Sometimes it's better to give than to receive.

If Trevor thought it was nice to wake up next to a beautiful naked girl, it was nothing compared to waking up to the feeling of a beautiful naked girl pressed up against his own naked body. During the night, either because she was cold, or due to a dream, or for no reason whatsoever, she had rolled over toward him, and how lay against his side, one arm thrown over him to grasp his opposite shoulder and her leg crossing one of his. Trevor could feel every inch of her hot young body, including her soft tits with their pointy nipples against his chest, and her hot little pussy against his thigh.

This was heaven, he decided. It didn't matter that Melinda was his sister that normally he couldn't stand. For right now, she was just a sexy teenage girl with an amazing body.

Unfortunately, she didn't see it that way. Five minutes later, she opened her eyes. As soon as she realized where she was, she pulled away from him.

"Gross!" she exclaimed.

"Yeah, that's just what I was thinking," he lied. It was clear that neither of them really meant it; it was just habit.

"I need a shower," she said.

"You certainly do," he teased.


"I'm just kidding. Besides, I need a shower as much as you do. I'll even go first."

"No you don't. You'll use up all the hot water."

"And if you go first, you'll use up all the hot water. I'm not waiting half an hour before it heats back up again."

Melinda stared at him. "We could..." she said. "We could... share?"

Trevor stared at her in shock. A few seconds ago she was complaining about touching him, and now she wanted to take a shower with him?

"Look," she said, "we're already nude, so what's the big deal?"

The big deal was that he would get to watch her run her hands all over her soapy, wet body.

"Good point," said Trevor. "Let's do it."

They both climbed out of bed and made their way into the bathroom. Two minutes later, they stood under the hot spray of the shower, a welcome relief after the chill of the morning air.

Trevor couldn't help but peek at Melinda's body. He had spent the past day and a half with a great view of it, but it was different, and perhaps even a little sexier, with rivulets of water running down and the sheen of the dampness on her skin. He especially enjoyed the sight of her running her hands all over her chest, including her young boobs.

She didn't even turn away or try to cover herself. Of course, after being naked in front of him for so long, it was pointless to start being bashful now.

"You're staring," she told him.

"'Cause you're putting on a great show. What did I tell you?"

"Yeah, well if you can stare, so can I," said Melinda, dropping her gaze deliberately to his crotch.

Trevor had a sudden exhibitionistic impulse, so he put his hands behind his back and thrust out his hips, putting his swollen cock obscenely on display.

"Like what you see?" he asked.

"See? I'd need a microscope to see anything," she teased.


"Just kidding, Trevor."

"Yeah, well when you're done with that microscope, let me borrow it so I can see your tits."

"Oh, ha ha. You're very funny. Next time you use my joke you're going to have to pay royalties."

It was the type of teasing that almost invariably led to a heated argument back home, but today it just felt non-threatening, even playful. Their jabs lacked the venom that they usually did.

Trevor continued to watch as Melinda showered, loving the sight of her nude skin. He wished her could just reach out and run his hands all over her. Then he realized, there was a way to do just that, and get away with it.

"Can I wash your back?" he asked.

Melinda scowled at him. "Yeah, like I wasn't expecting that."

"What?" said Trevor with a hurt tone to his voice. "I just want to be nice to you."

"No, you want to grope me."

"Why would I want to grope you? It's not like I enjoy touching you."

"Like you didn't enjoy touching me in the car?"

"Look, if you don't want me to wash your back, fine. See if I ever do anything nice for you again."

Melinda sighed. "Okay," she conceded. "Go ahead and wash my back. But keep your hands above the waist. And no reaching around."

"Never crossed my mind," he grinned.

"Yeah right."

As Melinda turned away from him, Trevor reached for the bottle of liquid soap, squeezed some out onto his hand, then placed his hands on his sister's back. The fantasy was nice; the reality was even better. He let his hands explore her skin, enjoying the softness and slickness as he lathered up the soap. Not wanting to push his luck, he followed her rules explicitly. Despite being tempted to slide his hands around to fondle her tits, he kept his hands to her back.

