When I awoke the following day, my cock was pushing up the blankets in my bed, and my mind was lost in the thoughts of yesterday with my aunt. It was almost as if I could still feel her pussy contracting on my cock as she orgasmed, and the scent of her pussy was still on my fingers and face. I was almost hesitant to take a shower to lose the scents, but I planned on another visit today, so after jerking off, I hit the shower.

I waited until after lunch before heading to my aunt's house, and I could feel that familiar twitch in my shorts, in anticipation of what was to come. As I approached the front door, I could see my aunt through the kitchen window, and when she saw me, she motioned for me to come on in. I also caught a glimpse of someone else sitting at the table, but couldn’t make out who it was. As I opened the door, I saw that the other person was Diane, my ex-girlfriend, and I wanted to turn around and leave, but was afraid that my aunt would think it was rude. Everyone exchanged uncomfortable hellos, and I sat down at the table trying to figure a way out of this gracefully.

My aunt Debbie sensed that she needed to break the ice, so she said we should all go to the backyard and sit in the shade where it was cooler. I was actually enjoying the sweat beads running down Debbie’s breasts, since the kitchen was still hot from her baking. We all headed out back, except for Debbie who was making us some cool-aid to bring out. As Diane and I sat down, she was the first to speak. She said it was nice to see me again, and asked how I was doing. I stammered something, and then said to her that this was very uncomfortable, and perhaps I should leave, so she could continue her visit with Debbie. As I was getting up to tell my aunt that I was leaving, Diane said that I shouldn’t leave because her and Debbie had something that they wanted to discuss with me. I’m thinking that this can’t be a good thing, so continued on to the kitchen when I met Debbie carrying the cool-aid. She asked me nicely to sit down and said there was something important that needed discussing.

I couldn’t imagine what it was that needed discussing, but if I had any hope of repeating yesterday’s unbelievable experience, I better sit down. As we sipped on our drinks, Debbie started out by saying that her and Diane had been discussing me before I arrived, and they wanted to tell me what they had been talking about. I couldn’t get any intelligent words out of my mouth so simply nodded as she was talking. Diane spoke and said she had talked to Debbie about why we broke up, and that they had also talked about sex. Now I was squirming, and not only couldn’t I speak, but I could feel myself getting red in the face as well.

Debbie sensed that I didn’t want to get into the discussion, so she walked over to my chair and put her hand on my shoulder, and asked me to relax, and let them finish the conversation. This didn’t help me much, but rather than getting up and running out of there, I thought I should hear them out. I was just praying that Debbie hadn’t told her what we did yesterday. Debbie said that her and Diane had a long talk about me and sex, and that it wasn’t something that should have broken us up. Diane then said that she loved me and after talking to Debbie, felt differently about things. I managed to stammer out that I didn’t understand what differently meant, and could she explain. She said that after considering how she felt about me, she could now agree to sex, as long as I was gentle and considerate of her. I felt really weird listening to this in front of Debbie, so I told her that this was kind of personal, and shouldn’t be discussed with Debbie there.

Debbie then jumped into the conversation and said that Diane was concerned about the number of times I had asked for blowjobs and other sexual things, at places where Diane wasn’t comfortable. In my mind, getting a blowjob or handjob under the bridge by the river, or in my bedroom when my parents weren’t home, was exciting, but apparently it wasn’t for Diane. The thrill of possibly getting caught always had added excitement for me. I still couldn’t find a way to talk about this, but because I didn’t want to upset Debbie, I simply said “So where were we supposed to do things like that?” Before Diane could speak, Debbie said that she wasn’t sure, but if Diane was going to give up her virginity, it wasn’t going to be sneaking around and possibly getting caught. She said that Diane wanted to give it up to me, and would I be comfortable making love here in her home. This was getting downright bizarre, and although my cock had twitched a few times thinking things over, I couldn’t imagine doing Diane, knowing that the fuck of my dreams was in the house nearby. Before I could respond, Diane said that her and Debbie had become really close friends and she was comfortable talking about sex with her, and that she would also be comfortable making love for the first time in Debbie’s house. Now my cock was in full throb mode.

Debbie looked at Diane and said “I guess he’s warming up to the plan, judging by the bulge in his pants”. Diane said she hoped so, because it was the only way she would consider giving it up to me. Debbie walked over to me again and sat down in my lap, directly on my throbbing cock, which by now was leaking precum. Diane also walked over to me, and said that her and Debbie had discussed the entire plan and asked me if I would agree. I looked at Debbie and asked her if she told Diane everything, and when she winked at me and nodded yes, I didn’t know how to react. I looked at Diane and said “are you sure that nothing about this bothers you?” She said no and asked me if I was going to continue being embarrassed, or would I rather get inside to get on with the plan. Debbie got off my lap, took my hand, and while Diane took my other hand, we headed into the house.

