. Jane then turned on Richard, telling him that even though she was a bit on the rough side, she would not say no if he asked her to be his evening companion, “ You guys know I am straight forward, I get to the point quickly, I see no reason to beat around the bush” Jane said “ Richard, you know me well enough by know, all I really want to do is feel that I am part of and not part excluded . I am sure I can provide you with some kind of reward if you ask me to accompany you to Saturday night’s dance.”

Well Richard went several colors of red, hearing all this from Jane, and whether he had made other plans or not he sort of stumbled out with “ UH.! Well, ! I guess so, I do not see any problem!” The silence at the table was absolute; I think we were all holding our breaths waiting for what ever might happen next . Finally Jane spoke up “Well are you going to ask me to the dance or not???” and Richard did. I followed suit telling Susan who was sitting there her eyes wide open with anticipation “ My dear Susan” I began “ Would you honour me with your company next Saturday, so that we may attend the school dance together as a couple” putting as much flair into the statement as possible.

“Now that that is settled “Jane said “ I will fix it so my father drives Susan and I to the school and picks us up after the dance, in fact Susan perhaps we can work a sleep over for that night, then we can get my father to pick us up real late from the dance so we do not have to miss anything.” She finally spit out in a fury of words. “ Jerome that means that the night will pretty well be yours to command ” emphazing the word command “ And that means Jerome that my debt to you for the other day might be considered paid off, or at least partially paid off ” causing both Susan and Richard to look quizzically at her.

The bell ran and we had to move off , fortunately as I doubt Jane wanted to get any deeper into things, where as I was watching and waiting to see her finesse herself with an explanation. Susan seemingly delighted that she had me taking her to the dance almost crushed me in a bear type hug, thanking me profusely telling me I would not regret it . I was not going to tell her that I already knew I was not going to regret taking her to the dance, or perhaps I should say possibly taking her at the dance. Jane had been more than obvious with her statement , I was being offered a gift.

There were several basketball practices that week which kept me from accompanying Susan home, I did however notice that Jane had gone with her twice. The following mornings Susan was in super moods, allowing me to get her all hot and bothered on the ride to school so much so the second time Susan asked “ Jerome, do you like me enough to fuck me?” Leaving me flabbergasted and with out a reply. I could only come up with “ I don’t know Susan , do you think you are ready for us to go that far ? ” Fortunately Jane met us at the door of the school grabbing at Susan telling her she had something to show her, so I did not have to delve further into things . I realized of course that this particular event had to be considered, but I was not quite ready to go down that road, I wanted to play with my little white toy a bit longer. I thought perhaps it would be better if she begged for it, rather than having me just giving it away.

Friday morning Susan got on the bus, bringing with her an aroma of freshly cut flowers, she had doused herself in perfume, perhaps bathed would be a better word. As she passed the other passengers, you could see them catching the scent and smiling as thought they had just stepped out into the garden. She cuddled up to me giving me her morning kiss
Whispering in ear “ Yes Jerome, I am ready, more than any thing I want you to take me down that road, would you please” Pulling at my hand she slipped in down between her legs and rubbed my fingers along her soft moist pussy lips. She rubbed my finger back and forth several times then lifted my hand up and took the fingers into her mouth where she seductively licked them clean.

Susan did this three times that morning each time taking longer strokes, bringing up more of her juices. The third time however I watched as she turned her attention of a fellow passenger and provided him with a show that was worthy of a professional. She allowed her tongue to seductively run the length of my fingers, then slowly devoured them sucking what every remnants that were left. I am certain I heard the guy choke on his breath when she blew him a kiss, then snuggled her head into my chest., shaking and shuddering as her own orgasm filtered through her body

Jane met us at the bus Friday morning, taking Susan away from me immediately telling me that I would see no more of them until Saturday night at the dance. The day was slow in passing and finally I was able to get back home and to my part time job at the drugstore.

