Her plan of revenge backfires.

There are very few feelings in the world as nice as waking up next to a beautiful, naked girl. That was the thought that went through Trevor's head as he opened his eyes for the first time Tuesday morning and glanced over at his sister still asleep next to him.

No doubt about it; Melinda was one sexy girl, despite being a brat. At least when she slept, none of her personality was present, leaving only her gorgeous face and body.

As he watched her sleeping, he thought about their relationship. Sure they drove each other crazy, but when he was honest with himself, he had to admit that it was as much his fault as hers. Perhaps there was a way to change that. Perhaps if he made the effort to be a little nicer...

Melinda yawned and stretched, then opened her eyes and glanced around. She saw him staring at her, and scowled at him.

Trevor laughed, though he didn't know why. Perhaps it was because she was so predictable. Or perhaps it was to hide the fact that it bothered him that her first reaction upon seeing him in the morning was disgust.

She immediately hopped out of bed. Trevor started to follow her, but she stopped him. "I have to make you breakfast in bed," she told him, as if it was the most distasteful task in the universe.

He had been so wrapped up in the other dares that he had forgotten about that one. Still, it was a pleasant surprise, so as she went into the kitchen, Trevor lay back down and stared up at the ceiling.

After a few minutes, Melinda returned. She had found a tray in one of the cupboards, big enough to hold two plates and glasses. She walked over to the bed carrying it, a scowl on her face at having to do something nice for him. He wondered how much of that was just an act. No doubt she expected him to rub it in, but he decided to surprise her by trying something he never would have considered until this week. He would be nice to her.

"Thank you, Melinda," he smiled pleasantly. "I really appreciate all your hard work."

"I'm just doing it because I lost the stupid game," she replied.

"Still, it looks like a lot of work. And it must be cold being naked like that this time of morning. Why don't you hop back into bed and we'll eat breakfast together."

"You think I want to get back into bed with you?" she growled.

"Don't worry; I won't touch you. I just hate to see you suffering like that, especially when the bed is nice and warm. Come on. Do yourself a favor."

"You promise you won't touch me?"

"I promise."

"Okay, fine." She handed him the tray, then hurriedly dashed around to the other side of the bed and climbed in next to him. He set the tray on both of their laps.

As much as he would have loved to touch his little sister's nude body, he was true to his word. Due to his newfound interest in her, he wanted her to like him instead of hate him. And that meant he had to show some good qualities, including trustworthiness. He would show her that he wasn't such a bad guy after all.

Not surprisingly, they ate in silence; despite being a little more comfortable with each other, they still didn't have much to say to each other. Years of nearly constant fighting had left its mark on their relationship.

After breakfast, Trevor took the tray and dishes into the kitchen and filled up the sink with soapy water. He had a lot of dishes to catch up on, after all, and that was one of the dares from the hand he had lost.

Melinda surprised him by gathering up the dishes from the table and stacking them on the counter nearby. Then she surprised him again by offering to help rinse. When he asked her about it, she shrugged and said there really wasn't anything else to do. Trevor was delighted; almost as enjoyable as waking up next to a beautiful naked girl was standing next to a beautiful naked girl, even while washing dishes.

After a good night's rest and recovery from his mind-blowing orgasm last night, seeing her nude body was having its effect on him, and it reminded him that there was still unfinished business. When he reminded her of this, she insisted that it was still too chilly and she would do it later when it warmed up. He agreed, but on the condition that she do it right after lunch. It was a good compromise, but later that morning it naturally led to an argument over when they should eat. Trevor, of course, wanted to eat early, but Melinda wanted to put it off as long as possible. They finally settled on noon as the universally accepted lunch time.

Melinda ate slowly, of course, but she couldn't drag it on forever, and eventually she had to admit that she had procrastinated long enough. With a sigh of resignation, she sat down on the couch.

Trevor was overjoyed. Not only did he get to see his sister naked, but now she would put on a show that he would likely remember for the rest of his life.

"Now let's see..." he said. "What would make a good sex toy..."

"Trevor," said Melinda with a touch of fear in her voice. "Don't pick anything really bad."

"Oh, but I had my heart set on making you stick a bottle of hot sauce up your pussy," he grinned evilly.

"No!" she exclaimed. "Trevor, please. You're my big brother and you're supposed to look after me. Please?"

It was unusual for her to be this pleading with him. Normally she would rather die than sound like she was begging. Of course, he never would have made her do anything that could hurt her. She was right; he was supposed to look after her, and right now he felt like doing just that.

