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At My Door chapters 7-11

At my door - Chapter 7
Next one gets it

We dove in. I was thankful for a respite from Diane’s wild mind.

I held my hand up to Diane and said “Shush. Let your mother and me catch up. Respect your elders.”.

They both giggled, but Diane went quiet. Michelle and me covered a lot of years in short order.

Soon the plates were empty and we were back in the parking lot. I had two women on my arms. Both were snuggling up to me. I saw other patrons coming in and leaving look our way. Some of the ladies gave us the good old biddy sneer. I stuck my tongue out at one that wouldn’t stop staring. Then I grabbed both Michelle’s and Diane’s ass and squeezed them slow and as sexy as I could -- while looking at the old biddy. She snorted and turned to her car. We laughed.

“Mom you drive Daddy home. I will follow in my car.

We made the very short ride to Michelle’s house. We only got a couple of questions in before arriving. Once inside Diane took command. I was tired and in a daze. Michelle was definitely at a loss.

“Mom, come here. Let me get the sweater off. It looks good, but I’m sure Daddy wants to see you again. All of you. Look at him as you pull it off. Look at his big cock getting hard. For you. For your breasts.”.

The sweater came off and there was Michelle in a black bra. It was low cut. I saw the big freckle on her left tit. I remember calling it Agent Dot.

“Hi, Agent Dot. You’re looking good. You too Michelle. Real, real good.”.

“Mom, now the pants. Get them down. Quickly.”.

Michelle obeyed her daughter. The pants were unzipped and dropped. She got her shoes off and then stepped out of the wadded pants. Her undies matched her bra. They were fairly minimal. I remembered she never wore granny panties. Always the bikini style.

“Mark. Mark! Focus! Good. Now you. Get that shirt off. Let Mom see you. And don’t take too long to get them pants off also.”.

I undid my shirt and took it off. I kicked my shoes off and undid my pants. I stepped out of them and stood back up straight. My cock was hard and pushing my undies out. I looked and saw Diane was naked along side me. She grabbed me and moved me closer to her mom. She let me go. She moved to her mom and moved her closer to me. We were now just inches from each other. I wrapped my arms around her and started kissing her. My hands roamed around her body where I could reach. I hit her bra clasp and undid it. She wiggled and the bra fell to the ground. I felt hands on my undies, Dianes, pulling them down. My cock popped out and slapped into Michelle’s stomach. I felt Michelle’s hips moving as Diane pulled her panties down too. My hard cock poked into her sweet pussy hair. I stooped down a bit and slid my cock between her legs. I grabbed her tightly and pulled her up. Her pussy was just over the tip of my cock. I eased her down and she slid on.

“Oh Mom. He’s in you. Feel good?”.

Michelle just moaned and allowed me to move her body up and down on my cock. This was an old classic position for us. Michelle loved to be man handled and fucked. Up and down I moved her. I felt her legs slide up and try to wrap around me like she used to. She couldn’t get them around. I guess my belly is fatter than I thought it was. Oh well. Michelle didn’t seem to mind -- at least if her moans were anything to judge by. Her wider legs gave me a deeper range into her sweet, wet pussy. I hit her cervix and she yelped and tightened her arms around my neck.

She looked me into the eyes and said “Oh god. No one has ever hit me that deep. Only you. Oh! Oh! Oh! Shit!”.

I pumped her hard and deep. Almost punching her cervix. She was shuddering.

“Mark. Oh Mark. That is just so damn good. So good. Eeeeek! Diane!”.

I looked away from Michelle’s eyes and found Diane at kneeling at her mom’s ass. I felt her fingers brush my balls. She must have slid one or more fingers into her mom’s ass. Another squeak. I pumped her up and down hard. Making sure to hit her cervix at least every other time. I kept feeling Diane’s finger banging my balls.

Then I felt her hand slide around my ass. I looked down at her. She was smiling that big evil grin again. Her fingers found my ass. I was working Michelle up and down so hard, I had a sweaty sheen all over. Her fingers slid into my butt crack with ease. And then a felt a finger slide into my ass. I yelped, but I kept pumping that sweet tiny body up and down on my hard cock. I felt Michelle shuddering in my arms. Her moans became just incomprehensible babble. My cock stiffened up even more. It got bigger and I started to grunt real loud.

