My teen years- Final chapter
Before I got all the way home from Debbie’s house, I ran into my cousin Ricky, who was just returning from summer camp. He started with all the usual stories from his two weeks at camp, including his sexual conquests, and because I knew he was a horny bugger like me, I had no reason to doubt that the stories were true. Actually he was so good at describing his adventures in detail, my cock was beginning to enlarge. I asked him to come out to my garage to continue the stories, but he said that he had to get home to unpack. Before he left, he asked me how I was making out with Diane, the cockteaser, so I said I would tell him next time we got together. We agreed to meet the next day at his house, so we could swap stories, and then he was on his way.

I went over to Ricky’s house the next day after lunch and there was no answer at the door, so I went out back to see if he was in the yard or, maybe in the garage. I heard music coming from the garage, so I went to open the door, but it was locked, so I started banging on the door. Ricky hollered that he would be there in a minute, so I waited, but was very curious as to why he would lock himself in the garage. He finally opened the door, and since his pants were still bulging, I laughed and then asked him why he was jerking off out here. He said”I wasn’t jerking off, and you should watch your mouth, because I have company”. Now I was really curious, and anxious to see who he had in there with him. He asked me to wait outside for a bit, and after a few minutes, I heard the other garage door open and close, and footsteps running across the patio. I couldn’t see who it was, but I figured that Ricky would tell me soon enough. He didn’t tell me, so I asked him if his companion was some big secret, and he seemed reluctant to talk about it. All he would say was that he had a girl in there with him, and he had just fucked her silly, after getting a great blowjob.

I got the sense that Ricky wasn’t going to tell me who it was, so I asked him to tell me the stories that he hadn’t finished yesterday. We spent the next hour, discussing his sex life at camp, and I asked enough questions, to try and determine if he was exaggerating or not. I’m pretty sure some of the stories were bullshit, but they were entertaining, so I listened intently, with my cock bulging out my pants. When Ricky saw the bulge in my pants, he laughed and said “I guess that cock teasing Diane, still isn’t putting out”. We had always been pretty open with each other, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to tell him about Diane and especially about our aunt. I got out of it by saying that I would tell him, once he told me who he was fucking in the garage.

Ricky pondered what I had said, and was pretty quiet for a couple of minutes, until I finally said “so, are you going to tell me or not”? His response startled me, because he said that he couldn’t tell me, because I might get upset. As curious as I had become, I was getting a little tired of this, so I said “Whatever, I’m out of here”. I started to leave, and because he made no effort to stop me, or say anything, I headed home. For the life of me, I couldn’t imagine who Ricky had been fucking, that would have caused me to get upset, unless it was one of my old girlfriends, or possibly my sister, or one of my cousins. I know what you are thinking, that it should have occurred to me sooner, who he was fucking, but at the time, I was clueless. Maybe my brain was still fixated on fucking Debbie’s pussy, and couldn’t think rationally about anything else. Also, I may have overreacted by taking off from Ricky’s, and because we were buddies, as well as cousins, I turned around and headed back to apologize.

As I approached the garage, I could still hear the music, and not knowing if I was going to interrupt something, I decided to check if there was a spot that I could see into the garage without being noticed. There was a small window at the side of the garage, so I quietly stood on my tiptoes and peered in. No one could see me, because there was a six foot fence that ran beside the garage, where the window was. Sure enough, there was the Ricky I knew so well, pounding his cock into a girl doggy style, as she leaned against the workbench. I was getting horny watching this, so I took out my cock and started jerking it. Ricky must have started almost as soon as I left the first time, because he was now down to the short strokes, and banging her ass with everything he had. Just as I thought he was going to fill her up with cum, he pulled out, swung her around, and got his cock into her mouth. He grabbed her head and pushed it down deep on his cock, and grunted loudly. I couldn’t see her face, but did see some of Ricky’s cum hitting the floor, so she obviously couldn’t swallow fast enough. As she got up to wipe the cum from her mouth, I went into shock, and my cock went limp. It was Diane.

I wasn’t sure if I should be feeling jealous, angry or betrayed at the sight I had just witnessed, but I also knew that I wasn’t yet ready to confront them, so I Zipped up, and got out of there. This was a lot to take in, so the walk home was pretty much a fog, until I heard a horn sounding from the road. I looked toward the road, and saw that it was Debbie’s car. She motioned for me to get in, and although she was dressed very sexy, and looked like a cat that had just caught a mouse, I couldn’t shake myself out of this funk. It’s actually amazing, because she really did have that “come fuck me” look on her face, and here I was basically ignoring it.

