I changed the title to see if this would attract more readers, but actualy this is just the next part in the series of Hello my name is Jerome
That Friday was the longest day I had gone through since the beginning of school. I knew now why I had not wanted to get involved with some little white girl. Mind you all she had ever done was please me to no end and with the revelation of that morning she set my mind in overdrive, so much so , for the first time I was having difficulty following the lessons. There were no basketball practices on Friday so I would be leaving on the normal bus, and leaving with I hoped my little white lily on my arm. I hoped that Jane was not going to bud in right away, not that I would mind having her along on the ride, it was just I wanted Susan alone that afternoon.

I was pleased to see Susan resting up against my locker waiting patiently for the arrival of her black knight, his amour shinning, and his jousting pole long and hard. Stopping directly in front of her , leaning down receive her open lips, I could not help but notice that she was wearing only her school blazer and skirt, the blazer not being held closed allowed me to see that she had neither blouse nor brassiere covering her hot little body.
Breaking her kiss Susan said with a cute little smile “ Jerome I was so concerned about the episode with Jane that I forgot to tell you that my father would not be waiting for me at the bus stop tonight and I was hoping you would walk me all the way home”
Well I thought what a perfect way to end the week. I fixed the stuff in my locker, grabbed her hands and off we went to wait for the bus. Before we even set ourselves in place way at the back, Susan had removed her blazer, as she slipped further into the seat she dropped her skirt, stepping out of it as she placed her naked self on the leather seat.

“ Take me Jerome, take your little girl, make her cum till she can't take it any longer, drain the juices from her body, Please Jerome I need it now ” I had created a sex nymph, one that needed constant satisfaction , not that I was disappointed at all. I sat myself down and went to work. I fondled this little white girl, until she was all about to scream bloody murder loud and clear, the other passenger would have had no difficulty in figuring out what we were doing at the back of the bus. Some had already turned their heads a couple of times, but the height of the seat’s back prevented them from getting a good look and there no passengers standing in the aisle.

Once I had Susan bucking like a young bronco doing her best to get me to finish her off I cut all contact and sat straight up in my seat, placing my hands in my lap. Susan let out such a moan, a plea for me to continue she was almost there, it would just take a bit more, she needed to cum, and she needed it bad, what she had to do to have me continue it did not matter , what ever it was she would do it. I considered the options I had, we were closing fast on our homebound stop, there appeared to be less traffic that particular afternoon. “Susan put your clothes back on, your stop is next” I said. She retorting very quickly without too much thought “No! No! I won’t, I want you to make me cum first”. Something I had no intention of doing, so as the bus slowed I got out of the seat, moved to stand at the back door and waited.

Susan made no move to follow, not even as the bus came to a halt. My little girl was pouting trying to bully me into doing things her way; this was not going to happen.
I got off the bus, not playing any attention to her at all, only to find her flying out of the door carrying her skirt and blazer. It appeared Susan had tried to call my bluff and had lost. “That is going to cost you dearly” I told her as she ran up to me. I told her to give me her clothes and to walk over to that same bench we had used several weeks ago.
“Stand behind the back of the bench bend over and grab the front edge, I’m going to teach you some more” I said as I looked round to see if I could pick up a small branch or something similar.

Unfortunately or perhaps fortunately for Susan, I saw nothing suitable, so I moved over behind her and dropped her clothing on the bench. I pushed her legs apart as wide as they would go, exposing her crack, her little back hole, and her slit. I could not help it I ran my hand down around and cupped her mound. Drawing my hand back slowing making certain that I applied a good amount of pressure, I was able to coat my hand, and my fingers with a fairly good amount of Susan’s leaking juices. Having greased my fingers with her drippings as my fingers passed back over her little back hole, I could not help but stop and rub at her little dark pink rim, which was pulsating, no doubt at the same rate as her heart beat.

I eased the tip of my greased middle finger into the opening, wiggling it so that it passed through the tight rim. At that moment, Susan let out a loud yelping “Ooh! Ooh! Jerome please, please go slow ” Well that was not quite what I expected, I thought she would start crying for me to take my finger out of her little ass hole, so I simply withdrew and did so quickly, extracting more “ Ohs! and Ahs! ” from Susan. I then spoke up
“ Susan I want you to learn that you are to obey my requests, not to decide for yourself what you want to do or do not want to do, otherwise you will fall outside my definition of my typical girl and I might as well let you hang out with someone else.”

