Needless to state I found a very anxious, agitated perhaps a better word , Susan leaning against my locker when I arrived from my last class. She gripped me tight, pulling her little, heaving body into mine almost crying “ Oh Jerome please be kind, I need you to make me cum, I need to come now , Please Jerome, I can’t wait ”. With that Susan lifted the front of her skirt and shoved my hand into her hot leaking cunt. My brazen little white bitch then went on to hump herself on my leg while she held my hand firmly between her legs.

It was fortunate that it was Friday , the hall monitors always seemed to be absent that day, so those of us who did linger for what every reason were hardly ever disturbed , by an authoritative voice. That day I doubt any of that would have bothered Susan at all, there were indeed fellow students walking by some who gawked our way, others who just ignored the scene, none stopping Susan from continuing to hump at my leg, until she cried out , muffling her sounds of release into my chest. By the time Susan had ceased shaking, managing also to get a hold of her breathing, Jane had appeared beside us . Commenting on the performance Susan had displayed she asked if there was to be any more of the same on our trip home, and if there was , would she be allow to accompany us.

I immediately told her that we would be delighted if she would join us, but I could not promise much of anything, as it appeared that Susan had just taken what she needed, and I did not know if she would be up for more of the same . I added however that we could always find a way to make the trip interesting if not enjoyable if she was game. Susan spoke not a word, so I did not know if she was in agreement with me, too afraid to say anything against my decision, or completely out of it having just cum as she had.

Seeing that there were far less, almost none really, students milling around Jane adjusted Susan’s skirt to that was riding so high on her thighs that her puffy pussy lips would be in evidence as she walked. We each took an arm and guided Susan out from the school hall along the path to the bus stop . The nasty persons we were, we had without consulting one another taken hold of Susan in such a way that we were able to hold her blazer wide open as we walked. Whether Susan knew it or not, her lovely little white almost naked body was on display to any who cared to look, and there were indeed lookers, from the faces I saw that afternoon.

We were careful getting on the homeward bound bus after all we did not want to risk not having a ride home, however once we were well past the bus driver, Jane stripped Susan’s blazer off leaving her very exposed, then as she pushed her into a seat at the back she undid the skirt so that it fell around Susan’s ankles. For the next twenty minutes I stood in the bus aisle watching Jane work on my little girl, playing havoc with her little button like nipples, stroking her pussy until its lips were puffy and colored a deep pink. She had Susan squirming, huffing and puffing for breath, humping, all in an effort to reach an orgasm. Jane impressed me as being an expert at this type of playing, for each and every time poor Susan rose to a crest, Jane deliberately halted all activity, preventing Susan from riding over the top.

Susan was beside herself, she was trying not to make too much noise, she was trying not to cry, but you could readily see that she was desperate . Desperate to cum I imagined, I hoped, ready to do anything Jane had planned or that I would ask . It is quite the thing to watch a young girl squirming , as she is being sexually stimulated, Susan was no different , sitting there on the edge of the bus seat , naked except for her white socks and regulation brown oxfords, her legs spread wide, while our friend concentrated on stroking her young sex with her delicate feminine fingers.

Arriving at our stop, Jane helped Susan back into her school blazer, then picked up her skirt and handed it me, while she tugged at Susan so we could move out the back exit , providing no doubt some delightful views to several of our fellow passengers. Jane having assumed leadership of our trio, directed us up into the small park like area, not far from the bus stop, well actually in the general direction of that park bench I had made good use of before. Jane however did not stop there she continued on further taking us along the pathway into a more secluded part of the park , yet remaining on the well trodden pathway itself.

She brought us to a stop in what appeared to be alcove type setting, perhaps a stopping off spot for those taking the path, there were several benches, older looking, or at least different in shape from the bench closer to the bus stop. There was what looked to be a drinking fountain placed at the far edge, along with several large garbage bins, this was a place that reeked of activity, a place where there was more than a good change that you would encounter people. If you were partially dressed, like Susan was it would be a good place to be exhibited.

