My first time with Janice

I grew up in a small town and did all the typical boring kid stuff, until I discovered that my cock could be used for more than pissing. I realized how good it felt to pleasure myself, and fantasize about doing sexual things with girls. I was 13 and this was about the time I started shooting cum from my cock, and was in a constant state of erection. I was 13, lonely, horny, and oversexed. Some pathetic eh? Being an only child, and having very prudish parents, I basically had no one to talk to about sex and girls, and my friends didn’t have the same interests as I did. They humored me by smiling when I talked about what I would like to do with girls, but there wasn’t really any meaningful conversation.

My cousin Janice was also 13, but unlike me, she had brothers and sisters who were younger than her. We always got on ok, but a couple of her brothers really bugged me, so for that reason; I kept my distance and never really got to know them. Janice and I were in the same grade in school, and we nodded as we passed each other in the halls, but that was about it.

During good weather months I would eat my lunch outside, rather than in the cafeteria, so I could check out the girls, while eating. This particular day, it was very hot and humid, and I was really enjoying the view of girls perspiring, and their clothes sticking to their bodies. I happened to notice Janice was eating her lunch outside, sitting in the shade under a large tree, and she saw me at the same time. We nodded and I went back to my sandwich, and back to checking out the other girls.

As I was getting ready to head back in to school, I saw Janice arguing with an older boy, who appeared to be getting more aggressive. I figured that it was none of my business, so I skirted around that area, however, when she yelled my name, I looked up to see the boy had grabbed her by the throat. Instinctively, I ran over and asked if she needed help, but met a stiff forearm from this guy who told me to get lost if I knew what was good for me. Looking up from the ground, I couldn’t help but notice that this guy was much bigger than me, but I also couldn’t ignore him hurting my cousin. I said sorry and got up to walk away, so as the guy turned his attention back to my cousin, I kicked him in the groin from behind, and he hit the ground groaning in agony. I took Janice’s hand and said we should get the hell out of there before he recovered. As we neared the entrance to the school door, I looked back to see that the guy was still on the ground rolling around. She thanked me and went on to her locker. Now, I started to realize the enormous problem I was facing when that big guy recovered and decided to start looking for me. Fortunately that wasn’t likely to be today, but I worried about having to look over my shoulder from now on.

That same evening my family was having supper when a knock at the door interrupted us. When I answered the door, I was greeted by two police officers, who asked my name, and then asked to talk to my parents. They described an assault that had occurred at my school, which resulted in someone being hospitalized, and they were here to investigate my involvement. My parents told them they would have to come back later because we were eating, but they wouldn’t leave. They said if that was their final decision, they would simply take me into custody, and down to their headquarters for interrogation. My parents relented and had them sit down.

The police said they had witnesses to the assault, and wanted to hear my version of events. I described everything that happened earlier that day, and also emphasized that I believed my cousin was in danger of being choked to death, and that is why I used the kick from behind. I also emphasized that he struck me first and knocked me to the ground. I didn’t imagine at the time that I kicked him hard enough to do enough damage to put the guy in the hospital, so I was pretty mystified by all this. I asked them if they had talked to my cousin Janice, and they indicated that she was their next stop, and I wasn’t to leave the house until they returned. My parents were pretty miffed that supper was interrupted, and that I faced the possibility of assault charges.

Two hours later the police returned and explained that I wasn’t going to be charged, because my cousin had corroborated my story, and based on her statement, they were going to charge the other guy with aggravated assault, since Janice’s neck was showing bruises where he had choked her.

After the police left, my parents didn’t have a lot to say, until they received a phone call from Janice’s father. My Uncle told my parents that they thought I was a hero, who had selfishly come to Janice’s aid during the assault. They also asked if they could bring Janice over to thank me again for my help. They arrived a few minutes later, and I was surprised to see how badly bruised Janice’s neck was. Janice gave me a hug and thanked me, and then my aunt and uncle proceeded to tell everyone how proud they were of me.