"Before I make my decision," he said, "I need to know something. Do you ever... have you ever... well..."

"Are you asking me whether I'm a virgin?"

"Sort of. I mean, it's none of my business, but I don't want... um..."

"Don't want what?"

"I don't want you popping your cherry because of a stupid game."

"Oh, so you have some decency after all," she remarked.

"Not much," he laughed. "I'm making you go through with it, after all."

Melinda scowled at him, but her face grew red from embarrassment.

"So you still haven't answered my question," he said.

She stared at him. "You promise not to tell anyone? Not even Mom and Dad?"

"I promise."

"I mean it, Trevor. This is important."

"I know. I promise. Cross my heart and hope to die and all that stuff."

"Okay," she sighed. "I've never let a boy touch me there, but I broke my cherry last year. I'm not going to say how though."

"Aw, spoil my fun," he whined teasingly. "But seriously, that makes things a whole lot more interesting."

"So you're going to make me stick something up there?"

"You bet I am!" he exclaimed. "And as an added bonus, I'm going to go get my camera."

"No!" she exclaimed. "That wasn't part of the deal. I'm not going to do it if you're going to take pictures."

The threat had been real, but he realized that he was on the verge of losing something important. Never before had either of them gone back on a dare, no matter how humiliating. But they were breaking new ground here, exploring new territory with these naughty dares, so the rules of the game had changed. If she refused this dare, she might refuse some others. She might even put her clothes back on.

"I was just kidding about the camera," he laughed. "You're so gullible, Melinda."

She stuck out her tongue at him, her usual response when she couldn't think of a good comeback.

"But you still have to go through with it. Now back to the original question of what object to use."

Actually, he had something in mind already, but he wanted to draw this out and make her sweat a little. He knew a secret about Melinda, one sure to embarrass her when she discovered he knew about it.

"I've got it," he finally said. "The perfect object for you to have fun with."

"What?" she asked, her eyes going wide in fear.

"Your vibrator," he told her.

"What? I don't--"

"Oh, don't try to deny it, Melinda. Not only have I heard it, I've seen it."

"You creep!" she exclaimed. "You've been going through my stuff!"

"No I haven't. You just forgot to put it away once. There it was, right on your bed. Not to mention my room is right next to yours, and I hear it every night through the walls. Geez, Melinda. Four hours at a time?"

"I don't do it for four hours!" she insisted, growing red.

"That sounds like a confession," he grinned. "You don't do it for four hours, but you don't deny that you do it."

"Okay, fine. What's it to you?"

"I'm curious. Where did you get it?"

"Like I'd really tell you that."

"Okay, maybe I'll tell Mom and Dad about your little hobby."

"Mom already knows, and Dad probably wouldn't care. So go ahead and tell them if you don't mind them lecturing you on respecting your sister's privacy."

She had him there. He really couldn't argue with that.

"Fine. But you still have to put on a nice show for me today."

"What makes you think I brought it with me?"

"You can't seem to go a day without using it. You wouldn't leave it at home and have to go a whole week."

"Screw you."

"I'm right though, aren't I?"

Melinda clenched her teeth and growled in frustration. "Fine," she said. "But I'm not going to do it out here. I need room to spread out."

Trevor followed her into the bedroom, where she opened her suitcase and rummaged through the clothes until she found the phallic object that they had been speaking of. It wasn't as obscenely big as the ones he had seen in internet porn videos; compared to those it was quite small. But then, Melinda was a small girl, considering her age.

Melinda climbed onto the bed, and Trevor sat at the end to watch. Reluctantly spreading her legs, Melinda hit the switch on her vibrator and placed it between her legs. She closed her eyes and began to rub.

Trevor watched with excited fascination. He had never seen a girl play with herself before, except the numerous porn videos he had seen on the internet. To be here right in the same room, watching it happen right in front of him, was something completely different. Especially because it was his sister. Rather than disturbing him, that made it all the more exciting.

For the first few minutes as Melinda warmed herself up, she didn't really seem to be enjoying herself. Rubbing her pussy with the vibrator seemed to be no more thrilling to her than washing her hands. She alternated between her toy and her hands, whichever she felt she needed at the moment to stimulate herself the best. She had told him, after all, that she couldn't just turn it on and off. Naturally it would take some time for her to get into it.

Eventually as her nervousness subsided and the physical feelings she was giving herself began to take control, the signs of her increasing arousal became more apparent. She opened her mouth as she breathed, and each breath grew louder and heavier. Her hips started wiggling, joining in the motion of her fingers and vibrator.

