My vague attempt at writing a story in a world that thankfully never happened to me. Bit more weird pointless story in this one than I normally write, but enjoy anyway!
“You’re not going out with him and that’s final!” he bellowed across the table

To the untrained ears of those passing by outside, this would sound like yet another argument from the Sigman family. An argument from father to daughter about which guy would happen to be in fashion at the present time, and the father’s disapproval. Arguments were aplenty in the Sigman household as many neighbours well know.

But this wasn’t an argument between father and daughter. Surprisingly it was between father and son. Father and only son, father and only child, father and, in his eyes, an only child that went wrong. Let’s set the scene. William Sigman, large man in all ways, thinning hair, heavy stubble, approaching 50, very strict views on life, a plumber. Your typical council house dad. Billy Sigman, tall and well built, short dark hair, just gone 18, likes to have things his own way, never liked his parents; a typical son. These 2 personalities clash in so many ways.
Will Sigman likes money so therefore wants Billy to get a job.
Billy wants to stay in college so he doesn’t have to work as something tacky, like his father.
Will Sigman hates anything new and modern and prefers a more sophisticated and strict sense of reality
Billy Sigman thinks the old needs to change and stop being so darned strict so life can be more enjoyable.
Will Sigman wants to have a family and wants his only son, to carry on his name.
Billy finds girls a complete waste of time, money and effort and so therefore doesn’t plan on having any kids whatsoever and the list goes on and on but that’s not why we’re here.

We’ve just reached the pinnacle of a long debate between these two, involving the latter of those problems I mentioned earlier: sexuality. Now Billy here has been going out with this one guy, Christian, for some time now. And surprise surprise it hasn’t gone down too well with his dad. On recently discovering the news, he decides that the best way to deal with it is to shout about it.
A huge uproar was then unearthed and neither side won. William would just get so angry he’d give out punishments that were never taken and didn’t defeat the problem; Billy would ignore everything his father would say as he didn’t care.
From an outside view, you’d think this family seems to be in tatters. And you’re damn right. This argument which has been raging for at least 6 months now has caused relationships between family members to break down, so much to an extent that the mother, Beverly, has moved out until it was resolved. That point, still hasn’t been reached. This enrages father more, making son feel angrier at father, a stalemate would be reached and the whole cycle would keep going until the other forces to concede.

Now you’ve got the basic gist of things, let’s rejoin the action at the present. The microwaves meals are on the bare table in the shoddy dining room. The meal starts and progresses in silence until...
“Oh for God’s sake Billy, at least say something to me! I’m your Dad!”
“Why should I? All you’ll do is start shouting at me again...”
“Well maybe if we put aside our differences and just have a nice civilised conversation”
“Ha! Like that’ll ever happen...”
“Yeah? Just try me!”
A long pause until William loses his temper again:
“God dammit! The whole point of a conversation is talking!!”
“I gathered...”
“Well then, TALK!”
“You start”
“Fine...doing much this evening?”
“I was planning on going out with Christian again”
“You WHAT?!”
“Now now dad, you said to put our differences behind us!”
William’s grip on his plastic fork tightened and his face went a deep red. But his mouth remained silence except for the furious gobbling at food. Billy continued to eat normally, with his feet up on his chair and a magazine balanced on the other. This caused him to spill some half-frozen peas onto his black hoody, but not enough for him to care. He just wanted this meal over with. His dad meanwhile tried again with conversation.
“Erm, where were you planning on going?”
“The Open Door down by the riverside”
“what’s that? Some gay bar?!” He jeered mockingly, but it didn’t deter Billy.
“No Dad it’s where we went for your 42nd”
“Oh...” His joy of mockery was suddenly hidden behind a sheepish shovel of cold chicken. A grin slowly seeped its way onto Billy’s face. When his dad regained confidence to talk again, the trays were almost empty.
“So...what we were you planning on doing?” he asked, but he probably wished he didn’t. The question took Billy by slight surprise and cautiously said:
“Promise you won’t be angry?”
“Well if you say that then it’s going to be something that will make me angry!”
“Fine then I won’t tell you” he threw aside the question to eat the last forkful of chicken and whatever that sauce was.
“Alright I promise” he reluctantly said
“Are you sure you even want to know?”
“Yes. I think it should be right for a father to show interest in his son’s activities...”
“You won’t get angry?”
“Of course I won’t!”
“Well we were planning a nice romantic meal, probably some hand touching, maybe the odd smooch, and then we’ll go back to his place and we’ll...”
“OH BOLLOCKING HELL!!!” William practically exploded with fury out of his seat.
“You said you wouldn’t get angry!” Billy said, still not distracted by his father’s rage. It’d happened before, he was used to it
“You cannot go out and do stuff like that to another boy! It’s just...just...wrong!”
“Oh that’s a lame excuse! You’ve used that thousands of times! Change the record Dad!”
“It’s not lame! It’s the truth! You don’t see men holding hands with each other in the street! You don’t see films about two men falling in love!”
“Oh God here we go again...”
“All I wanted was a nice civilised conversation and you go and ruin it!”
“I think you’ll find that you asked me!”
“I don’t care! It’s not right and I’ll bloody well put a stop to it! You are not going out with him and that’s final!” For those of you who lost track whilst reading my gibbering, this is where you came in!
“Oh I’m off to my room, I can’t stand listening to you shout again...”
“Good! And you’ll bloody well stay there! And if you’re not still in there by 9 tonight you’’ thrown out of this house!”
“Ooh! I’m so scared!” Billy shouted back down the stairs with sarcasm. It was the same it has been for many nights now. Except his Dad hadn’t tried to want a civilised conversation, and he would shout back more, making arguments go on for hours on end.

