Sharon doesn't get her way on a Staff Night Out but we do.
I don’t quite know why Sharon still talked to us after Michelle told her how we’d taken her in that graveyard (see “After The Disco” by Longtallsally), perhaps she just saw her for what she was – a cock teaser, and felt she got her own comeuppance. She knew her own tricks far too well, as Sharon was one of the ultimate prick teasers in the village, never took a penny with her on a night out as she expected men to pay for her and would always smile sweetly at a taxi driver and pay him in kind, we’d heard.

Mike and I knew we’d see her out in the local bar, she frequented it most weekends and we’ve never been able to understand how she’s got away with it for so long. She’d been going regularly since she developed breasts at 14 and had been coaxing drinks out of every fella there ever since. Which was probably a good thing for them as, if anyone had actually been in with a chance, lives could’ve been ruined. In herself, despite looking like an 18 year old at 14, she decided it was only right to wait until she did anything with one of the punters on a night out. Of course the men didn’t realise quite how young she was and would reluctantly agree to a quick pull as a thank you for buying her a drink.

Time passed and cocks twitched for her every weekend as she danced away in tight tops and mini skirts, her 32DD breasts would easily be made out dancing about in her tight clothing and her minis showed off the legs that each man in the place hoped would be wrapped around their waist later that night.

Away from the bar, at 17 she took a job in the very male environment of a garage. It became known she had a thing for guys in a uniform, any uniform and a mechanic’s jumpsuit would suffice on a day to day basis. She’d laugh and joke with all the guys and the conversation often turned blue, as the cocks of her co-workers throbbed red in their pants. It was a known thing for them to be so turned on by her sexy work outfits and cheeky banter that they would disappear regularly into the toilets and beat themselves off imagining bending her over her receptionist’s desk.

They had regular Staff Nights Out and it was on these that each guy got excited. Every time it happened she would pull one of the guys, but it wouldn’t stop there. So long as they guy would throw money at her throughout the night she would go home with him, but something soon became known about her and became the private joke between all her colleagues… Sharon would tie them to the bed and make them beg her for sex. In the conversations following each night, each guy would say “I wouldn’t fucking beg her”, but when their time came they’d be begging like a dog who hasn’t had any Chum for a week!

She would straddle their cock, restricted by still being in trousers, and gently rub herself along it as she asked what each guy would like to do to her, and then she would make them beg to give them a blow job, a tit wank, a fuck.

On this night out she only really had one guy left before she would start the rotation again, but this guy, although flirty, wasn’t intending to join the other beggers. However, this was not in Sharon’s mind, no one had been able to resist her before and she wasn’t going to allow that to start now. She pulled out of her wardrobe a tight red spandex cropped vest top that ended just two inches under her ample breasts, a black leather mini skirt, pink lace panties, some sheer tights and finished off with patent leather high heeled shoes.

As she walked into the bar a huge cheer went up, all the guys seemed pleased to see her – despite plenty of fit women being in there that night, but none of them were Sharon, she was just so wonderfully sexy and tonight, in that outfit and with her long light brown hair waved down to her nipples, she looked a dream.

“Your turn tonight Bob you lucky shit” said Peter, barely able to take his eyes off her. “Not me mate” came the reply, “sure, I’ve shagged Jennifer in the dark imagining it being her but I just can’t do it. I’m sure one of you guys can take my place”. Sharon wasn’t having any of it, grinding her leather clad ass into Bob’s cock and enjoying the satisfaction of feeling it grow inside her pants. He wanted her badly but wouldn’t risk his marriage, Sharon didn’t care and flirted with him all night.

Bob bought her drinks throughout the evening and flirted back, remaining in control. “Come dance with me” she said and she grinded on his cock for all to see. Out came the mobile phones as each colleague took the opportunity to preserve this beautiful girl in such a sexy outfit, grinding their mate and generally dancing like a girl from the local strip club down the road. After half an hour each guy steadily ran out of card space, but they agreed to share the pics in the morning. “Between us we’ll have a couple of hundred so we’ll get a good wank out of them, I’m sure” piped up Tony. “Yeah, just keep ‘em away from your Mrs. or you’ll be in Shit Street mate”, said Peter, “now if you’ll excuse me I need to fuckin’ jack off”.