Once inside, Debbie said that she had prepared the spare bedroom, including protection for the bed, to deal with any mess. I figured that with my throbbing cock leaking precum, I better get Diane into the bed, before I blew in my clothes. As Diane and I walked to the bedroom, I noticed that Debbie was following close behind, and when we reached the bed, she still hadn’t left. So I said to them, “Just what is involved in this plan of yours?” Debbie told me that they had discussed every detail, which included her being involved, and asked if I had a problem with that. I said no way this is a problem, just strange, but I wanted to do it. Debbie told me that she wanted to make sure for Diane’s first time that I was patient, and would make the experience last until Diane could orgasm. In order to do that, Debbie was going to give me a blowjob, so that all the jitters were gone, and so I didn’t cum too quickly. I looked at Diane as if to get her approval, and she simply smiled and nodded that it was perfectly okay with her.

Had I died on the way over here and maybe this was heaven? I didn’t care at this stage, so began throwing my clothes off, as the two of them also got naked. We all fell onto the bed, and as Diane lay beside me kissing my face and neck, Debbie moved between my legs. I felt Debbie kissing my stomach area, and I felt her hands gently massaging my balls. As her mouth neared my cock, I felt her breath, then her tongue, and then the suction of her lips as she engulfed my throbbing cock. Diane was kissing me and darting her tongue in my mouth, and it was all too much for me to handle, so I bucked up my hips and started shooting my cum into Debbie’s mouth. I was enjoying this orgasm like none before, when Diane stopped kissing me and joined Debbie, who was still sucking my deflating cock. I looked down to see Diane trying to get my balls in her mouth, as she stroked Debbie’s face. What an incredible sight to see. My cock instantly sprang back to full erection, as I watched them suck my balls and cock in unison. Debbie withdrew my cock from her mouth and told Diane that it was time for her to give it up, and suggested that the best position was for her to be on top. That way she could control the penetration, and if it hurt too much, she could slow things down.

As Diane moved to straddle me, Debbie moved behind her and began licking her fingers and then inserting them in Diane. She was trying to help with lubrication, to cut down on any discomfort when I penetrated. I reached up and took both of Diane’s breasts in my hands, while Debbie continued moistening Diane’s pussy. I could hear Diane moaning, but I also noticed that Debbie was moaning as well. I peered around and saw that she was fingering her own pussy while also trying to get Diane nice and juicy for me. My cock was still hard and throbbing, so I decided that it was time for Diane to impale herself. I pulled her forward and tried to guide her towards my cock, and with all the moisture from Debbie, the head of my cock slid easily right up to her hymen. I didn’t move, because I wanted Diane to control how her cherry was going to be busted, and it didn’t take long for her to begin rocking on me trying to gain more penetration. To help her I moved my head up so that I could suck her erect nipples, and I placed both of my hands on her thighs. She was breathing very heavily and looked flushed, but when I gently pulled her down with my hands, she made the final push on to my cock, and moaned as my cock broke through her cherry. She slumped forward so that I could suck her nipples, and at the same time she started a grinding motion on my cock.

This fuck was a far cry from the incredible one I had yesterday, so it got me wondering where Debbie had got to. I looked down and saw that Debbie was still masturbating her pussy, and I sensed that she was having a bit of trouble cumming. I wanted to help her, but was in no position to do anything, so I asked her to come up near our faces. As she neared, I asked her to help Diane with her thrusting so it would be more enjoyable. She knew what I was getting at, and placed her hands on Diane’s hips, while I pulled Debbie’s legs over my face reverse cowgirl style (read that in a book and was real happy to try it out). I immediately buried my face in Debbie’s pussy and with my tongue licking at her clitoris, she began to moan and squirm. She was trying to help Diane thrust on to my cock, but Diane wasn’t really moving, saying that she still hurt from her hymen break. Debbie was determined to make this an unforgettable experience, so she took Diane’s face in her hands and kissed her very passionately, while still moving her pussy on my face. Diane seemed to be enjoying this a lot, because I could feel gentle thrusting on my cock, and I could sense more enthusiasm. Debbie broke free from the kiss and moaned loudly that she was cumming, which made her push her pussy hard into my face. My tongue was moving furiously on her clitoris, and as she finally orgasmed, I could feel her pussy spasming. By now, Diane was thrusting faster and deeper, and moaning loudly, so I tried to help by thrusting my hips up to meet her. Debbie moved off of my face and fell down exhausted on the bed. As Diane and I got our thrusting rhythm in sync, I felt her start to shudder, and she screamed that she was going to cum. This put me over the edge, and I bucked wildly upwards, and held my cock deeply in her pussy as my streams of cum shot up into her womb. She looked exhausted, but happy, and as she opened her eyes, she told me that she loved me and that her first time was a very beautiful experience.

