Monday morning found Susan getting on the bus, and coming to me but with slow awkward movements I noticed. “ Jerome what did you do to me” she asked “ I can hardly touch myself down there without coming” she added , providing me with her usual warm morning kiss. “ I was sore, so sore “ she said “ Until late Sunday afternoon then things changed and all I could feel was a tingling in my pussy”

“ It is a good thing I am not wearing panties, the contact with the material would be unbearable, I would be cumming constantly” Susan said in a quiet tone . Taking my hand she slipped it under her skirt, placing it directly on her naked pussy “ See! ” she said “ See how wet I am, if you flick your finger I will orgasm immediately” Mute point right, what do you think I did right there and then.

Susan’s legs gave way causing me to react quickly to grab hold of her to stop her from falling . She then sighed into my chest, “ Thank you Jerome” as she squeezed me tightly. Arriving at school, I reminded her that the basket ball team was going on the road Tuesday morning and I would not be meeting her after school, and we would not be back until Thursday night so would not be seeing her until Friday Morning if every thing went as planned. As our lunch periods coincided that day I told her I needed a special treat at lunch. I wanted her to arrange it so that she came to lunch in just her school blazer and skirt ( shoes and socks of course that went without saying).

During my morning classes I had one that Jane was in, and I asked Jane to accompany Susan and I for lunch as I wanted to talk about a special project. I had chosen a table way at the back the one we had used once before, and was sitting waiting patiently for the girls to show up. Jane arrived first and I had her take the seat opposite me, I began explaining to Jane that I was going to be gone for a few days, and that Susan had informed my of their little encounter several weeks back. Jane started to blush, so I interjected that I was not angry, nor concerned about what she did , in fact I was pleased that she had been so bold. I told her that I would be very pleased if she found a way to perhaps repeat the situation while I was off on the road trip, if fact I said “Perhaps you would be able to be with Susan for the three days I can not” . Jane’s face lit up suddenly,
her mouth turning into a wide devious grin.

Just as I had finish speaking I saw Susan coming our way, indeed my girl was the best, there was no tell tale sign of her school blouse under her blazer, I trusted that there was no brassiere either. There was however a little surprised look on her face when she saw Jane sitting in front of me. I patted the chair next to mine telling her to sit. I told Susan that I had invited Jane to be with us today, as I wanted to speak with the both of them. I glanced around the lunch room searching for the monitor, whom I found seated way up front apparently involved in a good discussion. “ Susan open your blazer please” I said as I turned my attention back to her watching at the same time Jane’s facial expression when she saw that Susan was bare naked underneath. .

“Now Jane I have taught Susan to obey me” I continued “ I would like to know, if I give her a command to obey you as she would me while I am away , if you would take the opportunity to put this special gift to work ?” Looking directly at Jane, but hearing Susan let out a little gasp I spoke once more “ Susan stand up please” which she did with immediately. “ Susan ” I spoke now in a firm voice “ Undo your skirt and let it drop to the floor” Now Jane’s eyes opened wide almost as though in unbelief, as here I was ordering Susan to drop her skirt in the lunch room which was full of students and at least one hall monitor.

“ Jane what I am asking you is, would you be willing to take my trust in you to do the right things for Susan? ” I said as I reached over the table and touched her two hands.

I was not worried too much about being caught, I had asked my teammates to make sure they kept the monitor busy this lunch hour, I did not care how, I just wanted him busy paying attention to other things. I had chosen this particular table because not many students wanted to walk that far from the food counter, so very few of them were really close enough to get a good look at what was going one. With Jane placed on the opposite of our table , she sort of cut any direct vision of Susan and most of Susan’s naked body was below the table’s top edge in any case. I mean her blazer was undone yes, but it was just hanging there with most of her covered except for a narrow space at he middle of her body but that I was certain was not too noticeable, to any one but Jane.