Mike and I arrived at the bar around 11pm, just as the final photographs were being taken. We saw all the flashes and had to find out what was going on. It was the undisputed Queen of Tease herself, whoring it up for the cameras as she attempted to pull this guy who seemed to be pretty reluctant to follow her lead. “Look” I said, “they all want her so badly but he’s resistant”. “Yeah” replied Mike, that’s because, if you see who they are, they all work together and he’s the only one she hasn’t gone home with. Tonight must be his turn, but he’s married to Jennifer who works in our hotel. They’re pretty tight, so although he’s obviously turned on judging by the bulge in his kecks, she ain’t getting’ any. His wife’s a looker just like she is, but his wife is HIS. She’ll fuck him and fuck off, so he knows not to play around, he knows on which side his bread is buttered”.

“I’d really like to fuck her and especially in THAT outfit, fuck!” I said. “Not much chance of that after Michelle” Mike replied, “but I do have my bottle with me tonight – so let’s stand and watch, see how things pan out”. We stood and watched as Bob moved off the dance floor and guys encircled Sharon, dancing with her, copping a feel of her ass, pinching her arse… she loved it! As soon as Bob was back in sight though she was calling him seductively to the floor with her finger. More seducing went on all night but Bob wouldn’t even pull her and, by 1am, one by one her crowd disappeared. Mike and I watched as the only ones left were her and Bob. The conversation got loud enough to hear over the music, something along the lines of her being beautiful an’ all but he was married and nothing, NOTHING was going to happen between them. He stood up and said he’d take her home to which she replied “fuck off, I’ll take myself home!” “How” enquired Bob, “you’ve got no fucking money!” “Just fuck off and leave me alone!” she replied, and with that he grabbed his coat and left.

She stood up and looked around, obviously needing a drink after all that arguing and rejection, she came over to us. “Yes” I said under my breath. “Calm down” replied Mike, we need to get this right.

“Hello perverts!” she said as she approached us, “can you get me a drink?” No “please” and there’ll be no “thank you” I presumed. “Bad night Sharon?” asked Mike. “Don’t fucking go there!” she replied, and Mike went to the bar. He knew her tipple, Vodka and Coke, after his first attempt to pull her. He’d practically bought the bottle when she blew him off, but tonight he felt might pan out a little differently. Returning from the bar he stopped at a high table and quickly popped his “magic liquid” into her drink. We’d have to act quick, but the hotel where he works is literally round the block.

“Here you go” said Mike, breaking up our small talk about the evening. She took a sip… “oh, a double… thank you!” I was shocked, suddenly this little bitch had manners. She knocked it back quickly and we suggested we walk her home. “Too fuckin’ far” she blurted. “OK” said Mike, want to stay in one of the spare rooms at the hotel tonight? Business is bad and even with cheaper rates the place isn’t full”. “Will you charge me? I have no money” she asked. “No love, I’ll sneak you in and we’ll worry about sneaking you out in the morning”. She agreed and we walked out together, me and Mike winking at each other.

Mike found her a large room with a King Size bed, usually hired for weddings and the like and she walked up the stairs with the key. Her leather covered ass shining as it swayed to her movements up the staircase. Our cocks twitched looking at her and we bided our time. In the room Sharon didn’t have time to undress, she sat on the end of the bed, facing the door, and passed out. Mike went into his cupboard and found the spare key to Number 7 and quietly we mounted the staircase. Thankfully the rooms on either side were also empty so any noises wouldn’t be audible.

He carefully opened the door and we saw her lying there, out cold. Her arms splayed out on either side of her and her legs slightly apart. I slid my hand up her skirt and found that the gusset of her tights and her panties had a huge wet mark on them, she’d clearly been extremely turned on. Now it was us who were turned on, we pulled our cocks from our pants and started stroking them over her face and body. Then I reached up, ripped a hole in her tights and started fingering her through her moist panties, before sliding them to the side and placing first one finger, then two into her wet cunt.

