This is an interesting idea about an old flame
At My Door chapters 1-3

I‘m Mark. Early forties. 6 foot tall. Somewhat fit, but getting that late life stomach bulge. I‘m having to go to the gym now to keep it at bay. I‘m not movie star handsome, but far from ugly. As a young teenager, I saw all the wild times that the other kids had. Wild sex and it seemed all the time. But I had to work hard for any sex I got. It wasn’t until late high school and early college that I got into my groove so to speak. But that was then. This was now. I had since been married and divorced and had two kids that only came to see me when they wanted something -- usually money. My dating life was close to nil. I didn’t hit bars, my coworkers were all guys, so my prospects were slim.

- - - -
At my door - Chapter 1
She was at my door

I was sitting at home one Saturday watching sports when the door bell rang. I got up thinking another damn door to door salesman who won’t read my no soliciting sign. OK. I would read them a loud riot act and maybe help them and their relatives choose another job -- as well as anyone else in a couple of miles who may want to bother me on my days off.

Sure enough when I opened the door, there was a woman in a white blouse and light blue skirt -- with some pamphlets in her arm. She started talking, going through her spiel. I really wasn’t listening. I was about to start my tirade when I was stopped by her looks. She was not fashion plate beautiful, but maybe closer to winsome. Maybe 5 foot 4 inches. She had dark hair, almost black. She was either tanned or naturally a very light brown skin. Something about her hit a deep nerve in me. She was bewitching. Entrancing. I was rooted in place. She was still talking, but nothing of her words had got through to me.

She stopped talking and looked at me. I looked at her. I looked at her face, her breasts, her legs, her hair. I couldn’t stop my eyes from roving all over her. My cock started to firm up.

“Sir? Are you interested?”.

“Oh I’m interested. Oh for sure I ‘m interested.”.

I can’t believe I said that out loud and with such lewdness just dripping from my voice. What I was interested in was obvious, between my ogling and my sex wolf voice. Oh yes, I was obviously interested. Now I‘m normally quite smooth and only after dating a couple of times do I start to get ribald. This is so out of character for me it was blowing my mind. But I couldn’t stop staring. I couldn’t stop wishing her clothes would disappear.

“Uh. Sir?”.

I think she was at a loss with how to deal with such an jerk as me. At one level, I couldn’t blame her for slapping me. Thankfully she didn’t.

“I‘m very sorry if I offended you. You are so very…uh…very…well…bewitching. You have me thinking things I shouldn’t. I can’t help it though. I’m sorry.”.

My eyes were still roving all over her. Damn, I wanted her clothes off. I wanted to take her, be taken by her. I was on fire with sexual passion. It was beyond anything I had felt for many, many years. My cock was now hard and must have been pointing straight out at her in my loose shorts.

“Well…are you interested in…”. She paused, pursed her lips, and furrowed her forehead. “I think I know you. I do know you. I just don‘t know from where though.”.

What?! She knows me? Now that threw a big monkey wrench into my brain. It kicked me back to normal. My cock started to wilt. We know each other? I looked at her and tried to concentrate. I saw something that tickled my brain. It wasn’t making a full hit. She was younger than me by a good twenty years, so going to school together was out. I had been at the one job forever with the same people forever, so that was out.

I almost whispered “Where from?”.

She looked at my face and I could see the concentration. She struggled. I struggled. Neither could find the connection. I mentioned the few places I been to or went to outside of work. Where I shopped or ate out. She threw out places. Nothing hit.

My brain gave up and allow my eyes to start wandering all over her again.

I said “You are familiar. Damn you are. But far more than that, you are making me wish you were naked. I was naked. You are a beautiful earthy goddess witch. I want you.”.

Did I just say that?! To a girl I had no idea what her name was? Who I may know? As she stood at my door trying to sell me…whatever she was trying to sell? Oh shit, this is not me. I‘m in better control than this.

She must not have heard my words, thankfully, because she was not going off the deep end. And she wasn’t yelling at me. Her hand that wasn’t holding her pamphlets started to move along her skirt by her hip. She started absent mindedly stroking her thigh. My eyes watched as I wished it was my hand. I watched as her breast moved slightly with each movement of her arm. My cock was growing harder again. I had to make her stay. I needed her to stay.