Since mom had made coffee for the adults, I asked Janice if she wanted to go to the basement rec room with me, so we could talk. We headed off to the basement, and I couldn’t wait to get the story out of her, as to why that guy was choking her. She began telling me that the guy was her gymnastics coach, and a few weeks ago he started getting too friendly and touchy feely. Because he was starting to show signs of being aggressive, she stopped going to his gym for lessons. When he came to the school that day, he started accusing her of being a “cock teaser”, and when she told him to get lost, that’s when he grabbed her by the throat.
Janice was getting herself more upset telling me the story, so I gave her a hug and tried to console her. As I hugged her, I couldn’t help but notice that her boobs were pretty well developed and they felt really good pressed into me. This was no time to be feeling horny and looking at my cousins’ boobs, but I couldn’t seem to help myself. My cock started to throb, and I had to be careful that Janice didn’t see or feel the bulge in my pants.

When Janice started to cry even harder, she mumbled something about not knowing why she was being called a cock teaser. I pulled her away from me, looked her in the eyes and told her that she didn’t have a problem and that it was the perverted gymnastics instructor who was at fault. Unfortunately at that moment we were about a foot apart, and I had forgotten that my cock was throbbing and tenting out the front of my pants. Somehow Janice noticed the bulge in my pants, and started crying even harder. I stood frozen for a few seconds, and then sat down to hide the bulge. Janice said to me “see, he was right and I guess I really am a cock teaser”, and continued sobbing. I wasn’t sure about another hug, but I put my hand on her arm and told her that she was a really great looking girl, and that I was sorry I couldn’t control the bulge in my pants. The crying eased up and she asked if it was really true that I thought she was great looking. I felt like I had to be very careful what I said in response, so I thought for a few seconds, and as I was about to respond, we heard my uncle yell down that it was time to go. As we headed up, I walked behind her hoping that my bulge would be gone by the time we got upstairs, but watching her ass in front of me, it wasn’t going away any time soon. I am sure they thought that it was rude that I stayed in the basement, and yelled goodbye from there, but what else could I do.

That night as I lay in bed thinking about Janice’s boobs pressed against me, and imagining that I had her naked in bed with me, I jerked off and came in record time. I couldn’t get over the effect she had on me, and began to wonder why I hadn’t noticed her before. I really hoped that there would be other opportunities to be with Janice and maybe get a little more out of her, but for now I was getting drowsy, probably because I had just come.

The following day my parents asked me if I thought I would be okay if they left me alone for two days, to attend a weekend conference in New York. Apparently my Dad’s company was paying all expenses and wives were invited to go along. I was a little worried what that big guy might do to me when he left the hospital, but I also thought it would be great having the house all to myself. I told them I would be fine and that they should go to the conference and not worry about me. They left for the airport Friday night at 6:00pm, and I began to plan my next two days of total freedom. Of course the first thing that came to mind was how I could get Janice here alone, and how I might get her to go along with some hijinks.

When I called Janice and asked her if she wanted to come over, she questioned why. I told her that we could continue our talk, and that maybe she would feel better, if she had a good listener.
She said that she was surprised at the invitation, because I hadn’t paid that much attention to her in the past. I said that I was trying to help, because of what she went through and I guess after thinking it over; she realized that it might be helpful to talk things through. Janice told me that she had planned to stay the night at a girlfriend’s house, but she could come over for an hour or so around 8 o’clock.

My cock was throbbing in anticipation, although I had no idea what I might be able to pull off or how. It was 7:30 and my cock was still hard, and because I didn’t want to answer the door with a bulge, I had to figure out something to do, to take my mind off Janice. I decided that homework would be a good enough distraction, so I got out my books and got to it. Before I knew it, Janice was at the door, and before she sat down, she asked me where my parents were. I told her, and she didn’t look worried at all about being alone with me.

We went downstairs to the rec room and sat on the sofa a few feet apart. To prepare for Janice’s visit, I had removed my underwear and just had on shorts and a t-shirt. Janice was wearing a halter top and shorts, and looked really sexy. She sat with her arms folded and her legs crossed, and because that seemed to highlight her best features, my cock started growing. Janice said that she was really surprised that I was taking such an interest in her, after being virtual strangers for so long. I told her that she is family, and I very much regretted not being there for her in the past, but I was going to change that.

