Nathan is punished by his school teacher
Nathan’s Nightmare

Nathan was daydreaming again. He was bought out of his dream by Mr Sampson slamming his hands on the nine year old’s desk.

‘What is the answer to my question Nathan?’

‘I don’t know, Mr Sampson.’

‘What was the question, Nathan?’

‘I don’t know Mr Sampson.’

By this point, Mr Sampson was leaning over Nathan, who had sunk into his chair, frightened by the tall man.

‘Well, I think you’ll have to stay behind after school and find out in detention,’ Mr Sampson bellowed before returning to the front of the class.

Nathan frowned and stared out the window. There was no chance of playing with his friends now. Mr Sampson terrified Nathan. The teacher was six foot five and really muscular. As well as being Nathan’s form tutor he taught swimming. Nathan had noticed how Mr Sampson always wore tight swimming shorts, which showed a massive bulge. The other boys in the school always laughed at him because of it. It made Nathan more scared of him. Everything about Mr Sampson was big and muscular and hairy.

The rest of the day dripped by and Nathan hoped Mr Sampson had forgotten about his detention when the final bell went. Nathan picked up his bag and went to leave the room.

‘Where do you think you’re going, Nathan?’


‘Sit back down, please.’

The way Mr Sampson said please made Nathan’s skin crawl. It was as if Mr Sampson were daring him to disobey. Nathan sat back in his seat, whilst the rest of the class left.

‘I wonder if you think you are better than the other boys in the class, Nathan?’


‘But you seem to think you don’t need to listen in my lessons.’


‘Sorry won’t be enough this time. You are always daydreaming in my class and it is going to stop now.’

Mr Sampson stood up and walked to the classroom door, using his key to lock it. Then he walked over to a cupboard Nathan had never seen opened before. He inserted a key and removed a cane about a metre and a half long. Nathan was speechless. Surely, Mr Sampson couldn’t get away with this.

‘Do you know what this is?’ Mr Sampson asked.

‘A cane.’

‘And what is it for?’

‘Spanking people,’ Nathan said, swallowing hard. His mouth had gone dry.

Mr Sampson whipped the cane, which made a whooshing sound through the air before landing on his hand with a crack. Nathan jumped. Mr Sampson laughed.

‘That was light. It didn’t even hurt me,’ he said, showing Nathan his hand. ‘You know, I do wish I had been born earlier when the cane was in use at schools, but I am only thirty-five and it had already been banned by the time I started teaching.’

‘Please, Mr Sampson. I won’t daydream again.’

‘I know, now remove your clothes.’

Nathan remained seated, dumbstruck by what Mr Sampson was saying. The teacher moved across the room and dragged Nathan to his feet by the collar of his school uniform.

‘Are you going to take your clothes off or do I need to do it for you?’

Nathan slowly started to get undressed. First he took off his jacket and then he unvelcroed his shoes and kicked them off. All the time he was thinking of how to escape. He would have to get the keys off of Mr Sampson somehow. He looked at the teacher who was rubbing his hand over his crotch. Nathan felt sick and turned away. He saw himself in the reflection of the big wall length mirror in the classroom.

‘Undress faster, Nathan,’ Mr Sampson said. He slammed the cane against the desk and Nathan jumped again.

Whilst watching himself in the mirror, Nathan started to remove his tie and unbutton his shirt. His body was pale and slim, the complete opposite to Mr Sampson’s muscles and body hair. The more Nathan thought about it the more opposites he could find. Mr Sampson’s hair was almost black and Nathan’s was sandy blonde. Mr Sampson had brown eyes and Nathan’s were blue and Mr Sampson was at least two feet taller than Nathan.

Finally, Nathan got down to his underwear and he stopped. He wrapped his arms around his chest, as if that would protect him.

‘Bend over your desk Nathan,’ Mr Sampson said.

Nathan did as he was told, feeling the cold varnished wood against his belly and chest. He started to shiver.

‘Give me your arm.’

Again Nathan complied, until he saw the rope in Mr Sampson’s hand. Nathan began to struggle and managed to get his hand in Mr Sampson’s pocket, where the keys were.