Saturday night I found myself almost nervously waiting for Susan to arrive, in the beginning I had not wanted to get involved with her, but now I was not so sure, we appeared to be getting along fine. Richard was with me as were several of my basketball teammates, were are blowing off a bit of macho steam. I guess we were all preparing
a fanciful evening with our respective dates. As our group increased in size it was evident that I was the only one who was going to be in a two toned color scheme, even Richard had gotten himself a date of the same color, not that any of that mattered, is was just the way it was.

There was this large shiny Cadillac that suddenly appeared on the scene, catching every one’s attention, from it two of the most lovely creatures stepped forward, Jane was first out of the vehicle, dressed most exquisitely so mush so that we heard Richard groan with delight. Following Jane was my dear Susan , dressed in a short black cr?, her long white legs extending drawing my attention upwards, up past her thighs, up to the point where they disappeared under the black material. Her broad white shoulders supporting a head of hair which was arranged in a wonderful display of glistening something or other, her blond hairs teased to a standing position each to their own. Susan was wearing a black collar around her neck with some kind of shining stone set just at the center , constantly flickering from the illumination of the night’s lights . A good portion of her chest was exposed, almost to the point that her movements would most likely cause her nipples to pop out from behind their covering.

Susan looked more like a Prom Queen, than just a girl attending a school dance, between she and Jane, Richard and I were going to have one hell of a night I thought. We advanced upon the girls offering each our own, arm to escort them to the dance hall, never more pleased to have been coerced into attending this event by Jane.

Things moved along fairly well, we danced fast, we danced slow, we danced to show and we dance for the show. The slow dances provided me with the occasion to finger Susan who , as was her custom had not worn panties. The fast pieces provided me with the occasion to spin Susan in such ways that if you were looking you were uncertain if she was wearing panties or not. The large crowd, provided many occasions to allow me to work my girl. I not only was able to finger frig her, stopping short of bringing her off, but there were several occasions that allowed me to slip my fingers between the dress material and her chest where I could flick at her nipples drawing them into an elongated state of arousal.

As more of the music played , allowing us to cling to one another, several of my basketball teammates and their dates crowed against us. Now let me explain in a short sentence, there are some real nice black girls , like the one I was intending on marrying, and then there are some real mean black bitches, like a couple who had accompanied my teammates. At one time we had two of these girls pressing themselves into Susan and I, grinding their bodies against , well more Susan than I , as I tried to steer us around the dance floor. They were being a bit verbal, crude perhaps, with some of the comments they were making to or about Susan. The statements were “ Honey this and honky that,” then they began touching Susan’s white skin, not roughly, but sort of teasing her.

The next thing I knew, before I could react in anyway what so ever, these two had unzipped Susan’s dress, to the point that her breast was no longer confined by the material . Once her tits were exposed they wasted no time in grabbing each one and began to fondle Susan as the group moved to the music. Looking at Susan I did not think she realized just what was happening, she had her eyes closed and was rocking to the rhythm. It was then that I made a judgment call, I moved away from Susan, not offering her protection, but wanting to see just where these two girls were going to take her.

With me out of the equation, the group closed ranks a bit, allowing the girls to readjust their position, one got behind Susan and the other placed herself in front, then they began to rock to the music with my poor Susan sandwiched between them. Susan’s dress was pulled down to her waist, completely off her beautiful white tits, the girl in back of her reached around , cupping them in her black hands lifting them upwards as taught as she could. The girl in front, set her large dark lips to work on Susan’s elongated pink nipples
sucking, licking and yes it sure looked like biting them, causing Susan to cry out in sharp little gasps. This went on for two perhaps songs, that were played without a stop, then as if almost by accident the black girl in front of Susan happened to slip her hand between Susan’s legs. “ Holly shit this white hussy ain’t wearing panties and is sopping wet” she cried out bringing her hand to her nose.

Well that changed things a bit, “ Unzip her some more” she yelled to her accomplice as she reached out for the material of Susan’s dress and was about to jerk it down and expose all of Susan in her nakedness. Just as she had the material pulled to Susan’s hips, no doubt exposing a good portion of her bottom crack, the music stopped and it was announced that there was to be an intermission. As the lights of the dance hall began turning up to full strength, the girls backed off , away from Susan, providing me just enough time to gab and pull the material of the dress up and over her slobbering wet bosom. I managed to direct Susan who appeared to be in a stupor over to where Jane and Richard were while at the same time doing my best to zip her back up.