He could have gone on like that forever, but they only had a limited amount of hot water, so after only about a minute, Melinda stepped forward into the shower spray to rinse herself off.

"Thanks," she said, and surprisingly there was no hint of reluctance or distaste in her tone of voice.

Trevor nodded. He should have been the one to thank her, for giving him the chance to feel her exquisite skin like that.

"Now it's your turn," said Melinda.

That surprised Trevor; he wouldn't have expected his little sister to be willing to wash his back for him. Of course, he had never expected her to let him wash her back either.

"Oh, so now you want to grope me," he teased, as he turned his back on her. "Keep your hands above the waist. And no reaching around."

"But that's exactly what I had in mind," said Melinda. He felt her hands slide around in front of him, and suddenly she grabbed his cock.

"What the--" he began.

"I have to give you an orgasm sometime today, so I might as well get it over with," she explained.

He certainly wasn't about to argue with that. With her hands slick with soap, the feeling was intense and almost ticklish as she rubbed them up and down the shaft. He couldn't help but moan at the sensation, causing Melinda to giggle. She seemed to be enjoying this too, though obviously not as much as he was.

She surprised him by pressing her body up against his back. Perhaps she only did it to give her arms more room to work, but nevertheless it felt amazingly good. He could feel her whole front side, especially her soft young tits with those perky little nipples. It would be enough to drive him wild even without her hands rubbing up and down his cock.

His hips began to make involuntary movements, thrusting slowly and rhythmically forward and back in time to the motions of her hands. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the soapy, slippery feeling as she jerked him off.

Trevor could hear himself groaning at the sensation, but he didn't care. At the moment, the rest of the world might as well not exist; he was alone with his sister's hands in front and her chest in back. Nothing else mattered.

Then he heard Melinda giggle again, and without warning she changed tempo. Suddenly she was beating him off as fast as she could, teasing him beyond his capability to stand. It took less than thirty seconds of that before he felt the pleasure spiking. His legs began to buckle, and it was all he could do to keep from falling as she coaxed his orgasm out of him. His cock spurted over and over again, the cum mixing with the water on the floor and running down the drain. Melinda kept up the tempo until his dick softened in her hands.

"I'm glad that's over with," she told him, sliding past him to rinse her hands off in the spray.


Trevor couldn't stop grinning after the shower, to which Melinda merely rolled her eyes. But his good mood was contagious, and more than once when she glanced at him and saw that the grin had not disappeared from his face, she broke out laughing.

He returned to bed after showering so that Melinda could bring him his breakfast like she was supposed to. Without being coaxed, or even invited, she crawled under the covers with him to eat their breakfast together. Trevor didn't mind; he loved any activity that brought her this close to him. Now that he had experienced the touch of her bare skin, he was addicted. It was both pleasurable and tormenting to sit here so close to her without touching her.

Something, however, was missing. They reverted back to that awkward silence, eating breakfast without speaking a word to each other. It wasn't that either of them wanted it, but it seemed that yesterday had been a fluke. Melinda had put forth a valiant effort to get them talking, but perhaps it had exhausted her, and she was in no mood to do the same.

Trevor tried to start up conversations several times, but they lasted only a minute or so before falling completely flat and reverting to silence. He didn't like it, and apparently neither did Melinda, but there was really nothing they could do about it.

Is that our curse? Trevor wondered. Are we doomed never to have anything to say to one another? He wondered how it had gotten to that point. They used to get along great as kids; they played together and got in trouble together and generally made a mess of themselves together. Some time between then and now they had lost that and they could hardly speak to each other.

The silence lasted through lunch, and afterward Melinda headed into the bedroom, no doubt to write some more in her journal. He wondered about that. If he could see it, would she still be griping about him, or would her words be similar to his own thoughts?

He was so sick of solitaire by now that he wanted to throw the cards out the window. Without Melinda to talk to, all he could do was sit and stare at the wall, thinking about how nice it would be if he could find some way to make up with his sister. It was clearly what they both wanted, so why was it so difficult?

