An early childhood memory

When I look back on my sexually charged years, most of my memories start at age ten, and I have never given much thought to earlier times. I suppose that would be because prior to ten years old, there probably wouldn’t have been any sex, and I can’t even recall if I got erections, etc.

From age ten onwards, I was a very horny kid and tried everything in my power to do sexual things with my sister, my cousins, and even my aunt, as well as girls from school. Try as I might, I really had no recollection of any memories, sexual or otherwise before that. I guess it never bothered me, because I figured that I must have been too young to remember.

I am twenty two now and just graduated from college a few months ago, and have been out seeking a job, to start my career. With the state of the economy, jobs were scarce, and I wasn’t particularly interested in working at a fast food restaurant, so began to get a little depressed. I found myself jerking off a lot to help make me feel better and deal with the depression, and since I didn’t have a girlfriend, I turned to my right hand for companionship. Usually I would do this while watching porn videos on my PC, but a few days ago, I discovered a site that had x-rated stories about sex, incest and a lot of other weird stuff. As I started to read the stories, I found myself fascinated with the number of stories about incest, and I started recalling my experiences with my sister and cousins and of course my aunt. The one girl I had no memories of was my cousin Judy, who at my last recollection was around 14 years old. We lived in the same town, but she was one of the few cousins that I had never been able to have an opportunity with, to explore sexual things. In fact, I can’t recollect much about her at all, and to this day, I don’t even know if she still lives here.

I remember at age ten seeing Judy at a family barbecue, and noticed how well developed she was, both in her nicely rounded breasts to her slender body and curvy hips. I remember thinking that it would have been nice to get her alone somewhere, but it never happened. The more I thought about Judy, it started to bother me that I had virtually no memories of her, and considering how hot she was, something didn’t seem right.

Yesterday as I did my daily ritual of reading the incest stories on the PC and jerking off, I found a story about young sex that was in the “True story” section. It related a tale of a young girl of 13, who was maturing really quickly and had a very active sex drive. She talked about masturbating constantly from age 12 on, and then she related her first sexual experience with a boy at age 13. The boy was her cousin, who lived nearby, and she said that an opportunity came up to be alone with him at her grandmother’s cottage. She said that all the adults had gone boating, and she was left behind to watch over her cousin, who was nine, and apparently a little devil. I guess her being over sexed had her thinking about trying something sexual with this young boy. This is how she described it:
”I had him change into swim trunks, and I also put on a two piece swim suit. I told him to follow me to the boathouse where we would play some games, and of course once there, I would have my way with him.

As we closed the doors to the boathouse, he asked me what games we would play, so I told him we were going to play house, and that he got to play daddy, and I would play mommy. He seemed enthusiastic enough, so we started out by pretending to be heading to bed for the night. I had him take off his swim trunks, and I removed mine. I was exposing my naked body to him, but wasn’t getting much of a reaction from him. I looked at his hairless pubic area and noticed a small penis about an inch long with a small sac underneath, filled with tiny balls about the size of marbles. There was a double sleeping bag in the boathouse, so I told him that was our bed and we should get in. When we got in, I snuggled close to him, and then asked him if he knew what mommies and daddies did when they went to bed. He said that besides sleeping, all he knew was that they exercised a lot, because he had seen his father doing pushups, with his mother underneath helping to push him back up. I knew then that he must of caught his parents having sex, so I said that maybe we should do the exercise thing too.

I shifted on to my back and spread my legs, and then helped him position himself between my open legs, in a pushup position. He didn’t need to be told about pushups, so he started moving up and down, and I could feel his penis and sac coming down against my pubic mound. I explained to him that I needed to adjust the position a little so I could help him exercise. I drew my knees up and made sure my pussy was positioned so that his penis would land right against it. As he came down, I asked him to see how strong he was and try holding himself right there. He did and then I reached down and took his penis between my two fingers and aimed it at my pussy hole. He asked why I was doing this, so I told him that’s what parents do when they are exercising. I swear that his penis was getting longer and harder, and was almost two inches now. I managed to get it in between my pussy lips and then reached for his ass to pull him in. He asked what to do now, so I told him he had to do very short pushups, so his penis did not fall out of me. It felt really good having this hard little penis move between my pussy lips and barely touch my cherry. I could tell that he was enjoying this by the silly grin on his face, and by the increased pace of the mini pushups. I pushed up as he came down, and we continued this for about five minutes when I felt myself cumming. He must have noticed that my pussy was throbbing and asked me if this was supposed to feel this good. I let him off of me, but noticed that his little penis was sticking out straight two inches, still very hard. I told him that I would now finish the exercises, like mommies do, so I laid him down, got between his legs and took his penis in my mouth. I licked and sucked on that little pecker for five minutes, and my head was bobbing furiously, but to no avail. I guess it just hit me that maybe boys that young can’t have orgasms. We got dressed when we heard the boat returning, so I told him that he should never tell anyone that we played this game, because they would consider us evil and make us go to church every day until we were grown up.”

