Authors note: This story is part fantasy but is based on an actual relationship I had with an alcoholic, who was also a sexual dynamo.

My alcoholic ex

When I first got together with my ex, she was a beautiful and caring woman, who made every effort to please her man. It had been a long time since I had a woman so anxious to please me, and who would try just about any sexual act a man could dream up. Jane and I did all the usual bar hopping things, since we both enjoyed having a few drinks to feel good, and we liked the crowds and camaraderie that develops when you become a regular. It was about three months into our relationship when I started to figure out that she had a problem with alcohol. She began showing signs of aggression and hostility for reasons only known to her, and I guess in the beginning I tolerated it, because she was such a sexual dynamo in bed.

I can recall sober times when I would be driving, and I would see her glance around to check out traffic, and then she would just go down on me and suck my cock until I came in her mouth. It happened in parks, secluded tables in restaurants, in my fishing boat and believe it or not, at Canada’s Wonderland, where she sucked me on the roller coaster, while it was full of people. That was one of those unforgettable moments, having your cock sucked while going down a steep decline. It seemed as if she only was concerned about my happiness and gratification, and could care less about those around us.

I would later discover that Jane had a history of violent alcoholic behavior in her previous relationships, but had come to rely on her sexual prowess to keep men from leaving her. After about five months, I was now being abused mentally and physically when she was in her drunken stupors, and thought many times about leaving her. What kept me was the sexual gratification that was far better than anything I had ever experienced, plus the fact that when she was sober, she was a great partner.

There are a few memorable experiences that I would like to share, since my cock still hardens and throbs, when I think of them. The first involves Jane making love with another woman. During one of our times in the fishing boat, when she had already consumed a few drinks, but was not yet drunk, she asked me if two women making out would be a turn on for me. As she talked, she crept up the boat and got between my legs, and had me stand so she could take down my shorts. After I sat down, she started licking and sucking on my balls and then my cock. She wet her finger and started rubbing my asshole and inserted a finger gently to give me a prostate massage, as she was blowing me. She would take my cock from her mouth every once in a while to talk about the “two women” thing. She told me about a lesbian experience that she had a few years ago, and she always wished she could repeat it, but only if it wouldn’t upset me. I think she knew my reaction was very positive, when I put my fishing pole down and took her head in my hands and face fucked her until I blasted my cum into her mouth. Jane was such a sexually charged woman; she never took my cock out of her mouth after I came, until I gave her a signal. There were also times when she kept my cock in her mouth after I came, and just the sensuous feel of being held and gently licked, got me hard a second time, which prompted her to suck harder until I came again.

I withdrew my cock from her mouth and because she was still sucking, it made a slight popping sound which was pretty cool. I told her that I thought watching her with another woman would be a huge turn on, so long as I could join in at some point and fuck them both. She said of course, and she wouldn’t have it any other way. A few weeks later, I got a real shock when I discovered that Jane had put a plan in place to surprise me on our six month anniversary, with another woman. Her friend Sarah from work was a petite lady about our age, was married, but not happily, and loved to drink and have a good time. I guess their friendship had allowed them to have some very intimate conversations about lesbian sex, threesomes, blowjobs, etc. and they had put together this plan for our anniversary.

As Jane and I pulled into our driveway that night, I could see that someone was at our house, so Jane said not to panic, because it was Sarah from work. I had met Sarah before and thought she was pretty hot, but she always seemed to be down in the dumps, and complaining about her husband. As we entered the house, I saw that Sarah had our liquor and wine out and had already started drinking. Sarah was wearing pink loose fitting track pants and a matching top, and I thought she looked really sexy. I poured a drink for Jane and then said I was heading upstairs for a shower. I knew something was going to happen, so I showered quickly and threw on track pants, without any underwear. I didn’t wear a top, because the house was pretty warm. As I walked down the stairs, I noticed that some of the furniture had been moved, and there on the carpet in the middle of the room was Jane and Sarah lying naked in a 69 position. I could hear slurping sounds as they licked and sucked each other’s pussies, and before I hit the bottom step, my cock was hard and throbbing. Jane looked up at me and asked me to get rid of the track pants, and bring that throbbing cock over, for them both to enjoy.