“Oh good damn. Oh fuck. Oh shit. Here it comes. Oh god damn. DAMN!”.

I went off. I was pumping my cum into Michelle’s pulsing pussy. It was getting harder to hold her up. I was sweaty, and now getting tired. Michelle was sweaty and was looking like she was about to go to sleep in my arms.

“Oof!”. Michelle said. I felt fingers leave my ass.

“Oh. Warn a guy.”. My ass was empty.

Diane pushed me and her mom towards the couch. Together we removed Michelle from my cock and laid her down on the couch. I sat down along side her. Diane got down between my legs and started to lick my cock clean. She sucked it into her mouth. Must have been tasting not only my cum, but her mom’s juices too. That seemed to excite me as my cock stopped its wilting and started to chump back up. Diane hummed at satisfied sound around my cock.

I looked at Michelle and her eyes were closed. Her fingers were idly playing with her nipples. I watch that while Diane sucked my cock.

She pulled off and said “All clean. And all hard again.”.

Michelle opened her eyes and looked at my cock. She saw her daughter’s mouth close to my hard cock. Diane scooted back and then got between her mom’s legs. I saw Michelle tense up but Diane looked sternly at her and said “Open up Mom. Let me clean you up too. Then I think he will be all charged up and raring to go at you again. Let him pump a second load into you womb. Make sure you are good and pregnant too.”.

She dove her head into and started licking her mom’s thighs, then her pussy. Michelle reacted just like when I used to lick her. Her body stiffened and she pushed her pussy up and into her daughter’s waiting mouth. Damn. Two woman going to town right in front of my eyes. Mother and daughter. My old lover -- well my new lover too. And my newest lover. My cock was hard and wanting into somewhere.

I got up and went behind Diane. I grabbed my cock and aimed. I pushed and went into her. Her head came up. “Oh damn. That feels nice. But I want you to blow another load into Mom. Make her pregnant. Breed her. Fill her belly with child just as you filled mine. Oh damn. Mark. Too nice. Too good. Mom. Tell him to pull out. Tell him it’s for you this time. Oh! Damn! Mom! He’s deep. Oh fuck shit.”.

“Mark. Honey. She must feel good. But do as she says. Please pull out of her and let me have that sweet cock of yours.”.

She wiggled out from her daughter’s arms and mouth. She knelt alongside her daughter in the same pose. She looked into her daughter’s eyes while I pumped into Diane.

“Oh Baby. He’s good. Way good. Now, let him do me for a while. But stay put. I want him to go back and forth. You. Me. Then over again. But don’t let him cum in you. In me. Mark pull out and slam that log up my twat.”.

I slowed and pulled back just as my tip left Diane’s pussy, I moved to behind Michelle. I pushed in. My cock was all slippery from Diane’s pussy. I slipped in all the way.

“Oh damn. Mark. Oh fuck me. Oh damn. Oooh ooooh. Nice.”.

I started pumping into her for all I was worth. I looked over at Diane, her head laying on the couch watching me fuck her mom. I swatted her ass. Her eyes popped open big.

“Start kissing women. Start making out.”.

I watched as mom and daughter joined lips and tongues. I pulled out of Michelle, got behind Diane and plunged in. I pumped into her. Wow! Two women. Two pussies. I swatted Michelle’s ass.

“What?! I’m kissing her. Hmmm her mouth tastes of you, of me.”.

“I know. I just felt like it. Now back at it. Oh damn nice pussies.”.

I slapped Diane’s ass and pulled out. I got behind Michelle again. I saw hands reaching for each other’s breasts. Their shoulders were twisted to allow them a better angle to kiss and fondle. I felt that I could cum again soon. I increased my pace. I slammed hard into Michelle. I heard her grunt as I banged into her cervix. I felt it starting to open up a bit. My cock head was going in, into her womb. Just a bit, but I was definitely inside deep. I banged in and held my cock deep in Michelle’s pussy.