To pass the time, Billy would sit in his dark room and contemplate how unlucky he’d been and what a complete pillock his Dad was. He’d just lied, tossing a tennis ball at the opposite wall, pretending it was his Dad’s head. Once he’d even drawn a face on it and made a dent in the wall... His room was just like the rest of his house. Hardly touched since they moved in, small with endless piles of junk in every corner, meanly furnished and cheaply taken care of. They had little money so couldn’t afford many luxuries. One TV, one computer, nothing else in the entire house. Everything felt cramped and uncomfortable to Billy, almost as if the house were trying to squeeze him out for his own good.
He lay down on his rock-hard bed and closed his eyes, dreaming up yet another cunning escape from his father. No doubt he would try anything to stop him from seeing Christian tonight. The door would be locked, the tree outside his room was cut down, and there were no wires or poles for him to climb onto. But somehow he’d manage to find a way of getting to his dates. 7 so far and not one missed.

Bang on the dot of 9, Billy got up and went to the window. His room was directly above the lounge, so he couldn’t just jump down as his dad would see him. But that was where the brilliance of his escapes was. He stood by the window and as he expected, his father’s slow, fat footsteps were heard coming up the stairs.
1... He opened the window.
2... He ducked his head outside, the cold night breeze instantly hitting his face. He felt free at last. But not completely just yet.
3... His first foot was now outside of the window.
4... His arms grabbed hold of the gutter just above the window.
5... Now with both his hands firmly on the gutter he swung his whole body outside. If you didn’t know Billy had great body strength, it was proved now.
6... Using his right foot he scraped the window shut again, making sure there wasn’t a bang for his father to here.
7... 3 more steps to go he shuffled himself along the guttering.
8... He reached the drainpipe at the corner of the house.
9... He grabbed hold of the piping and slid down it. He relished in friction in between his legs. But the good feeling was short lived as by the time he hit the ground, his father was at the top of the stairs and opening the door. With all his speed and strength he ran across the front lawn and didn’t stop until he reached the corner of the road. Behind him he could hear his father shrieks of anger and the window opening as he looked out for his son. But there was no use as Billy was long gone.

