My neighbor’s kids

In my small town, you either had lots of friends to keep you from getting bored, or you found ways of amusing yourself alone. I fell into the latter category, since I was a bit of a loner and found it difficult making friends. When I turned 13, I graduated from shooting balls at the garage door with my hockey stick to masturbating several times daily. I realized that I was probably creating some kind of phobia or something, but didn’t care because it felt good to cum. From age 12 to 13, I watched as my cum shooting prowess improved constantly, and because I hated cleaning up, I got proficient at shooting my cum out my open window beside my bed.

It was the summer of 1991 when the first cum shooting incident created a huge controversy. Allegedly, one of my cum shots hit the neighbor’s 8 year old daughter Sarah in the hair and the eye. I guess the first stream landed in her hair and when she looked up to see what it was, the next shot got her in the eye. Sarah ran home to get her mother, who said it was probably bird shit, but when she cleaned her kid up, she knew what it was and came out to investigate. I heard the commotion and stuck my head out the window, and was told by the neighbor to get down there right away.

I approached Sarah and her mother and asked what was going on. The mother said her daughter had been hit by something from my window, and she wanted an explanation. My silence prompted her to tell me that she knew exactly what it was, and that it better not happen again, or she would be speaking to my father. That was good enough for me, because if my old man ever heard about this, I would get an ass whuppin for sure. Go figure that the kid would be under my window just as I am shooting cum.

The next day before masturbating, I looked out my bedroom window and noticed that the two kids next door were down below. I ducked my head back in so they couldn’t see me, but could still hear them talking about yesterday’s mess. Sarah the eight year old girl was a cute kid, with curly blonde hair, and her brother Matt was about 12 and was an obnoxious bully. Matt told Sarah that he had overheard his mother telling his dad about the mess, and said that I must have jerked off out the window, and that is how the cum got in Sarah’s eye. Sarah started asking all kinds of questions about cum and jerking off, so Matt said he would show her in their tree house out back.

I watched as they went into the backyard, and because the tree house was just a few feet lower than my window, I could see right in. I could no longer hear them, but I watched as Matt took down his shorts and pulled out his cock for Sarah to see. He motioned for her to move closer and when she did, he took her hand and placed it on his cock. He was obviously showing her how to jerk him off, because he helped her stroke his cock, but he also was trying to get her clothes off. I am not sure how much Sarah knew about sex, but she was about to make some new discoveries. Matt had pulled Sarah’s shorts and panties down and had his hand between her legs rubbing her pussy. Sarah was still stroking Matt’s cock, and because she was so close to him, he easily pulled her down on her knees and stuck his cock in her mouth. I could see that Sarah was protesting, but whatever Matt said to her stopped the protesting, and I could now see her mouth moving up and down on his cock. I was now totally aroused and jerking furiously at my own cock, and when I felt like my balls were ready to erupt cum through the end of my cock, I instinctively pointed my cock at the open window. As my streams of cum shot out my window, I could see clearly that Matt was now pumping his cock in and out of Sarah’s mouth with more speed, and when he grabbed her by the ears, I knew he was cumming in her mouth. I could tell that she was trying to get away from the cum, but Matt had a strong hold on her ears, and she was forced to swallow. My attention was diverted when I heard a scream from below my window, so I looked below and there was Sarah’s mother wiping my cum from her hair and forehead. I knew this wasn’t going to be good, so I ran from my bedroom downstairs and into the garage to get my bike. I peddled my ass out of the neighborhood and kept riding until I was too tired to pedal.

When I reached the mall on the far side of town, I stopped and sat on a bench, trying to think of a way out of this mess. No matter how hard I tried to come up with some kind of story, nothing made sense, so I decided that I was going to go home and take my ass whuppin. After all, the pain only lasts a day or so, and I figured I could handle it. I rode back to our house and saw that my father was home from work, so I put my bike away and went inside to face the music. Both my parents greeted me normally and there was no mention of a problem. I figured that my neighbor must not have got around to telling my parents yet, so I went to her house to face her, and get it over with. I just couldn’t handle the thought of this hanging over my head for days and never knowing when the hammer was coming down.

I knocked and when Matt opened the door he said “so what do you want asswipe”? I felt like punching him, since I had never liked this kid, but instead I decided to let him know that I saw what went on in the tree house earlier today. That shut him up in a hurry, and I thought he was going to piss his pants. When he still hadn’t said anything, I told him to go get his mother for me, so he slammed the door and didn’t come back. I really did want to get this problem over with so I knocked again, but no one answered. I could hear Matt inside telling his mother not to answer the door, because there were Jehovahs out there. I knew she wouldn’t be coming now, because in our neighborhood, we all hated them Jehovahs going door to door, and if we knew it was them, we didn’t answer the knock.

I went back home and sat in my bedroom nervously waiting for my day of reckoning, whenever the hell that was going to be. I was tempted to jerk off to forget about my troubles, but since that was what got me into trouble in the first place, that idea was out. Mom called me for supper so I made my way downstairs and sat at the table. Mom was still in the kitchen, and Dad said he needed to talk to me in private after we finished eating. It was out. Obviously he had talked to our neighbor, and my beating would get taken care of tonight.

After supper I helped clean up the table and the kitchen, and then Dad told me he wanted to see me in the garage. I thought of that movie “Dead man walking” as I walked slowly to the garage to face the executioner. Dad told me to sit down, and then told me the following: “our neighbor spoke to me today and claimed that you have been masturbating and ejaculating out your bedroom window. She said that you have hit her daughter in the eye and now today hit her in the face. What do you think I should do about this son”? I noticed that he was making a really strange face when he was talking, and as soon as he asked me what he should do about it, he started laughing hysterically, and almost fell off his stool. I wasn’t sure what I should do or say, so just sat there silently. He said that he wasn’t really expecting me to answer him, but thought that it was the funniest thing he had ever heard. He was still chuckling as he put his arm around me and said “I would have paid a lot of money to see that woman hit by your ejaculate”. Now I started laughing with him, and when he said “from now on close your window before you shoot”, I lost it and couldn’t stop laughing. He said to come back in the house for dessert, and if mom asked what we talked about, to tell her it was guy talk about sex. At least that was no lie.

What a relief, now that it was out and bonus-no beating. I would have to use some of my allowance though, to stock up on Kleenex.

Those kids next door gave me some interesting and arousing times as time went on, but I’ll leave those stories for the next chapter.

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