The surprise is for the children, not for the parents.

Trevor had awoken to a lot of nice feelings during the vacation, but it was nothing compared to the feeling of his little sister's lips wrapped around his cock. She was buried under the blanket, sucking greedily on it.

"Oh god, that's nice!" he groaned, and Melanie giggled.

"You've been so nice to me lately, I wanted to do something to be nice to you," she told him.

"You know, I could get used to this."

"Well don't. We have today and tomorrow, then we won't get too many more opportunities."

Trevor had a sudden, bright idea. "Then let's make the most of this one," he told her.

"What do you mean?"

"I want to be nice to you too," he said with a grin. "At the same time."

"Huh?" asked Melanie, scrunching her face into a puzzled expression.

"Think about it," said Trevor.

Suddenly, her eyes lit up with realization and delight. "Ooh!" she squealed. "Really?"

"Really. Let's do it."

Melanie threw off the blankets and rolled off of her brother so that he could scoot down the bed a couple of feet to give her more room for her own legs. She turned around so that her head pointed toward the foot of the bed. Trevor lay on his back, and Melanie lifted one of her legs and placed it on the other side of his head so that she straddled his face. She lowered her own head and took his cock in her mouth again.

He loved the feeling of her warm mouth engulfing his dick. He especially loved her slippery tongue as it ran all over the shaft, teasing it mercilessly. At first she didn't suck, content to just lick it. That was fine with Trevor. After repeated lovemaking yesterday, he was in no hurry to get off. She could take all the time she wanted. Besides, he had something just as fun to occupy his attention down at the other end.

He was really starting to enjoy eating her pussy. Though he had initially been wary about the taste, now he had come to love it. It wasn't so much the flavor, more what it represented. It meant that he was giving pleasure to his little sister, and that meant that their days of fighting were over. All the bickering and complaining and trying to make each other mad were behind them, replaced by a relationship that was so much more fun. Everything was different now, in the best possible way.

He let his tongue probe her delicious pussy, at first just running over the outside. He loved to lick the outer lips in circles, running up one side of the slit and down the other. He traced this path over and over again, enjoying the response he received from Melinda's body, especially when his tongue brushed over her emerging clit. She was extremely sensitive there, he had already learned, and he planned to make use of that fact.

Of course, his own body was starting to react in the same way, with Melinda working over his cock with her mouth. At first it had been only semi-hard, but now that he was fully awake and open to the stimulation, she had quickly brought it to full hardness. That also made it very sensitive, especially around the head. Melinda was discovering this now, and using this new discovery to tease him. She let her tongue run circles around the head, giving him a pleasurable, almost ticklish sensation and causing his body to squirm beneath her.

They both began to moan at the same time, and the coincidence was humorous that they both had to laugh at it. Trevor liked being able to laugh with Melinda, especially during sex. It made it not just pleasurable, but fun and lighthearted.

He continued to lick her pussy, noticing the growing dampness as her arousal increased. She was also loosening up, her body preparing to be penetrated. Unfortunately the real tool of penetration was down at the other end of the bed, so she had to be satisfied with his tongue. He spread her outer lips and thrust his tongue inside, licking her up and down and loving the reactions that elicited from her body. Her hips writhed sensually over his face, moving in time with the motions from his tongue.

It was about this time that Melinda wrapped her lips around his cock and began to suck. Trevor gave a loud groan at the sensation, loving the feeling. His little sister was not an expert cocksucker by any definition, but she was learning quickly just what he liked. She was watching and listening to the reactions in his body just like he was watching and listening to her. Together, the two of them were exploring this new world of sexuality, and it was wonderful.

His hips rocked up and down as she worked, their bodies falling into a rhythm. At the other end, Trevor tried to match that rhythm. It took a few minutes, but suddenly it all came together. Their motions fell into a slow, luxurious tempo, making this almost like a dance. Everything they did, from the rocking of their hips to their licking and sucking, the sounds escaping their lips, even the very beating of their hearts, became a part of that dance.

Trevor was the first to cum. He felt the first stirrings of the oncoming orgasm, and immediately he began thrusting upward faster with his hips. Fortunately Melinda had a good grip on the base of his cock or he would have speared her throat with the motion. She recognized the signs and began to suck deeper and harder. Unfortunately, this broke the rhythm that they had enjoyed for several minutes, but it didn't matter; from her enthusiastic sucking he could tell that she just wanted to please him.