“Come in. Please. I need you to come in.”.

As I stood aside and gestured her in, my eyes kept their wandering. I wish I had x-ray vision. I even think my tongue was licking my lips. I must have look like a cartoon of a sex crazed maniac. She moved forward and entered my house. I was suddenly very happy I kept the place neat. I needed her to feel comfortable. I needed her.

“Please put those down there and let me get you a drink. Water? Beer? Soda? Grape juice? That’s all I got in the house right now. Sit. Take your shoes off.”.

“Uh soda. Root beer?”.

“Got it. Coming right up.”. I moved to the kitchen and got the soda, a glass, and ice. I rushed back. I didn’t want to be away from her for very long. I handed her the drink. I turned off the TV. The game no longer had any meaning in my life. Only her.

I saw her shoes were still on. I knelt at her feet and reached my hands to her shoes. She slowly, hesitantly lifted one and I removed her shoe. I held her bare foot and started rubbing it, soothing it. I was all but making love to it. My hands started running up her calf, when she lifted her other foot. I reluctantly moved my hands to her other shoe. It came off and I started the same impassioned rubbing. I moved from one foot and leg to the other. I couldn’t get enough of her skin. I leaned forward and kissed her left knee. I moved my face to her other knee and I kissed it also. My hands were gently stroking her calves, her feet. I lifted her right leg up and out a bit. I kissed her knee again, but more on the inside, higher, more on her thigh. I heard her gasp.

I couldn’t stop myself. My right hand was stroking her left leg. I moved it higher, up onto her thigh. I was now rubbing her leg from her foot to her mid thigh. I was kissing her thighs now. Her legs were getting more and more wider. I looked up and saw her panties. I looked up at her and saw her watching me as I ravished her legs. I smiled, lifted her leg up and kissed it while I watched her face.

I whispered “Thank you…thank you…”. I went back to her legs. I was now rubbing and kissing her thighs from her knees to within inches of her panties. I could see a darkening at her crotch. She was enjoying this. I could smell her. My cock was throbbing. I leaned further in and kissed the gusset of her panties. I heard a big gasp. I heard the ice in her glass rattle. I leaned back and took the drink from her hands and placed it on the end table. No resistance. She was almost a zombie. She was staring at me as I ravaged her.

My hands reached up under her skirt to the top of her panties. I started pulling them.

“Lift up. Let me get these off. I need these off.”.

She lifted her butt and the panties slid down. I pulled slowly. My eyes focused on each bit of skin as it was revealed. I saw her dark pussy hair…just a small patch. Then her slit came into view. I slowed down. My hands were sliding on her skin of her hips and ass as I pulled. Her panties came free and were now on her thighs. I leaned back and pulled. She sat back down, moved her legs together, lifted her feet, and allowed me to take off her panties.

I moved back in and spread her legs. I pushed her skirt up high. My hands and my face went back to work, kissing her, stroking her. My tongue licked her thighs very close to her sweet, wet pussy. I heard another gasp from her.

“Move your legs wide apart. Spread ‘em open for me.”.

She complied until her skirt got in the way. We both reached for it and we moved it high up onto her belly and we pushed it up under her butt. She was exposed for me. For my mouth. For my tongue. For my hands. For my fingers.

My hands were under her, holding onto her ass cheeks as I pulled my face right into her crotch. My tongue pushed into her folds and started savagely licking her. This was no gentle love kisses. This was wild unbridled passion. I needed at her pussy. I needed to lick, to suck, to kiss.

She was making noises as I ate her pussy. I pressed harder. I licked harder. I sucked her clit in and she started to moan. Long, low, breathy. I lightly bit her clit and she yelped. I licked her clit. I kissed it. I bit it again. I looked up at her. I’m not sure if my smile was visible as I licked her, but I smiled at her. I sucked her clit into my mouth hard and pulled my head back. It stretched up and away from pussy. Her eyes got big. I pulled harder. I saw her face scrunch up. Just as I felt it about to pop out. I wagged my tongue over and over on it. It popped free. My head pulled up. Her body settled back onto the couch. My left hand moved into her crotch and my fingers slid into her. I started to slide my fingers in and out. They slid easily in her wetness.