He had been sitting like that for half an hour when he decided to do something about it. Trevor and Melinda needed a good, serious talk about their relationship. He had to know exactly how she felt, and he had to tell her how he felt.

Trevor rose to his feet and strode to the bedroom, determined to have that talk with her. He opened the door, then gasped.

Melinda lay on the bed, her legs spread and her hands rubbing herself between. She opened her eyes wide when she saw him, and for a moment the two of them stared at each other. Then she gave out a yelp and slammed her legs shut.

"Get out!" she shouted, her face growing red. Then tears of shame started to flow down her cheeks.

"I'm sorry," Trevor said, then hurriedly backed out the door and started closing it behind him.

"No, wait," said Melinda, and he stopped. He could see the tears still in her eyes, her face red with embarrassment. For a moment he stood there, not knowing what to do.

Then for some reason, instinct perhaps, he walked over, sat down on the bed, and put an arm around her. Her response, surprisingly, was to wrap her own arms around his chest and sob softly into his shoulder.

Trevor didn't know what to do, what to say. So he just held her and remained silent. Melinda continued to cry for a few minutes, then eventually lifted her head and wiped the tears away.

"You're not going to tell anyone, are you?" she asked.

"Tell anyone? What are you talking about?"

"Well, you caught me... playing with myself."

"Is that what's bothering you? After yesterday, this really doesn't--"

"But that was different," she insisted. "I had to do that. It was part of the game. This time... I... I get so frustrated sometimes. I've had to do all kinds of things for you, and I just wanted... I mean, I have to take care of myself. It's hard being cooped up in this cabin with you, with you hardly talking to me. I need... I need someone to..."

Was she really implying what he thought? Trevor was amazed. Melinda, his bratty little sister, was confessing that she wanted him to take care of her needs.

She was right; it hadn't been exactly fair these past few days. The cards just seemed to work out for him every time. She had been seeing to his needs, but he hadn't returned the favor.

Not that he didn't want to return the favor. She had the most beautiful body, and he would love to get to know it a lot better. So what if she was his sister? She was also a beautiful naked girl who was practically giving him her body.

He had a sudden idea. He released her, then rose to his feet. Returning to the front room, he snatched up the cards then entered the bedroom again. He shuffled the deck, then dealt five cards to each of them.

"Trevor," said Melinda. "I don't want to play cards anymore. Every time we do, I just have to end up doing things to make you feel good, and you never have to do anything to make me feel good."

"Do you trust me?" he asked.

"My obnoxious older brother who keeps looking for new ways to annoy me?" she asked. Then she smiled. "Okay, yeah, I trust you."

"And can I trust you?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, I'm about to do something nice for you, and I don't want you taking advantage of it."

"Fine. You can trust me."

"Good. So my first dare is, the loser has to be the winner's sex slave for an hour every day, for the rest of the vacation."

Melinda rolled her eyes. "Yeah, you would come up with--"

"And I fold," he added.

She stared at him. "You fold?" she asked. Trevor nodded. Technically, he wasn't allowed to fold right after making a dare, but considering what she gained out of it, he figured she wouldn't push the point.

As her eyes lit up with delight, he knew that he figured right. Her lips spread into a smile, then she squealed and threw her arms around his neck, hugging him tightly.

"Thank you!" she exclaimed. "Maybe you're not as obnoxious as you seem. Trevor, I know that we bitch and moan and complain and try to drive each other crazy, but you don't know how much you've made my day." Then she drew back and stared into his eyes. "So you're going to be my sex slave for an hour?"

"Yes, but remember, you promised not to take advantage of it. I know how much you would have loved to get me in this position before, but don't make me do anything humiliating or degrading."

"You mean like... licking me? Down there?"

"That's not humiliating or degrading," he grinned. "In fact, I'll prove it." He slid off the bed and knelt in front of her.

"Oh my god," she breathed, spreading her legs for him.