With that said I raised my hand and brought it down on her little white bottom creating a sharp sounding crack, followed by a sharp piercing cry emanating from Susan who tired to straighten her body at the same time as she closed her legs tighten her little bum. My actions were quicker however, I had one hand placed on the small of her back which stopped her moving upwards, and since I had placed my knee in anticipation of her trying to bring her legs together she remained vulnerable to my administrating a good spanking. I did not have the intention of beating her sadistically; I just wanted to have a bit of fun disciplining her. So I let several more slaps rain down on her bottom, then I stopped for a moment.

I rubbed her bottom cheeks, gently, was talking “ You see my dear if you do not do as I say when I say then things have to brought to order, this is one way of getting you to understand that it I who decides when and where you are to be played with , do you understand ”. Susan was now moaning just a little as I continued to rub her bottom , letting my fingers slip down into her wide spread crack either my slaps had not been as stinging as I had thought or she feeling the simulation of my fingers. What ever it was I had to be careful how far along I took this, I had noticed that last bus which had stopped had left off a good number of passengers who walked by not that far from where we were located. I mean they were far enough from the bench not to be able to tell that Susan was naked, but they would be able to tell that there was a large black person standing behind a lily white body which appeared to be in a forward bending position, a delicate sight or picture if you get my drift.

While I would not have minded having some one like Jane stop to investigate what was going on I did not think it was possible that many of the people passing by would be as opened minded as her. So to get my point across I placed several more, perhaps more forceful slaps on her little quivering bottom, causing it this time to turn a deep pink in color. When I finished I was sure she was crying or at least sobbing a bit, I don’t think she thought she was going to be treated like that just after I had been gently rubbing her bare bottom. Once again I cupped her sex, getting my hand drenched in warm creamy liquid as I held my hand there I said “ Susan, get your clothes on, and do not make me tell you twice, I want you to understand that it is I who decide if you are going to be allowed to enjoy an orgasm, next time I think you are going against my wishes I will indeed beat you hard, most likely drawing blood, then I will leave you where you fall and walk way .”

Susan stood holding on to the back of the bench to steady herself as she picked up her skirt and blazer “ I am sorry Jerome, I did not mean to anger you, it was , well just that I wanted to cum to get myself off. I felt I needed it bad, I knew I wanted it bad, in fact now I want it even more. Jerome what do you want me to do so that you make me cum and feel so good, you know I will do anything you ask , Please Jerome make me cum !”

I waited until Susan had straightened her clothes, patting them down adjusting them as most girls do when they dress. I stood in front of her readjusting the blazer as best I could so that most of her chest was open and exposed as best I could arrange it. Then I pulled at the waist of her skirt, rolling the top and folding it under itself so that the bottom hem rose to where I wanted it to settle, just below her lovely little cunt. I turned her around and saw that the curve of her bottom fell just below the hem, not enough that you could say she was not wearing panties, but enough for anyone to look and say “My gawd! What I would do with those handles,” unless you were a little old church going maid.

I offered Susan my arm, guiding her from the park bench down the little pathway and on to the main sidewalk that would take us home. As we passed several people walking the opposite direction, it was fun watching them trying to look, but not to look at Susan, when they got near enough to see that there was lots of white, compared to black. Most of them did a double take, as they got close, I saw their eyes open wide as they politely looked at me, then quickly tried to look at Susan `s bare chest with out giving themselves away. I tried hard to imagine them turning around to look back and getting an eye full of Susan’s bottom cheeks vibrating as she took her steps. So it was as we continued walking, until we got near the corner store that she had stopped of at last time.
Susan however did not stop, so I asked her if she was going to get dressed before we got home. She told me that she knew her father was not picking her up so she had left her blouse and bra at school, and since her father had been driving her to the bus stop she was not leaving any clothes hidden at the store any more.

It did not appear to bother her too much even when we came within sight of her own house , that she was dressed in this manner and I did not suggest that we roll the skirt down. When we arrived near the neighbours house Susan spoke up. “ Jerome, I know you want to push things and you know that I want to please you, so I am sure that if I enter my house from the back, I will be able to get by my mother dressed as I am, with out any problem. If this is what you would like me to do ?” With that said she steered me to the walk that took us around the back of her house.