I had no idea what Jane had on her mind, but I was quite willing to hold my tongue , keep my comments to myself and let what ever happen, play itself out. Jane had not disappointed me so far , there was no reason to spoil things. Jane had Susan sit on a bench then said “ Susan , I am going to have you completely naked, so I want you to take off your socks and shoes before we proceed ” letting this information be absorbed by Susan , Jane continued on “ Susan , I want you to place one foot on the bench, leaving the other on the ground, then I want you to slowly undo your shoe , remove it and then pull your sock off , baring your little toes ”.

“Once you have finished on for you will repeat the task with the other foot, mind you always keeping one foot on the ground. Do you understand ?” Jane completed. Susan shaking her head in the affirmative provided us both with the enticing sight of her puffy pick cunt opening wide as she spread her legs, bringing one foot up on the bench and bent forward to untie her shoe. It is a wonder how the young female sex organ works, hidden behind a slight covering of delicate body hair, when it opens, it exposes a vivid pink interior. If there has been some stimulation, even if indirect, this pink interior will be coated with a slim shivering of liquid clearly evident to the naked eye. The longer the lips remain open, the wider they are spread provides one with the sight of several loosely structured membranes that hang parallel with the pussy lips that resemble leafs of lettuce.
These membranes when pulled apart, open a star shaped tunnel over which a small bulbous appendage hangs.

When Susan spread her legs, she did so in such a manner that I was afforded a clear unobstructed view of this lovely sight, her little pick cunt coated with her juices, her little hanging clit vibrating, as the star like opening pulsated in tune with the rhythm of her now more than excited heart beat. Susan did this twice, once for each time she removed her sock and shoe, then she closed her legs and sat straight on the bench waiting for Jane with only her blazer as covering. Jane had her stand, walk the few feet between them and then take her blazer off hand it to me, leaving Susan as naked as a new born.

Susan was then asked what she wanted , replying “ I want to cum”

“ What would do to be allowed to cum ” Jane asked

“ Anything you ask of me” Susan replied

“Anything” Jane inquired
“Yes anything” replied Susan

Jane then whispered something to Susan , following which Susan knelt, before her. I watched as Susan reached under Jane’s skirt and pulled her panties down and off her legs. Our naked Susan then got up came over to me offering up Jane’s panties raising them to my nose.

As I was inhaling the wicked aroma of Jane’s sexual arousal Susan said “ Jerome, I want you to stick your longest finger up my bum, all the way up Jerome, until the palm of your hand comes to rest on my bare bottom ” extracting a loud “ What ” from me.

Susan then repeated in a stronger but slower manner “ Jerome I want you to push your finger as far as you can, right up my bottom, I want you to wiggle it, turn it , twist it until I cannot take it any longer, I want , please I want , please I want you to be nasty with me, please ”

Susan then broke away from me leaving Jane’s panties to drop to the ground. Susan moved over to the bench, reached out and grabbed hold of the back spreading her legs wide, her feet firmly fixed flat on the ground. “ Jerome please ” she spoke out much louder, “Please come to me and put your finger up my bum chute” wiggling her little white bottom at the same time. Wasting no more time I advanced on her naked body quickly, placing a hand on the small of her back and rubbed my finger all over her slick pussy, coasting it with her leaking juices. Once I was satisfied I had sufficient lubrication I placed my major finger at the entrance to her ass hole, and rubbed around her pulsating anus ring. Once Susan began to moan, I pushed in past the rim stopping perhaps about my first knuckle where I began to wiggle the tip of my finger against the interior walls of her back chute.

In no time at all Susan was pushing back on to my finger trying to get more of into her bottom, she was gyrating in quick deliberate motions, making all kinds of noise with her “ Ahs and Ohs ” When my finger was half way in her sounds changed however, becoming more indicative of a bit of pain rather than pleasure.

