Brothers and sisters: fighters and lovers

There were times growing up that I wished I was an only child, because my brother and two sisters caused me nothing but grief. If it wasn’t fighting over the bathroom, or the TV remote, it was any number of other sibling rivalries that you read about. Those rivalries in our house got vicious, and physically harmful, and on more than one occasion resulted in trips to the hospital emergency department. Our parents were at their wit’s end, and most times just gave up, and let us fight it out. I guess they figured that we would grow out of it, or we would get tired of the torn muscles, cuts, bruises, and fractures. The worst of those times was when I was 12, and resulted from my older brother separating my shoulder, and breaking my wrist, body slamming me on the hardwood floor.

My brother Tim was a year older than me, and my two sisters, Valerie and Judy, were one and two years younger than me. It seemed that at age 14, I had gone through a major growth spurt, and really bulked up with muscle, so now I was bigger and stronger than everyone, including Tim and even my dad. I was in to several rep team sports, including football, lacrosse and baseball, so in addition to my new found bulk, I was also in great physical condition. It was at this time, that I noticed my brother being a lot less confrontational, and backing off from arguments.

That didn’t stop Tim from picking on my sisters, and if I guess if I had been more considerate, I would have come to their aid sooner. It did start bothering me more and more, so I spoke to my brother and told him he should pick on someone his own size or age, and leave my sisters alone. I believe that he knew better, but his masculinity had been challenged, so he pushed me hard to the floor, jumped on top of me, and started wailing. I reached up with my hands and grabbed him under his arms and flung him across the room, where he bounced off the wall, and fell to the floor, partially stunned from hitting his head. He shook his head a few times, got up and came at me again, so I stood and hit him with a forearm, and knocked him back on the floor, where he lay dazed and confused. I told Tim to stay down, or he would end up getting seriously hurt, but I guess he was too mad to use common sense. As he came at me again, I used a judo move that my gym teacher at school taught our class, and flipped him over my shoulders. When he came down to the hardwood floor with a thud, I heard a sickening sound, which I recognized as bones breaking. He screamed and cussed, but didn’t move much, so I asked him if something was broken. He didn’t speak, other than swearing at me, so I went to get Dad, because I figured that he would know what to do.

After a 7 hour stay in the emergency dep’t, doctors told my dad that there were two broken bones in Tim’s right forearm, as well as a dislocation in the right shoulder. My dad cussed under his breath, and looked at me with a look of disgust. When we finally got home, my dad told me to get to my room, and as I was climbing the stairs, I could hear him telling my brother that unless he wanted these types of beatings to continue, he better stay away from me, because I was far too strong for him to fight anymore.

I guess my parents knew better than to ask me to look after my brother, and because Tim was pretty helpless, being right handed, it fell to Valerie and Judy to look after him. It never occurred to me at first, but simple things like peeing, wiping his butt, and eating, were going to be extremely difficult, if not impossible, without assistance. Both of my sisters seemed to look at me in a different way, because they found out from Dad, that Tim got hurt because of me coming to their defense. It seemed that they now felt more comfortable coming to me for advice, so one of our first real conversations involved how they were supposed to look after Tim.

It had been three days since Tim came home from the hospital, and the girls told me that he insisted that they go into the bathroom, and help him. I guess he bullied them into taking out his penis and holding it to pee. They said that they had never even seen a penis before, but when he made them hold it, and then shake off any drops, it grew much larger. He told them that they needed to take him back to his room, and help to reduce the swelling in his penis, and I now was getting worried. Valerie and Judy didn’t seem overly upset about Tim’s requests, probably out of curiosity, but they were frightened by his bullying behavior. They described what Tim had insisted that they do, and it went like this: Valerie was told to massage Tim’s testicles with her hands, while Judy was told to stroke his swollen penis. After this went on for a few minutes, Tim told Judy to take his penis in her mouth and suck on it so the swelling would go down. Judy was frightened, but felt that she better do what she was told, so took his penis into her mouth and sucked on it. She said that Tim peed some sticky stuff in her mouth and she was told that she must swallow it or else. After she swallowed all of the sticky stuff, the swelling went down in Tim’s penis, so he told them they could leave.