Mike had turned her head to the left and placed his cockhead at her mouth. Holding her head in position he started to gently fuck her pretty face. I grabbed at her top, ripping it open and letting her impressive rack wobble like jelly in it’s freedom. “Sharon, you’ve got amazing tits” I said to her quietly, as Mike started tweaking a nipple. I could stand no more and moved back between her legs and, placing a shoed ankle on each shoulder, ploughed my cock into her sopping pussy. Slowly at first, then building up speed, I grabbed at her leather clad hips as I pounded into her hard and fast. I knew I wouldn’t last long after watching her for two odd hours on the dance floor, and the sight of her breasts bouncing around to my beats and those of Mike now vigorously fucking her face was almost too much to bear.

Mike quickly pulled out, as his spunk shot out like a fountain. First shot right across her face, next her tits, then another, then her belly and finally ending on her scrunched up leather mini skirt. This was too much for me and I rammed harder and harder until I had to pull out quickly too. However, just as Mike was wiping his cock on her hair and I was taking aim, she opened her eyes. My first shot came streaming out with haste, hitting her right on her mouth and chin. She was slowly coming round to what was happening to her as my load continued to escape from my twitching cock. The next two were for a breast each, then her belly, then the last three on her already soiled skirt. Wiping my cock on her tighted thigh I kneeled between her legs.

“You pair of fucking twats” she said, “I knew I shouldn’t have put any trust in you after what you did to Michelle”. “Oh fuck off Sharon” I replied, you’re just pissed off because we didn’t beg? Look, you needed a good fuckin’ shag just like we did, I saw your wet panties. Sure, we’re not your man of choice for tonight but we’ll ensure you fuckin’ come. Now turn over”. “What the fuck…?” she said as we turned her over and Mike and I swapped places. Mike pulled her to the end of the bed by her hips as he hitched her skirt up and peeled off her tights and knickers. “Fucking leave me alone you bastards!” she shouted. “No way you little prick teaser” whispered Mike into her ear as he placed his cock between her legs and pushed forward into her. His manhood prodding at her moist cunt walls, as I held her head up by her hair and placed my cock into her mouth. She winced as I forced her to suck off any remaining cum and bring me back up to full hardness.

The two of us now pumping her in a true spit roast style, she began to moan into my cock. She was loving it. She started bucking back at Mike as he pounded her with long, firm strokes. It wasn’t long before her body started to shake. Mike looked over to me and we smiled at each other, both grabbing each end of her firmly while ramming her as fast as possible. She convulsed and let out a moan as a shuddering orgasm left her body. Joining our cum stains which were now being smeared onto the pink satin duvet cover, her’s flowed out between her thighs as Mike continued pumping her.

“You little shits, that was so good” she whispered after I pulled out of her mouth and lay down next to her. “Sit on top of me then and let’s bring on another” I said as, without questioning she straddled my hard cock. “Like me in this skirt do you?” she said “you’ve made quite a mess of it”. I told her it was my thing and there’d be more mess to come. Mike then pushed her forward by her shoulders and placed his mushroom head tip at the entrance to her asshole. She looked me right in the eye and bit her lower lip as his cock pushed in gently, going deeper and deeper. “Ahhhhhhh”, another moan as both of us were now fucking her with long strokes. One in, one out, one in, one out. Then we moved in unison, Mike grabbing at her flailing fun bags while I grabbed at her leather skirt, we started pumping in and out of her at the same time.

All this cock pounding her brought her to more bouts of the shakes. “Oh yes, oh FUCKING YES” she blurted, before soaking my cock and balls in her warm juices. The feel of it coating my sack made me pound her harder and harder. Mike speeded up too then pulled out, stood above us and fucked her face. She started wanking his cock into her mouth and licking his balls. “I’m coming!” Mike declared and she looked up at him and smiled, directing the first shot of his second load onto her face. Then she cheekily looked down at me and lowered his shooting cock towards her skirt. She then started to wank him over her belly, skirt and thighs as Mike came, totally controlled by her hand. She sucked Mike clean and looked back down at me. Reaching forward , she grabbed my wrists and pushed them back by my head. “You wanna fuck me in the ass too Ricky? Then beg me!” Quite frankly this was pretty farcical as there were two of us and only one of her, so I was taking her ass whether I begged or not, but as she was now enjoying herself as much as we were I thought it only fair to indulge HER fantasy.