As horny as I was at that moment, I couldn’t move, and so I just stood there watching this incredible sight, but did manage to get my track pants off. When Sarah looked over at me, she said that she wanted my cock in her, while she sucked Jane’s pussy. I finally moved and went straight to Jane rather than Sarah, because I wanted to be certain that it was okay with her. Jane smiled and said “anything goes Babe, so do as Sarah asked and fuck her pussy”. Sarah was on top, so I moved around to approach her pussy while Jane was finishing her last licks. Jane took my cock and directed it towards Sarah’s pussy, and as I sank into her wetness, I could feel Jane sucking my balls into her mouth from underneath. I also felt Jane reach around and get a finger into me for a prostate massage, and I began to worry that I might cum too soon. Sarah started wiggling her hips around and I began to thrust into her, but had limited range, because my balls were still sucked into Jane’s mouth. Just a little thrusting caused Sarah to raise her mouth up from Jane’s pussy, to say that she was going to cum. I asked Jane to release my balls, and when she did, I jack hammered my cock into Sarah’s pussy from behind and came just as she orgasmed. Jane knew that I blew my load into Sarah’s pussy, so she motioned for me to move back a bit, and began hungrily licking and sucking my cum from Sarah’s pussy.

As I lay there recovering from my incredible orgasm, I watched the two of them continue their lovemaking, and soon they were both screaming that they were cumming. When they finally removed their faces from their pussies, I noticed that Jane’s face was still covered in my cum that she sucked out of Sarah’s pussy. What a fucking turn on this was, and in no time I was hard as a rock again and inching my way greedily towards Sarah’s mouth. She was a little tired, but knew what I wanted so she flicked her tongue at my cock and said “fuck my mouth you horny bastard”. I cupped her face in my hands and began to mouth fuck her slowly at first and then more forcefully. Jane encouraged me and said “fuck her face hard babe, and fill her with your cum”. Jane massaged my balls as I stroked into Sarah’s mouth, and in a few minutes my second load of cum was being spewed down her throat. The three of us collapsed on the carpet to recover, but before the night ended, we had performed just about every imaginable sexual act, including anal sex. I remember Sarah saying that she wasn’t terribly comfortable with anal sex, but she didn’t seem to mind my cock ramming her ass, while Jane sucked on her clitoris.

When Jane and I awoke the next morning, we talked about the experience and she told me that I could have repeats whenever I wanted. There never was a repeat, because we moved on to other things.

One of those other things came about when Jane described a visit to her niece’s place a while ago. She said that her niece had a male dog that hadn’t been fixed, and all the time she was there, the dog tried to hump her. She asked me not to get upset, but she said that seeing the dog’s hard cock rubbing against her leg turned her on. I had never given much thought to the subject of sex with animals, but just the way Jane had told this story made my cock hard. We talked about why she felt turned on by the dog, but she couldn’t really explain it, but admitted that she has been thinking constantly about having that dog’s cock in her.

We went on to the internet and found a bunch of sites where there were pictures and videos of women being fucked by many different animals. I jokingly asked Jane if she wanted to fuck any other animals besides the dog, and she said that she would love to try it with almost any animal. We were both so turned on that we dropped to the floor and had rough sex for 30 minutes non-stop. When we were finished, she asked me if I would like to see her fucking with an animal, and I guess my curiosity got the best of me, so I said I would love to see that. She hugged me as if I had just given her a million dollars, and then she went straight for my cock, and sucked it from soft to hard. She sucked me so hard that time; I swore my scrotum was going to turn inside out. After she swallowed my cum, she asked me if I had any ideas as to how we could make the animal sex happen. I told her that I didn’t know at that moment, and would have to think about it.

A week later I came home late one night, and asked Jane to close her eyes, since I had a surprise for her outside. When I came through the door with Butch, a Doberman, she opened her eyes, and first jumped into my arms to thank me, and then went to the dog to give it a hug. I had gone to a breeder’s farm and bought one of their stud dogs for $2500.00, and I even got to watch a demonstration, as Butch mounted and impregnated a dog in heat. Butch had a massive cock and was very virile, since I watched a huge amount of his cum drain out of the other female dog, when he was finished. When I explained all this to Jane, she got so excited and asked when we could start playing. I didn’t think it was fair to the dog to start right away so we decided to allow a week for the dog to adjust to its new home.