“Those were some moves you guys went through” Jane commented to which Richard add “ Shit man you almost had Susan stripped naked by those two girls”

I began wondering then just what might have happened had the music not stopped, what would those two girls have done to my little white hussy as they called her. “ Do us a favour big boy,” Jane quipped “ go get us some refreshments, I’d like a coke if possible”
When I got back to the table Susan had come around some what even though it appeared her eyes were still glazed. She reached for me hugging, kissing pulling at me hungrily almost as though she had not had enough. “ Jerome yesterday I told you I was ready , tonight I am more than ready, here feel this ” she said as she pushed my hand down on her hot little box “ I can’t even sit on my dress or I would soak it through and through ”

Susan was indeed correct, she was sitting her dress rolled up to almost her waist, her bare bottom spread on the chair, her cunt leaking almost dripping with juice. As I allowed her to rub my hand against her crotch, Jane stood and moved behind her chair . Richard scampered over one seat taking the place of Jane, which I found funny but let it pass. Susan closed her eyes once more moaning soft whimpers as she increased the pressure of my hand on her bare cunt. She straightened her back lifting her head offering her lips to me. Unknown to me while she was in this position she allowed Jane to unzip her dress again freeing her upper torso from the constraints of the material.

When Susan broke the kiss sitting back into the chair the top of her dressed loosened allowing the material to fall forward uncovering almost off her beautiful tits. Jane did not miss a beat , nor for a fact did Richard . She slipped her hands around Susan and gingerly cupped both tits , one of which she offered to Richard who wasted no time sucking into his mouth, the other she held for me. Needing no encouragement I engulfed her young mammary gland with my lips and flicked my tongue on her elongated nipple.
I trusted Jane with out question as we abused Susan, sitting there the dance hall, with a majority of its lights illuminating the whole floor, to watch out for us, to make certain that we were not caught off guard by any of the chaperones. I managed to bring Susan to the edge several times, pulling back just in time, not letting her attain her desired orgasm, I wanted her more desperate than desperate, wild with desire, ready for anything. We had poor Susan almost yelling at us telling us make her cum “ Je…ro…me ! , Je…ro…me !
Oh Please, please let me cum, make me cum Please!!! Jerome I need to cum”

With that I pulled my finger from her cunt, disconnected my tongue from her nipple and said to Jane “ We had better get Susan tidied up , Richard stop sucking her tit, Jane please slip her breast back in place and zip her up ” . Drawing a very loud shocking
“ NO! NO! Please don’t stop, don’t stop now NO! ” from Susan who was now bouncing on the edge of her chair trying to keep her cunt connected to my fingers. “ I think perhaps it is time for some fresh air , what do you guys think ” I said addressing no one in particular “ let’s see what is going on outside in the atrium ”

Susan was almost crying. Sobbing as she felt Jane replace her boobs and zip her dress back up, in the nick of time as a chaperone arrived beside us to ask if we were having a good time ( yeah more like checking out to made sure we were behaving ourselves), but non the less very pleasant. We told her that we were going to take some air as things had gotten a bit warm inside the hall.

We encounter several of the group we had been dancing with before we left the floor, they were all huddled in an alcove like setting, discussing of all things basketball. I judged from the situation that I could introduce a new topic that would be most acceptable to every one I thought. From where we were we could hear the music quite well, certainly well enough to dance too, we were far from the probing eyes of the chaperones, and even if one decided to check out the atrium we would have advanced warning of their presence.

I whispered to Susan “ Do you still think you are ready!” placing a finger on her lips so that she could not reply immediately.

“If you think you are ready then you are going to do it my way” I continued, still keeping my fingers on her lips

“ You will do exactly what I say, no matter what and I mean exactly what I say, with out question ” looking directly into her glazed eyes.

