Let's see, guy has car, car needs fixing, goes to another guy for help. What do you think's going to happen??
I sat alone in my room, the baking hot July sun beating down onto me. I smiled to myself as I slowly started to unbutton my shirt. The button and zipper on my jeans were next. This time yesterday, things were so much different. My cold hands slipped into my boxers where it effortlessly started squeezing and stroking. I couldn’t believe what I’d just done minutes before hand...

“You’re what?!” I screeched
“We’re just off shopping again!” my Mum’s irritating voice squeaked out
“For the 6th time this week?!”
“Oh it’s a girl thing...” her excuse was, as always
“Oh yes, always. Always a bloody girl thing...” I stormed off, exasperated. Every time something like this happened, another girly trip, it would send me mad. I suppose it’s what would happen if you had two sisters and a single mum. I’m always the one who’s singled out...

I went up to my room, nothing else to do for the rest of the day, alone in the house, what to do... Luckily my laptop was in perfect hand so I did a bit of surfing around to find the sexiest men on the net. The search must have gone on for hours as when I finally let go, it was near enough dark out. I just lay there, in the sweet orange glow of the dusk, contemplating everything in my life.

I suppose it’s the fact that I’ve never had a male figure in my life that I’ve found myself attracted to them. Living with girls for 16 years has driven me to loathe their ways of endless shoes and clothes and make-up. Such pointless thrives in life; it drives me crazy every time they’re mentioned. A proper manly man in my life would give me what I really want. No endless trails around shopping centres, no putting up with womanly gossips about what was on the box last night, none of that nonsense; just pure and ever-lasting love for each other.

Although, having no father or brothers, makes me feel I’ll never know what men do or like in life. My friends at school partially show me that, but not in the same league that an everyday father would teach me. I suppose had he not died so young, I wouldn’t be driven to homosexuality. I wouldn’t have this problem. But surely the pointless joys of girl-life just mean being straight is pointless? I don’t know I’m so confused...

I suppose the only real main male role model in my life has been my cousin, Jason. He was aware of my situation, what with having 2 sisters as well. He’d pop round every so often and we’d often go down to the park, play football, have a few laughs together, as we were the only ones we had. Of course, Jason has a father, but no one really wants to be seen around him.

Jason is very much like me you could say: tall, black hair, dark green eyes. But he’s at least 9 years older than me, meaning he has heavy stubble around his perfectly shaped chin and is in a much better physical condition, with broader shoulders and a torso to die for. That time when he took his shirt off in the park, it suddenly turned very difficult to play football, and only slightly because of the amazingly distracting view. You know maybe he could be...

My fantasizing was short lived as a familiar shrill warble came from the door.
“We’re home!” that woman squeaked. I groaned and lay my head in the pillow, sandwiching it between the one under it. And sure enough the long dreary discussions of gossip and shopping and anyone they may have had their eye on while they were out commenced. I pressed so hard down on the pillow to drown out the warbles of boredom. I couldn’t take another night of listening to the 3 boring witches! I must have nearly suffocated myself as the next thing I remember I was waking up and looking at my clock reading 3:47. I wearily rested my head back on the pillow and slept peacefully until the sunrise.

The next day was just like the previous, hot and sticky. The morning came and went like a welcoming breeze which never came and the afternoon droned on and on. Thankfully to ease the sweaty pain of the day, Jason paid a visit, saying he had problems with his car. Of course I was obliged to help him fix it, especially seeing as when he answered the door, he was shirtless and wearing only shorts. The sun’s power had worn down when the girls had emerged to, guess what?

“Hi Jason! We’re just off shopping again!” my Mum said as she left the front door. A shout from underneath the car surprised all four of them, as it was me shouting in frustration again. “What’s up with him?”
“Oh it’s no worries Mrs. E, he’s just probably have troubles with the carburettor. We’ll be fine here, you have fun!”
“Oh Jason you charmer, why can’t you be more like...” my Mum was easily please by the
“Because you haven’t driven him mad for 16 and a half years!!” I screamed from underneath the car. I despair I really do. Although Mum had a point, he is quite a charmer... With my recent outburst they left hurriedly. When I emerged back to the bonnet where Jason was standing, he evidently was showing his concern.
“You OK?” he asked caringly
“Yes, I’m fine!” I was too exasperated to notice his obvious concern, that’s how mad I was. We continued working for several minutes in complete silence before something made me click out of my rut. Jason reached over across the car bonnet to get something, but he didn’t notice that his other hand was pressing softly against my ass. Well at least that’s what I thought, but it was there for several seconds. And he didn’t retreat back, humbly apologizing, he just moved back casually, as if it didn’t happen, or as if he meant it...Don’t be ridiculous, you’re way out of his league! And he’s your cousin! Snap out of it!

