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At My Door chapters 4-6

At my door - Chapter 4
Oh my…oh my…

She looked at me without a smile.

“In a way, I wish I was. I normally have my boy friends use condoms. You just mentally overpowered me. Then thinking you were my daddy got me so hot that I just didn’t care. I kind of hope you got me knocked up. I kind of hope you didn’t.”.

Oh god. What did I do?

“Oh don’t look so lost. I liked it. If you can, I want to do it again. Need me to suck you to get you all hard and ready again? Maybe if you do a good job and get me pregnant, I’ll take you home to Mom and you can get her pregnant too. She’s been without a man since Dad left a couple of years ago. Get us both big and fat and pregnant. Best keep your sweet cock away from Gramma Jenny. I don’t think she wants to get pregnant.”.

The thought of seeing Michelle again and Diane’s pussy gripping and loosening on my cock was getting it hard again. I really loved Michelle back in college. We just split up because I got a job that took me out of state and she had a year left in her classes. But damn, she was fantastic.

“Hmmm I feel it coming back. Roll off. Let me suck that sweet cock and make sure it is all hard.”.

I rolled off and laid back. Diane twisted and got her mouth on my cock. She sucked it in. Again I was in her mouth. Again I was getting hard. She sucked and stroked and I was hard again. She rubbed my ass cheeks and slid them around my balls. She pulled her head back and my hard cock was standing there in her hand, all wet from her slobber.

She looked back at me, smile and said. “Daddy’s gonna get some more of his daughter’s sweet pussy.”.

She swung her leg up and over me. She sat down and slowly impaled herself on my cock. She moved up and down. She would sometimes grind herself on me.

“Damn nice cock. My Daddy’s got a nice cock. It‘s so big and thick and deep.”.

“Oh god. Diane. Your sweet pussy. Your wicked evil mind. You are gonna make me blow soon.”.

She slowed down and frowned.

“No no. Daddy. You got to wait. This one will take a while. I want you to think of fucking me, fucking Mom, maybe fucking Grams. And I know Mom will just love to have this in her again. Oh she will. Stay hard long enough to get me off one more time. Please Daddy.”.

“Oh right now I think I will stay hard and keep fucking you forever.”.

“No no. Sorry Daddy. Not forever. And not just me. Your sweet cock is great and I love this slow pace. Bur damn it, I may not last much longer. I can feel my cum getting closer. I want to last. I want to fuck and grind on you. Ooh shit. When you pulse like that. It stretches me even more. It goes deeper. Again. Daddy, again. Make it all big…uh…oh…damn damn…oh fucking shit!”.

She was shuddering. Her pussy was even tighter than it has been yet. I was trapped deep in her. I was close. She started moving her hips up and down faster and faster. She was moaning, growling, gasping, crying.

“Oh shit Diane. I….Oh…I….fuck me……”.

I came in her again. I felt my cock spasm and pump. I don’t think there was much cum that came out. But my cock and balls were trying their best. She laid down on me. Breathing hard. I was breathing hard and she had done all the work that time.

I think we fell asleep again.

- - - -
At my door - Chapter 5
Let’s clean up

“Hey lover boy. Hey Daddy.”.

I opened my eyes. The room was dim. Diane was still atop me. But she was holding herself up with her arms.

“We need a bath. I know I am just sweaty and slimy and all icky. You look the same. Come on. Get up, Mark. And not that way, not with that big pole of yours. You sweet thing you.”.

She got off of me and helped me up. We walked to the bathroom and started the water in the shower. The cold air from the water made her nipples get all hard and tight. And the sight of it was starting to make my cock grow again.

She saw it growing and rolled her eyes.

“Yes, I think you will be able to fuck all the women and girls I throw at you. Won’t you? You are gonna be our big hard stud fucking machine. I think the water’s warm now. Get in. I’ll wash you. You wash me.”.

We got in and I grabbed the soap. I washed her back, her shoulders, her ass. Again I was making love to her with my hands. The soap made her all slippery. I pulled her into me. My cock slid into her soapy butt crack. I wrapped her up in my soapy, slippery arms. Her tits were mine to play with. My cock was hard and sliding up and down her butt. I felt it poke in. She squeaked. I pulled tighter and slid in further.

“Damn, Daddy. No. Not now. I’m hungry. I still got to wash you. Wash my hair. Get that out of my butt. Later. Oh not deeper. Shit. Oh damn.”.

I pumped in and out of her sweet ass. I fondled her sweet slippery tits. I moved one hand down to her pussy and soaped her up.

“Oh god, Daddy. OK. But oh….damn….no….oh….god damn…”.

I pumped and pumped into to her. I don’t think I could cum after so many times, but damn she felt good in my arms. Her ass felt good around my cock. I felt water splashing my face. Diane had the shower hose and was pointing it back at my face. I couldn’t breathe. I had to let go and pull back. My cock slid out of her ass.

“Damn it!”.