“Please Sharon, please let me fuck you in the ass” I begged. “Why do you want to do that?” she asked. “Because you’re so fucking fit and your arse is so sexy”, I replied. “Where do you want to come if I let you? She asked, “on the back of my skirt?” “Yes, oh yes!” I said. “Then Mike” she said, “slide your hands right round my waist, undo and remove my skirt”. Mike moved forward to comply with her wishes and was just about to pop the stud on the waistband when she said “Stop, he has to beg me to keep it on”. I played along and she moved once again to the end of the bed, raising her ass into the air.

The room smelled of sweat and cum, I slid up her sopping skirt and, holding her hips firmly, drove my wanton prick into her chocolate starfish. Mike slid underneath her and entered her wet cunt. “Make me come one more time, Pervs” she said with a cheeky grin on her face. Mike and I pounded away with all our strength and let’s just say that if we were her age we’d have been much more able to do the job and have kept going all night, but this 17 year old was taking it out of us. Huge beads of sweat were running down our faces as we pounded in and out of her. “Sharon” I said, “tell me how many guys you’ve fucked”. She told us that she’d fucked, since her 16th birthday, 65 guys. One for every night she was allowed out since her birthday. She wasn’t bothered by lads her age but declared that she’d shagged all the regulars at the bar, it was only fitting after the 18 months they’d bought her drinks while she was under age. “Fuck!” I said, “no wonder they’re still buying you drinks all the time”. You’re not just a tease then”. “Sorry we had you so wrong Sharon” piped up Mike, both of us now pumping her harder as we were so turned on to what this piece of “fuck meat” had told us.

Our third loads took their time in coming but our relentless jackhammering brought her third orgasm crashing through her body. “Ohhhhh ssshhhiiiit. Oh fuck, oh fuck yes. Harder… harder…” she screamed as her whole body shook once more. We kept on as she leaned forward to Mike and held his head, pressing her cum soaked cheek against his as she released. Mike and I kept pumping as her muscles that had tightened around our cocks relaxed. She moaned into his ear quietly as her juices escaped from her.

I was ready and pulled out of her lovey round ass and pulled her skirt down, she raised her buttocks up as I released all over her black leather ass. Considering it was my third load in such a short space of time I was surprised just how copious it was as it streamed down her buttocks and onto her thighs, as she kneeled up, leant over Mike and kissed him. “If I’d known you were such a good fuck I’d never have blown you off in the first place. That Michelle’s an arse too Ricky, missing out on a night like this”, she said.

I stood to her side and she cleaned my cock with her mouth, then looked down to Mike. “Come on you old fart, come inside me. Let me feel it”. “You’re one horny little fuck” declared Mike as he pounded away frantically inside her. Sharon tensed her vaginal muscles tighly around Mike’s cock and with a few more strokes he was done. His cock twitched inside her and his cum jetwashed her cavity. She looked down at him and smiled as she felt his warmth fill her up.

Dismounting, cum ran from her twat onto Mike’s legs and the duvet. “Shit, that’s a fuckin’ mess” she said laughing, “good luck explaining that to your boss. I need a shower”.

She came back looking refreshed and totally naked. “Sorry Ricky but I ain’t sleepin’ in that fuckin’ thing. Now come to bed you two I’m shattered. She lay there in between us, put her arms round our shoulders and told us what an amazing night she’d had. “Disturbing start, but a good end” she said, “do you do this often?” “Er, every now and again” I replied. “Why don’t you just ask women instead?” “I tried talking to you, remember?” said Mike. “Ah yeah, um, er, ok you got me with that. I guess women just don’t see what’s right in front of them”. “And we had you down wrong too” I admitted, “but hey – you’re one cool chick”. “And I LOVE to fuck” she replied, “so if you’re up for it we can do it again”. “We’ll make sure we’re UP for it” we both answered in unison. “Until then you can do all your crazy Rohypnol antics” she said laughing. “Now I need to sleep but I need music, grab my iPod from my bag please Ricky”. She put in her white ear buds and wished us goodnight. Goodnight? It was half fucking five! We all fell asleep within minutes, not before I checked the song title on her Touch, it sounded familiar. It was it was “Beggin’” by Madcon. I dozed off with a huge smile on my face.

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