As I finished reading this girls story, I started to get memory flashbacks. I thought about my grandmother’s cottage and my cousins, when all of a sudden I realized that this boy could very well have been me. No way. What are the chances? I started looking for validation, so I thought to myself; now when was my first blowjob, and where was I when it happened? A guy never forgets his first blowjob, and in fact, he can probably tell you the exact time it took place, spit or swallow, etc. I started to get overwhelmed by this feeling of helplessness, and didn’t really understand why. That was because I was remembering that my first blowjob was in a boathouse at my grandmother’s cottage, and at the time, I didn’t even know it was a blowjob.

Holy fuck, I can’t believe this is happening. I clicked here and there trying to get whatever information there was about the author of this story, but it only indicated “anonymous”. There was however a section to write an instant message or e-mail to the author, so I clicked on it and sent the following e-mail: “Judy is that you writing this story”? I finished jerking off and couldn’t help but be distracted, due to the story I had just read. It was a story that didn’t really turn me on, and yet I was fascinated by it.

The following morning, I made a coffee and then headed to my “read and jerk” session, at the PC. I signed in to the incest story site, and was full of fascination and anticipation, as I checked to see if there was a reply from the anonymous author. Indeed there was, but the reply simply said “who is this”? I immediately hit the reply button and said “this is Ryan, your nine year old cousin 13 years later”. I thought that I probably wouldn’t get a reply until tomorrow morning, so began reading new incest stories posted today. I barely got started when a new e-mail came through from the anonymous author. It said “OMG, I am so sorry”. I thought that I should now personalize this exchange, so I replied as follows “Judy, I never remembered that experience with you until yesterday when I read your story, and I only wish I had been a little older at the time”.

After exchanging quite a few short and awkward e-mails, we agreed to use instant messaging, since we would be able to see one another with our webcams. We also could talk using our microphones, which made it a lot easier than typing. When she signed in and I saw her for the first time after all those years, I was shocked. Judy was still pretty but clearly at least 50 pounds overweight, and had a very troubled look about her. We caught up on the years, and she told me she lived about ten miles away from where I was, and she had recently gone through a nasty divorce, and was in the process of moving back here. Slowly the awkwardness left us, and our conversation turned back to the time at the cottage when I was nine. She tried to keep apologizing, and regretting what she had done, but I wanted her to stop. I told her that I only wish I had been a couple of years older when it happened, so I could have been more useful to her. I said that I would give anything to turn back the clock and relive those early sexual experiences. She said that over the years, she couldn’t get it out of her head, what she had done, and she only hoped that she hadn’t messed up my head.

I wasn’t sure what her reaction was going to be, but I wanted to keep talking about the sex thirteen years ago, because my cock was really hard and throbbing. Judy’s appearance today was not what got me hard, because I have never been attracted to seriously overweight women. It was the thought of that pretty and hot 13 year old putting my little cock in her pussy and then sucking my cock. I think she got the drift of my urges, because she said she was so happy that I was not too fucked up because of what she had done, and that she still remembers it fondly. I pushed things a little and asked what her favorite part was, of the things we did that day. She said that everything was great, but her fondest memory was my cock expanding in her pussy from an inch to two inches. I told her that she was getting me hot with talk like that. She said that she was all alone and asked me if I was alone, and I was sincerely hoping that she wasn’t going to suggest getting naked, because I’m not sure I could handle the sight.