Now things were real quaint back there , the was a small alcove in some what of a protected spot and it was into that , that Susan pulled me. “ Jerome, please make me cum, finger me please before you go , I need it , I need it real bad Please! ” Well what could I say , she had been fair, she had not complained about being walked home so scantily dressed, she had taken her spanking with out too much difficulty, had she learned I did not know . So I asked “ If I do you now, I understand that I will never have any problems again , no matter what is asked of you ?”

“ Yes Jerome” is all Susan said as she lifted her head looking to receive a kiss which of course I provided. While we embraced Susan took my hand and slipped it between her legs, where I encountered an even more dripping wet pussy, its lips swollen as thought they were ready to burst. My fingers entered Susan smoothly and began rapidly to diddle her, to work her clit. Susan began humping against my hand, gyrating her lower body against my arm. I reached for her tits and began fondling, pinching, rolling pulling at her very elongated nipples, extracting moans and groans from her inner core. Susan let go of me , worked her blazer off her shoulders, then pulled at her skirt , moving it right up over her sex and holding it against her stomach. She was opening her whole body, leaving me to play as I would, and I did . I reached around and teased her little bung hole, allowing just the tip of my finger to settle at the edge of her rim , then let it slip inside as she relaxed her muscles. Susan came, her orgasm hit hard, with her juices spraying out the side of my fingers, then her legs weakened and she collapsed. Had I not been holding her by her two holes she would have fallen to the ground.

I held Susan, our mouths , our tongues working furiously, as she rode out her wonderful sensations. I could feel the heat of her pretty well naked body burning into mine that fine afternoon as we stood there at the side of her house making out. It may well have been a half hour before Susan regained some ability to hold her own, then she broke the kiss “ Jerome, that was wonderful, thank you , thank you thank you” Susan quipped as she disengaged her body from mine “ I guess I had better get in before my mother gets too anxious as to my whereabouts ” She put her blazer back on, fastening the one and only button, then straighten out her skirt as best she could, hiding the fact that she was naked under her uniform, held my face in her little hands and kissed me once again. We said our good nights and I walked back to the front , on to the main road, while I saw her disappear around the back corner of the house.

I must have been four neighbouring houses away, when I heard my name being called from where I had left. I turned to see Susan running after me waving her arms at me, I could see her blazer flying out from her body, obviously it was unbuttoned, it also appeared that was all she had on for I saw no grey of the school skirt on the lower part of her body. When she finally caught up to me all I could hear was a bunch of words “ Jerome, Jerome, O .. glad.. I was …. to catch….. , you , please…. eh please come … come with …. me Please come “ Susan was out of breath so I was a bit concerned, I wondered if there was something wrong, maybe she found her mother sick or some thing, as the manner in which she was not completely dressed had more than surprised me . I told her to slow down to take her breath as she grabbed on to me hugging my tightly, heaving against me. I was concerned she appeared to be upset, and she sure as hell did not have much on, just her blazer and we were standing out on the street with out much cover.

Slowly Susan managed to get her breathing back in control, then she began to speak in a more focused manner. “ Jerome, come back to the house with me please, my mother is not home, she left me a note telling me she was meeting my father and they would be coming home around 9PM this evening, she told me that I would have to take care of myself for a bit, Oh Jerome, please come back with me, I want you to take care of me”
What could I say, here was my half naked girl asking me to come back to a house where there would be no parental supervision for the next three hours. I did not say anything, I did not move, I stood , my mind reeling with ideas, most of them sexual, as I grabbed on to Susan’s bottom globes and pulled her even more tightly up against my body, trusting that she would feel the lump of my now semi hard cock.

Susan started up again “ Jerome , please come back with me, there is no problem, there is no one home, you can make me cum again please.” Then perhaps thinking that she should be a bit more obedient Susan said “ Jerome we shall be free, you can do anything you want with me, to me , we have the whole house to ourselves, please Jerome, come on” as she began tugging at my arms. Of course I ceded I had no intention of not taking this opportunity, I was going to get her to satisfy me before I would even consider her needs, the time had come.