Janice seemed more comfortable after hearing that, and as she uncrossed her arms from her chest, I noticed that her nipples were visible through her halter top. They seemed to be protruding, and I had to really concentrate, so I wasn’t staring at them, but my cock sure noticed. She asked me if boys saw something in particular in a girl or in her behavior that would make them think that the girl was a cock teaser. Hearing her say “cock” was such a turn on, I could feel precum leaking into my shorts, so I had to cross my legs to try and conceal my tent and any possible stain from the precum. As I searched for the right words to answer her question, I couldn’t help but notice her looking down towards my shorts. I told her that the question had many answers, but first and foremost the girls beauty, and the way she dressed are major factors. I went on to explain “take you for instance; you are gorgeous, have a great figure, and you wear really sexy clothing. That in itself doesn’t mean you are a cock teaser, but if you combined those things with any kind of flirting, then most boys would consider you to be a cock teaser”.

Janice asked me if I thought that she was a flirt, because she felt that she was just a very friendly person, and people shouldn’t read any more into it. Before I could answer, she said “can you explain to me what I have done to cause the huge bulge in your shorts, because this is the second time this has happened”? I thought to myself “Fuck me, I am so busted and likely will scare her right out of the house”. I took a few seconds to regain my composure and finally blurted out “Janice I am so sorry if I embarrassed you, and I know that I have embarrassed myself, but please don’t be upset with me”. She replied “so tell me then, why are you getting hard around me”? I thought that I couldn’t make things any worse, so I decided to be totally honest with her. I said “Janice, I find you incredibly hot and sexy, and even though you are my cousin, you really get me turned on, so that I can’t control myself”. She said “Does that mean that you are going to try and attack me or something”? I said “no and please don’t think that I would ever hurt you or do anything inappropriate. My problem is that you make my cock really hard and I can’t stop it or calm it down”. She asked if this happens around other girls, so I told her that it does, but not as often. She said “how do you get it to settle down, because it looks like you must be uncomfortable”?

As I thought about my response, I saw that Janice was still staring at the bulge in my shorts, and almost as if it had a mind of its own, it throbbed. She squirmed and shifted her position on the sofa, so I knew that she had seen it and that it must have made her uncomfortable. I said to Janice “I will totally understand if you want to run out of here and avoid me from now on, but I really hope that you don’t think I am some kind of pervert”. She said that she didn’t think I was a pervert, but was very curious as to what I normally would do to stop it from throbbing. I really can’t dig this hole any deeper, so I just told her that the only solution is to jerk it off, and once I have cum, it settles down. Janice surprised me by saying that she had caught her brother jerking off once, but because he got so mad at her, she ran and wasn’t able to see much. So I said to her “does that mean that you are interested in seeing a guy jerk off”? She said that she couldn’t help but be curious, and that I was the only one that she has ever told these things. I was getting a little bolder now, and my cock was almost completely out of control, so I asked her if she would like to see me jerk off. She said that she was frightened, and had never talked like this with anyone before. I moved over beside her and put my arm around her shoulder, and told her that I would never hurt her or force myself upon her. She looked down at my shorts and then asked how the jerking off was supposed to work.

As I started to speak, she moved in tightly to me and I took her hand and placed it on my bare thigh. As I placed my free hand on her thigh, I explained that jerking off wasn’t really necessary if a guy had a beautiful girl with him to help relieve the pressure. I asked her if she trusted me, and when she nodded yes, I told her to relax and I would show her everything. I said that we both needed to undress, so I stood up with my bulging shorts only inches from her face and took off my clothes. She gasped in amazement and said she wasn’t sure if she would be able to undress in front of me, so I figured that I better get things moving before she ended up running away.