“Don’t tell me, he shouted at you again.”
“You’d better believe he did.”
“Oh God Billy, I don’t know how you can put up with it!”
“Sometimes I think the same Chris...”
A quick zip along to the Open Door, a restaurant in the centre of the town in which Billy and Christian live. Always bright, always modern, always bustling with activity of all sexualities, it was a perfect place for such a meeting. Although Billy had already eaten, a microwave plastic meal from 4 hours ago was hardly going to fill him up. Anyway enough of me gibbering, you want the hot action don’t you...
“Looks like you’ve been put through your paces again...”
“Oh he always tries to stop me. Always fails! Sorry about the scruffiness...”
“Oh it’s ok...I wouldn’t want you to get your best shirt ripped during your work-outs” he winked, sending the first of the shivers through Billy. “besides I like the black hoody, makes you look cute.”
“Erm...thanks” And another one there. Christian looked far different from Billy tonight. Whereas Billy had dark eyes and messy hair and turned up in his hoody and jeans, Christian was a more mousey haired with brilliant blue for eyes. He was wearing a tight fitting red and white shirt with equally tight jeans. The two of them both had huge physical strength and this Christian you could tell with his arms bulging out of the sleeves and huge shoulders stretching the shirt slightly. But yes, erm, rambling again...
“Oh Billy” Chris said at the end of the meal. They were holding hands under the table and staring endlessly into each other’s eyes when Chris finally said something. “It’s every time I look into your eyes, I see nothing but a poor tortured soul. Your dad’s driving you mad and you just want to run! But where to? That’s how I see you suffer. I’ll tell you where you can run though. Into my arms. I’m always here for you, whenever you need someone to care.” Billy was used to his romantic croonings like this but he’d never known how to react or even return them. “I know you need someone to help you through life, and I want to be that someone, forever” A small tear came to Billy’s eye and he was about to utter another one of his feeble thanks but he felt a warmth in his lips. When he realized what it was, he found his tongue was being forced towards another one. IT was his first kiss. 7 dates and he had never felt the joy of a passionate snog. The moment was killed before it started though as the ear-splitting noise of tyre squeal and then a huge crash cut the air like knives. But it wasn’t this that stopped the kiss; Billy was undeterred until a deep man’s voice that he recognised shrieked:
“OH BOLLOCKING HELL!” for the second time that night. A huge explosion in Billy’s stomach forced him automatically up and out of his seat, sending Christian recoiling in surprise.
“Baby, what is it?”
“We have to go.” Billy said hurriedly and ran off away from the table
“What?” he didn’t know what to do, but to run after him. Billy had sprinted over tables and around waiters and made it as quick as lightning to the rear door. Christian was slower as he didn’t have sheer panic on his side. But he soon did as a huge balding man crashed through the front door, face as red as fire and a temper to match. As soon as Christian knew who it was he sprinted for the same door as Billy. Luckily for the two boys, William Sigman didn’t see either of them and left the restaurant in a fit of rage that his son had disobeyed him again.