A week later, Jane and I had a few drinks, and then got naked and started fooling around. We wanted to see how Butch would react to us having sex, and it didn’t take long for him to figure things out. He sniffed around as Jane sucked my cock and balls, and I have to admit that when his tongue lapped at my cock head, it felt pretty good. He then lay down to watch us so Jane asked me if it was okay if she turned her attention to Butch. I asked her to finish sucking me off so I could cum in her mouth and then she could have a go at Butch. When she had swallowed all of my cum, she stopped sucking and moved slowly towards Butch. She petted him all over and as he rolled on to his back, Jane made her move towards his cock. She kept him on his back by holding his paws, and then moved her mouth towards his cock. I watched in awe as Jane licked at the tip of Butch’s cock and as he grew to about ten inches, her eyes bugged out with joy. She sucked that dog cock and actually got about five inches into her mouth, just as Butch let loose with a huge blast of cum that choked her. She gagged as Butch continued spewing all over her face, and when he was finished, she was completely covered in cum, and could barely open her eyes. I got her a towel to wipe her face, and then asked her if she enjoyed her first dog blowjob. She said it was amazing and the size of his cock had her craving it in her pussy.

After we had a ten minute break, I told her that I was going to put her in the doggy position and fuck her from behind, so Butch would get the hint. Butch had gone to sleep, so I shook him awake, and then I mounted Jane from behind and started humping. We both watched Butch to check for a reaction, and didn’t have to wait long for him to catch on. He came over and sniffed Jane’s ass, so I withdrew my cock to make room for him. It seemed to happen so naturally, as Butch’s cock enlarged and then he mounted Jane to insert his cock in to her pussy. He did get a little anxious, and his first thrust was into her ass, so she jumped, because it was a little dry. I reached in and moved his cock from her ass to her pussy, and in no time, he was humping her furiously. Jane said she felt something big that didn’t feel like testicles, but was pushing into her pussy. She jumped and said whatever it was had now been buried in her pussy along with Butch’s cock. As Butch pounded away at her, she was nearing an orgasm, and was moaning loudly. The next thing I heard was her cumming, and then Butch whined and with one last thrust blew his load into her. I watched as the cum ran down her legs, and as Butch tried to pull out of her, he seemed to be held inside her by something. I reached in to help pull his cock out and saw a huge knot at the base of his cock, and that must have been what had kept him lodged inside her pussy. There was a loud squishy popping sound as the knot came out of Jane’s pussy, and both Butch and Jane moved to lie down to recuperate. Jane wanted to inspect Butch’s cock to see what the knot looked like, but she was met by a snarl, so she let him be.

Another thing that happened with Jane and I came about when we were talking about cock size. She said that Butch was the biggest cock she ever had, and she had always wondered what it would be like if she met a man with a huge cock of 12 inches or more. I had an average six and a half inch erect cock, and Jane constantly reminded me that she was more than satisfied with it, but also was curious about really huge ones. I asked her if she wanted us to try and find a guy with a really huge cock, and she was ecstatic that I would even consider it. I told her that as long as she would still be satisfied with my cock afterwards, I had no problem considering it. Boy, I got a really nice deep throat blowjob for that agreement, as she tried to show her appreciation. I had no idea how we would go about finding Mr Big, so she suggested doing an internet search for male escorts in our city. After writing down about twenty five phone numbers from the search, we began making calls. A few of the escorts were pissed off when we asked them for cock size, but most offered their length willingly. We had gone through twenty of the calls, and the biggest cock so far was nine inches, and since that wasn’t even as big as Butch, it was no go. We took a break before making the other calls, and because Jane had got discouraged, I asked her to suck me off, while I made the rest of them. The second call was showing promise. The guy said he had never measured his erect cock, but if I held on he would go get a tape measure. When he came back on the line, he said it was twelve and a quarter inches, and asked if that would do. I looked down at Jane and told her that this guy had over 12 inches, and her head started bobbing furiously on my cock, and before I Knew it she was swallowing my load of cum. She moved up and took the phone to talk to the guy, as she wiped cum from the corners of her mouth. She asked me to get her a pen and paper to take down the guy’s information, so I said “why don’t you just have him come over here”? She arranged for him to come to our house the next day at 2:00pm.