It was then that Jane arrived beside me, she had been panting from the sound of her breathing, perhaps playing with herself while watching me finger frig Susan. Jane reached out taking hold of Susan’s hanging swinging tits and began fondling them.
Susan’s “ Ohs! and Ahs!” changed tone once again, seemingly resulting from more pleasurable sensations. Jane was indeed a creature of my liking, as she worked Susan’s tits, she managed to play with herself . Jane eased a hand under her skirt , then brought it up and rubbed Susan’s tit, I could only imagine that it was coated with her own juice. Jane would then reach between Susan’s legs , bring up her hand and let the liquid drip down Susan’s crack and onto my buggering finger, providing extra lubrication.

Jane as I have stated was my kind of person, she replaced the hand I had placed on Susan’s back with her own, allowing me the freedom to also play with Susan’s cunt, and her other hanging swinging tit. Susan’s body fluids were flowing freely, I was able to coat my fingers generously , then draw them up past her belly button , on to her chest and on to her tit, where I massaged it into her skin. All in all perhaps fifteen may be twenty minutes had past since I first slipped my finger into Susan’s bung hole, before she cried out that she was coming, telling me to go faster, go harder, that was all she needed.

I felt her intestines pulling on my finger, sucking it further into her bowels, her muscles squeezing as though there were trying to milk it, then she collapsed forward her shoulders coming to rest on the back of the bench. Her knees bent, moving her body weight onto the bench as she closed her legs, seizing my hand between her buttocks, and she shuddered as she cried out “OH ! OH! OH! My GAWD! ”.

We had no choice but to let her ride things out, well I mean my finger was so comfortable way up inside her bowels that I did not want to pull it back out so I figured that letting Susan finish would be a good thing to do. Jane sat down on the bench sinking her two hands into her own netherlands ,and brought herself off paying no attention to my presence nor voyeurism. Finally Susan forced my finger from her bung hole, her muscles rippling until the tip of my finger passed from her anus rim as she cried out “Aaaaww! ”

Jane was first to get back on track, she pulled Susan over, embracing her, kissing her, then talking very softly to her. Susan not reacting as quickly as Jane had hoped , caused her to speak out in a much louder, almost commanding voice “ Susan if you don’t comply right now, Jerome and I will take your clothes and bugger off leaving you on your own,” Jane once again surpassing my evaluation of her, she was really into the idea of putting Susan in difficult situations. I was beginning to like Jane very much.

Susan turned , sitting herself straight on the park bench and said “ Jerome, please give me your finger, the one you had up my bum” taking my hand in hers. I watched in amazement, perhaps more like in shock as Susan stuck out her tongue and licked at the finger I had just had up her back chute. She then pulled my finger and slipped the whole length into her mouth, and continued to use her tongue to eliminate any of her residue that may have remained on my finger which I had pulled from her little puckered hole. I did notice that she did not appear to be enjoying this particular act, but she went about the task with a concentrated effort.

Jane seemingly satisfied that Susan had done the right thing, told her to gather up her socks and shoes, as it was time to head home. We escorted our naked Susan through the park as far as we could before we had to exit on to the main street. I figured that Jane would give her back her skirt, and ask me to cover her with her blazer at least even if we did not allow her to put her socks and shoes back on. I was however wrong in my assumptions as Jane simple surveyed the surroundings, then led us out onto the sidewalk were we continued our trajectory to Susan’s house. I could imagine Susan’s fear, embarrassment, humiliation, for even I was a bit nervous walking along in the afternoon’s sun holding the hand of this naked white girl. I may have done something like this in my neighborhood but we were in more of a middle class America setting and I was black.

Nothing however fizzed Jane, when Susan slowed as she came upon the Seven Eleven, trusting no doubt that she was going to be allowed to collect her blouse and bra before getting home, Jane just kept on walking telling Susan that dressed as she was she needed no other clothing. Three houses down from Susan’s, Jane told me to drape the school blazer on Susan’s shoulders, drawing a deep sigh of relief from her.