The door sprung open into the night and the cold rain hit Christian’s face hard. He looked hurriedly in all directions calling after his lover. He walked further down the dark alleyway, heartbroken his boyfriend had got out of his grip. But his sorrow was wiped out by two warm hands grasping his waist and pulling him into the small gap in the wall. Billy embraced him with a harder kiss than before. Once you started you can never get enough. He whispered to Christian:
“My Dad’s still out there, he can still hear us if we’re too loud”
“Oh God I thought I’d lost you” Christian pulled Billy closer towards him. His lack of clothing made his hands cold which, in contrast to Billy’s tense and warm body, drove the 3rd of the shivers up Billy’s spine. And when it comes to Billy, its 3 strikes and you’re out. He pressed his lips for a third time against Christian’s. And this time it was there to stay. For at least 10 minutes their lips tossed and turned against each other in a huge embrace of passion. It was only until Billy was sure that his father would have given up that he finally paused for breath. Christian still wanted more though.
“Oh my...God that was hot!”
“Sssssh!” Billy still wanted to play it safe.
“Oh Billy, I don’t care about your sodding Dad now, all I want is you and all I’ll ever want is you!” He placed his hands on Billy’s cheeks and caressed his soft cheeks. Although it was raining, he could see that Billy was in tears of joy. He felt the same, he didn’t want a life without Christian, and he felt so happy around him. Christian knew this and wanted him to know he would always be there.
Billy continued with his ever-growing lustful kisses. Christian has other ideas though and moved his hands from Billy’s lower back to his torso. It was so hard and toned he wanted more. His moved his hands freely up and down Billy’s whole body covering every part with his cold hands. This drove Billy wild and the kissing got harder and his hands were literally squeezing at Christian’s ass.
Christian didn’t stop. His kissing then diverted from Billy’s lips to where his hands once were. The lust had built up inside him and he started nipping at his lover’s waist. Billy let out soft groans, but they would have been a lot louder had they been in privacy. He never wanted this to end. He felt Christian’s nips and kisses get lower and lower until he knew exactly want he wanted. He undid his zip and button, lowered his boxers as if inviting Christian into his warm, hard crotch.
Christian looked up, as if unsure what to do. He carefully placed his mouth into new opening and his tongue started playing around with the new flesh. Billy, as if he’d lost care about his father and his rage, let out a hard groan as Christian’s mouth rolled over and over again over his bulging cock. He didn’t care what his father thought now. He was here, alone, with the one guy who mattered. Nothing else in the world could stop him.
Christian worked himself into a rhythm and once he gained confidence as to what he was doing, the sucking got harder and more vigorous, driving Billy so wild he very nearly screamed in ecstasy. He was almost disappointed to see his lovers face back in line with his own face kissing him again, pressing his own, equally hard crotch into Billy’s own revealed one. Between kisses, he gasped out his desires.
“Fill me up baby”
“What?” Billy gasped back. But Christian could do it himself. He ripped down his own jeans and rammed his immaculately curved ass into the stretched-out cock of Billy’s. Now he knew what he meant. He managed to guide it into the entrance and Christian let out the first gasp of glee as he was filled up. He edged slowly further backwards into Billy until the whole 9 inches of his cock was completely inside him. He was squealing in joy, cursing at the same time. Billy was equally turned on by this and started edging backwards and forwards in a passionate thrust, each time emitting a groan from the two of them. They were alone with each other at the peak of ecstasy and no one in the entire world could stop them making their passionate journey to freedom.
After what seemed like an age of love, Billy still didn’t feel he’d had enough when Christian withdrew from his now wet and throbbing crotch. He fell in an exhausted stage of lust onto Billy. And they just held each other in the quiet of the rain, pants down, gasping for breath, hands touching every possible part of each other. Neither wanted to leave nor did they want it to end. It was minutes until someone finally spoke.
“don’t go” Billy gasped as he thought Christian wanted to move off.
“I’m not going anyway.”
“Please don’t ever go.”
“I told you I’m not.”
“You’re the only one who matters to me. I love you so much. I just can’t live without you”
“Well then don’t.”
A short pause while Billy tried to figure out what that meant. He failed so asked:
“What do you mean by that?”
“If you can’t live without me, then don’t live without me.”
“I’m still lost”
“Look, to put it simply, come and live with me.”
The last 3 words almost made Billy faint. “You want me to...”
“That is if you want to”
“Of course I want to! I’ve got nothing where I am!”
“Well...that’s great!” He smiled his perfect smile and Billy had to smile back. But he still felt useless, with tears still streaming down his face.
“I’m sorry, you must think of me as a right girl crying all the time like this” he said wiping his eyes.
“Don’t say that, of course I don’t! I can’t blame you to be honest, after what you’ve been through.” He rested his hand once again against Billy’s cheeks and rubbed it with his thumb. “Come home with me, and everything will be just fine.” They finally retired from they’re embrace and put back on their jeans and underwear. “In fact it’ll be better than fine, it’ll be absolutely brilliant!”
And with that he grabbed his lover’s hand and they walked off together to the sound of soft falling of rain into the night.

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Also I'd have bought Scraptoft Hall for them to turn into a gay shagfest venue

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Dont know if it was meant but I thought parts were hilarious! ........ And there has been lots of films about men falling in love with each other - Brokeback Mountain, Oklahomo, Seven Guys For Seven Brothers etc etc

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great backstory! really well done

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