For a while, Melinda ran the vibrator mostly over the outer lips of her pussy, her body spasming each time it touched her clit. She used her fingers to gradually pry apart those lips and delve inside. Trevor watched with fascination as she slipped first one finger, then two into her pussy. It was a delightful sight, one that he knew he would never forget. How could he forget the vision of his gorgeous little sister giving herself such pleasure, right in front of him?

After several minutes of loosening herself up like that, she moved the vibrator lower, lining up the tip with her now eager opening. Trevor grinned and even shivered in anticipation, knowing what came next. She pressed it gently against the opening to her pussy, letting the lips spread to take in the head. Because of the phallic shape of the toy, it was like watching her have sex, except that he would have been extremely jealous if any boy did to her what she was doing to herself with the vibrator.

Melinda bit her lower lip as she pressed the vibrator in deeper, but she couldn't contain the smile that broke out on her face as she did so. Despite Trevor's presence, she was really enjoying herself.

She withdrew it and pushed it in again several times, each time going deeper until she decided not to go any further. The vibrator still had a way to go, but then, it wasn't designed for a girl as young and small as her. Once she was satisfied with its depth, she began to thrust it in and out. She built up a rhythm, letting her hips join in the motion. Together, they made it easy to imagine that she really was having sex. Trevor wanted so much to rip off his clothes and jump on her right there.

With one hand working the vibrator, it left her other hand free to rub herself on the outside. Naturally she focused on her clitoris, letting her fingers trace circles around the little bud. The effect was stunning. More than her hips were engaged now; her whole body had joined in. She was practically lifting her back right off the bed with each wave of the pleasure.

Melinda began rubbing herself harder and faster as she thrust the vibrator in and out rapidly. At the same time, her moaning grew higher in pitch, and Trevor could tell that she was on the verge of orgasm. She let it come, apparently so lost in ecstasy that she was oblivious to the presence of her brother watching her. Her moaning turned into a wail that she didn't even try to suppress. And why should she? Out here away from civilization there was no need to hide what she was doing.

She reached her peak, then slowly let herself glide down from that high. The wail turned back into moans that descended as her body slowed down, her fingers moving slower and slower until she stopped rubbing herself altogether. She let the vibrator slip out and then turned it off, but didn't bother to close up her legs. Instead, she just lay there panting, a smile of pleasure on her face.

Now that the show was over, Trevor left her alone. He was still worked up almost to a frenzy by the sight of her playing with herself like that, but he knew from experience that after an orgasm like that, she needed time to rest. He slipped out of the bedroom and closed the door behind him, wishing he hadn't promised not to use his camera.


She emerged from the bedroom twenty minutes later, and headed straight for the shower. He considered examining the bathroom doorknob to see if it had a keyhole that would allow him to peek through, but figured, what's the point? It wasn't as if she would be any more nude in the shower than when she came out later.

He did watch her when she exited the bathroom after taking her shower. There was something delightfully appealing about her immature young body, exposed completely to his eyes. Even something as simple as crossing the room was exquisitely erotic in her state of undress.

She caught him staring at her, and stuck her tongue out at him.

"I'll bet you liked that, didn't you?" she said, obviously referring to her antics on the bed a while ago.

"Quite a lot, actually," replied Trevor.

"Okay, now you have to give me a chance to get some payback."

"You want to play some more dare poker? Because I can think of all kinds of humiliating things for you to do. You'll wish you had never challenged me in the first place."

"And I bet you'll fold on the first dare," she retorted.

"Prove it."

"Okay. Go get the cards."

Trevor grabbed the deck from where he had set it on the couch yesterday, along with the leftover scraps of paper. They argued over who got to make the first dare, but Melinda pointed out that if she didn't go first, she would have no chance to take him up on the offer of proving that he would fold on the first dare. So Trevor dealt the cards, nearly groaning when he ended up with absolutely nothing good. To bluff, he replaced two cards, which gave him a pair of fours. Melinda only replaced one card. She then scribbled her dare on a piece of paper.

"I noticed that your suitcase has a lock on it," said Melinda.

"Yeah, so what does that have to do with your dare?"

"The loser," said Melinda, "has to lock all their clothes in the suitcase. Including the ones they're wearing. The winner gets to keep the key until the end of the vacation."

So that was it, Trevor realized. Melinda had chosen that dare on purpose, to get her revenge for having to go naked all vacation. According to the rules of the game, the same dare couldn't be made twice, but she had found a loophole by wording it a little differently.

It was another unfair dare, of course. If Melinda lost, she really didn't lose anything. But if she won...