"Set your alarm, because for sixty minutes, I'm going to do everything I can to make you feel good," said Trevor.

He lowered his head, taking a moment to get a good view of her gorgeous pussy. Truthfully, this was the first time he had ever gone down on a girl, and he was a little apprehensive. The smell was rather strong, and he wasn't sure whether he liked it or not. Still, he was willing to try this once for Melinda's sake. Things were starting to really go well between them, and he wanted that to continue. Unfortunately, that meant he had to give up being a selfish prick; he had to show her that he was willing to do things just for her.

As soon as his tongue touched her skin, all his apprehensions vanished. The taste wasn't anywhere near as bad as he had anticipated; in fact, he could come to enjoy it, even learn to like the flavor if he kept it up. Even the dampness from her arousal wasn't too bad. He let his tongue run all over her pussy, tasting every part of it and getting used to it.

Whatever he was doing, he was doing it right, because Melinda let out a moan of pleasure. He glanced up and saw that she had her eyes closed and a smile on her face; it was the same expression he had seen yesterday when she had used her vibrator. That meant she liked what he was doing to her.

He liked it too. There was something amazingly thrilling about giving a pretty girl that kind of pleasure, even if he wasn't receiving any direct stimulation himself. Just the thought of what he was doing to her was enough.

His tongue wandered all over the outer lips, sometimes flicking against them and sometimes running up and down in long strokes. He listened to the sounds coming from her mouth and the motions of her body as he tongued her, paying attention to what she liked the most. This was all for her, after all. She had told him that she had never actually had sex, but he wondered if she had ever let a boy do anything sexual to her at all. Was his the first tongue to taste her like this? Probably, and that meant he needed to make it special for her.

Not surprisingly, she seemed to enjoy it most when he licked her clit. The first time he touched her there, she gasped and her legs spasmed, almost closing on his head. He loved that reaction, so he licked her there again. He tried several different techniques, and discovered that he could work her into a frenzy if he flicked his tongue against it rapidly. When he did that, she couldn't even breathe properly; she gasped so quickly that she was practically hyperventilating.

To draw it out and give her a chance to calm down a bit, he left her clitoris and spent a few minutes working on some of the other parts. There was still plenty that he hadn't explored yet, including the mysterious depths inside.

To that end, he worked his way down the slit, massaging the lips with his thumbs as he ran his tongue up and down. Then he gently pried them apart, and dipped his tongue in. That elicited another excited groan from Melinda, so he continued to explore the fleshy pink interior, sometimes flicking his tongue against it and sometimes spearing it in as deep as he could. He was really getting into this; maybe there was something to this whole "being nice" thing. Maybe it really was sometimes as fun to give as to receive.

After spending a few minutes spearing he with his tongue, he moved back up to her clit, to her delight. The change in her response was instantaneous. Her hips began to buck, her moans grew louder, and every so often a tremor would run through her body. He had heard somewhere that girls could experience mini-orgasms, and wondered if that was what he was witnessing. The thought that he was making her feel that good put a smile on his face even as he continued to lick her.

Mini orgasms or not, she soon began building toward a much more powerful one. He could tell that from the same signs that he had seen yesterday when she brought herself to climax. Her moans turned to whimpers and whines as they rose in pitch, and her legs shook as her hips tensed. Trevor returned to flicking his tongue against her clit rapidly, the action that seemed to have the most effect on her, and this time it put her over the edge. She literally shrieked as the climax hit her, and this time she literally lifted her hips off the bed. She held that position for two seconds as the shriek cut off in a tightening of her throat, then her whole body collapsed in exhaustion. She lay on the bed gasping in her breaths, the occasional aftershock running through her body and causing her to shudder.

Trevor lay down on the bed, and Melinda immediately cuddled up next to him. This time it was deliberate. "So this is what it's like to get along," he mumbled. "It feels nice."

Melinda laughed. Neither of them were under any illusion that this was anything like the way most brothers and sisters got along, but he liked their own private version. In a way, it was funny. Their parents would definitely see a change in them when they arrived on Saturday, a welcome one even. But they would be horrified to know the cause.