Debbie pulled the car into a strip mall and parked, because she could see that I wasn’t myself. She asked me to talk about whatever was bothering me, but I was having difficulty saying anything. She didn’t push, but said that she knew a way to cheer me up, and started her car and drove off. We arrived at her house, and as soon as we got inside the door, she took me by the hand and led me to her bedroom. I watched as she stripped out of her sexy tank top and cutoff blue jean shorts, and then took off her panties and bra. Any other time, I would have been leaking precum by now, but today was different; I wasn’t even fully erect. After all, I was still a 15 year old, in the presence of a naked goddess, so my cock was partially hard. Debbie never said a word, but pushed me back on the bed, and pulled off my pants and underwear. She went straight for my cock, and as soon as those warm juicy lips were wrapped around my cock head, she started with the tongue swirling. As she licked the underside of my cock, and sucked pretty forcefully, I came involuntarily and filled her mouth with my cum.

After licking my cock clean of every bit of my cum, she crawled up beside me and cuddled. She said, “when you are ready to talk, I will listen, and hopefully I can help you with whatever is bothering you”. I was a lot more at ease, and relaxed, so I began to open up, and true to her word, she didn’t speak, just listened. When I had told her the entire story, she asked me what I felt the most. Was I jealous, or just feeling angry and betrayed? Because I wasn’t sure what I felt, she offered her opinion, which helped me understand what I was feeling. I think that the best part of her opinion was when she told me that I had basically done the same thing to Diane. Yes, I dumped her because she wouldn’t fuck me, and yes, I stayed yesterday to fuck Debbie again, after Diane left. There was however, the feeling that Ricky also betrayed me by fucking Diane behind my back, and that angered me.

As I started to feel a little better about things, I came to grips with what I was fortunate enough to be doing right now. I was lying beside a beautiful naked woman, who had just sucked the cum out of my cock. As the realization grew on me, so did the swelling and throbbing in my cock. Debbie got up on her elbow, and looked at my cock, and said to me “I guess our talk and my blowjob helped cheer you up, judging by the look of that”. I asked her if she was up for a rough fuck, because I needed to get some of the anger out. She rolled on her back, and said “Bring it”. Because I wasn’t really in the mood for foreplay, I rolled on top of her, parted her pussy lips, and drove my cock into her hard and deep. I guess her pussy must have got moist from blowing me, because there wasn’t a lot of resistance, so I jack hammered her pussy, with all my strength. Debbie was moaning and thrusting up to meet my down strokes, and I could feel her nails scratching my back. Her heels were dug in the backs of my legs, and I noticed the walls of her pussy were contracting on my cock. She was cumming, and that spurred me on, so I gave several hard deep thrusts, and soon felt my balls emptying. I kept thrusting and could hear the squishing sounds of my cum being churned in her pussy. Debbie finally let go of me so I rolled beside her to catch my breath, and we lay quietly, not needing to say anything.

When Debbie got up to get us something to drink, I gazed in amazement at this beautiful woman, who had fulfilled my wildest dreams. I may be a horny pervert, but I think there is something very sexy about watching the beautiful woman you just made love with, walk across the room naked, dripping your cum from her pussy and down her leg. When she came back with drinks, she stopped in her tracks and said to me “I can’t believe that cock of yours is hard again and throbbing around”. I told her that he got hard again, watching my cum run down her leg, and judging by the look on her face, she obviously didn’t find it quite as sexy as I did. As we sipped our drinks, she said that if I felt like I needed something more, she would be happy to make me feel good again. She did say that my deep thrusting had made her a little tender, but she didn’t want to disappoint me, so asked what I wanted to do. I had always loved anal sex, but was a little hesitant to bring it up with Debbie, in case the thought of it repulsed her. She must have sensed that I was reluctant to suggest something so she came out and said “I bet you are thinking about trying a new hole, aren’t you”? I got a little flushed, so she said that I needn’t be embarrassed, and that she had done it once before, but it was forced on her by her abusive ex husband. She told me that if I was gentle and slow, she would let me have her anally.

As anxious as I was to get my cock into her ass, I knew that I had to be really sensitive, especially after hearing about her ex. We put down our drinks, and I had Debbie lie on her back, as I knelt over her. I started kissing and sucking on her earlobes, and then nibbled and licked my way down her neck to her breasts. She was breathing heavily as I took her erect nipples into my mouth, and it didn’t take long for those familiar moans to signal her first orgasm. I released her nipples, and started licking my way down her stomach, until I felt her pussy hairs brush my chin. Before I gave her pussy my undivided attention, I licked from her thighs back up to the pussy hairs, on each side. This teasing was driving her wild, because she grabbed my hair and pulled my face into her pussy. She pulled open her pussy lips, to give me full access to her clitoris, so I went straight to it with my tongue. As I flicked with my tongue, and blew my hot breath on the clitoris, she said “Suck it hard, I’m cumming”. I didn’t need to be told twice so I sucked hard, but as I did, I began massaging the area around her anal opening. Some of my spit, and probably some of my cum from the last fuck, had run down to her anal area, and it was plenty moist. I worked one finger into her anal opening, while she was still cumming, and finger fucked her, until she came down from her orgasm. I removed my finger and moved up beside her to cuddle, and she lay motionless, as if in a dream state.

