A stay with friends has their pretty daughter becoming more than friendly
Let me tell you about Emily, she’s the daughter of friends I’ve known for around 10 years – now a beautiful natural blonde of 18, around 5’5” in height, small breasts but a nice figure and a pretty face. When I say pretty I mean REALLY pretty, a face that makes men melt (all over it if they’re lucky).

I was up at their’s on a holiday for a couple of weeks and me and Emily started to get on really well. The weather had been pretty good and I’d been left to my own devices with a house key, and she decided to accompany me on my visits to some local pubs in the afternoons. It was clear to her that I had something for her, she flirted with me all the holiday. She discussed her love life quite frankly, how she’d had a serious relationship since she was 14 but that had ended, so she’d just been pulling a few guys here and there, and a bit of playing around. I asked how long she had waited before her first sexual experience, her reply… 6 months! Since then she had explored many sexual positions and it was clear she was one extremely experienced 18 year old. Listening to her stories my cock would grow and twitch under the table, she knew it and she loved it.

Half way through the second week the weather turned and we ended up in their huge lounge watching the 50” plasma screen. We went through film after film, laughing and joking together as we drank large quantities of beer, wine and vodka. One day Emily was lying on the couch and I was sitting in a chair to her left. She looked particularly horny that day, her blonde hair messed up like a rock groupie, a tight blue t shirt ending just above her navel, a white cotton skater style mini skirt without the netting, and barefoot. I watched her reflection in the screen and let my mind wander. I got so carried away I didn’t hide the boner that was hoisting itself up in my pants. She noticed, seeing MY reflection in the screen during a particularly dark scene of Scream 3. “I CAN see you, you know?” she said, looking over to me with a cheeky grin, “that for me is it?” I kinda stumbled on my reply, my face flushed at being found out.

She crawled off the couch and moved over to my chair on her knees. Kneeling between my legs, she looked into my eyes, bit her lower lip and reached for my zipper. “Em?…” I said nervously. She looked down and back up to my face and said “shhh!”, as she unzipped my hard cock and freed it from my pants. My heart started to pound as she started stroking my prick. “I saw you you know? Wanking to my pictures”. I was staying in her brother’s room, he has a job now and lives away. The walls are covered in pics of him and Emily out on the town with their mates, they’re inseperable when he’s home. I flushed again. “Don’t worry, it’s ok. Perhaps you’d like some nice ones of your own?” she said, grabbing my phone, putting it in camera mode and handing it to me as she lowered her mouth onto my pulsating cock.

I couldn’t believe it, there I was getting a seriously good blow job as I took photo after photo. She licked at my shaft, sucked at my balls, yanked at my cock, all the while looking into my eyes… and the camera, for approval. “Em, you’re so fucking pretty” I said, “just looking at your face makes me blow my load”. “Well” she replied, removing her mouth from my shaft, “what about when I do this?” At which she whipped off her top, exposing her small, but firm breasts. Her nipples hard like bolt heads. “Oh fuck yeah” I said, now grabbing her head and fucking her face, my hands buried into her lovely blonde hair, which reaches her breasts.

I let go and she continued to suck me like a fucking whore, her ex-boyfriend had clearly taught her well. She felt my muscles tense and knew I was ready to blow. “Where do you want it?” she asked, a string of saliva attaching her mouth to my cock like a spider’s web. “Your face, your pretty face” I said breathlessly, as she aimed my head right at her and smiled. I’ll never forget (especially as I have the pics) her smiling face as she guided stream after stream of my thick, milky load onto her face. The first hit her across her left cheek and mouth, the next her mouth, the next her right cheek and eye, the next flew onto her forehead and into her blonde locks, and then one more onto her mouth and chin. All the time she smiled, knowing that I found her pretty face so sexy. Then she sucked me clean, beads of my cum dripping onto me which she duly lapped up.

I was so turned on I didn’t go flaccid, I scraped dollops of my load off her face with my finger and she sucked it all up. Fuck, I was so turned on. She went back to the couch and sat there, leaning back with her legs apart, covered by her little skirt. “Now it’s your turn” she said, biting her lower lip once more and giving me a cheeky look. I stripped and got down on my knees between her legs, slid her skirt up, then pulled her to the edge of the couch so her ass rested on the end of the seat. She wore blue lace panties that were wet at the crotch. I slid my hand up either side of her hips and slowly peeled them down, revealing a neatly trimmed blonde pussy. She lowered her hand and started fingering herself, “make me come now” she insisted, looking me right in the eyes. I started to finger her already moist twat, then buried my face between her thighs and started licking at her lips, gently teasing her clit as I prodded my tongue in and out of her warm wetness. She lay right back, tweaking her nipples and fondling her breast. My cock pulsed and twitched again as I licked her out. “Use your fingers, I come better” she said. So I kneeled back up and stuck two fingers inside her and started rubbing at her upper inner wall.

