My niece the drunken cock tease

There are some mysteries in life between men and women that you have to chalk up to the “Mars and Venus” thing, because there just doesn’t seem to be any other rational explanation. My niece Debbie and I fall into this category.

Debbie is five years younger than me, and she is only my niece by marriage. From the first time I met her, I was captivated by her bubbly personality, and also by her 36 c breasts and curvaceous bottom. She was happily married, had three children and seemed to be living an idyllic life, except for one thing. That thing was her behavior after she had too much to drink. There have been numerous times over the years when she has gotten really drunk, and became very amorous, but not with her husband. I can’t count the number of times, she has groped my cock, or rubbed crotches while dancing, etc. She does it right in front of her husband, and I can only assume that he loves her so much that he tolerates the things she does when she is drunk. When she is not drunk, she is a loving wife and in no way flirts with anyone. There have been so many times that she has caused me to have blue balls, but out of respect for her husband, I have never taken advantage of her. There was even one time when she and I had just sat down on the sofa after dancing, and were only three feet away from her husband who was sitting in a chair at the end of the sofa. She started rubbing my leg, and when I felt her hand start to work its way up the leg of my shorts, I had to get up and leave. Her husband took her and put her to bed, and then came back downstairs to apologize. If he only knew that this was one of many such situations, and if he weren’t there, I would have fucked her silly.

The strange thing about Debbie was that she would let on the next day as if nothing happened. In my mind I was being teased mercilessly, and almost every night I would dream of fucking her or putting my cock in her mouth. Probably the worst tease experience was a time when we were partying at our house and had arranged for them to sleep over in our spare bedroom, so they didn’t have to worry about drinking and driving. After we all had a lot to drink, we said our goodnights and went to bed. About 15 minutes later, Debbie came into our bedroom and climbed on top of me and started dry humping. Yes my wife was right beside me and was still awake, so she asked me to take Debbie to the door and point her back to the spare bedroom. As I took Debbie back to the door, I held her up from behind and made sure I got a really good feel of those gorgeous mounds. Also I quickly slid one hand down the front of her panties and got a brief feel of her pussy. There was no resistance and yet she supported her own weight and couldn’t have been passed out, so in my mind, she knew what I was doing. My cock was rock hard and pushing into the ass of her panties, but my head was reminding me that her husband was about twenty feet away, and probably wondering where she was. After getting a good feel, I pointed her back to her bedroom, and I went back to bed with a really tight set of balls.

The next morning at breakfast, she came downstairs and my wife asked her if she remembered getting up and coming into our room. Of course she said that she didn’t remember, but when my wife told her that she got into our bed, mounted me and started humping, she was flabbergasted. She asked that we not mention this to her husband and she offered the lame excuse that when she went to the bathroom, she must have got her directions mixed up and ended up in the wrong room. We found out that her husband had gotten angry with her drunkenness last night and went to sleep on the sofa in the basement rec room downstairs. That really pissed me off, because if I had known this, I would have taken more time to feel her up, and maybe even put my cock in her mouth.

The next time she pulled something like this I swore I would not let her away with it, and I got my wish about a year later. We were partying at their house and we were staying over for the night. They had just bought a new pool table for their rec room in the basement, so Debbie’s husband took my wife downstairs to show her how to play. This left Debbie and I alone slow dancing, and no sooner had they walked down the stairs, Debbie started with the groping, and rubbing her crotch into my groin. I decided that this was going to be the time when I no longer passively took her teasing. I figured that the pool lesson in the basement would take at least twenty minutes to a half hour so I began rubbing her back, and moved my hands under her top, so that I was rubbing her bare skin. I moved slowly because I wanted to make sure that I didn’t startle her, and have her yell out or something. My hands moved from the bare skin on her back around to her sides and then to her breasts. My cock was very hard and was pressing into her hand that continued groping me through my pants. As her hands moved to unbuckle my belt, I reached back to unhook her bra. There was still no resistance, so I took her bare breasts in my hands and gently rubbed her nipples until they stood out erect.