Not having received a response from Jane, even though I had asked several times, I was beginning to wonder if I had made the right decision. “ Jane you know we only have an hour for lunch, and time is running out , I would like to hear your answer” I said with some urgency in my speech. Then to perhaps make the incentive just a bit more interesting , hoping that things would not backfire, or blow up in my face, I opened my mouth once again “ Susan take your blazer off and sit back down” I heard myself saying. With slight whimpering sounds, my Susan did exactly as I requested. She slipped her blazer from her shoulders, making herself completely naked there in the school lunch room, before she carefully sat back down and I distinctly heard Jane let go with an “ OH ! My! Gawd! , I don’t believe it”

I turned to Susan who was now red in the face, no doubt from the embarrassment I had just subjected her too, and told her she had done well, as I placed a kiss on her mouth . and flicked at a protruding nipple. I then turned back to Jane “ The bell is about to ring I need your reply” I said in an almost desperate voice. “ Well I …. I mean I can have her do anything I want? ” Jane began “ I can make Susan do anything I ask anything no matter what ?” she continued almost gulping for breath.

“ Yes and well no, you have to make sure she is not put in harm’s way, or arrested, and you cannot take her virginity” I said thinking I had better clarify myself “ Susan has two other holes that you can play with if you so desire, but other than these conditions you can have her do or do to her anything you so desire” With that out in the open , Jane looked at me then at Susan, then broke into an evil grin “ Can I start now ?” she asked

“ I do not think we have time for that right now ” the bell sounding before I had time to finish my sentence

“ Oh , no I mean can I give her instructions , we both have the next class together and there is a substitute teacher an old man , I would like to shock him if I could ” Jane said finally getting the full statement out of her mouth.” I would only have Susan wearing her skirt and blazer for that one period, after that she could put her bra and blouse back on for the rest of our important classes ”

“ Agreed ” I exclaimed “ Susan you will do as Jane commands or you will be punished you understand ”

All poor Susan could manage was very weak “ Yes Jerome, I understand ”

“Good get dressed and go along with Jane, have fun girls, do not forget Susan, I will not see you till Friday morning my love ” I said as we left for our classes.

Friday morning, I was perhaps as anxious to see Susan as she was me, perhaps I was getting more involved than I had planned. I did not really want a girlfriend , I had my was set on some one else. This little white girl was supposed to be just a distraction after all she had come on to me, I had not sought her out. I wondered if I was missing her as a person, or just as a play thing, something that I had become used to having my way with . If it were that then my anxiety could be chalked up to missing out on putting her through the loops. In any case I seemed to be a bit on edge riding the bus that morning , until I saw Susan getting on at her stop. Usually I tried to appear aloof, not acknowledging her presence until she was beside me . This morning however , I took the time to watch her move up the steps and into the aisle of the bus. I watch her squeeze herself around the other standing passengers, as she made her way to me. As I looked at her I noticed that she was showing a lot of white skin, more that had been her habit since her father was dropping her off at the bus stop.

Susan was almost beside me , she was just pass two fairly large gentlemen, when the left side of her blazer appeared to catch some how on one guys shoulder sac, pulling it back , uncovering that whole side of her body. Susan was naked under her blazer and this of course resulted in exposing her young body, and her beautiful firm breast. I do not know who was more surprised , the guy or Susan, but both of them seemed very flustered at this predicament. I watched as did several others as the two of them tried to free the material of the blazer. The more they played , the more of Susan was exposed, to an ever increasing audience. Finally the man managed to untangle things and was able to free the edge of the Susan’s blazer. I guess my assumption that he was a gentleman, was incorrect, because as I watched , I saw him take advantage of the situation , managing to rub the back of his hand over Susan’s breast and her now protruding nipple.

Having extracted herself from this as far as I was concerned exciting moment, she forced her shaking body in to mine and squeezed me tight . “ I ‘m sorry Jerome, I wanted to surprise you, I wanted this to be a happy morning” she said almost sobbing. As I pulled her head in towards my chest, holding on firmly.

“Don’t worry my dear, you did surprise me and you carried if off very well, it was an innocent move on your part, I do not think you could have done better ” I said, allowing that to sink in then continued on “ You not only pleased me , but you pleased a number of our fellow passengers, many who will go to work smiling, others who will be watching every move you make from now on hoping to see as much of you as possible and no doubt a few who will be thinking of ways to put you in a similar situation so that they also can rub your beautiful firm young body.”