I held still and she whimpered. “Damn it Mark. I was close.”.

I flexed my cock and heard her gasp. “Shit! Oh god not deeper.”.

I pushed hard into her butt cheeks and got maybe an inch deeper. An inch further into her cervix. My cock was being squeezed hard. I pulled out and started wild, hard fucking. I was going to make her sky rocket. I hit her cervix. My pelvic bone would bang into her clit. I watched as her tits would bounce wildly and Diane had to flair about to grasp them again. I saw her pinch her mom’s nipples hard. Michelle’s tits were wobbling about. Anchored between her chest and Diane’s tight fingers. I pumped.

“Oh god damn. Sweet pussy. Diane, pull that nipple. Pull it hard. Squeeze it. Pull it. Oh god damn.”.

I felt Michelle’s pussy fluttering. It was in full spasm. It was clamping and rolling on my cock. My cock was hard. It was big. It was pulsing. Michelle’s tit was stretching as her daughter cruelly pulled it. I watched as their tongues still fought together. I watched as Michelle’s ass shook with each bang of my hips into her ass.

“Oh god damn. Mark. I ‘m cumming. I’m cummmmmm. Fuck. Fu-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-”.

I went over the top and started pumping my jism into Michelle’s pussy again. I collapsed onto her back. I heard a sharp intake of breath. I opened my eyes and saw Diane reach for her now freed nipple. She rubbed it, trying to get the blood working again. It was really extended and I saw it pulse in time with her heavy heart beat. Diane sat up and moved so she could kiss me. I met her tongue and lips and kissed my lover. I felt Michelle’s pussy pulse again and it caused my cock to twitch out another small load of cum.

- - - -
At my door - Chapter 8
The morning after we three

We passed out on the couch. Three naked people. Three lovers. I came to, a bit and wondered what time it was. I was beyond sexually sated. From nothing to two women. And yes, I think I likely got them both pregnant. I looked at the clock and saw that it was after 8 in the morning. We had slept the night -- well a good part of the night. The first part of the new day, just passed midnight, was taken up with another round of sucking and fucking. I didn’t cum quickly. But the ladies did. I worked them over long and hard. I don’t even remember which one I finally blew into.

Oh. I am just so happy and tired. I didn’t want to move. I didn’t want to get my body away from these sweet naked bodies. But I had to pee. I had a morning piss hard on that was being stretched by looking at these lovely witchy naked ladies.

I guess I moved, because Michelle opened her eyes. “Morning sweetie. Oh damn. I forgot what waking up to a nice hard on was like. Me likee a lot.”.

She moved to try and grab it, but as soon as she did, I saw her eyes pop open.

“I gotta hit the bathroom. Now. Diane. Wake up. Momma’s got to go.”.

“uh. Morning. Hey! Watch that elbow. Oh don’t hit my belly. Oh no.”.

We got untangled and all ran to the bathroom. Too many bodies and not enough toilets. I stepped into the shower and started peeing in an arc. I saw Michelle smiling as her piss hit the toilet. Diane was dancing.

“Mom, hurry up.”.

“Sorry, honey. Momma’s go to take a shit too. Sorry. Erngggggg Hit the fan.”.

Diane hit the fan and scooted into the shower. She squatted down and started pissing.

“Oh my god. Damn. That feels good. Now I need a shower. Wait. Let me stand over her out of the way before you turn the water on.”.

I started the water and it was cold. Just the air around it got cold. But soon it warmed up and I stepped into the stream and rinsed. I felt soapy hands on my back and then I heard the toilet flush. I cringed waiting for the hot or cold blast, but it never came. Michelle stepped in and joined us. It was tight and awkward, but we managed to get clean and rinsed off. We stepped out and dried each other.

Back in the bedroom, Michelle was reaching for her robe. Diane said. “No fair Mom. I don’t have a robe. Mark doesn’t.”.

“Well if you want breakfast. Either I wear a robe, or you fry the bacon. Smarty butt.”.

“Uh. The robe’s just fine.”.