When Debbie had my belt undone and unzipped me, I whispered in her ear “Debbie, I am going to fuck your pussy hard tonight, so if this is not what you want, stop me now”. I got her answer when I felt her hand wrap around my cock, so I started pulling her track pants and underwear down, and she stepped out of them without hesitation. My pants had fallen to my ankles and now Debbie pulled my boxer shorts down, so I could step out of them. Debbie’s husband had always bragged over the years about how good she was at giving oral treats, so now I was determined to find out for myself. I started gently showing her that I wanted her head down, so she knelt in front of me. I couldn’t believe that I was finally going to pay her back for the years of teasing, but here I was looking down at her with my throbbing cock pointed directly at her face. I could feel her hot breath as she approached my cock, and then the first flick of her tongue sent shivers up my spine. I was enjoying this, but because this had become an obsession over the years, I couldn’t wait any longer so I cupped her face in my hands and forced my cock into her mouth. She was like a nympho as she slurped away on my cock and took it as deep as possible in her mouth with fast and furious head bobbing. I whispered down to her that I was going to fuck her mouth and cum down her throat. I waited to see if that was going to get a reaction, but it seemed to make her suck even harder.

All the while she was slurping and sucking, I watched the basement door to make sure no one was coming, and I actually hoped that I would cum fast, so I would have time to recover and then fuck her pussy. In a few seconds, her suction, combined with her swirling tongue had my cum rising up from my balls and shooting into her mouth. I fucked her face hard and held it tightly, to make sure she swallowed every drop of my cum, and when I was completely drained, I moved behind her and put her in the doggy position. I wasn’t sure if my cock would hold up, but I guess my obsession with her over all the cock teasing, gave me stamina to continue. I felt for her pussy to see if it needed any moisture, but she was plenty moist, so I aimed my semi hard cock at her pussy. It took some doing, but as soon as my cock felt the heat from her pussy, it fully engorged and moved deeply in her pussy right up to my balls. I leaned over to her and said”Debbie, get ready because I’m going to fuck you hard now and cum in your pussy”. Her response was to push back onto my cock, which spurred me on to slam her good. I couldn’t slam her as hard as I wanted to, because I didn’t know if we could be heard downstairs. I stroked her as hard as I could and to my surprise she was already cumming, just as I was ready to blow my load into her pussy. I was really hoping that she wasn’t going to be loud when she came, but all I heard was muffled moans. That’s another strange thing about Debbie. She has never uttered a word to me when she is drunk and doing her teases. Maybe that is her way of pretending to be doing these things unconsciously.

I couldn’t believe that we had enough time alone for all this, and not wanting to push my luck, I withdrew my cock and told her to get dressed and I did the same. Debbie pulled on her clothes and went straight upstairs, and because she didn’t return, I assumed that she must have gone to bed. About five minutes later they came up from the basement and asked where Debbie was, so I told them that she must have gone to bed. At that time my wife said she was tired and wanted to go to bed too, so we all decided to call it a night. As I crawled into bed with my wife, I was crossing my fingers that Debbie’s husband wasn’t going to fuck her tonight, because if he did, he would surely notice that she was full of cum.

The next morning at breakfast Debbie acted as if nothing had happened last night, and her husband joked that he needed one of her special treats, since she passed out last night and he had to go without. She gave us our breakfast and took her husband’s hand to lead him upstairs. She looked back at us and said that she had to take care of her wifely duties. As my wife and I ate breakfast, all I could think of was Debbie’s mouth sucking her husband’s cock upstairs.

I never got to put my cock in her mouth or her pussy again after that, but at least I got it out of my system. She continued to do her cock teases any time she was drunk, but I had to settle for quick gropes and blue balls. There is just no rational explanation for her behavior, and although I would love to find out the truth, I guess I’ll never know.

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2011-03-21 13:08:51
Same thing here i loved this story and wondered what was really happening downsthere. Would have be nice that the husband had a feel of hos wife to discover she got filled downstairs

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2010-09-19 08:34:59
Great adult story. Well written. I also found myself wondering if perhaps her husband and his wife doing a little more than playing pool on the pool table in the basement, while he was fucking Debbie. An interesting thought........Sicotte.

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