Turning her head up seeking our morning kiss, Susan began to speak one more “My father’s schedule was changed again, so he will not be able to drive me to the bus stop, nor pick me up, so this morning since I had not seen you for three days I wanted to provide you with the opportunity to make me cum before we get to school” I noticed a change in the tone of her voice, she was now verbalizing with short sharp gasps. “Jerome, I have raised my skirt as high as I dared, so it would be easy for you to finger me, could you please now, I need you to make me cum.” With that Susan reached for my hand and slipped it between us and under the hem of her skirt. My fingers made contact with a sopping wet cunt allowing them to slip with ease into her warm tunnel.

I began to frig Susan slowly, working my finger with circular movements, as well as back and forward ones. I did not want Susan jerking all over, letting those who were certainly watching us see that she was being finger fucked, at least not at that moment. After three days without touching her, I wanted to let my free hand roam all over her chest, pinching and prodding at her little perky nipples, but again I had to be prudent. I told Susan to grab hold of one of the leather bus straps, trusting that in this position her blazer would open, but in appearance remain stationary enough to cover any movement I would make with my hand while I sought to fondle her tits.

We were nearing our stop so I increased the pace I was working my fingers, especially those in her nether regions but not to the neglect of her hard little nipples. Susan had raised her head, which afforded me the opportunity to latch my lips to hers and feed her a bit of tongue, keeping the sounds of her moans and groans to a minimum. I could feel her body reacting, her jerking was becoming more and more pronounced as I continued to work her now sloppy wet cunt, I am sure the aroma of her sex was permeating our immediate surroundings, I was certain some of he other passengers were able to detect the delicious scent of her arousal.

As the bus shifted , turning into the right hand stopping lane, I pushed my fingers as far into her warm tight center as I could causing Susan to moan very loudly into my mouth. As soon as the bus came to a halt , I extracted my fingers from her cunt and brought my hand out from under her blazer. This caused Susan to almost yell out at the top of her lungs “ Oh Gawd ! Jerome !!! , I was almost there , don’t stop , Please don’t stop” and brought of all kinds of looks from the passengers around us. I quickly ushered Susan out the back door of the bus and began guiding her up the pathway to the school. She was still mumbling, about wanting to continue, wanting to cum, needing to cum, wanting me to finish her off.

Unfortunately time was not going to allow for any more play time, the first bell had already rung, and I needed to get Susan in to the school, before the second bell as she still had to get to her locker and get dressed, even if she was just going to put her uniform blouse on. There was no need for us to risk getting a detention for being late, there was no need of Susan being reprimanded for not meeting the dress code. There was no reason to be caught and having the office call her parents over the state of undress that she was in. It was important that we tried our best to follow all the rules to avoid trouble we did not need

I told her, knowing that I was being real mean, that she would have to wait until we met for our study period with Jane and Richard, before I would be able to take her further. Even then we would have to see under what conditions we were going to be then, we may have to deal with a monitor and if so then we would have to wait until after classes to continue. Susan groaned and beat at my chest with her little fists telling me that it was not fair, not fair at all to have set her up like that. She was going to have to spend most of the day anxiously waiting for something that might or might not happen. She called me an ungrateful beast, then left to run to her locker.

I managed to get a few moments with Jane at lunch , I explained a bit of what transpired on the bus , what I had told Susan about our proposed study period, then I asked her if she had anything that could be used as a blind fold. Jane just smiled that wicked little grin of hers , told me not to worry about it then suggested we tell Richard to meet us a few minutes earlier if at all possible, as she had a wicked idea. I arrived at the study room perhaps seven , maybe ten minutes before the 2:30 bell, with Richard following on my heels looking very excited, apprehensive for sure, just as we finished greeting Jane came into sight with what appeared to be a small purse. I remarked that we were pushing the cart kind of fast, as none of us had brought any study material with us, obtaining hardy embarrassed laughs from both of them. Jane quickly put an end to the niceties, telling us that we had better hurray because Susan would be arriving any minute.
We moved into the room to check out the lay out and to make sure there was no monitor waiting for us. That done Jane pulled from her purse a real blindfold, one of those affairs that you get an airplane, if you want to sleep, and a set of handcuffs, those also were real
not little plastic one you could get at the five and dime store.

