Nathan's punishment continues
Nathan’s Nightmare – Part Two

Staring at Mr Sampson’s cock was like staring down the barrel of a gun. Nathan just wanted this to be over with. He could hear his mind screaming. Mr Sampson started to rub his dick on Nathan’s lips. Something wet was coming out of the end of Mr Sampson’s cock and coating the nine year old’s lips. Automatically, Nathan licked his lips and tasted the sticky liquid. He screwed up his face, more at the thought of having just tasted his teacher’s cock juices than the taste itself. Nathan had been told that liquid comes out of your cock when you’re a man and it’s called cumming. This happens at the end of sex. Hopefully, that meant Mr Sampson would put his cock away and let him go.

‘You filthy slut. You like the taste of my precum, don’t you?’

Nathan looked up at Mr Sampson, pleading with his eyes. He still refused to cry.

‘Here is your first question. My dick is 23 centimetres long. How many inches is that?’

Nathan panicked, trying to remember.

‘Eight inches,’ he guessed.

‘Wrong,’ Mr Sampson said. He spanked Nathan’s red and swollen butt and the cane wobbled and slipped out a little. Nathan tightened his butt so it didn’t fall out. He didn’t want to think of the sick punishment, Mr Sampson had in store.

‘Now try again. What is the answer, Nathan?’

‘Nine inches.’

‘Correct. Nine fat inches of cock and they are all going down your throat.’

Mr Sampson held Nathan’s nose and started pushing the massive cock against the boys lips. Soon Nathan had to gasp for air and Mr Sampson’s cock was inside his mouth.

‘Bite down, or use your teeth at all and I will kill you. Do you understand?’

Nathan looked up at Mr Sampson and nodded with his cock still in his mouth.

‘Say, yes sir,’ Mr Sampson ordered.

‘Westh, whir,’ Nathan mumbled around the mouthful of cock, making saliva dribble out of his mouth and down his chin. He was mortified. How could this be happening? He was just a child.

‘Now, stick your tongue out over your bottom teeth and put your top lip over your top teeth. Good boy.’

Mr Sampson started pushing his cock in and out of Nathan’s mouth, filling it more with each thrust. Then, Nathan felt the cock against the back of his throat. He gagged, making his body spasm and more of the cane fell out of his arse. Mr Sampson held his cock at the back of Nathan’s mouth and the boy could see that he still only had just over half the member inside.

‘Take a deep breath,’ Mr Sampson said.

Nathan inhaled deeply. Mr Sampson grabbed onto the back of the boy’s head and shoved his dick all the way down his throat. It felt like a stiff rod was stretching out Nathan’s throat. Mr Sampson groaned. Nathan felt wiry pubic hair rubbing his face and tickling the inside of his nose. Mr Sampson had forced the whole nine inches down Nathan’s throat.

Nathan started gagging, his body attempting to dislodge the massive cock. But, Mr Sampson had a firm grip on the boy’s head and started to pump his cock in and out, never leaving the boy’s throat. Nathan looked up at Mr Sampson, begging him with his moistened eyes, but the teacher’s own eyes were glazed over in pure ecstasy.

Nathan couldn’t breathe. He felt his head spin and his little cock getting hard. He could no longer hear Mr Sampson’s moans and his vision blurred. He passed out.

Nathan could feel water splashing his face. He opened his eyes, but the water stung them. He tried to move, but he was stuck somehow.

‘That’s it. Wake up. You like the taste of my piss don’t you, boy?’

The sound of Mr Sampson’s voice brought Nathan back to reality. Mr Sampson moved closer and put his urinating cock into the boy’s mouth.

‘Swallow,’ he ordered.

Nathan was shaking and too frightened not to disobey. The yellow liquid tasted gross, but he swallowed it until his belly was full. Mr Sampson had almost choked him to death. How was he going to escape with his life? Something clattered to the ground.

‘Looks like you’ve failed at another lesson, Nathan,’ Mr Sampson said excitedly. ‘Maybe your little boy pussy needs something bigger inside it.’

Nathan watched in the mirror and Mr Sampson went round behind him and removed all his clothes. He then lay on top of the boy so his big, throbbing cock was between Nathan’s butt cheeks.

‘Are you ready to get fucked, boy?’ Mr Sampson whispered in Nathan’s ear.