He wondered about the extent of that change though. So far today they hadn't fought once, though they had teased each other plenty. But he still worried that it was an unstable balance, that any of a thousand things could go wrong to upset it.

For now, he wouldn't let it bother him. He just enjoyed the peaceful tranquility of holding his little sister in his arms as they rested together in bed.

They spent most of the afternoon napping, and for the second time that day he awoke with Melinda cuddled up next to him. This time she didn't complain or gripe or moan when she woke in that position, but instead lifted her lips to kiss him on the cheek.

That was another first, at least in a very long time, at least since they were young children. He liked it.

"You know what's funny?" asked Melinda. "You're supposed to be my sex slave, and I haven't even given you a single order."

"Are you complaining?" replied Trevor with a teasing grin.

"No. But just to make it official, I'm going to give you an order. Nothing that you're not doing anyway. Cuddle with me."

"Yes ma'am!" he said, giving her a squeeze.

They lay awake like that for at least half an hour, in silence but not the strained silence of earlier in the week. This time it was because they were too relaxed and comfortable; words would distract them from the pleasant feeling of lying together in each other's arms.

It was nearing supper time when they finally got out of bed. They did it reluctantly, but they had to eat after all. During the meal they talked and even cracked jokes, feeling much more comfortable about it than they had yesterday. They even experimented with teasing each other, and surprisingly, it didn't turn to a fight.

The conversation continued afterward as they washed up then retired to the living room. They spoke of everything and nothing, just all the millions of little things that they had never said to each other. It was like all of those subjects had been held back by a dam, a dam that was breaking and letting them all spill out.

As much as he enjoyed talking with Melinda, he enjoyed cuddling with her even more, and apparently she felt the same way. They went to bed early, and this time she made no pretense of staying on her side of the bed. Instead, she snuggled up to him like she had done earlier in the day when they took their naps. Trevor wrapped his arms around her and smiled.

Of course, there was no reason why they couldn't combine the snuggling and the talking. They both seemed so eager to tell each other everything on their mind that they continued their discussion right past midnight and into the early hours of the morning.

They only fought once during that time, if it could be called fighting. Melinda, her head resting on his chest, commented that he made a good pillow. Trevor then jokingly asked if she made a good pillow too, roughly depositing her on her back and then lowering his head as if to lay it on her nearest breast. She squealed and shoved him away, then grabbed one of the real pillows and smacked him in the face with it.

That was an opportunity way too good to pass up. What teenage boy could resist having a pillow fight with a naked girl? So he grabbed the other pillow and retaliated. He was bigger and stronger than her, but he held back. If he won, he risked offending her, and then they would be enemies once more. But he really didn't mind if she won. So although he got in a few good hits, he mostly defended, letting her swat him as hard as she liked.

He was the first to fall off the bed, which wasn't exactly comfortable because it was a hard wood floor. Melinda, however, took that as an opportunity to leap on top of him. If they were clothed it would have been perfectly innocent, but he ended up with her lying completely on his chest, her boobs mashed against him and his cock, which had hardened during the fight, pinned between their bodies.

As they realized how compromising their position was, they ended the fight. Melinda had been in the middle of a taunt, but she cut it off halfway through.

Instinctively, Trevor wrapped his arms around her waist. For a few seconds, a smile crept onto her features as she gazed into his eyes.

This is it, he thought. First she's going to kiss me. Then we'll make out for a while, then I'll pick her up and put her back on the bed, then lie down with her, and then...

It didn't happen like that. Melinda rolled off of him, breaking out of his grasp. She stood up, then reached out to offer to help him to his feet. He accepted the offer, then the two of them climbed back into bed. The pillow fight was over, but she at least was willing to cuddle with him again.

It would have to do for now. But it had been so close. Trevor realized that he had actually considered having sex with his little sister. He knew it was wrong; it was immoral and shameful and disgusting. But he couldn't quite convince himself that he wouldn't act on it if the opportunity arose again.

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