Jane told me to write a note on the chalk board telling Susan that it was her choice, then she and Richard moved the chairs off to the side, leaving the study table by itself in the middle of this small room. I wrote in large bold letters “ Susan ” “ It is your choice’’
then I added “ Please us , to please you” . I wrote our three names underneath, hoping that we would be able to explain this if Susan was not the one to see it, before we could erase it. Jane then ushered us from the room to a spot in the hall where we could watch for Susan undetected. As usual Susan had always been the last one to arrive, and this time was no exception, she was however not toddling along she was moving at a good pace, and entered the room quickly.

Each of us may have had a different version of how they thought Susan would react when she walked into the room to find herself alone, the chairs all pushed back and some lying on the table, that was not books. I imagined her with a surprised look on her face, looking around the room thinking perhaps the period was the wrong time, or that she had mistaken her schedule . I figured she would only give a curious glance at the items on the desk, before she turned around to walk back out. It would be then that the color in her face would change, as she would then be facing the chalk board where she would see the note. Jane had told us that we would only give her fifteen minutes from the time of her arrival before we entered the room, whether she had taken the bait or not it would not matter. The study period we had was only 50 minutes long, so since Susan had already been 5 minutes into the period, if we left her another 15 we would only have a half hour to accomplish anything.

Susan really wanted to be pleased , she was on her knees, facing the door. A blind fold covered her eyes, her hands folded behind her neck, appeared to have been locked into the handcuffs. Susan was stark naked, her clothes no where in sight, she was exposed to anyone who might have come through the study’s door, whether it had been us, some other student, or a school official, she had no way of telling. Richard let out a little gasp, and I was going to say something but Jane poked me hard catching me. Jane put her finger to her mouth to indicate that we should be silent.

Jane grabbed hold of Richard placing him in front of Susan, she moved close in behind him, straightened his arms down the sides of her body, and proceeded to undo his slacks.
Once she had them loose enough she pulled them and his underwear down to his ankles.
When his cock popped out perpendicular, Jane took hold of it stroking it very professionally, ( she must have done this before I thought) then she had Richard shuffle forward until the tip of his cock touched Susan’s lips. Once contact was made Susan automatically opened her mouth and began to lick with her tongue. She was unable to use her hands so she bobbed her head taking in longer and longer portions of Richard’s now throbbing white cock. It was not five minutes before Richard was calling out that he was going to shoot his load, Jane and I stood there watching as Susan increased her rocking rhythm. You could see her cheeks moving in a vivid sucking manner, as she was attempting to pull the seed from Richard’s cock.

He exploded with a great deal of loudness, this was more than likely his very first blow job. Getting it from a naked lovely, who was blindfolded , with her hands locked together by handcuffs, was certainly a most pleasant way to experience it I was sure. Susan continued sucking until Richard backed off letting him semi soft cock slip for her mouth, causing her to cry out for more. Jane then spoke asking Richard and I to help Susan to her and direct her towards the chairs. Susan’s body was vibrating, as we held her, she was emitting little whimpering noises, we could smell her arousal, as the sweet scent of her sex waffled up from between her legs. Jane, surprising even me by her boldness, pulled her own skirt up around her waist, providing us with the most exquisite view of her bald pussy, she was devoid of any body hair she was clean shaven. Jane sat placed herself on the edge of a chair and motioned for us to lower Susan between her legs.

Once settled , Jane took Susan’s head in her hands and pulled her mouth to her cunt .
“ Lick it my dear , lick my cunt until you get me off ” and Susan did. Richard and I stood there no doubt our mouths wide open as we watched. Susan was doing a good job for sure, because Jane began humping her bottom forward pushing into Susan’s mouth. Then the unimaginable took place, Jane unbuttoned her own blouse, unclasped her brassiere and began to fondle her own nipples. I heard Richard taking deep breaths, looking his direction I saw he was busy stroking a now hardening cock, and began wondering just how much time was going to be left for my own satisfaction, not even thinking about Susan’s desires.