He tried to keep working on her as well, but once the pleasure began to increase on its way to his climax, he could no longer concentrate on what he was doing. His body was taking over completely, leaving no room for thought. His hips bucked almost wildly, and suddenly he was there at the peak. He felt the cum spurting from the tip of his dick right into his little sister's mouth, and she gulped it down with an eagerness that he hadn't expected but nevertheless found delightful. She hummed in pleasure as she swallowed, as if she really enjoyed the taste.

And why shouldn't she? Trevor was learning to love the taste of her pussy simply because of the knowledge that it was making her feel so good. Perhaps the same thing was happening with Melinda. All he knew was that she seemed more than willing to swallow everything he gave her.

As soon as he calmed down enough to take control of his body again, he resumed his tongue's attack on her pussy. Even as his cock went soft in her mouth, Melinda continued sucking as if trying to coax even more cum out of him. This kept him partly hard, but he knew he wouldn't be up for another orgasm for a couple of hours at least.

But he hadn't satisfied his little sister yet, which he really wanted to do. Now that he had climaxed, he was eager to give her the same pleasure, so he fell back on his favorite trick. He started flicking his tongue rapidly against her clit.

This had exactly the effect on her that he had hoped. She immediately squealed in delight, loving the merciless onslaught. Trevor kept it up for over a minute, not caring that his tongue was starting to ache. He would not rest until he had given her an orgasm.

Fortunately, she didn't last too much longer. Soon her body began to tense up and her moans turned to a wail, muffled by his cock in her mouth. Trevor continued to attack her clit as the pleasure carried her up and over the peak. The frozen tenseness in her body turned into a shudder that ran all the way through her like an earthquake, then as she reached the pinnacle of pleasure and began the regretful yet still satisfying downhill slope on the other side, she relaxed once more. Trevor didn't let up until he was sure the orgasm was completely over.

Melinda rolled off of him, and the two of them rested for a minute. Then she turned herself around and the two of them crawled up to lay their heads down on the pillows, reclining together in tranquil bliss.

Tired but satisfied, Trevor and Melinda lay in each other's arms. He didn't think he would ever get tired of snuggling with her. There was something fulfilling about the contact of their nude bodies; something that made him whole. Wrapped together like this, it was as if their love for each other seeped through their very skin and into each other's souls.

There was no rush to get out of bed. That afternoon Melinda would have to spend some time tidying things up, and despite that it was her responsibility since she had lost the game, he would give her a hand. Honestly, doing anything with her, even chores, sounded fun. For now though, they had plenty of time to just relax and enjoy the soothing warmth of each other's bodies.

Trevor stared up at the ceiling, thinking about the future. He didn't like the idea of sneaking around behind his parents' backs, but he just couldn't bring himself to give up Melinda. Things were going so well between them. Yesterday they hadn't gotten into a single argument. They were finding things to talk about, and they were getting comfortable with each other's bodies. They might even start developing hobbies together, aside from sex of course.

Once the vacation ended, however, they would have to be careful. They would have to cut back on their favorite activity together, always searching for the occasional moment of privacy when they could express their love for each other the way they wanted.

It wouldn't be too bad. As they had discussed yesterday, they would have to look for opportunities to get their parents out of the house. And even when they couldn't make love to each other, just spending time together would be enough. Yes, things would be much better from now on.

With that happy thought, he closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.


Trevor had always found it difficult to wake from a nap, even more difficult than waking in the morning after a good night's sleep. The crash after the adrenaline rush from their intense excitement earlier only served to make things worse. Several times he opened his eyes, coming to consciousness for just a second before falling back into sleep. Even after a couple of hours when he had slept more than he needed and his body began to wake up, he still lingered on the edge, partially aware of the reality that surrounded him but mostly unconscious. The relaxing feeling of Melanie's presence in his arms also kept him drowsy, preventing him from fully waking. He didn't care; at the moment there was no rush to do anything, and he wanted to go on like this for as long as possible.