Judy said that if she could somehow relive some of the things from that day 13 years ago, it would be incredible. She asked me if I would consider stripping for her, so she could get a look at my cock, which she was sure would bring back memories. Why not? What the hell have I got to lose? Besides, as long as she doesn’t get naked, I am okay with stripping, so I stood up and peeled off everything except my watch. As my cock came into her view she moaned and said that I had developed a very nice cock, and that it was considerably longer than two inches. As she continued talking about my cock, I noticed that she had moved one of her hands down below camera level. I suspected that she may have started to masturbate, while looking at my cock. Her moaning and shifting in her chair gave away what she was doing, so I asked her if she was masturbating. She said that she was, and would I mind jerking my cock for her. It was hard and throbbing anyway, so I said that I would be happy to, and began stroking my cock, while holding my balls with my other hand. She asked me to move the webcam a bit, because she couldn’t see everything. Once reseated, I worked furiously at stroking my cock, and in a few seconds I was shooting streams of cum at the camera. She said, Ryan that was so beautiful, and now I’m cumming too. She also said she wished that she was here to lick up my cum.

I was starting to lose interest now that I had cum, so I said that I had to go for job interviews, and must be going. I am not sure why, maybe it was her weight, but we didn’t talk after that, until four months later. I had found a job at an advertising firm, looking after their IT dept, and right out of the blue one day, I heard my name called in the staff cafeteria. As I turned, I saw this beautiful girl smiling at me, and I knew it was Judy, but hell, she had to have lost at least 50 pounds. She ran to me, gave me a hug, and whispered in my ear that she preferred seeing me naked and jerking off for her. She then felt a bulge pushing at her, and said that I must be happy to see her too. Now a fella doesn’t want to be seen in the staff cafeteria with a boner, because the rest of the staff will think he’s a pervert, so I did my best to calm my cock down.

We sat down at a table and caught up on things that had happened over the past few months. Judy had got a job here at my company a week ago, and was now living back here also. She said that she had been very depressed over her failed marriage and had let herself go. That is why she had become seriously overweight. She had been dieting and working out the past few months to try to regain her former figure, and obviously had done a great job. As I looked her over, she became even more attractive to me. I noticed the curves of her hips, the beautiful globes of her breasts, her very pretty face, and those thick and luscious lips that had once wrapped around my cock. Good lord, I was rock hard again, and figured that I needed a distraction badly, because I was due back in the IT dep’t in ten minutes. I quickly started asking questions about her living arrangements, etc, and fortunately my cock returned to its normal size.

Judy said she didn’t yet have a phone, so she took my number and said she would call me from a payphone and we could talk tonight after work. I hadn’t felt this kind of anticipation in a long time, and couldn’t wait for the phone call. As dinnertime passed, and then eight o’clock came and went, I was beginning to think I had scared her off pushing my hard cock into her at the office. I decided to watch TV until bedtime, and as I plopped down on the sofa, the doorbell chimed. I wasn’t expecting anyone, but as I opened the door and saw Judy in a tank top and tight levis, I was sure happy that I had answered the door. I invited her in and as we sat down on the sofa, she asked me if I could do her a huge personal favor. I was thinking that it better not be for a loan, because I was just making ends meet as it was. Not knowing exactly how to respond, I simply said “so what’s the favor”? She moved closer to me and softly said that she would be eternally grateful if I would let her suck my cock. I couldn’t have misunderstood, and my cock sure didn’t because he started to throb wildly in my pants, and when she noticed, she said “I guess your cock has answered for you”.

As we moved to my bedroom, tossing clothes aside as we walked, I noticed that her body was absolutely perfect, and didn’t have any stretch marks from the extra weight she had lost. When we got to the bed, all clothes were cast aside and we embraced roughly and groped each other in every orifice. Judy pushed me back on the bed and told me to get ready, because this time, she was going to drain every drop of cum out of me. I could feel Judy’s hot breath as she knelt between my legs, and soon after that I felt her tongue flicking at that sensitive spot on the underside of my cock, and then those moist luscious lips were wrapped around my cock head, and moving deeper down my shaft. She withdrew my cock from her mouth and lowered her head, so she could now suck my sack and my balls. I was almost delirious when she took both of my balls into her mouth and gently sucked, as her tongue swirled in circles around my balls. She took my cock in her hand and started gently stroking up and down, as she continued to suck on my balls. I was pretty much oblivious to everything around me, except for her mouth and hand. My breathing was fast, my heart raced, and I started to feel that tingling in my balls that signaled an imminent explosion. I told her I was going to cum, so she gently removed my balls from her mouth, and engulfed my cock once again. As she moved her head up and down, she cupped my balls with one hand, and rubbed one of my nipples with the other. I reached down for her face just as the cum burst happened, and as I gently squeezed the cheeks of her face, I could almost feel the spurts hitting inside her mouth. She made muffled moaning sounds and continued sucking hard, and there was no place for all that cum, except sliding down her throat. When my body was completely drained of cum, she kissed the cock head, and then came up to me to cuddle.