‘Help,’ Nathan cried.

Mr Sampson jumped on top of Nathan’s back and mounted him like a horse. The wind rushed from Nathan’s lungs and he could barely breathe. It felt like Mr Sampson was crushing his ribs. Nathan continued to struggled, but he could only weakly fling his arms and legs around. Mr Sampson quickly tied Nathan’s wrists to the legs of the desk and then got off of his back. Nathan gasped for breath even though expanding his lungs hurt his ribs.

‘That was foolish. You are just forcing me to punish you further.’

‘Fuck off,’ Nathan said.

Mr Sampson slapped Nathan across the face. It was so hard Nathan felt his neck crack. He could feel himself wanting to cry, but he bit his lip.

‘You shouldn’t know those words at your age. I will have to teach you a proper lesson now.’

Mr Sampson moved round behind Nathan, who started to kick out randomly. Mr Sampson tied his ankles to the legs to the desk and Nathan realised he was completely trapped. This made him struggle even more in hope of loosening the knots.

‘Please let me go,’ Nathan begged.

Mr Sampson ignored him. Nathan looked up from the ground and saw his own reflection. Mr Sampson stood behind him with a pair of scissors. Nathan screamed. Mr Sampson calmly started to cut off Nathan’s white briefs and then moved round to Nathan’s head.

‘We can’t have you screaming the place down,’ he said shoving the briefs in Nathan’s mouth and sealing it shut with gaffa tape.

Mr Sampson picked up the cane again and went round behind Nathan. Nathan wanted to close his eyes, but he watched as Mr Sampson lifted his arm and landed the first stroke on his bottom. The pain was like nothing Nathan could describe. It stung and throbbed at the same time.

‘That looks nice,’ Mr Sampson said. ‘I nice red welt against that creamy skin.’

Nathan couldn’t believe Mr Sampson was enjoying this. He rubbed Nathan’s bottom and then started caning his bottom over and over. He could hear Mr Sampson counting each stroke. Nathan started to cry at the fifteenth stroke and he heard Mr Sampson unzip something at the twentieth stroke. He looked in the reflection and saw Mr Sampson’s cock. It was huge and veiny. Nathan started to scream, wondering what would happen next.

Finally, at thirty Mr Sampson stopped. Nathan’s whole bottom throbbed painfully and felt hugely swollen. Mr Sampson lightly ran his hand across the boy’s butt, which caused even more agony.

‘Your arse is really hot now and bright red to boot. I think I know something that’ll cool it down.’

Mr Sampson stood directly behind Nathan and started to piss on his bottom. Nathan screamed as this yellow liquid splashed on his wounds making them sting even more. He started to thrash his whole body and the table almost moved.

After Mr Sampson finished pissing on the nine year old he said, ‘Now let’s see what’s in between those bright red cheeks.’

Nathan felt his butt cheeks being parted and then something rough rubbing against his boy hole.
‘Even your boy cunt is pale,’ Mr Sampson said.

He picked up the cane again and put the tip against Nathan’s hole. Nathan looked up in horror and started to shake his head at Mr Sampson’s reflection who just smiled and pushed the cane in. Although it ripped at Nathan’s skin it didn’t hurt very much, but he was mortified at feeling something foreign inside his hole. Mr Sampson pushed it in a bit further and then stood up.

‘Now it’s time for your lesson. You have to obey me, as I am your teacher. Do not let that cane fall out of your hole, or you will be punished again.’

Nathan nodded and started to squeeze his sphincter on the cane which bobbed in the air. Mr Sampson moved round and ripped the gaffa tape off Nathan’s mouth who spat out his underwear.
‘Please, I’m sorry. I’ve learnt my lesson.’

‘Really? What was the answer to my question this afternoon?’

‘I don’t know.’

‘Then you haven’t learnt anything.’

Nathan slumped down. Mr Sampson grabbed his hair and pulled his head up. Nathan was staring at Mr Sampson’s cock, which was almost touching his face. Up close, his cock looked even bigger. The veins throbbed and his cock head was half covered in foreskin.

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I am in love with this story.. You are brilliant at writing!


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