As we turned onto the path way leading to the back door, I stopped and said “ Give me your blazer Susan, take it off now “ . Not missing a step, Susan complied, now she was entirely naked, if the neighbours were indeed home and looking , they could not miss seeing the naked lily white girl leading the black boy around to the back of the house, that would certainly provide for some good conversations. Surveying the layout, I decided that outside would be just the place to start so I began “ Susan we are going to play some games, the porch looks like a very nice place enjoy ourselves, it is high up, and there is not much of obstructing the pretty view of the yard ” I did not mention that I was thinking that the neighbours had a pretty good view of her backyard, especially her deck I settled myself in a large comfortable chair telling Susan to remain standing before me, I wanted to look at her, I wanted to inspect her, to inspect all the details of her lily white body. I wanted her to stand there on the outside deck, in all her glory, hoping to have her think that she might be seen by the neighbours. This exposure was not like before, Susan was now standing there in her own backyard, bordered by people that knew her , people who if they saw her would certainly perhaps make some comment to her parents.

When Susan came running to get me, she most likely thought that since her parents were not home we could do things with a bit more privacy . I am sure she had not given any thought as to what I might make her do, when she told me she would obey me no matter what was required of her. I took my sweet time looking over the front of her beautiful firm young body, examining her pores, the soft coating of fine blond hairs covering her body. I noticed a small birth mark just under her left tit, the few beauty spores that spotted her body. I stared at her nipples, they were not quite elongated as I had seen them , yet they had not retracted either, Susan was aroused or becoming aroused.

I told her to raise her arms straight up over her head and hold her hands together, this caused her tits to stretch taught. In this position I was able to see the beginning of a growth of stubble under her arms. Susan must have saved earlier this week, perhaps even last Sunday, not that it was a dark shadow, after all she was blonde. I made her pirouette for me in that position for several turns. Then I had her bring her hands down, widen her stance and use her finger to separate her pussy lips, opening her folds until I was satisfied with what she was showing me. Susan flushed red in the face when the did this, I figured that this action would be difficult . If I were playing with her, and spread her wide like that it would have been much different, but it was she who was called upon to open her virgin cunt to expose its hidden treasures . A wild wanton act. leaving nothing to the imagination. I of course leaned forward close enough to inhale her lovely young scent, it was strong, Susan was aroused for sure.

After a few minutes of holding this position, I told her to turn around, to keep her feet spread, to bend forward and take hold of her ankles. I was treating myself to the best show around, her little anus hole pulsating, droplets of her juice clearly forming along her slit , it was just a beautiful sight. The sun was still shining, even though it was not high in the sky, but it’s light was illuminating all of Susan, all of her treasures, all of her excitement. To increase her anxiety, I told her to grab hold of the cheeks of her bottom and to spread them as wide as she could I wanted to inspect her secret passages, and again I advanced in my seat so that I could inhale the odor that Susan was emitting, she was definitely aroused let me tell you.

I must have taken a good twenty minutes perhaps a half hour putting Susan through this ordeal, I could hear her breathing above my own, after all the only other noises were the chirping of the birds, and the occasion banging of a door at some neighbours house. There were perhaps voices but as they were not clear enough, I could not determine if they were with in viewing distance. My cock was ready to burst by this time, so I proceeded
“ Susan turn around and kneel between my legs, you are going to do something for me” I finally said, taking a cushion from another deck chair I placed it so that Susan would be kneeling on something soft, as she would be in that position for a while.

“ Susan so far the things that we have done were to bring you to a pinnacle of arousal and let you experience the wonders of sexual sensations. It is now time to pay the piper, I am going to instruct you how to please your main man orally for the moment, I do not expect you to become an expert this afternoon. I want you to listen, to take your time and take it slow so that we can both enjoy this act.” I took her hands and placed them on my belt buckle “ Unfasten my pants and pull down the zipper as far as you can “ I told her in a firm gentle voice.

“ At this time I want you to learn how to work things in a confined space, as I may not be able to be as natural as you are, so use your hands to find the opening of my under shorts, again you must be aware that I am wearing jockey shorts, not boxer shorts which will make a difference on how you go about things.” I felt her warm soft hands come in contact with my pulsating cock and saw her hesitate. “ It is ok Susan that is just part of me , just like my hands, my lips, my fingers just part of me. I mean I know you know what a cock is, so you do not have to be afraid to touch it, to grasp it , to hold it.”