I started slow but moved faster and faster as she fingered her clit. She started to smile really wide and I felt her warmth build up. I knew she was soon to be coming, I leant over her, held her left breast with my left hand as I finger fucked her faster with my right. The smile ended and her mouth opened, I knew this was it. I rubbed her wall as fast as I could ‘til she blew. She let out a scream as her juices exploded from between her legs like she was taking a huge piss after a night on the town. It soaked me and the black leather couch, even splashing on the plasma screen. I buried my head in her pussy and lapped up all I could as she placed both hands onto the back of my head.

She lay there, breathing heavily, her breasts heaving up and down with each deep breath. She looked up at me “you still hard down there?” “Sure” I replied. “Then we so gotta fuck”. Raising her legs up and over my shoulders, I started to enter her wet pussy. I slid in with ease and started gently fucking her. “Don’t be gentle” she said, “REALLY FUCK ME!” I quickly built up pace and started pounding into her, sweat pouring off the two of us. I grabbed her hips and rammed her as hard and as fast as I could. All the time she was emitting these little “uh uh uh” noises and saying under her breath “fuck me harder, fuck me harder”. I was so turned on looking at her face with my cum stains drying on it but, as much as I loved seeing her like that, I turned her over, threw her pretty skirt up her back and entered from behind, grabbing at her breasts. I rammed her as hard and as fast as I could, after already coming I knew it’d be a while at least before I’d blow again. Her hand was between her legs as I pounded her, she looked back at me and whispered into my ear “my ass, I want you to fuck my ass”.

She’d already told me that she and her ex enjoyed anal sex, but I never imagined she’d offer it up to me. She broke off me and quickly ran upstairs, grabbed some lube and returned. She stood by me and started to undo the button on the waistband of her skirt. “No no, leave it on please” I pleaded, at which point she climbed back onto the couch and kneeled facing backwards, raising her ass up to me. I wrapped her flirty white skirt up and over buttocks, rested it in the small of her back and lubed up her asshole, sticking my finger into it as far as I could. “Oh yes, fuck my ass” she said, and I retracted my finger, swapping it for my cock. Her asshole was still pretty tight (I don’t know how often her ex got treated to it), so I moved in and out gently at first. “Now really fuck me!” she demanded. I was shocked, I’d never imagined an 18 year old to be so in command of such a situation with a 40 year old guy. I grabbed her hips firmly and pumped her ass as hard and as fast as I could, all the while she was fingering her pussy.

I pounded and pounded into her, she rubbed at her clit, I took long hard strokes at her until she felt me ready to blow, she tightened her grip on my pulsating cock and said “not inside me”. I’d prepared myself for fufilling the fantasy of jetwashing her bowels but had also fantasised about just jizzing over her as she lay there on the couch, so I pulled out and spun her over, back onto her back. Quickly putting her legs again on my shoulders, I fucked her once more in her pussy. I just had to see her pretty face as I prepared for my orgasm. “You’ll like this” she said, looking up at me knowingly as she pulled her sexy skirt down as I pulled out. I stood over her wanking ‘til I came, the first shot hitting her right breast and belly. She looked up and licked her lips as my next hit her skirt, right over her crotch, then her skirt again over the top of her left thigh, then right, then onto the flesh of her lower thighs as I brought myself to the end of my climax.

She quickly lifted her soggy skirt up and ordered me between her legs once again, as she fingered herself frantically, holding my head with the other hand. She screamed as she shot once again… all over my face this time. Then I buried my face into her lovely pussy and licked up her juices. “Come up here” she demanded and our faces came in line with each other. She then licked all her cum off my face.

We cleaned up the couch, grabbed our clothes and showered together, kissing as we washed each other down. Getting dressed again it was easy for me to put the same clothes back on to avoid suspicion, “but what about your skirt?” I enquired. She sat back down in it and promptly spilled some beer onto it and the floor, that way giving herself an alibi to her parents (my friends).

“You’re such a clutz Em” said Pam, watching her scrub the carpet when she came back from work. “I like the colour of those jeans though”.

I smirked to myself and Emily looked up at me, away from her mother’s eyes, and winked. “Em, you’ve even got some on the tv, how the hell have you done that?” I laughed. “I give up on her, I really do” said Pam, walking off to the kitchen.

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