“I will hear nothing as I put you in several situations ” I emphasized “ You will respond if and when I ask, with out hesitation ” setting her little chin in my hand “ Do you understand, really understand! ” I queried “ I want you to think for a moment before you reply, any faltering on your part will stop it from happening, but once it is started nothing at all with stop it ” I concluded as I placed a warm kiss on her glossy pink lips.

It took but a moment, for her to regain her breath from the kiss “ Yes Jerome, Oh yes Jerome I understand “ then gulping once more for air she continued “ Yes Jerome I am ready, I want it so bad, I do not care what you have me do, just please do me ” dropping her arms to her side and standing straight at her five foot seven height.

“Could I have every one’s attention ” I spoke out in an attempt to cut the chit chat.
“Please, could we have a bit of quiet, ” trying to create a different decorum “ Please gather around , Susan has some thing she would like you to hear ” I said looking straight in to Susan’s petrified eyes, her hopes of being discreet being dashed mercilessly.

“ Now what was you wanted to ask me Susan ” I said in almost a commanding voice

There were several minutes of silence, Susan not uttering so much as a whimper , the group around us holding their breath waiting for a reply, myself waiting until Susan caved, I was certainly in no rush, if she decided that she did not want what she said she wanted then that was it she certainly would not be getting it that night.

In a very quite almost ghostly voice, Susan quivered “ I want you to do it to me Jerome ”

“Susan speak up you know we can not hear you like that, what is it your are asking exactly” I replied trying to appear a bit disappointed with her.

“Jerome, I want you to do it to me, to take me, to fuck me, I need you to fuck me Jerome and I want it now ” Susan spit out in a voice that tried to tell me she knew she was being played with.

Immediately I spoke, not wanting to miss a beat, not wanting to hesitate, not wanting her to decide to panic and bolt from our present situation “ Jane, Richard ” I said in a loud enough voice to attract their full attention “ Would you do me the honour of stripping my darling Susan of her party dress ” no doubt shocking more than just Susan at that moment, as I heard several gasps of surprise from the group surrounding us.

Suddenly everything became quiet one again, we could hear the music seeping out from the main hall, but the loudest sound was being made by the zipper of Susan’s back dress and it was unzipped by Jane , followed by the ruffling of the material of her crepe as the dress itself was eased down away from her chest, past her waist, over her nylon covered thighs down her legs and out from her feet. This left Susan standing in her hold up nylons and her high ( well low heeled) heeled black pumps.

Susan was now standing almost in a dejected manner her arms at her sides, a little naked white girl in a sea of black people ( with of course the exception of Richard and Jane). As Jane moved to pull at the nylons Susan had on I stopped her. “ I believe the music is loud enough that we could enjoy a couple of dances don’t you Susan, ” taking her into my arms allowing my hands to roam all over her naked bottom. It was almost as though I had orchestrated things, the DJ was kind enough to play two love songs back to back. I took the opportunity to hold tightly on to Susan, letting her feel my growing manhood press hard into to her naked body. I pried her buns apart and ran my fingers up and down her crack paying special attention to her little anus rim as I whispered in her ear “ My little angel, you are going to receive what you asked for, but there as still a few steps you must take ” I could feel her shuddering against my body, no doubt resulting from the mixture of sensations I had put her through so far.

When the music turned to disco, I thought for a moment I would like to see Susan dance to some of that beat, naked as she was, it would have quiet interesting to watch all her lovely with body parts swing freely, but time was my major concern so I did not go down that path, there would be other occasions for this type of amusement. Very calmly but in my commanding voice I once more addressed Susan “ It will be necessary for you to get things ready Susan, I have shown you how to prepare my cock, so I would like you knee before me and get me ready ” placing my hands on my hips.

Susan wasted no time in getting my slacks open wide enough to slip her hand inside and draw out my already bulging black member. Taking it carefully in her two white hands she eased her little pink tongue onto the black skin and began to lick it like it was her last meal. Once she had my cock sticking straight out from the opening on my shorts, she did her best to engulf its length, I watched in awe as Susan laboured over the head of my now pulsating member, in her attempt to swallow as much as she could..