After listening to this, I was disgusted at Tim, and felt like going to his room to kick his ass, but I was feeling kind of strange, and really didn’t want to stand up. My cock had got really hard and I could feel it leaking precum in my underwear, and I was having difficulty understanding what had made me feel this way. Valerie and Judy were 12 and 13, and very pretty, with bodies that were just starting to blossom, but I had never been aroused around them, because we always fought and argued. My head was telling me that I better get my sisters out of my room, but my cock had ideas of its own, and was throbbing out of control in my pants. As I tried to figure out how I should handle things, I noticed my sisters staring at the front of my pants. They looked at one another and said that I was swollen just like Tim had been, and then looked at me with a puzzled look on their faces. Judy asked me if they were supposed to help me with the swelling, like they did for Tim. It would have been really easy for me to get my first blowjob, but my common sense wouldn’t allow it to happen. They left at my request, so I closed my door, and felt the uncontrollable urge to jerk off and release my load, which I proceeded to do without delay.
I had done this many times before, but this time my cock felt different, more hard, more aroused, and my cumshot was huge and flew further than ever before. I lay back on the bed and wondered if I really had been turned on by my sisters, and as I thought about the situation they described with Tim, my cock sprang back to full erection. I grabbed it again and jerked furiously, while imagining Valerie and Judy working on my balls and cock, and as I imagined cumming in Judy’s mouth, I shot another load. There wasn’t nearly as much as the first time, but it was just as powerful, hitting the ceiling fan, and then flying everywhere. It must have taken me an hour to hunt down all that cum and clean it up.

The following morning I couldn’t clear my head of all that I had heard the night before, so after going to the bathroom, I returned to my room and lay back to jerk off. I stopped when I heard Tim yelling for his sisters to come to his room, and my cock was throbbing in my hand, thinking about what they would be doing shortly. I listened as Judy and Valerie took Tim back to his room, and I heard his bedroom door close, but no footsteps from the girls leaving. This was driving me insane, so I sneaked up to his door quietly, and I heard him saying that it was Valerie’s turn today to suck his cock. I should have gone to their aid, but I was frozen, with my cock throbbing, and I couldn’t think of a damn thing except my sisters blowing Tim. Now I was hearing those very special slurping sounds, that come from a wet mouth bobbing up and down on a hard cock. It was too much for me, and the next thing I knew I was shooting cum all over Tim’s door. I know that it was pretty gross, but I just left my cum running down his door, and made no effort to clean it up, choosing instead to go back to my room, and wait for the girls to leave Tim’s room.

It was about ten minutes later when I heard a scream, so I jumped up and ran into Tim’s room, to find Judy straddling his hips, fully impaled on his cock. It was obvious that he didn’t want to settle for just blowjobs, and that he must have bullied her into impaling her pussy on his cock. Valerie sat at the end of the bed, apparently mesmerized by the sight of her sister, impaled on Tim’s cock. Tim told me to get the hell out, but I refused and told him that I was disgusted with him, and that he would pay dearly for what he had done to my sisters. He took one look at the front of my pants, and said “yah, you are so disgusted that your cock is hard and pushing out your boxers”.

We were alone in the house, since Mom and Dad had left for work more than an hour ago, and Tim’s accusation about my hard cock had me frozen where I stood, in a state of confusion. Judy was still sitting on Tim, and hadn’t moved the entire time, but I could see tears streaming down her face. Valerie came over to me and gave me a hug, and asked me what I was going to do. I could only think to ask Judy if she was okay, and she said that Tim’s cock had really hurt at first, but now it felt nice in her pussy. She looked at me and said “what am I supposed to do now”? I said that she had already done the damage to herself, so if she wanted to, she could finish what she had started. Tim’s face lit up, but then a painful look appeared on his face, because he hurt his shoulder trying to raise his hips up to fuck Judy. As Judy realized that he couldn’t move, she started bouncing up and down on his cock, and grinding her pussy in a circular motion, and that got the both of them breathing hard and moaning. Tim said “hey little brother, your cock isn’t getting any smaller, so why don’t you take Valerie back to your room, and do what we are doing”? Before I could react, Valerie took my hand and led me to my room, where she began to undress herself, before sliding my boxers off. By this time, I was beyond trying to think about what was wrong about this, and my hard cock completely took over my thinking. Both bedroom doors had been left open, so I could still hear moaning and fucking sounds from Tim’s room. This spurred me on even more so I lay back on the bed and asked Valerie if she would suck my cock and swallow my cum. Before walking to me, she asked “is cum the stuff that came out of Tim’s cock, and will yours taste like Tim’s, because his was yucky”? I told her that hopefully my cum will taste better than Tim’s, and asked her to get started.

I instructed Valerie on things I had seen in porn videos, and had her begin by gently sucking my balls into her mouth. I then had her swirl her tongue around my balls, before releasing them, to begin licking and sucking my cock. She was doing so well, I felt that I could cum anytime, but I wanted more before that happened. I pulled her mouth off of my cock and asked her to straddle my hips and rub her pussy against my cock. As I felt a pussy touching my cock for the first time, I was hooked, and probably would never settle for masturbation again. Valerie seemed to be enjoying the rubbing as much as I was, so when I started feeling her boobs and playing with her nipples, she started moaning loudly. It was then that I heard Tim yelling that he was cumming, and that got me even hornier, so I came all over her pussy and stomach. She lay down flat on me and was a little startled at the amount of cum she was rubbing into. She reached down with her finger and took a bit to taste, and then she smiled and told me my cum was a lot tastier that Tim’s.