It was while he was in this state that he got the first tiny impressions that something was wrong. Somewhere in the back of his mind, Trevor thought he heard a familiar sound, something that should have been important. It was the sound of a vehicle, specifically the family van, pulling up in the driveway.

He had heard it a thousand times before, but this time it was different. It didn't register with him that the difference was the rest of the environment; the van was pulling into the driveway of the cabin, not their home.

Despite a tingling in the back of his mind telling him that he should do something about it, lying here with Melinda in his arms was just too damn relaxing. Drifting on the edge of sleep, he just didn't have the willpower to care.

A few seconds later came another sound, one that sent even more warnings through his thoughts. Somewhere, far away from this half-dream state, someone was opening a door. But it was muffled by a wall, so it was nothing to worry about. Those warnings might as well not have even been there, for all he cared about them.

Then came voices, distant and low, and similarly muffled. He recognized them as familiar and comfortable voices, but couldn't quite identify them. Not that it mattered at the moment; he had no intention of conversing with them anyway. He just wanted them to go away so that he could sleep.

Then came one final sound, louder and closer than the others, intruding on his tranquility. Another door was being opened, this one close, right in the room. Someone had the rudeness to interrupt him when he was trying to nap with his little sister.

"And just what's going on in here?" asked their dad.

Melinda shrieked, sitting up in bed and pulling the blankets up to her neck. That sound finally shocked him out of his drowsiness, and he sat up beside her, staring at the faces of their father and mother.

Trevor had never been more frightened in his life. Of course, he had never done anything like this in his life. In desperation he tried in vain to change the subject, knowing that he didn't stand a chance.

"Weren't you supposed to be back tomorrow?" he asked weakly.

"So we're early. We just wanted to check on you two to see if you're all right."

"Is this how you two spent your time this week?" their mom asked them. "Having sex with each other?"

"We..." Trevor stammered, trying to think of something, anything that would get his sister and him out of trouble.

Melinda came to his rescue. "Well what did you expect?" she asked their parents. "You're the ones who stuck a couple of teenagers alone in a cabin with no TV, no books, no games, nothing to occupy our attention when we got bored. You wanted us to learn to get along. Well, guess what? We're getting along. Can you blame us if it's not in the way you expected?" She shot them a challenging look as if daring them to try to refute her words.

"It's most certainly not what we expected," said their father, then the two parents exchanged a knowing look that had Trevor and Melinda confused. Then suddenly, their mom and dad both smiled.

"But it's what we hoped," said their mother.

Their children stared at them, uncomprehending, or perhaps refusing to believe what they heard.

"Do you think you two are the only two siblings who have ever had sex with each other?" asked their dad. "I could tell you stories about me and your Aunt Jocelyn that you wouldn't believe."

"And don't forget me and Uncle Kurt," added their mom. "But we'll spare you the details, because we know kids don't like to think of their parents like that. Suffice it to say that we're happy that you two have found a way to enjoy each other's company. Your father and I both know exactly what you're going through, because we both went through the same thing."

"Your mother and I already discussed what we would do if the situation turned out like this," their father told them. "So here's the deal. We'll let you continue this relationship on three conditions. First, no one outside of the family is to know about it. Second, after we get home we need to have a talk about birth control. And third, you have to promise to stop fighting with each other. We'll go lenient on you about that last part because we know that old habits are hard to break. But we want to at least see an effort. Do you agree to these terms?"

Trevor and Melinda stared at each other for a moment, hardly daring to believe that this was actually going to work out. All their worry about discovery, all their plans for sneaking around behind their parents' backs, all of that was in the past.

"We agree!" they both exclaimed at once.

"Good," smiled their mother. "And now I'm sure you two want your privacy. I hope you don't begrudge your parents an extra day away from you, because we really did just stop by to see if you're all right. We're still on vacation for one more day, after all. So have fun, and we'll see you tomorrow."

Their parents closed the bedroom door, then Trevor and Melinda listened as the front door opened and closed, and the van pulled out of the driveway. The kids stared at each other for a second, then burst out laughing in relief. Melinda kissed her older brother on the lips, then snuggled up next to him with her head on his chest. Trevor lay there staring at the ceiling, a smile on his face. This was the best vacation ever.


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