Susan was now being egged on by Kali and Jerica the two more aggressive girls of our group who were providing various demeaning verbalizations. I knew there was no way that my poor Susan would be able to take me all the way into her mouth, even if she had had two months of daily practice she would still have difficulty. I decided that I would end this part of her misery “ Susan ” I said “ you are much better at stroking than choking, I would suggest that continue stroking, and do not for get that little sac inside.”

Susan seemed to be relived that I was not going to make her try and swallow and more of my now fairly large cock, she changed her tactics, licking its length, slipping her hand into my shorts to play with my balls, bringing things to a head you might say. Once I felt it was time I called out “Rudy I would like you guys to form a platform with your arms, you know the one we use to balance the Capitan of the team when we win ” continuing almost in the same breath “ Kali , Jerica once the boys are set I would like the two of you to lift the little white hussy as you call her , place her in their arms and then strip her of her pumps and nylons if you wouldn’t mind ” knowing full well that these two black bitches would more than pleased to manhandle Susan.

Both girls made a big deal of grabbing at poor Susan and pulling her over to where the boys had established their arm seat or bed what ever you want to call it.. They were rough and awkward to the point that the boys had to bend at the knees to allow them to settle Susan into their locked arms. I have to admit they provided us with a great show once they had gotten Susan’s shoes off. One at a time each in her turn placed herself between Susan’s legs, spreading them wide. Kali being first ran her hand with those long artificial nails on her fingers from the top of Susan’s chest, down between her tits, over her tummy , over her mound then moved her hand down around the bottom of Susan’s ass and dragged those fingernails back up to the top of her pussy, leaving long stretches of redden skin, not quite broken or bleeding but certainly scratched. She finally set her fingers in under the nylons material and clawed it down Susan’s leg again leaving a trail of red marks. Susan while firmly settled in the guys arms squirmed like a live fish, crying out as Kali abused her body.

Not to be out done by Kali, Jerica made certain that she inflicted her own brand of pain, she at first concentrated on Susan’s tits, you could see her forcing the ends of her nails in to the white skin causing red points to appear, then she dragged her fingers down the side of Susan’s body grabbing hold of Susan’s little bottom buns it to which she again picked the points of her artificial nails , then proceeded to drag the last remaining piece of clothing from Susan’s body.

Susan was now ready for her final ride, “ Kali , Jerica, I want you to hold Susan steady in the guy’s arms, she is going to do all the work, if she wants to be fucked, then she will have to fuck herself.” I began “ You will have to allow her the opportunity to move her body in any way she can in order to impale herself on my cock, but you will have to make sure she stays in the guys arms and does not slip out, do you understand ” then as an after thought “ Can I trust you to do this”

“ Jane , Richard, I want you to help Susan with her legs, she may well be able to work her bottom to ease herself down on to my cock, but once she is settled in for the ride, she may need her legs held high” I continued “ Would you do that for her ?”

“ Jane, I am going to move as close to Susan as possible, I would like you to line us up and hold on to my rod until Susan has taken enough up her cunt to be able to control things herself” hoping Jane would not object to this task as I kind of relished the thought of Jane holding my red hot poker while Susan attempted to side herself down over it.

Everything was set to go when we heard the DJ put on the song “ In the Jungle, the Mighty Jungle the Lion sleeps tonight, by the Tokens” Things were working out just fine, this was the best song that could have been played at this moment. Just as Susan made contacted with the tip of my cock, I called out asking if some one would go see if the D J would play the song twice in a row and perhaps a bit louder, then watched Jane holding my rod as Susan slipped the puffy lips of her lily white cunt over the bulbous head of my black cock.

Susan was wiggling her bottom in the guy’s arm seat or chair, forcing her haunches up and down as she eased more and more of my rod into her love tunnel. Everything seemed to be moving in tune with the beat of the music. Here we were a bunch of black jungle bums ( which a lot of you readers think we are in any case) holding a young naked lily white girl while she is being skewered onto a large black cock to the tune of “ Umph Ah! , Umph Aha ! , Umph Ah. Ah ! ” .