I took her hands and pulled her up standing in front of me, and then hugged her gently as I kissed her neck and earlobes. I moved her hands so that one was on my cock and the other under my balls and asked her to begin stroking my cock. I was really hoping that I wasn’t going to cum too soon, because I needed time to figure out how to get her out of her clothes. I could tell that she was enjoying the kissing, because she made soft moaning sounds, and she soon began doing the same to me. As soon as I felt her tongue on my neck, she started stroking my shaft, so I began removing her clothes, and felt no resistance. As her panties joined her shorts and halter top on the floor, I now realized that her naked body was pressing into me. I took her face in my hands and began kissing her on the lips, and as I felt her tongue move into my mouth, I thought my cock couldn’t throb any harder and that I would surely blow. I gently put Janice back down on the couch lying on her back and knelt beside her. I kissed from her face down to her breasts, and remained there sucking on her nipples, as she moaned and squirmed. I sucked the erect nipples one after the other, while my hands slowly moved down her abdomen.

I felt her hands move to my cock and begin stroking, so I parted her legs and began the search for her clitoris. I kissed my way down her stomach, and had to remove her hand from my cock, to get better access. I moved up on the sofa between her legs, and began kissing her outer pussy lips, and I could feel her pushing upwards and spreading her legs wider. My tongue was now between those hot and moist lips and I could feel the little bump that caused her to moan loudly, as I flicked my tongue at it. I now took the clit into my mouth and sucked hard, but still used my tongue in a circular motion, and this seemed to put her over the edge. She humped my face and said she was cumming, and told me not to stop what I was doing. As she came on my face, I was holding her breasts in my hands, and pulling gently on the erect nipples. Janice pulled me up on top of her and kissed me so passionately, I instinctively began humping as my cock approached her open pussy. It was dripping from her orgasm, and from all of my saliva, so my cock slid right in until it reached her hymen. Janice looked up at me and whispered for me to take her, and then she kissed me. I hadn’t given much thought to the fact that Janice was a virgin, so I had to think about this, because there was no going back, once the hymen was broken.

I didn’t have long to consider the issue, because her tongue in my mouth, combined with her pussy humping up at me, made the decision for me. I pushed my cock forward and then pulled back until I was almost out of her pussy, and then with a big thrust, I broke through her hymen and felt my cock fully enveloped in her pussy. Janice had groaned slightly when I broke through, so before I began humping, I asked her if she was okay. She said “I am more than okay, keep going, I want to come again”. That was all I needed to know, so I began thrusting slowly in and out, while still sucking her tongue into my mouth. She was matching my thrusts, by humping up towards my cock, and in less than a minute, I was shooting streams of cum deep into her pussy, as she moaned that she was cumming with me. As I continued humping with her, we could hear the squishing sounds of my cum being churned, and this was such a turn on, my humping grew stronger. My cock hadn’t totally deflated so I continued fucking her and I felt her pussy gripping me as it contracted, and I just knew that I was going to cum again. Janice felt my cock grow inside her so she matched me stroke for stroke, humping wildly, and came again, just as I blew for the second time.

We hugged tightly and couldn’t stop kissing each other, except we were out of breath, so I had to roll off of her onto the floor. Janice looked down at me lovingly, and then rolled off the sofa and lay beside me. We couldn’t even speak, but there was no need, because we were totally happy and spent. Janice lay on my chest looking down at my wilted and cum soaked cock, while I lay quietly taking in all that had just happened. As I thought about the experience, my cock twitched and throbbed, so Janice put her hand on it. My cock was pretty beat up, but when I felt her hand start to move gently up and down, and I heard the squishing sounds, it was now fully engorged.

Janice looked pretty tired and because her pussy was most likely a little tender, I pulled her face to mine and kissed her, and asked her to let go of my cock. She said that he must need to cum again, and she felt like she needed to help. I told her that she was probably late for her sleepover at her friend’s house, so there wouldn’t be enough time. She looked around for the phone and asked me to pass it to her. She called her friend and said that she wouldn’t be able to make it tonight, but would call her tomorrow to explain. Janice looked at me after hanging up the phone and said “now we have all night to take care of that swelling in your cock”.
The end

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