The following day we abstained from sex, so Jane could save her strength for the “big one”. We also kept Butch in the garage, in case he got jealous and bit the guy. Finally the time came and the doorbell rang. Jane and I got him a drink, and then asked him how this was supposed to work. He said that it could work however we wanted so long as he got paid up front, so I gave him half of his $500. and told him he would get the other half when Jane sees his 12 ¼ inch cock. He was agreeable and suggested that everyone get naked. Once we were all naked, I looked at his cock and it didn’t seem any larger than mine, but when he got Jane to suck on it, he grew to over a foot long. That was the first time I had seen a cock that big, and I watched as Jane struggled to get it in her mouth. It was taking a bit of time, so I decided to fuck Jane from behind in the meantime. Jane had managed to get his cock in her mouth but wasn’t able to go very deep, and she even had trouble getting his balls in her mouth, because they were double the size of mine. I hadn’t cum yet but decided to withdraw, and let Jane feel the big cock in her pussy. As we switched positions, he put a condom on, and prepared to mount her from behind. As Jane sucked me into her mouth, she looked at me and said that she preferred my size to suck.

Jane’s mouth clamped down on my cock, as she was penetrated from behind, but as her pussy grew accustomed to the size of his cock, her enthusiasm level increased dramatically. She withdrew my cock periodically to moan and spur on Mr Big, but as I was ready to blow, she sucked me deep into her throat, so I mouthfucked her till I came. I withdrew my cock from her mouth so she could enjoy the rest of her fuck, and it wasn’t long before she was having an orgasm. Mr Big pumped her hard and I could hear his balls slapping off of her ass, and with one final thrust that pinned Jane to the floor, he came. After he got rid of his condom, we all sat back to relax, so I paid him the rest of his money and told him that there was one more thing we wanted to do after resting. He was curious, so I told him that Jane wanted two cocks in her at the same time, so after resting we would try that.

When we resumed, I had Mr Big lie down on his back and Jane straddled him with his cock in her pussy. It took a while to get that cock into her, but once fully inserted, I approached Jane from the rear and worked my cock into her ass. It was really tight with that huge cock already in her pussy, and when he started to thrust upwards, I thought I was going to get ejected, so I had to push back hard. Jane was now getting comfortable with both cocks in her, and I could hear her breathing get faster and her moans get louder. She was getting loud telling us to fuck her hard, and that she wanted us both to cum at the same time. I wasn’t sure if that would be possible, but I could tell that Mr Big was now thrusting faster, so I picked up my pace to match. I felt throbbing from his cock and that got me so worked up, I thrusted hard and started spewing my cum. I could feel him cumming at the same time, and I could feel contractions in Jane’s pussy that told me she was cumming too. I have to admit that this was an incredible feeling, and I knew from Jane’s reaction to the three orgasms, that she loved it too. After we all finished dressing and he left, Jane thanked me for fulfilling her fantasy, and she reminded me that she loved my cock, and the size was just perfect for her.

So, as you can tell from some of these recollections, Jane used her sexual expertise to keep me with her, but after a year, I couldn’t take the alcoholic nonsense anymore, and we broke up. There has never been anyone like her sexually for me and probably never will be, and I will always hold on to those memories fondly. The other alcohol related stuff, I choose to forget.

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I felt his hands on my head, so I knew he was going to cum so I was prepared to swallow it all and I did oh what a first time it was

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I thought the world was going to come to an end, and me, I was 18,
and hadn't had sex yet. I was at my friends house and we had been out in his driveway playing basketball and were really sweaty. We both went into his house and to his room and he stood at the end of his bed and pulled down his shorts and underware and sat down on the bed, and jesus, what a hard he had, it was huge. I stood there and stared at it licking my lips. Eventually I layed my head on his stomach, looking straight down at the hole of his pulsating cock. sniffing it it smelled wonderful. I suddenly opened my mouth and engulfed the whole head of it, mmmmmmmm. I thought I might be doing something wrong so I looked up and he was pretending to sleep.
But I'd gont this far so I went down and up down and up each time going further and further, till I felt his pubic hairs under my nose. Unbeleivably, I had all that big dick in my throat, oh it wasw wonderful. And finally after my going in out in out in ou


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WOW... what a great story. Well written and erotic


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WOW... what a great story. Well written and erotic

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