If she won, Trevor realized, it might be even more fun for him. After all, they still had to sleep in the same bed. He wouldn't try anything during the night, of course, but just the thought of sleeping naked with her excited him like crazy.

"I fold," he said.

"See?" she said triumphantly. "You folded on the first dare."

"Yeah, because you gave me just what I wanted. it's always been my secret ambition to take my clothes off in front of you," he said sarcastically. "And from your dare, it's obvious you want to see me naked."

"I do not!"

"You've probably been peeking on me while I take my showers in the morning. You should have just asked me."

"You pervert!"

"I'm the pervert? You're the one who wanted to see your brother naked, you sick freak."

"I'll bet you're really enjoying this," she said. "I'll bet just the thought of getting naked in front of me makes you hard."

"Yeah, and I'll bet as soon as you see it you'll get so horny you'll jump on me and rape me," he taunted.

"Prove it," she demanded.

"Okay." Trevor bent over and pulled off his socks, then rose to his feet and stood in front of her. If she wanted to see him naked, he would give her a good show. He was already erect, just as she had claimed, and since there was no way to hide it, he figured he might as well go all out. She'd probably enjoy it, though she would never admit it.

He positioned himself right in front of her so that his hips were about a foot from her head. It was a little closer than perhaps comfortable, but she had asked for it.

He lifted his shirt over his head and tossed it on the ground. Then he unbuckled and unzipped his pants, letting them fall to the floor. That left only his shorts, with the bulge of his erection clearly obvious.

"See?" she asked. "I told you you'd be hard."

"So you were right about something for once in your life. Now are you ready to see the rest of me?"

Melinda nodded, surprisingly having no retort for that. Of course, Trevor could see excitement in her eyes; maybe she was too eager to see him naked to be able to think of a good comeback. Or, more likely, she was just too thrilled to be making him do something humiliating.

But it wasn't humiliating. Back home, losing his clothes like this in front of her would have been the most mortifying thing in the world. But here, perhaps because she had lost her clothes first or perhaps because he was starting to see her completely differently, this felt less like getting naked with a little sister and more like getting naked with a girlfriend.

As for the way she felt, all he knew was that as soon as he dropped his shorts and exposed his cock to her view, her eyes lit up with delight.

Melinda grinned as soon as he stepped out of his shorts. "Ooh, you make me so horny I want to jump on you and rape you," she said.

They both burst out laughing at that. It was the strangest sensation; he honestly couldn't think of the last time he had laughed at one of her jokes. Or vice versa. There was something actually pleasant about sharing a joke with her, especially right now. Despite his obvious arousal, taking his clothes off in front of her was a little stressful, and the humor helped to take the edge off it.

He noticed her staring at his crotch, but didn't make a big deal out of it. After all, he had spent a long time staring at her body after she took her clothes off yesterday. He liked to think that she enjoyed what she saw as much as he had, but he really couldn't tell from her expression.

He picked up his clothes and took them into the bedroom, where he stuffed his clothes into his laundry bag and shoved the whole thing into his suitcase with the rest of his clean clothes. He locked it with the small luggage lock that came with the suitcase, then returned to the front room and handed the key to Melinda.

"Since you didn't give me time to really do what I wanted, we have to play again," she insisted.

Trevor shrugged. So far these dares were turning out to be more and more interesting as they went along. He didn't even mind the times he lost, so he was willing to keep going as long as she was.

On the next hand, he ended up with a pair of sevens. It wasn't the worst hand in the world, but he couldn't count on winning. He decided to go easy on the dares this time, then fold as soon as Melinda suggested something he really didn't want to do.

"The loser has to clean up the cabin before Mom and Dad get back on Saturday," he said, writing the same thing on a piece of paper.

"That's a wimpy dare," said Melinda. "I'm guessing that means you have a bad hand."

She had it all figured out. Now she would no doubt start making some pretty wild dares, hoping to seriously humiliate him. This was her moment of payback. Of course, he would rob her of her victory by folding early; he would have to clean the cabin Saturday morning, but that didn't bother him.

"Since you made me do disgusting things to you, I'm going to make you do disgusting things to me," she said. "The loser has to give the winner an orgasm once a day until Mom and Dad get back."

Trevor was shocked and delighted. Her plan had backfired. If she thought he would be opposed to pleasuring her like that, she was completely mistaken. For him, this really was a no-lose situation. Forget folding; he was going to make sure that someone had to perform this dare.

"I call," he smiled.