There was something very sexy about watching her tasting my cum, so it got my cock throbbing again, and Valerie felt it poking her pussy. Before doing anything else, I wanted to check on Judy to make sure she was okay, so I moved Judy off of me and walked into Tim’s room, with cock standing straight out, and saw that Judy was now sucking Tim’s cock and massaging his balls. She sure looked okay, so I went back to my room, and saw Valerie lying on her back with her legs spread and her arms outstretched.

What an incredible sight to come back to, so I made my way between her legs, and pointed my cock at her pussy lips. Before getting between her legs, I noticed that her pussy lips appeared wet and swollen, so she must have been more than ready for my cock. I kissed her on the lips and we took turns sucking each other’s tongues, as my cock slowly started its journey. I stopped when I felt my cock hit her cherry, and as I lay still waiting for her to get ready for full penetration, I heard Tim yelling for Judy to get ready because he was cumming in her mouth. This spurred both Valerie and I on, and as she raised her hips for easier access, I pushed through her cherry and was now balls deep in her pussy. She had winced in pain when her cherry broke, so I lay still waiting for her signal that she was ready to continue. It wasn’t long before Valerie was rubbing my back, and with her legs wrapped around me, she started to hump upwards. That was the signal I had been waiting for, so I started pumping her pussy, slowly at first, but then with more speed and force. She moaned that it felt so good, so I picked up the pace, now taking very hard and deep thrusts. Valerie was moaning louder than ever and was bucking wildly from below, so I knew it was time for both of us to cum. I hammered her pussy relentlessly, and both of us could feel my balls banging and slapping off her ass cheeks. We both were lost in the moment and didn’t notice Tim and Judy in the doorway, as we came together. My hot cum blew against her womb, and her fingernails dug into my back, as she told me that she was cumming, and held me so tightly that I couldn’t move. I could feel the contractions in the walls of her pussy, which felt very similar to being sucked off, as she drained all remaining cum from my cock. As we lay still enjoying the moment, the mood was broken by Tim and Judy, as they joined us by the bed.

Valerie and I were startled by the interruption, but were so happy with ourselves, we couldn’t get annoyed. As I rolled off of Valerie, I noticed that Tim’s cock was hard and he had that look in his eyes, like he wasn’t finished yet for the day. He took Valerie’s hand to lead her away, and as I went to stop him, Judy said it was okay, because she was staying with me. She asked me to lie down and told me to relax, because there was something she wanted to do. She left for a minute, but returned with two wet facecloths, one for my cock, and one to clean her pussy. She took care of cleaning both of us, and then tossed the facecloths, and went straight for my cock.

I was only partially erect, because of my orgasm a few minutes earlier, but in no time she had sucked my cock fully hard, and was making those slurping sounds as her head began to bob up and down furiously. I knew that I wasn’t likely going to cum again this soon, so I pulled her on top of me and impaled her pussy on my cock. She was plenty wet, so I slid right into her, and she began bucking wildly, as I held her boobs, and played with her erect nipples. I leaned upwards so I could suck those nipples, and that drove her wild, so her thrashing on top of me increased in speed and force.

My cock was actually starting to get a little sore, but I wasn’t going to dampen her enthusiasm, so I just lay there and let her fuck the hell out of me. When she told me that she was cumming, I felt that tingle in my balls, and knew that I would be cumming too. As I felt her pussy grip my cock tightly, I also felt those familiar contractions starting to suck on my cock. I don’t know how much cum I had left to give, but whatever there was made its way deeply into her pussy, as we both groaned and clung to each other.

When we recovered from that amazing orgasm, we made our way into Tim’s room, where we found them both asleep, with Valerie still laying on top of Tim. We were about to leave when Tim awoke and asked us not to leave, because the four of us needed to talk about what we had done.

We all agreed that we had really enjoyed the sex, but acknowledged that it was not only taboo, but illegal as well. We swore each other to secrecy and went back to our own rooms, to do our own things. As I lay back to revel in the memories of all that had happened this morning, I saw something on my ceiling that I had never noticed before. It was in a very inconspicuous spot near the window, but I couldn’t tell what it was. I called Judy and Valerie in and asked them if they knew what it might be. They didn’t know, but they had seen the same thing in their rooms, as well as Tim’s room, and in the hallway outside of our rooms. I got a ladder from the basement, and got up in the hallway near the spot on the ceiling, and got the shock of my life. They were pinhole cameras that our parents must have installed, because of all the fighting and violence. We rushed back to Tim’s room to tell him what we had discovered, and he turned white as a ghost, and said “we are so busted”.

To be continued.


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