“Undo your blouse. Get it off! And your bra too!”.

It was not even remotely a request. It was an order. Her hands moved quickly and started undoing the buttons. I kept my fingers working her pussy as I watched her blouse come undone. It was awkward the way she was sitting, but she removed it. Her hands slid around behind her and her bra came loose. She got her hands back in front and pulled it off. Only her skirt was still on her. Her breasts were marvelous. Thick nipples standing out stiff on crinkled areolas.

“The skirt. Get it off. Now!”.

Her hands moved and they undid the snap and then the zipper. I pulled my fingers from her pussy. She sighed at the loss. I reached up and pulled her skirt. She lifted her butt and it soon was on the floor.

This goddess earth witch was now naked in my house. My fingers moved back into her crotch and she spread her legs wider than before giving me easier access. My fingers dove in and went in and out of her. I leaned in and kissed her clit again. I bit it. I sucked it. She was moaning and gasping. I watched her body jerk from time to time. Her beautiful breasts moved. Her nipples seemed to get harder.

I was as hard as I ever had been. Yet I was fully clothed. I wanted to get naked. I wanted to suck on her tits. I wanted her. But more than anything I wanted to make her orgasm. To make her scream in passionate joy.

I was moving three fingers in and out of her pussy while I attacked her clit. My other hand slid under her ass and grabbed her butt cheek. I pulled her by her butt cheek closer to the edge of the couch. My fingers released her ass and started to rub and slide along her firm cheeks. My hand pumping her pussy got faster. I was sucking and licking harder and faster. I was hearing her moan and feeling her shudder more and more.

My finger sliding along her ass crack was getting wet from her pussy. I lubed my fingers more. I looked up into her eyes and stopped my fingers in her pussy. I sucked her clit in hard and held it. My now wet fingers slid back to her butt. I sucked her clit in harder and started sliding my wet fingers on her asshole in time with my tongue on her clit. I bit her clit again and pushed my wet finger into her ass. She gasped loudly. I started moving my fingers in her pussy again. Now I had a finger in her ass, three in her pussy, her clit in my mouth. I was going to town on her. I worked hard. I was attuned to her body. I worked her. I brought her higher and higher. She started to shudder and shudder. Her body got all blotchy red. She was moaning and squeaking.

“Oh god. Damn. Oh god. Oh! Oh! Oooooooooo shit!”.

Her legs tightened. Her body stiffened. She pushed her hips up. She was coming hard. My fingers kept at it, sliding into her pussy, into her ass. My tongue kept at her clit. I sucked hard and then bit her clit. She screamed and her whole body spasmed. I bit harder and she went wild. Her hands were flailing about, hitting the couch. Her tits were wobbling left and right, up and down. She was shuddering and gasping. I was not sure when she last took a full breath. Her body was a deep red. She finally reached the max of her climax and started to relax. I kept up the assault. Maybe I could give her another one. Evil me.

She opened her eyes. We both looked into the other’s eyes. Hers were barely open. Mine must have looked like a wild man. Her hands came to my head and started to push me away.

“No more. Please. Oh. Oh god damn. Please. Give me a break.”.

I pulled my head back and stopped my fingers, but left them in her. Like I said, I was evil. She was breathing hard, trying to get her oxygen levels back. She wiggled her butt and I pulled my finger from it…slowly. She gasped as it came out. She wiggled again and I pulled my fingers from her pussy. She eased back onto the couch into a more sitting position.

“Oh my! That was intense. Marvelous.”.

- - - -
At my door - Chapter 2
To the bedroom we go

I sat back and pulled my t-shirt up and off. She was breathing closer to normal now. I stood and undid my shorts. They fell to the ground at my feet. My tented underwear was last. I looked at her as I pushed the elastic down over my hips. I had to pull the front well away to get it clear of my hard on. When they had hit the floor, I reached my hand out to her. Beckoning her. She reached up and took my hand. I pulled her up from the couch.

I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her lips. I felt her tits pressed into my chest. My hand wrapped around her and stroked her back, her ass, her hips, and her sides. My tongue darted into her mouth. Hers pushed back. Her hands slid along my back, my ass. She pulled me into her tighter. She kissed me harder.