“Thought so. Get the stuff out ready and let me talk with Mark a bit. No we won’t have sex. Just talk. I gotta get my bearings here.”.

Diane left the room. I walked up to Michelle and hugged her. “I missed you. I just didn’t know how much. I loved you then. I think I am already deeply in love with you again. And Diane. Damn, I love her too.”.

“So, what the hell do you think you are going to do with two pregnant women? Yes. I would bet ya knocked me up. And Diane too. What a night.”.

“I have a good job and big house. We could all move in together. I’d marry you both.”.

“Whoa. Was that a proposal? To both of us? Slow down. I like the idea. But let me breathe a bit. I last saw you…what twenty years ago. And in one night -- bang! What am I gonna do with a baby at this age? Shit! I’m dumb. Oh don’t look that way. You were there and enjoyed it as much as I did. I think more, ya old horny goat.”.

I looked at her and just smiled. I leaned in and kissed her.

“Oh ok. Let’s go get the food going. Then you can offer up marriage to us both together.”.

- - - -
At my door - Chapter 9
I ask…they answer…

We all helped make breakfast and it was funny bumping and banging into each other. But the food hit the plates and was eaten quickly. We got the plates to the sink and rinsed. Diane undid her mom’s robe and pulled it off. She laid it over the chair. I was back with two naked women.

“Ladies…and I use the term loosely…ladies don’t have wild sex outside of marriage. Ooof!”. Michelle just punched me in the stomach. “Ok, as I was saying. Ladies, I have a…proposal for you. I have a large house. I have a good job. I want to marry you. Both of you. I want to watch you grow all fat and then pop out our children. Marry me. Please.”.

I stood straight and proud…well as proud as a naked man can when facing two lovely naked women he just proposed to.

Michelle frowned, looked at Diane, who also frowned. They leaned their heads in close to each other and whispered. They finally stood up.

Michelle said “I will.”. I beamed.

Diane said “I won’t.”. I gasped. I was crushed. “But, that doesn’t mean I won’t move in with you and be your mistress. We can’t have you getting arrested for bigamy. What would our kids say? And this way, you get to fuck your daughter -- for real!”. Diane smiled and said “I want at least two, but I’m thinking three babies. Now Mom here may say how many she wants.”.

I was almost breathing again when Michelle said “I think this one kid more may be my max. I think I’m too old to raise any more. Now fuck us to seal the deal.”.

Diane added “Yes, come fuck your daughter, Daddy.”. My cock was getting hard. Michelle turned and headed to the bedroom. Diane was quick behind her. I watched them go, then hurried after them.

I entered the bedroom and saw them both bent over the foot of the bed, pillows under their bellies as they draped over the wooden end of the bed. Wild! I just walked in, got up behind the closest one, and I slid in.

“Oh sweet pussy. Sweet.”.

Diane turned her head and said “You love Mom better! You hate me.”.

I reached over and slapped her ass a good one. She yelped.

“Now young lady. You behave yourself. You have to share. This was almost entirely your idea. Oh god…Michelle…”.

Michelle squeezed her pussy down hard on my cock.

“You’re fucking me. Pay attention to me. If she wants to pout, then she doesn’t get any. More for me then.”.

“Ok. Ok. I’ll behave. Please come and put that nice sweet cock of yours in me. Mom, may I please. Please.”.

“Ok. Mark, give her some. Oooh. I miss it already.”.

I slid out of Michelle and then moved over and slid into Diane. She moaned as I slid in. Hell, I did too. I was moving slow and easy. I figured I only have so much in me.

Diane purred “Oh thank you. So nice. Now faster. Harder.”.

I stopped and slapped her ass. “I will go as fast as I want. If you can’t accept that…then…”.

I pulled out, but left my cock at the entrance to her pussy. Michelle giggled.

Diane all but sobbed “I’ll be good. Please put it back in. I need it bad, that’s all. I’m sorry. Please. Please.”.

I looked at Michelle and said “Think I should? Think I should push my cock into my mistress? Or should I come back to you, my wife? I’ll let you decide. Which one?”.