After a minute or so, she whispered that she had never imagined that sex could be so beautiful, and she didn’t realize what she had been missing all these years. She held me tightly and told me whenever I was ready, she was ready to take me inside her anally. She was completely relaxed and showed no hesitation for what was to come. I took a pillow and placed it on the middle of the bed, and asked her to roll over onto it, facing down. She kissed me, and then rolled on to the pillow, without a hint of fear in her eyes. I knelt beside her and started to kiss and lick my way from her neck to her lower back. She shifted and moaned, so I knew that she was enjoying the attention to those areas. I slowly licked my way to the area between her ass cheeks, and as my tongue made contact with her anal opening, she raised up her hips off the pillow to give me better access. I licked slowly and gently, and I moved my tongue inside the opening to make sure that I had her nice and moist. When I felt that she was wet enough, I straddled her hips, and began massaging her anal opening with the head of my cock. I was careful to watch her for any hesitation or grimaces, but all that I was finding was her pushing her ass towards my cock. My cock head was easing into the opening, so I stayed the course until the head lodged fully. She hadn’t winced or anything, but not wanting to take any chances, I went no further, and held still, until I was sure she wanted more.

I didn’t have to wait very long to be certain, because I could feel her hips rising off the pillow, and rolling from side to side. I started some more pressure to move further in to her, and with her moving her hips up, and me sliding in, I was soon totally buried in her ass. She was still okay, but rather than starting to thrust right away, I would wait for a signal from her hips. I was feeling like the king of the world at that moment, with everything she had done for me sexually, and now totally submitting her most sensitive opening to me. My cock throbbed as it lay deeply in her ass, and when she felt it, her hips came up and told me it was time to start thrusting, Very slowly at first, but after a few minutes, I began slamming my cock into her anal opening, and she met every thrust with passionate moans. She bucked wildly under me and then asked me to cum inside her, because she was ready to cum now. I slammed hard and deep, and felt my balls loosening, as I started shooting streams of cum into her bowels. She screamed loudly that she was cumming, and pushed her ass in the air to keep me deep inside her. As I came down with all my weight on her, she told me that she loved me, and I whispered the same thing to her.

After carefully withdrawing my cock from her ass, I rolled off of Debbie, and moved her onto her back and took her in my arms and held her tightly. She couldn’t seem to talk, and only moaned muffled sounds. I too was in such an ecstatic state, that I was lost for words. When she could finally speak, she said she loved me and that this was an incredible experience, thanks to me being so gentle and sensitive. I also told her that I felt extremely blessed that she was fulfilling my every fantasy, and that I loved her very much.

Once we were fully rested and had come down from our high, we started to talk about Diane and Ricky, and how I should handle that situation. We decided that it might be better to say nothing and let it play out, leaving them in the position of having to deal with it.

Both Diane and Ricky avoided me for the next few weeks, and Debbie also didn’t see anything of Diane. I guess it all worked out for the best, because when I did see them a couple of months later, they were still together and seemed very happy. I didn’t act shocked or anything, and had no intention of telling them what I knew. It all seemed pretty strange to me, but hey I’m the guy who fucked his aunt up the ass, so welcome to strange.

I continued fucking Debbie for another six months, until she met someone, and fell in love. Eventually she married the guy, and although her and I never had sex again, we continued to have a special bond.

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2013-04-23 13:21:10
A great story. Wish everyone would have had person in their life to teach them as much as your aunt.

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2011-08-20 11:06:25
Wow that ending was kinda bad with the aunt falling in love and all
But other eise great job

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2011-05-18 21:50:08
My gf and I read this and for a week she's been jokeing about a threeway with her aunt

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2011-02-12 00:57:08
Yea disappointed with the ending its like the aunt found someone your ex got with your cuz and your left only with memories I would've confronted them at that moment beat the crap out of my cuz for betrayal and made sure your ex realize what a ho she was for saying she loved you and then turn around and fuck someone you was close to hello when she slept with you she already knew you had been with your aunt

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2010-08-02 16:49:22
This was a weird end, because he just got home from summer camp so when did the two of them meet up? Second, if she had something going with the cuz after their breakup why go through with the threesome ... I mean why not give her virginity to the cuz and just be with him. Third great series ... still sucks that ends on betrayal with no real resolution.

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