Susan was using all her muscles that was certain, Jane had let go of me unfortunately, as that had certainly been an agreeable sensation, but the was not much room left for her hand, as Susan had managed to take a good three quarters of my cock up her cunt, before she stopped moving all together. I figured she had reached the critical point, and was debating how she was going to break through by herself. I certainly was not going to help, that she knew for sure, that was the deal. If she wanted to be fucked she had to fuck herself, I was only providing the tool. The music had changed, there was no more” Umph Ah Umph Ah,” , but some where Susan was moving to her own tune, you could hear the sucking noise her puffy little cunt lips were making as they rubbed up and down my cock it was sort of a slouching noise as Susan was providing large quantities of pussy juice that was leaking out all over .

Susan finally reached out for Kali and Jerica grabbing at their arms trying to get some leverage, once she had raised her body a bit, she flexed some muscles in her back and slid down on to the full length of my rod, screaming at the top of her lungs “ Oh my Gawd!”
Then she stopped moving once more, there was perspiration covering her forehead, her body was convulsing, her chest heaving as she tried to grasp for air. It was a few minutes before I sensed any movement at all, but once Susan appeared to get the hang of it, she wasted no time riding my rod for all it was worth. The guys had one hell of a time trying to keep her in place and she slithered back and forth up and down , gyrating her lower body her inner cunt muscles milking my rod with vigour.

He verbalization was continual, “ Ahs Ohs, Eeees,” and many other sounds came from deep inside her until finally we heard her loud and clear “ Je … rom…e I am ready, I am ready please take me , make me, Oh gawd please Je… rom..e I need you now” I had held back but now even though I had told Susan she was to do all the work, I decided to make peace with myself. “ Jane , Richard, ” I called out “ Hold Susan’s legs straight up , as wide as you can” then I began in earnest to plough my rod into the little white cunt that was laid out before me. Susan met me stroke for stroke as I pushed into her, pushing her in to the arms of the guys, creating a swing like chain of events. The momentum was ecstatic, the scene was hot, the reward great as Susan called out again “ I’m cumming, oh gawd, I’m cumming, Je…rom…e !!!! Oh it is so good. !!” ,as I introduced her to a large load of my spunk, shooting it far into her virgin white cunt, filling her womb to its capacity .

Susan must have blacked out, she went limp in the guys arms, as my cock continued to jerk and spasm in her newly opened tunnel empting more and more of my seed. The guys had to call a halt to things as they had been holding this event now for a good fifteen almost twenty minutes. They eased Susan off my still firm cock, allowing much of what I had stashed up her hole to leak out as they maneuvered her over and laid her out on a bench. Standing there with a dripping cock, I was more than surprised when Jane, Kali and Jercia got down on their knees and licked my rod clean, placing it carefully back in the confines of my dress pants

The dance was breaking up we could hear announcements from inside that we had better get our things together as the time had come for the last dance. Jane managed to rouse Susan from her stupor and was busy trying to get her back into her dress, which did not appear to be as easy as it seemed, Susan was still limp as a wet noodle. Richard and I got hold of her keeping her up with one hand under her arm and the other pulling at her tit, while Jane slipped the dress back up her legs and over her body. Susan was still leaking fluids, so Jane took the nylons she had worn to the dance and wadded them up into her cunt as a stop gap measure. We then half walked , half dragged her into the dance hall, where I took her in my arms and passed the last few minutes, well the DJ played at least three songs, hugging her , moving around the dance floor, providing the appearance that all was well. By the time we partook of out last long kiss, Jane’s father had arrived with that big black Caddi to take the girls home. We tidied Susan up the best we could , Jane slipped her into the back seat , then got in front with her father and off they went.

I received nothing but compliments as my fellow teammates and their dates bid me good night, telling me that they hoped very much we could party like that again.
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