Michelle looked back at me and said “Oh that is so not fair. I want you in me. I know Diane needs you in her. I think I can wait. But first give me a couple of good bangs, then I will leave you two to have at it.”.

I moved over and slid into Michelle again. I pulled out and banged in hard. Out. In. A good slapping noise as I banged into her. I slowed down and pulled out to just the tip. She moved out from under me and knelt down and kissed my cock. Then she grabbed it and moved me over to her daughter and I slid back into Diane. She stood up and kissed me. She leaned over and kissed Diane.

“Now honey. Enjoy. Trust me. When you start showing, the sex gets even better. Mark is going to be working hard to satisfy us. But for right now. Just enjoy.”.

Michelle pushed my butt with a good push, forcing me into her daughter. I got the idea and started banging her hard, just I was just banging Michelle a minute before. Michelle slapped her butt and walked out. I kept banging Diane.

I would push in and hold it deep. I would go slow and easy. I would slam in hard. I spanked her ass. I lubed my fingers and pushed two into her butt. I could hear her moaning into the bed linen. I felt her pussy tighten. Her hands were grasping at the blankets. She was getting little muscle spasms in her legs, in her pussy. She was close.

I heard her voice, muffled by the bed “Mark. Oh Mark. Oh Daddy. Fuck me. Please. Oh god damn. Ooof! Oh shit. Fuck. Oh oooh ooooooh OOOOH FUCK YES!”.

She came and came hard. I pushed in and out a couple of times, when I felt her pussy loosen up, but held still when it was too tight. I felt her go limp. I had to pull out and help her stand. I led her around to the side of the bed and laid her down. I think she went asleep at once.

I heard a small giggle and turned to see Michelle in the doorway. I went to her. She led the way back to the living room.

I smiled and said “Now where were we?

- - - -
At my door - Chapter 10
Back to my wife to be

Michelle said “We were having sex, before she so rudely interrupted us. Let me move a couple of the pillows to the floor, then lay down on them. I’ll do you, just to show you that you won’t have to do all the work around here.”.

I laid down and Michelle leaned down and sucked my cock. She stroked my balls and rubbed my ass. It was marvelous. It was fantastic. And my cock rose to show my approval. She was quick to straddle me after I got hard, her back pointed to my head. She aimed my hard on and sat down. I watched as she eased herself down onto me.

“Oh yes. Sweet. Sweet pussy. Oh god yes.”.

“Shush, sweetie. Just close your eyes and enjoy. I know I’m enjoying this.”.

She moved up and down. She would wiggle and rotate. I watched her butt cheeks flex. At the top of her stroke, I saw my wet cock. It was a deep red. She was in no hurry. She looked like she was moving up and down for her sake. It was as if I wasn’t in the room, just my dick. I was still getting plenty of great sex, so I wasn’t upset or anything. Her ass moved forward and back. She would bounce up and down.

“Oh damn, woman. So nice. So good.”.

“Shhss. Just enjoy. Let me fuck you to oblivion, my dear Mark.”.

I watched as her body slowly started shining with sweat. Her breathing was getting louder and she was moaning each time she pushed herself down hard. I was also breathing hard. Her ass cheeks would squeeze together as she lifted and spread out as she came down. I couldn’t resist, I grabbed her hips and started moving under her. I was pushing up to meet her coming down. I was gaining speed and power.

“So much for me doing all the work, bad boy. Ooof! Damn, that went deep.”.

I was feeling my balls getting tighter. “I’m almost there. Almost. Oh my god damn. Fuck! Oh god yes! Oh my, oooh my, OOOH MY GOD Da -da-daaaaaaaammmm.”.

I blew my load deep into Michelle’s sweet, tight, wet pussy. She pushed down and wiggled her butt, milking me. I pumped and pumped my cum into her. My legs were tight. My stomach as tight. I shook and shuddered. Then as always, I reached the peak and relaxed. I settled back down onto the cushions, spent.