After what seemed like a lifetime of just standing there entwined, I pulled back and said “This way.”.

I led her to my bedroom. We walked to my bed and started kissing again. Another lifetime of joy and passion. I pulled my face away from hers.

I hunched my crotch at her and said “Where do you want this? Your sweet, wet pussy? Your luscious mouth? Or your tight rose bud ass?”.

“Let me suck on you. Then I will fuck you. Lay back.”.

Now I was the one taking orders. I laid back on my bed. She climbed on and wrapped her fingers around my hard cock. Oh god, I almost came then. I had been hard for so long. She leaned down and took my cock into her lips. She kissed it. She sucked it. She ran her tongue around it. Again I almost came. She pulled off and looked at me.

“Not yet. Easy. Easy now. Settle down. Let me get you there, but not right now.”.

The hard throbbing eased back. She looked at my cock, then at my eyes. She leaned in and again took it into her mouth. She took almost half of it in before I hit the back of her mouth. She stopped as her stomach lurched. She pulled back slowly, sucking and licking all the way. Up and down my shaft she worked. Slowly. Gently. She even bared her teeth and bit it lightly. She dragged her teeth along my shaft as she pulled up. Her head came free.

“I ought to bite harder to get even with what you did to me, but I want this. And I want this to last.”.

She pushed her head back down, teeth still bared, lightly scraping my cock as she pushed onto my cock. I hit the back of her throat. She pulled up and then down again. She stopped and worked her tongue all over my hard cock. Her teeth bit just a bit harder. I was about to cry out, when she pulled her teeth back and slid her lips over them again. She then pulled up and back down a few more times.

She pulled off and said “Now lover, let me sit on this and make it all better.”.

She spun around and straddled me. She never let go of my hard cock. She positioned herself and aimed my cock. She sat down slowly, easing my cock into her pussy. Her eyes were closed and a slight smile was on her face. Her head kind of lolled about. Finally I was all the way engulfed by her. She look at my eyes and smiled broadly.

“Oh my you feel so nice in there. Deep. Thick. Nice.”.

“Oh yes you feel so good on me. Do me, baby. Fuck me, my baby girl.”.

And fuck me she did. She started sliding up and down on my cock. Moving and undulating. Sometimes sitting up, others laying down smashing her tits into me while her ass bobbed up and down. Her body gleamed. Her boobs were now shiny with her sweat. I watched as beads of sweat slid down her body, between her breasts. I was close. Oh so close. She knew it. I saw a wicked smile on her face as she worked herself on me. Every now and then she would close her eyes and moan. She would press down and grind. Then she would start working up and down again. Again I was close. She pressed down and started grinding. I throbbed in her. I reached up and grabber her tits. I rubbed them. I played with her nipples. I hoped she would cum for me. I almost wanted that more than I wanted to cum. She shuddered and looked at me.

“No. No. Not this time. I’m gonna make you blow. I‘m just gonna make you blow right up deep in me. Now try this.”.

She tightened her pussy muscles and started moving quickly up and down. Her tits slapped up and down. She was flinging sweat everywhere. Her hair was flying. My cock was being pulled and pushed and squeezed. My balls tightened up. My legs tightened up. I raised up, lifting her. She kept going up and down. She was shuddering and biting her lip. She was gasping. My cock grew thicker and harder. She smiled a wild, feral, open mouth grin. I started shuddering hard and my cock exploded into her pussy. I came and came. I pumped into her and she humped up and down on me. My juice and her juice mixed and made her tight pussy easier to slide in, even as hard as she still clamped it.

Finally I gasped and fell back to the bed. I was spent. I was done. My cock started to wilt. She looked at me and smiled.

She said “Now that was something. That was great.”.

She laid down on me. We kissed. I kissed her cheeks, her forehead. She kissed my neck. We settled and closed our eyes. We just lay there happy, sweaty, wet, sticky.

- - - -
At my door - Chapter 3
It was better than a dream, then…

I woke up and felt a body next to me. A naked body. I remembered. The earth witch goddess. What was her name? Oh my. I had fingered, sucked, and fucked a girl half my age and didn’t know her name. Hell, she didn’t know mine. I saw her eyes flutter open from my movement on the bed. I smiled at her. She smiled back.