My suspicions were confirmed when another similar event occurred.
“Could you pass me the spanner please?” he asked. I reached over to get it out of the toolbox by my right foot, and I could see in the reflection of the headlights that he was admiring me bending over rummaging through the toolbox. When I finally found the required tool, I passed it to him, but with my hand in an awkward place. He wasn’t looking where his hands were going as he hurriedly fumbled back to work when I got up. His hand missed the spanner and hit my hand. When he realized what he had done, he slowly looked up. We were holding hands, both grasping firmly on each other. He looked at me and I looked at him, in silence for what seemed like ages.

As he stood there, completely mesmerized by the fact we were touching so intimately, I saw it. Just a flicker, but I definitely saw it in his eyes. The strong green flare that said to me what a lost soul he was, wanting so much for so little but never getting it. We were in the same boat, we were the only ones who understood each other, we were the only ones who cared, and we were the only ones who mattered.
To break the tension he suddenly pulled me close towards him and our faces met in a hard kiss, our lips colliding with such amazing results. He saw it too in me and all of a sudden all morals and ethics were gone, we were just together at last in each other’s arms. We pulled each other so tight; we both had our fair shares of gasps and moans. Slowly but surely the acts of pure lust moved their way slowly to the back door. My body tingled as I knew what he wanted, and the suspension was going to get a fairly rigid test. This thought lit me up more and I pushed him against the car.

A sudden grasp around my bulging jeans made me scream in excitement and powered me enough to whip the car door open and push Jason inside. I jumped in afterwards and closed the door after me so no one could possibly ruin this prefect moment.

The kissing resumed and eventually I could take the desires no more and I started gradually getting lower and lower towards my final goal. Kisses were forced onto his neck, so toned and masculine; his shoulders, broad, with the hint of deodorant; his chest, playing careful attention to his nipples, which I nipped and licked at, releasing groans from the both of us. I continued my voyage of discovery downwards to his waist, with such defined muscles. I couldn’t stop myself relishing in the pure joy of this specimen of fitness. They don’t get much better than this!

When I felt I could tease him no more, I tore at the Velcro fastening at his shorts. They were draped over the passenger seat in seconds and my mouth was already wrapped tightly around his massive organ. As he was way older than me, it was absolutely huge! The pleasures of rolling my mouth over and over his giant cock were infinite. It sounded like he was enjoying too as he was screaming for me to go deeper and harder. So I did, right until my nose was buried in his hair. A scream of pure delight told me he never had it this good.

He’d had enough of sitting around, he wanted more. He grabbed firmly around my hips and swung me over so my jeans were bulging right over his face. I was undeterred by this sudden movement so continued my relentless sucking. Before I knew it, the warm air hit my legs as the denim was removed and my erect knob was dangling before his eyes. Precum had already got on his face, showing him how much even I had enjoyed the sensations so far. He licked teasingly at the head of my knob and this paused my sucking to release a huge groan. He then mimicked my hard sucking motion, which I then resumed, causing us both to exchange ecstatic moans.

After ages of endless blowing, his desires reached their peak, because he stopped sucking me and was suddenly bent over, with his peachy ass thrust right at me. No words were needed and I was inside him within seconds. No lube required our cocks were wet with saliva and sperm. The groans that came from him were so loud, it almost gave the impression this was his first time. At 25?! This seemed ridiculous, me being 9 years younger and having a smaller cock, yet I’m doing the fucking? But then the more dominant side of me said “Who cares? He wants it, he’ll get it!”

Our lusts reached an all time high as the pounding got hotter and hotter and the suspension got livelier by the minute. You could hear the exasperated screams from outside, begging for more. He didn’t seem to want it to stop, even if it were painful. The only way it did end was when he shot out a huge load onto the car floor below and the lusts died down. He both collapsed in a fit of pants and wheezes on the car seats. As we regained our breaths, we lay down next to each other, softly caressing each other’s bodies. We didn’t care we were family, we didn’t care people could hear us; all we cared about was each other. This moment of bliss what cut when:

“SHIT! Here comes your mother!” Jason shouted with panic. Without thinking he pulled over the blanket that was on the floor, to cover us up. As we were hiding a drip hit my nose. It was Jason’s cum, directly over my face. I suppose I need some pleasure during this moment of tension... I shifted myself so my mouth was on the wet patch and my tongue helplessly licked at the sweet tasting liquid that lied within. Jason meanwhile held tight to my hips, partly relighting the passion of before. When we heard the front door slam shut, I tossed off the blanket and landed firmly once again on Jason, crashing another kiss onto his lips. He relished in it as his tongue raged battle over mine.

Sadly in the end, he had to part and we put on our clothes and Jason made his way home, the car obviously fixed... he said anytime he just needed someone (or just wanted a shag!) I’d just call him. I smiled as I waved him off, grinning at what I’d just done! Naughty boy!

The memories turned me on again now, here in my bed, back where I started this story. I was close to blowing a huge load myself when my phone bleeped. Jason had text me saying how he had just stopped to jerk off on his way home! I smiled, then suddenly gasped as a splash drenched my phone screen blurring the last two lines of the text, which contained the words “love you” and two x’s.

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