Susan began gingerly groping at my manhood, her little hands moving it back and forth in the confines of my shorts “ Susan it would be better if you slipped my cock out the opening in my shorts, that way it will have room to grow and you can get a handle on things” I offered no help, I wanted her to do this all on her own, after all I would be expecting her to do so when every I requested. “ That’s it Susan bring him out pull him straight , let him grow in the afternoon air, fix the material of the underwear so that it is not too tight around his girth” I watched as she fiddled with the material of my pants,
moving it around so that my cock appeared to be comfortable. “ Now take it in your two hands, feel its strength, touch it firmly, but gently at the same time, do not be afraid to apply pressure”

Susan took my rod in her hand, no doubt marveling at the apparatus it was, she tenderly at first began to kneed it with her fingers. Then with a bit more force she began running her fingers all over, almost as a blind person does when there are touching something to figure out what it is. My cock was responding to her touch , it grew in both length and girth, surprising her as it popped up much closer to her mouth that she had anticipated I am sure. “ Susan stick your tongue out and lick it like you would a popsicle, or an ice cream cone “ I told her . I watched as she tentatively let the tip of her pink tongue swipe at the good sized black cock she was holding with both hands.

As the tip touched I involuntarily let out a sharp little gasp, the feeling was exquisite.
Susan must have understood that she was doing well, for she immediately placed the flat of her whole tongue on the underside of my cock licked right up to the bulbous head.

“ That’s my girl, continue doing that , do it all around my cock, lick from the bottom to the top, just like you are doing, that is just fine.” I complimented. After she got me all salivated I told her “ Now run your tongue around the top, try and insert the tip of your tongue in my little piss hole, Yes like that , that’s fine”

“ Open your mouth as wide as you can, try and cover the head completely, let it slip into your beautiful warm mouth, yes that’s good, lick the head like you would a lollypop.” I continued. “ Susan I want you to move your hands up and down the shaft, like this” as I placed my hand over hers and slow methodically began to show her how to pump my rod “ at the same time I want you to bob your mouth over the head and let my cock slip into your mouth as far as you can . “ Oh! Oh! , YES ! just like that, not too fast, be careful with your teeth, you need not bite, set yourself a rhythm that you can handle, there is no rush let’s take our time to enjoy the sensations”.

I sat back relaxed and let Susan continue, she had caught on fairly fast . While she was engulfing my entire rod , something I would have to show her eventually, she was bringing me along very well. I could have enjoyed this for quite a while, but I had other things on my mind. I watched her body react to the situation, I could tell that she also was beginning to excite herself. I told her to stop and stand up arms straight at her side, legs spread open. I myself then stood, taking the occasion to slip my hand between her legs, to feel her wetness, to coat my fingers with her leaking juices. “ Susan, I want you to take my pants and underwear off please, strip them from my body now” I said in a forceful voice.

Once she had done so, I sat back in the deck chair, but this time I placed my rear end closer to the edge of the chair, allowing my balls to hang clear. “ Susan get back on your knees and start again” I ordered. “ This time , I want you to take hold of my balls, I want you to lick them, I want you to take them, one at a time, then both of them and suck them into your mouth , carefully and gently we are in no rush.” The sensation I felt once my little white girl had my balls in her mouth was something to dream about, and I still do after all these years. “ Rub you hands over the length of my rod Susan feel it responding to your touch, feel the increase in the throbbing of my heart beat, feel the power you have over this piece of me” I said as I heard her beginning to moan and groan.

“Susan it is time to take the head back into your pretty little mouth, and as you do so I want your to scoop up some of your own leakage and use it to lubricate the length of my cock, use lots and lots of it. I was you to reach your fingers down long the shaft, down in to my pubic hairs, down to the bottom of my balls, and stoke the space between my cock and my arse hole. That a girl, nice long slow stokes, yes a bit more pressure, Yes! Oh! Oh! not too hard, that is better”

I could feel myself getting close, I was not thinking of holding back, like I had done testing her resolve at other times, this time was my time, I was going to satisfy myself.. Susan must have really been leaking, because she was still using her fingers to coast my rod with her juices as she stoked with much more conviction . It appeared that she was more comfortable with herself, more comfortable knowing that she was doing good.
“ Susan I want you to take as much of me into your mouth as you can, as you feel you can with out panicking “ I said as I placed my two hands on her head and slowly began to fuck her mouth. “ Susan, I intend to come in your mouth, so don’t be surprised, and do not attempt to pull away. I want you to swallow as much as you can and suck on my cock to extract the most of my seed as possible, Do you understand ? ” With that out of the way, I increased the speed I was pumping at , watching her try to follow me , I could see tears running from her eyes, she was not so sure any longer. Then finally I felt the surge, the heat of my liquid as it passed from my ball sac, through my rod and exited into Susan’s still unsuspecting mouth. I heard her gurgle, trying to gasp for air as the creamy white spunk splattered the back of her mouth and slipped into her throat. Susan did not pull away, she did not strike at me with her hands, she tried her best to accommodate my release.