“Sorry. I had to find a way to stop you. I didn’t want to, but I’m hungry. Let’s finish up. Wash my hair. I wanna call Mom and see if she’s up for dinner. I‘ll tell her I found a new guy. A great guy.”.

After I finished washing her hair and giving her pussy a good soaping. When I was done, I got the royal treatment from her. She washed me. She paid a good deal of attention to my cock which was still firm, even if it was finally pointing down. She even shaved my face. First time anyone had shaved me other than me. Felt odd and scary.

We got out and dried. She went to the living room for her clothes, while I got dressed in the bedroom. I came out and she was just in her underwear and bra. She was on the phone.

“…Yes Mom. See you there in…uh…fifteen minutes? … OK. Twenty five then. Love ya.”.

She grabbed her skirt and pulled it on.

“Hmmm you look all nice. You clean up nicely. Mom can’t wait to meet my new boy friend. Wait till she sees you. Be sweet and give her a big hug and a good kiss. Hell, grab her ass a good one too. She needs it.”.

- - - -
At my door - Chapter 6
I re-meet my old love

We made it to the restaurant with Diane driving. She said that was so her mom could recognize her car. We got there before Michelle. I was nervous. Here I was with my old girlfriend’s daughter -- having fucked her quite a few times today. And she was wanting me to get back with her mom as well. Not in my wildest dreams. Not even as a young kid in the wild sixties, looking at the older teens and hearing all the stories.

“There she is. Stay in the car until she gets out and comes over. “.

I watched as Michelle got out. And she was almost the same girl I knew in college. Same face, body. Movement. I was transfixed. She had on a black sweater and light blue pants. I heard a giggle next to me.

“Now out and give her that hug and kiss. Go. I‘ll be right behind you.”.

I got out and walked to Michelle. She was smiling, that polite smile when you know nothing about the person. Michelle saw me. I saw her mind start to work behind her face. The polite smile she had was still in place, but it was just there, an empty mask. I think she almost figured it out when Diane popped out of the car.

“Hey Mom. Meet Mark West -- or as I call him -- Daddy. My new love machine.”.

Michelle’s eyes popped. She now knew who I was. She looked at her daughter. At me. I was still advancing at her. I wrapped my arms around her and gave her a hug. Damn I missed her. It felt good to hug her. I loosened up and look her in the face and kissed her. I opened my mouth and let my tongue play along her lips. Her lips opened up and let me in. She moved her tongue around with mine. She was hugging me. We were all but making out in the parking lot.

“Uh hem. You two. Break it up…for now. Food. And yes talk. But food. FEED ME.”.

Michelle and I let loose, but not entirely apart. Diane moved in on my right, leaving her mom on my left arm.

She said “Mom let’s walk him in and get some food. Go ahead and hang onto him.”.

We walked in. I was beyond heaven. I had my lovely old girlfriend and lover, her daughter, my new girlfriend and lover, all wrapped up in my arms.

We were seated and Michelle tried to start a sentence more than one time. It was almost funny watching try to get all the thoughts in her head straight. Diane finally took pity on her.

“Mom. I just met Mark today. I was going door to door doing my selling. When he opened the door, he just started leering at me. He raped me with his eyes. I wouldn’t allow anyone to do that, but he…he just captivated me. He had me like a zombie. Oh hell we fucked before I even knew his name.”.

Michelle looked at her daughter sternly.

“Oh alright. We made passionate, hot, sweaty love before I knew his name. Better?”.

“A cleaner choice of words…but…”.

“Anyways, when we got around to names. I used your old East meets West line. He kind of stopped mid fu…ah mid…well he stopped and asked what your name was. I told him and he was just gob stopped.”.

Michelle looked at me. I was a deer in the lights of an oncoming train. Diane giggled.

“Oh Daddy had ideas about stopping and trying to become a gentleman. I wouldn’t have a thing to do with it. Damn, Mom. I now know why you had such fond memories of him. He’s good. Daddy’s nice and good. And I know you wouldn’t ask…but I got him to … uh… well three sessions. Just today. Look at him, all tuckered out.”.

Michelle looked at me and smiled. “Oh yes. He could go at it many times. But yes, you wore him out. Poor baby.”.

“Mom. I may be pregnant. I would lay odds on it.”.

Michelle gasped. Looked at me, at her daughter.

“Aren’t you on the pill?”.

“Nope. They all had to use condoms. I’m happy. I feel great. Want ta join me in Maternityville?”.

Now Michelle looked like she was the one with the train aimed at her.

“Wha wha what?!”.

“Do you want Mark to get you pregnant too? We can waddle into the hospital together. Daddy here can be a proud papa times two.”.


“Oh don’t try to use that indignant tone with me. You wanted more kids. Here’s a shot. Oh I can feel it now. I am pregnant. I want you to be too. I know Daddy…Mark would love to have a go at you. I see it in his eyes. I saw the way you two were all but fucking in the parking lot. OK…all but making love.”.

Michelle sat back and thought. She was no longer present at the table. The food came and Diane nudged her back to this world.

“Mom, eat now. Sex later. Hmmm good food. Needed it.”.
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