Once however we reached the front path leading to the house itself Jane scrutinizing the surrounding, removed Susan’s protective covering and directed her up onto the front porch, drawing this time a short gasp from me, as the front porch was much more open than the back deck had been. Jane pushed Susan back up against the wall telling me to grab hold of her tits and do as I wished with them. Jane then nudged Susan’s legs spread her wide open and knelt in between them. While I was enjoying fondling my little white girl’s mammary glands, prodding at her elongated nipples, Jane was busy working her cunt like the professional I had begun to know her as.

For a good twenty minutes we abused Susan, allowing her no reprieve what so ever.
I was certain that my sucking on her little tits was providing more pain that pleasure, and sure that Jane was working her cunt red. Susan was shaking uncontrollably, I doubted that her legs were providing much support, it was my holding her upper body and Jane applying pressure to her upper thighs that was keeping her standing. How many times she had reached orgasm , crying out that it was enough she could take no more I do not know, but finally I sensed she had gone completely limp in my hands.

“ Jane ! Jane! ” I heard myself saying “ Susan has blacked out, she is no longer with us, there does not seem to much use continuing”

I watched as Jane moved her head from in between Susan’s legs , looking up at me half her face covered in juice, which was dripping off her chin onto the porch, she smiled and said “ Do you really think so, I really don’t want to stop, I’m enjoying it too much”

“Well” I continued “ if we let go of her she is going to fall over, it would appear that we have taken her beyond anywhere she thought possible.” Looking around I add “ Besides that it is getting late, I have no idea when she was expected home, nor what time her father arrives, we have been very lucky so far that her mother has not stuck her head out the door for any reason ”

“I guess you’re right” Jane said, “ I suppose we can do something like this again, perhaps with more planning we can do it for as long as I would like ” . Jane stood, a bit wobbly herself , grabbed hold of me “ What if we let her slip down where she is and leave her with out concern for what might happen ” Jane offered , and continued “ Perhaps her father would like to find her spread out her naked as a jaybird, after all he is a man ”.

I saw no reason not to leave poor Susan lying limp, naked and spread out on her front porch after all she wanted to cum and cum good, that we had provided. We placed her clothes over in the far corner so that they would not blow away , then Jane and I took off for home. Jane was turning out to be a great companion even though she slanted more to the feminine side of the spectra. We had two fairly long stops before she had to get off the bus , during which she explained to me that one of the school’s biggest dances was the following Saturday . She wanted to make sure that I was available to take Susan, she told me that she would accompany Susan to the dance as her father would be driving them and picking them up. While she was talking explaining all this , she had hold of my hand and was rubbing it up and down over her bare pussy.

Once the bus had left the last stop before hers, Jane went on to tell me that she knew I knew she was not really into boys, but having gotten Susan off so well that evening, she felt she was missing something. “ Jerome” she said softly but some urgency “ Could you use your finger to get me off, could you finger fuck me until I cum or at least until we arrive at my stop, Please Jerome, I’ll make it worth your while, you’ll see”

Well what could a nice black boy do, when such a nice white girl asked. Jane let go of my hand so I took control easing my finger up her slopping wet clean shaven cunt, intent on working her in such a manner that she would certainly orgasm before we arrived at her stop. It took no more than a few minutes to get Jane squirming around on the seat. Jane surprised me even more when she pushed her top and her bra up over her tits and pulled my mouth to the closet one. Needless to say I enjoyed myself intensely taking this young girl , helping myself to what she had so politely offered and bringing her to the orgasm she so desired.

Jane had to arrange her clothing kind of quickly as the bus came to a halt, she had not quite come back down for the peak she had attained, and was still shuddering with after shocks of her orgasm. She kissed me quickly telling me that I would not regret this kindly act, and left me there sucking her juices from my finger.
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