I looked down at my little white girl, her mouth full of black cock, streams of creamy liquid spunk running out the sides, and smiled “ You did well Susan, now use your tongue and lick my cock clean, leave no traces of my seed” Once I was satisfied that she had cleaned me properly , I had her stand up straight , her arms at her sides . It was then that I noticed a huge wet spot on the deck, it was not quite a puddle, but indeed Susan had herself leaked a good quantity of juice leaving it to stain the wooden patio deck. Even though it was still fairly light, it was however getting late, our time was indeed running out and I wanted to have a bit more fun so I told Susan that we should continue inside. Her face light right up, no doubt thinking that I was going to pleasure her now, in her own home, in her own space, perhaps even in her own bed.

We entered by way of the kitchen, it was a much smaller place than mine, there was a living room , a smaller perhaps a den off to the side, a room with a washing machine and that was about it. I did not want to chance things up in Susan’s bedroom, in fact I did not what her thinking that we were indeed becoming a committed couple. Looking around, I finally said “ Susan , I need you to go get some rope, or scarves , ties or better yet some old nylons ”. I have no idea what exactly went through her mind at that moment, but some of the colour drained from her face, she no longer showed the flush pink she had been. She did not move right way either, her hesitation brought a scolding from me “ Susan you are hesitating, you know I don’t like that, are you looking to be punished ?”

This brought her back to life quickly, she was gone and back in no time with her hands full of scarves and nylons which she handed me. “ Get up on the kitchen table, and lay you self on your back” I told her as I moved in direction of the table. I arranged her lovely little naked body, bringing her little ass to the edge , setting her feet flat on the table itself. I used several scarves wrapped together to blindfold Susan’s eyes, then went about binding her wrists pulling her arms crisscross at the top of her head I fixed them to the opposite leg of the table. This had the effect of squeezing her body, well her chest somewhat stretching her tits taught.

With the remaining nylons I tied her ankles together but loose enough that I could also crisscross them when I was ready. I moved to the end of the table, pulling a chair in close and positioned myself . I lifted Susan’s legs, slipped them over my head and settled them on my shoulders. Susan was now nicely opened before me. I placed my to hand under her little bottom and eased her even wider, to the point that the folds of her little pink cunt moved apart, giving me and unobstructed view right up inside her delicate tunnel. All I could see was pink, the vibrating pink walls of her pussy, her little clit that was hanging there now vulnerable to my assault It was late, I was hungry and I was going to eat this pink pussy until my hunger was satisfied.

I licked, I lapped, I chewed. I used my lips, my tongue, my teeth. I worked Susan’s pussy
while she screamed, squirmed and bucked on the kitchen table to which she was tied. I drained her until there was not more to drain, yet I kept at it,. I was enjoying myself immensely, the taste of this lovely fresh white lily of a girl was intoxicating, I could not stop myself. I had placed my hand under her bottom in such a manner as I could use my pinkies to tease her little back hole and I afforded myself the pleasure of teasing her unmercifully . Susan had been asking me to make cum, and I obliged, she had orgasms until she could not loner stand it, she began telling my to stop, yet I did not , not until I was satisfied, her orgasms were only a by product as far as I was concerned. I was hungry for cunt, and that was what she was.

Fortunately for me, for what every the reason, I happened to look up at the kitchen wall clock at 8:45. Realizing that her parents were due to be home around 9 PM, I concluded that I had better stop. Had there perhaps been more time, that little wide open hole would have taken my long think black cock, but alas it was too late that night. I did however take the opportunity, after having pulled Susan’s legs back off my shoulders, to rub my manly apparatus along the reddened lips of her pussy, until I shot my seed, all over her belly. I untied Susan telling her that she had better get her self in order, get her clothes from the back deck, and put the kitchen in order, before her parents arrived.

With that said, I slipped on my clothes, provided her with a decent passionate kiss and made my exit, traveling home with a immensely good feeling

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