She said “That was marvelous. Thank you. Uh… What’s your name?”.

She giggled and shrugged. I laughed aloud also.

I said “Well. Let me introduce myself. This naked man alongside you is Mark West. So very nice to meet you. And you are?”.

“A equally naked Diane East at your service.”.

My cock was waking up also. Diane noticed and said “Again? You old goat. You satyr. You ravisher of defenseless damsels.”

“Well since you ask.”.

I rolled her onto her back and rolled on her. She spread her legs and my hard cock slid into her. I started humping into and out of her sweet wet pussy at a gentle pace. We made squishy noises as I pushed my first load of cum around in her. She was moaning and her hands were stroking my sides, my chest.

“Oh yes, Mark baby. Do that. Yessssss. Oh my yesssss. What a way to wake up from a sex nap. More sex. Oh yesssss. East meets West. Do me, oh kind sir.”.

Wait! East meets West. I knew that phrase. Yes. Yes. Everyone has. But in context with sex. One of my old girlfriends. I paused in my humping, my cock was embedded in Diane. My mind was a whirl. Uh. Michelle East. No. No. Nooooo. I pulled out and looked at Diane. Trying in my mind to remember a girl form many years ago.

Diane looked at me and cocked her head. “What’s wrong, lover. Keep going.”.

“Your mom. Your mom. What’s her name?”.

“My mom? What? Michelle.”.

“Oh gees. Let me think.”

“What?! What’s wrong Mark?”.

“I think your mother and me…back in college…uh…”.

“Oh cool Mom and you, hey? Now me and you. I guess I gotta keep Grams away from your sweet cock.”. She pulled me back into her. I was still somewhat hard. She pumped her hips up at me and it felt so good. I hardened back up quickly. I was now pumping into her again.

I paused again. My brain was thinking she could be…my daughter.

“Who was your dad? When were you born?” I asked hoping she would give answers that let me off the hook.

“Not you. You aren’t my dad. Silly fella. Mom married my dad just after college, then a year later, I was born. A full year. Breathe.”.

Whew! Safe!

“But I do remember Mom kept some old photos from her college days and there were plenty photos of you. That’s where I knew you from. You wore some silly clothes back then. And I found the special photos of her and you. No silly clothes then. Sexy people. Mom looked much thinner back then. So did you.”.

She paused and looked at me.

“You were afraid I was your daughter. Why you big dolt. Or was is that you were hoping I was. You kinky dude. You wanted to be my daddy. Daddy.”.

She said that and my cock lurched inside her.

“Oh. We have an answer. Daddy.”.

Again my cock lurched.

“Call me your daughter. Say it.”.


I timed each word with a pump of my hips.

“Sweet goddess. My witchy earth goddess. My daughter.”.

“Yes, Daddy. Fuck me. Fuck your daughter. Ram that hard cock of yours into me. Try to get your daughter pregnant.”.

I pumped hard and harder into Diane’s pussy. Playing over and over in my mind that I was fucking my daughter. I worked up a sweat. My breathing was getting ragged.

“Do it, Daddy. Fuck me. Unload in me. Breed me. Daddy.”.

She was smiling almost evilly under me. Breed her? Make her pregnant? My own daughter. Ok, make believe daughter, but was I going to make her pregnant. I wasn’t wearing a condom. She ran her hands up and down my waist. She pinched my nipples -- hard. Then she laughed as I winced. She reached around and swatted my ass.

“Harder, Daddy. Giddy up. Fuck me, Daddy. Come on Daddy.”.

I tensed up and pressed into her as hard as I could. I pushed my pulsing cock deep and felt it expand. I shuddered and came in her. I humped and pressed deep. I shuddered again and pumped more cum into her. I finally felt the tension leave my body and I collapsed onto her chest. I felt her nipples all hard and poking into me.

She stroked my head, my back, my shoulders.

“Good Daddy. Good job. You feel all better? Maybe that time you got me pregnant. It felt like a nice big load. My Daddy just fucked me good.”.

“You’re just teasing me about getting pregnant. Aren’t you? Like the daughter bit?”.

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