Nathan couldn’t take any more, he started crying and thrashing around, hoping to get the man off him. But, it was no good. Mr Sampson was a fully grown, muscular man. He waited for Nathan to run out of energy and then put his hand in front of the boy’s piss and tear stained face.

‘Spit on my hand.’

Nathan spat a tiny fleck of saliva onto Mr Sampson’s hand.

‘Is that all the lube you need for me to fuck you?’

‘No, please,’ Nathan begged.

‘Try again.’

This time Nathan hocked and spat a large pool of saliva and phlegm onto Mr Sampson’s hand. Mr Sampson rubbed it against his virgin hole.

‘I don’t want you to miss out on seeing yourself being fucked for the first time,’ Mr Sampson said.

He picked up Nathan and his desk and turned it round, so if Nathan looked left he could see his body from the side. Mr Sampson stood behind him squatting slightly. Mr Sampson spread Nathan’s cheeks and placed his cock against the tip of his virgin cherry.

Nathan shuddered as Mr Sampson held his dick there. He started to cry again. Surely, Mr Sampson’s massive cock wouldn’t fit inside him. Mr Sampson reached over and shoved the white briefs back in Nathan’s mouth. Then, he grabbed hold of the boy’s hips and thrust forward with massive force. Nathan screamed. His insides burned as they were ripped open by Mr Sampson’s cock. The pain was unbearable and made his head throb in anguish.

‘Oh, fuck...YES! That’s even better than your throat.’

Nathan looked in the mirror and saw that he still had a lot more cock to take. Mr Sampson grabbed his hips again and gave another big thrust, burying the cock up to the hilt. Nathan let out a muffled scream and started to piss himself because of the giant intrusion. Mr Sampson pulled the cock half way out and then shoved it all the way back in.

‘Looks like you are gonna be a bleeder, Nathan. You dirty little slut.’

Nathan could feel liquid dribbling out of his arse and realised it must be blood. He tried to struggle, but he didn’t have any more energy left to fight with. He just lay there dazed as Mr Sampson fucked him hard. He could feel Mr Sampson’s big, low-hanging balls slapping against his own balls and tiny cock. Nathan started to feel a little jolt of electricity run through him each time Mr Sampson slammed into his rectum.
‘You’re beginning to enjoy this. You whore.’

Nathan just moaned. He was still in agony, but his cock was hard. Suddenly, his body convulsed and Nathan had his first dry orgasm. The tightening of his sphincter sent Mr Sampson over the edge. He slammed into Nathan and started shooting his massive load into the boy. Nathan felt every spurt and wondered when it was going to stop. Some cum overflowed and spilt down his leg mixing with the trickles of blood.

‘You’re a good little bitch. Have you learnt your lesson now?

‘Yes, sir,’ Nathan said, in between sobs.


Mr Sampson let his body fall onto the boy’s back with his softening cock still inside. He let out a final stream of piss straight into the boy’s rectum. Nathan started to scream again, feeling the urine burn his torn up hole. When Mr Sampson stopped pissing, he let his limp cock fall out of the boy. Nathan felt his hole gaping as cum and piss and blood flowed out.

Mr Sampson moved round to Nathan’s face and removed the briefs. He slapped the boy’s face with his blood and cum covered cock.

‘Suck it clean.’

Nathan knew now to obey immediately and he opened his mouth and licked all the blood and cum off Mr Sampson’s cock. When Mr Sampson was satisfied he put his clothes back on and then untied Nathan. Nathan didn’t even move, he had so little energy. He let the feeling come back in his hands and feet and then he rolled off the desk onto the floor.

Mr Sampson was already locking away the cane and unlocking the classroom door. Nathan looked for his underwear, but couldn’t see it. He quickly put the rest of his clothes on and hobbled for the door.

‘No more daydreaming,’ Mr Sampson said as Nathan left the room.

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Oh My God, thats horrible! if all teachers did that... *shudders* i dont WANT 2 know what would happen

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Lol I'm a 16 Yo boy and my 15 Yo friend came over yesterday and I rapped him and he enjoyed it haha I'm gonna invite him over to spend the night wish Me luck :p


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love imagining nathan being violated like that...... would love to hear him crying out for real... LOVE IT

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