As we lay there recovering Debbie reached over with two wet facecloths and said we should clean ourselves up. Diane had traces of cum and blood oozing from her pussy, and my cock looked like it was returning from a battlefront. It was limp and bloodied, and I could only hope that he wasn’t out of commission for the day. Debbie realized that we were having trouble reaching where we needed to clean, so she offered to help. As she wiped at Diane’s pussy lips, Diane moaned and moved her pussy up slightly, to give her better access. Debbie then moved over to me, and as soon as she looked at my cock, it sprang to attention. As she wiped my cock and balls, I could see that she hadn’t had her fill, so she looked at Diane and asked her if she minded her going for a ride on my cock. Diane told her to go ahead, while she rested to prepare for more action later.

Debbie climbed on top of me and in an instant we were moving in rhythm, and her hips were grinding, as I bucked my hips upwards. Her pussy felt so soft and warm, I knew that I was going to spew another load, but didn’t want to disappoint her, if she wasn’t ready to cum. I didn’t have to worry long because she let out a loud groan and said she was cumming. The feeling of her pussy walls contracting on my cock, cannot be described. I can only liken it to her pussy sucking me off. She collapsed on my chest, as the remnants of my cum worked up into her womb. As Debbie climbed off to lie down and recover, Diane jumped up and prepared to straddle me, saying that it was her turn. I told her that it doesn’t work that way, and I needed time to rest, and time for my cock to recover. I wasn’t even sure I could go again that day, but if I could, I would rather it be in Debbie’s pussy.

As we all lay there catching our breath, we held hands, and didn’t need to speak a word. The looks on our faces said it all. We were contented, spent, and happy to have been a part of everything that had just taken place. After about ten minutes Debbie said she would go and get us something cold to drink, so Diane used that time to see if my cock had recovered. She gave it a few strokes, and when it didn’t get hard, she slumped down disappointed. Debbie came back with the drinks, and as I watched her naked body, my cock started to twitch. Fortunately Diane didn’t notice, but Debbie did, so she smiled and winked at me.

As we finished our drinks, Diane said that she should be getting home soon, because her parents were meeting her to shop for school supplies. She got dressed and asked me if I was going to get dressed and leave too. I told her that I needed to stay for a while to pack up some baked goods for my parents. I think she knew that it was a bullshit story, but she left anyways. After hearing the front door close, I rolled over to Debbie and asked her if she was ready for me. She looked down at my cock pointing straight out and throbbing, and could only smile as she opened her legs and held open her arms to receive me. I whispered to her that this was going to be one of those greedy fucks, and that I was going to slam my balls off her ass. She dug her nails into my back, thrust up her hips, and told me to bring it on. I slammed her pussy hard and deep, and she matched my thrusting stroke for stroke. This pussy was made for my cock, and I just couldn’t get enough of it. When I felt the tingle start from my balls, I told her that I was going to cum, and she told me “Fuck me hard, I’m cumming too”. I gave everything I had to those last few strokes, and as her pussy sucked the cum from me, we both moaned loudly, and then collapsed in a suffocating embrace. When we finally let go and rolled over to recover, we were soaked from sweating, and totally flushed in the face.

After dressing and preparing to leave, I asked Debbie if she thought it was inconsiderate that I let Diane go home alone so I could stay for more sex with her. She said not to worry about it, because Diane probably realized that her pussy would have been too sore for more sex. Made sense to me, so after a hug and a passionate kiss, I was off for home. As I walked home, I wondered if there would be any more days ahead like this one. God, I hope so!

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2012-11-24 01:09:47
ppl are crazy these days but i guess it passes

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2010-09-01 19:18:55
what is with you anonymous ppl and pregnancy?...sheesh. the purpose of stories is to entertain, and generally pregnancy is not entertaining. and while i feel incest is not morally wrong, and can be exciting, you should NOT get them pregnant, because inbreading causes a heightened chance of severe birth defects. so shame on u not using protection lol

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2010-08-29 02:42:49
Good story. Breaking Diane's cherry and comming in her is a good start towards pregnancy. Make sure Diane and Debbie both get pregnant in future stories. I fucke both my mother and my sister in my youth, got them both pregnant and eventually had 4 children with each of them. My sister had all 4 before she graduated from high school. My mother was 47 when she had her 4th.

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