Melinda's eyes grew wide. "You call?" she asked. "You don't fold?"

"I call," he repeated. "Show your hand."

"No!" she whined, spreading her cards in front of her. Technically, she didn't have to do that; she could have raised by submitting another dare, but he had managed to catch her off guard by not folding, and she had showed her cards before she realized she didn't have to.

He stared at her cards. A pair of fives. She had been bluffing, and Trevor had just won. He showed his cards, and Melinda growled in frustration. She threw her cards on the floor and ran into the bedroom, slamming the door behind her.

Normally, Trevor would have just rolled his eyes and thought about how stupid it was that she was so sensitive. It was a fair game after all; she had even dealt the cards, so she couldn't claim that he had cheated.

But for some reason it bothered him today. He didn't like the thought that she was angry, especially if he had any part in making her that way.

Maybe Mom and Dad were right, he thought, though he hated to admit it. Maybe it is better to get along after all.

Certainly he had enjoyed laughing together with her a few minutes ago. It at least felt better than knowing that she was in the bedroom fuming because she had lost a game. Was it possible for them to change their attitude and actually enjoy each other's company?

Melinda stayed in the bedroom for an hour. When she returned, there was something different about her. She seemed friendlier, even a bit cheerful. She sat down on the couch with him and then, to his surprise, began to talk with him.

It felt a bit forced, a bit awkward even, but he wasn't about to complain. Just the fact that she was speaking to him was enough. Trevor thought he knew where that change had come from. She had probably been thinking exactly the same things he had. And that meant something wonderful.

They were both trying to get along with each other.

It worked, at least for the rest of the day. There were plenty of lulls in the conversation; they hadn't had much to talk about in years, and could never keep up a discussion for more than three minutes before it broke down into an argument or a yelling match. Now, though, with them both trying to make an effort, somehow they kept it civil.

They stayed away from topics that they knew they disagreed on, and they were careful not to tease each other for fear that it would lead to fighting. Thus, the conversation was rather boring. But that wasn't the point. The only thing that mattered was that they were starting to get along.

In just a couple of hours of speaking to each other, they started getting more comfortable with it, and those awkward moments of silence came less and less frequently until they disappeared entirely. The atmosphere grew more relaxed, and they even began to crack jokes, though never at each other's expense.

They continued their conversation at dinner, and then when Trevor went to clean up the dishes (now that it was his responsibility, he preferred to do it right after eating rather than let it pile up), Melinda again stood by and helped him, continuing their discussion.

Trevor found it ironic that he was standing there with a beautiful girl, both of them naked and one of them at least clearly aroused, yet all they were doing was washing dishes and talking. It was a bizarre, surreal sensation but not exactly unwelcome.

He could have reminded her that she had a duty to perform; certainly his engorged cock would have been happy if she fulfilled her obligation from the dare earlier in the day. But he felt that they had found a kind of balance here, an unsteady one that could fall apart at any moment if he pushed it. If he insisted that she take care of him, it might ruin things. Besides, if he gave her a free pass today, it would add more weight to his demand when he insisted she fulfill the dare tomorrow. And the next day. And the next. He couldn't help smiling at that thought. Yes, he would be patient.

As the sun set, the temperature dropped, and they found themselves getting colder. When Melinda shivered, Trevor looked at his watch.

"Okay, bedtime," he announced.

They spent a few minutes using the bathroom, brushing their teeth, doing the usual bedtime routine, minus the changing into their pajamas. Trevor was the first to be finished, so he went to the bedroom and climbed into bed. A few minutes later, Melinda entered the room. She froze in the doorway.

"What is it?" he asked her.

"The bed," she said. "I... we shouldn't sleep... I mean..."

"Naked? Together?" he asked.

"Yeah. You'll probably try to rape me in my sleep."

"Why would I want to rape an ugly girl like you?" he asked.

"Hey!" she exclaimed.

"If you're at all worried about it, there's an easy solution," he grinned. "Give me the key to my suitcase. I'll go throw on my pajamas. Of course, you still have to be naked the rest of the vacation."

"No way," she insisted. "If I have to be naked, you have to be naked."

"Suit yourself," he shrugged, sitting down on the bed.

Melinda sighed. "Okay, fine. Scoot over."

Trevor moved to the other side of the bed and pulled down the blankets to give Melinda room to climb in. She stayed as far from him as possible, not surprisingly. They drew up the blankets, then Melinda turned out the lights.

Trevor grinned. He was sleeping naked in the same bed as a gorgeous, sexy girl. Maybe this vacation wasn't so bad after all.

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