This was about as good as it gets, so I didn’t have a lot to say, but rather lay there in a state of contentment. She reached for my mouth and kissed me passionately with those beautiful lips, and then darted her tongue into my mouth. I could taste the salty residue of my cum on her tongue, but didn’t mind in the least. I knew that I had to devour her body and fuck that juicy pussy, but was so drained, I needed some time to recover.

After twenty minutes of caresses and hugs, I was ready, so I asked her if she was ready for me to pleasure her. She said that she had been ready for thirteen years and to start whenever I was rested enough. I started at her ear lobes licking and sucking, and then to her neck. I spent enough time in each area, hoping that I could get her to have multiple orgasms. As I found her erect nipples and sucked them into my mouth, her breath and her movements told me that she was having her first orgasm. Loud moans followed by her hands pushing at the back of my head, confirmed the orgasm. I now licked my way to her navel, and as I swirled my tongue at it, I reached up with both hands and massaged her breasts. The nipples were still hard and erect, and as her chest heaved towards my hands, her breasts seemed to float in waves, and she was now having her second orgasm. I moved down to her pussy and slowly licked from her hips to her inner thigh, on each side. I continued doing this until she couldn’t stand it anymore, so she grabbed my head and tried to force it into her pussy. I wanted to continue teasing her, so I flicked my tongue lightly through her pussy hairs, as she wrestled with my head. I finally gave in to her, and let her push my face into her pussy lips. My hot breath and flicking tongue had those lips opened wide all on their own, and with one long lick of her pussy from top to bottom, I felt her spasm, and I felt her digging her nails into my ears as she pulled my face deep into her pussy. I could feel her pussy heaving wildly as she came, and I noticed a sweet smell coming from her pussy as she ejaculated a tiny amount. I immediately tasted it and it was as tasty as it smelled. When she relaxed her grip on my ears, I began the move to her clitoris, and after only a few flicks of the tongue, she pulled at me, and said she couldn’t stand it any longer and that I had to fuck her pussy.

As I repositioned, I looked directly into her pussy, and was amazed at the spasms that were still evident, and the puffed out pussy lips that were anxiously awaiting my cock. When I got all the way up, I kissed her and sucked her tongue into my mouth, as my cock slowly entered those pussy lips. I moved so slowly, it almost felt as if those lips were pulling and sucking me into her. I could feel the heat emanating from within her pussy, and as I hit bottom, my balls slapping at her ass signaled to her that it was time for the thrusting to begin. She was now in animal mode, and was panting, groaning and digging her heels into my back. Her nails were also dug into me, and I didn’t care, because I was now in animal mode too. I fucked her hard and deep as she moaned louder and louder, and when she whispered that she was going to cum, I said that I was going to fill her pussy with my cum, so get ready. I was now jack hammering her pussy with every ounce of strength I had, and the cum was flying out of my cock, as if her pussy had sucked me off. When I settled deeply in her pussy to give her the remains of my cum, she moaned again and said she was totally spent. I told her I was also spent, and rolled over to recover. I didn’t want to completely break our embrace so I continued to cuddle with her, as we came down from the high.

As we lay cuddling, she looked at me with puppy dog eyes and said she loved me, which shocked me a little, but the way I was feeling, I told her that I loved her too. I also told her that this was the most gratifying experience of my life, and she said “ditto”.

Neither of us could imagine ever giving this up, but since we were cousins, we needed to make plans to move away from friends and relatives, and start a new life together where no one knew us. I just knew we could make it work, and so did my cock.

The end

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