She moved slowly on top of me in circles, then up and down. I was starting to get that real sensitive feeling and then she lifted off me. She turned around and licked my cock clean. She sucked the head to make sure she got the cum possible. I was about out…

- - - -
At my door - Chapter 11
And then there was our life

I woke up with a blanket on me and the smells of food. I heard voices from the kitchen. Giggling. I got up, tossed the cushions back onto the couch, and kind of folded the blanket. I then walked into the kitchen. I saw Michelle at the stove in a t-shirt and shorts. I saw Diane at the table in a blue blouse and blue jeans. And then there was another lady…!

“Whoops! Sorry.”.

I scooted back to the living room. I found my cloths wee we dropped them last night and got dressed. I sat on the couch. Who was that? Oh god. I walked in naked.

“Hey Daddy.” I heard Diane yell from the kitchen. “It’s safe. Come on in.”.

I got up and walked in. There was Michelle and Diane. The other lady was gone.

“Uh…who was that? I’m so sorry. I uh di…”.

From behind the door came a voice “I’m Sandy. Michelle’s cousin. Ahh. You got dressed. Shucks. I liked you better naked. The girls were telling me you and Mich are going to get married. Wow! You move fast. But I remember you from school. You were a senior when I was a freshman. You were a hunk then and still are. Even so, you were always nice and not a stuck up pig like most the guys in school. You didn’t sneer down at me and my friends.”.

I was standing still. I was ambushed and didn’t have anywhere to hide. She wrapped her arms around me from behind and moved them along my chest. I looked to Michelle, who was still fixing food. She just smiled at me and went back to work. I looked to Diane, who was grinning at me. No help there.

“Ummm. Nice muscles in this belly.”. She pulled me back against her by my hips. “Nice ass. Firm. Round. Feels like it can do a good job.”. Her hands slid down to my jeans and slid over my cock. To spite me, it was getting hard. I was trying to behave. “Hmmm. I think with a little work, I can see if these two were speaking the truth about how big you are. I think they were. Nice.”

“I uh… Well I…”.

All the ladies laughed at predicament. Big help they were. I felt Sandy reaching for the button on my pants and started undoing it.

“Whoa! Uh… Wait!”.

“No. Sorry. I can’t wait. I gotta see it now, before I have to go home.”.

My pants were soon sliding down along with my underwear as Sandy stooped and pulled them down. She then kissed my left butt cheek with a loud smack. She stood up, but had her hands on my cock as she stood. I was firm and hard. She slid around me to my left. She looked down as she was almost in front of me.

“Oh yes, the girls were telling the truth. It is nice and big. I hope to have this in me some day soon. And no, I do not want to get pregnant like these two sillies. But I want this big, sweet cock. Just not today.”.

She almost purred and she stroked me. She bent down and kissed my cock head. She sucked just the head in. She licked and sucked. I was starting to rock my hips when she stood back up.

“Whew! That was close. I almost gave in and went for it. No no no. Not today. Jeff is expecting me to pick him up for a late lunch. And it’s not nice to make love to your cousins’ husband to be while making my husband wait. Later, ladies.”.

She kissed my cheek, then Diane’s, and Michelle’s. She moved out the kitchen door and was gone. I was still standing with my pants around my ankles with a hard cock. I looked down and saw Sandy’s slobber slide down my hard cock.

Michelle said “That was my cousin Sandy. She married Jeff Simms. He was in the same grade as me. Kind of a brainiak geek. But they’ve stayed together through all her affairs. She loves him and he loves her. She’s slides off the marriage wagon about once or twice a year. She’s not a slut. She’s got a small…uh…guy harem that she uses. Mostly married guys that want a piece of strange tail when they can get away with it.”.

“oh.”. I did not know what to say.

Diane said “I think she just added one more to her collection. Here let me help you with that poor little hard on.”.

“Diane, leave him be. The food is almost ready. Mark, pull up your pants. Let’s eat.”.

I pulled up my pants and sat down. Diane on my right, my daughter to be, my lover. Michelle, my wife to be, my lover. And somewhere down the road, Sandy, my lover to be. Life is great. Life is good.

My cell phone rang. I looked at it. My youngest, Jessica. Oh wow. I gotta tell my kids I’m getting married and that they were gonna have more siblings. Do I tell them about Diane too…?

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