The show that Jane and Susan were putting was having a definite effect on my manhood, while it would certainly take more than that to get me to the point of coming, my cock was now filling the space in my shorts. I decided that it would be best if I brought it out into the open, perhaps stinging Richard with a bit of jealousy. By the time I completed this task , I figured why not stoke it slowly while watching the performance of the girls, and listening to their moans and groans. Jane finally let go pushing herself back in the chair , squeezing Susan’s head between her thighs and letting out a long loan moan as she bucked herself against Susan’s face which you could see was covered with liquid.

The thought that it now going to be my turn to get me rocks off , caused my cock to surge yet not quite attain it’s full length. I saw Richard looking no doubt more out of curiosity than anything else, or so I hoped at my growing length and felt a surge of plain black pride run through my body. As soon as Jane pushed Susan away, I grabbed her shoulders , turned her towards me and shoved my black meat in to her poor little mouth.
I gave no quarter as I fucked her mouth, her protesting was loud but was muffled by now fully extended cock. I let Jane know that I was watching her, well no, more like staring at her as she lay on the chair, he legs spread wide, her cunt still dripping her juices as I pumped away at Susan’s bobbing head. Jane herself was trying to divide her attention between my staring eyes, and the movement of the long black cock in Susan’s mouth. She was rubbing her bare pussy with one hand , her exposed tits with the other providing me with the nicest of sights. Suddenly I saw Richard move beside Jane, he stood still for a few minutes, then positioned himself so that his rejuvenated cock was pointing at her chest. I had a good idea what he had on his mind, and was not going to miss the event . I was anxious to see Jane’s reaction if indeed Richard was going to do what I thought he was .

Time was running out , our study period, being only an hour, and we had only started to play. I really wanted to get my rocks off, yet we had sort of indicated to Susan that we would make her cum or let her cum during the study period. Someone was going to be short changed and I knew it was not going to be me. I concentrated on the task at hand to obtain the fullest of sensations from Susan’s mouth . I could feel things stirring in my groin . My cock was throbbing, I am certain increasing in length as I plummeted Susan’s mouth with out too much concern for her well being. I grabbed her head holding it as steady as I could , because I knew I was going to blow with a good force and I wanted to take all of it down her gullet.

Suddenly I heard Richard cry out “ I’m comming , Oh Gawd ! ” as he shot his load directly on to Jane, hitting her face, and her bare chest, surprising her so that she fell from her chair on to his feet. Richard seemingly having no control of what he was doing allowed the rest of his dribble to drip down on to Jane’s thighs , the thin stream gliding over her skin and down around her ass crack. Seeing Jane’s initial reaction, then watching her squirm around on the floor trying to get out of Richard’s shooting range triggered my orgasm. My own cock swelled, forcing Susan’s lips wider, her cheeks to bulge as I shot my spunk into her mouth and down her throat. I do not think Susan was expecting all that I forced into her mouth as she bean to gag and tried to push her mouth off my rod.

I did not release her head until I was certain I had emptied my seed sac, I had no intention of wasting my valuable spunk by letting it splattered over any part of her naked body, I wanted Susan to swallow it all and lick her lips looking for more. The four of us however were caught off guard as the first bell rang before we realized it. We had not even gotten a chance to experienced the after glow of things, we had to scramble to get ourselves back together , well Jane and Susan did, Richard and I just had to zip up. Jane who was not too happy , having Richard’s sticky spunk clinging to her bare body parts was trying desperately to cover up with out getting her clothes stained. Our lovely little Susan, still in her kneeing position, not having been released from her handcuffs, nor having had the release she had been looking forward to, was more or less whimpering that she needed help.

Jane , once her body was covered , unattached Susan and helped her get dressed as we heard the second bell ringing . There was no time left we had to be in our next classes immediately. Fortunately I had thought to erase the blackboard before we exited the room, for I do not remember thinking much other than better get to class to avoid a detention that particular day. Richard and I took off in one direction as Jane and Susan took off down the east hall, which at the time I found funny as there were only lab room and washrooms in that part of the school. I paid it no more attention as I thoroughly enjoyed my two last classes enveloped in the after glow of having cum so ……
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