Can't help but say there may be a slight hint of this nearly happening? Ah well, wishful thinking!
I’d normally think of my brother as a bit of a chav wannabe. But that’s nothing compared to his friends. This lad Kyle is probably the worst. Talks like an imbecile, dresses in nothing but plastic and interests only in girls or football. He causes a bit of a riot whenever he comes over to our house as well. So as you can sense there are a few...disagreements between us. Often he’d cause noise beyond believe and I’d tell them to shut up. He’d start talking like the shallow, vain moron his is and I’d want to gag him. As a person he’s a bit of a twat if you ask me.

The only upside I can see to him is that he is quite hot... Soft blonde hair that came down to his shoulders, luscious green eyes, a cute white smile, a body to die for... So pretty good on that front. But I’m not shallow, what do I need him for?

Every now and then he would pop over and ask whether my irritant little oaf of a brother would come out and play. Quite what they would do I really rather wouldn’t know. But on this one particularly hot stuffy Wednesday afternoon, I was alone in the house, doing very little aside dreary homework, when the doorbell went. And this is where this boring rant of a story perks up...

Walking drearily down the stairs I mutter darkly to myself: “Oh joy of joys, I bet I know who this is” And I was right.
“Hi Jamie” Kyle said when I answered “Is Dominick free?” No you have to pay for him, the whore I joked to myself
My normal answered would be a mumble of “Yeah sure” and hollering up the stairs. But he, along with the rest of my family was already out, so he seemed surprised when I answered, “No he’s gone out for the day”
“Oh...OK...” he replied. At first he looked surprised a slightly disappointed. But then, worryingly his faced lit up. He looked at me in a very odd way, grinning slyly
“What?” I questioned, wondering what he was up to. Then he wiggled his eyebrows and my stomach leaped. Is he joking about my sexuality? Again? Or maybe... “Look if you’re just going to stand there and mock me then you...”

I was cut of mid sentence as in the past second; Kyle leapt towards me pushing me into the wall, slammed the door shut and he was practically devouring my face in a huge lustful kiss all happened. When he was done I was a combination of rage and passion so stuttered out: “Right, yes, very good, that’s a joke too far, you can get your hands off my...”
“Look you’ve gone too far now!”
“No I haven’t...”
“Yes you have now leave me alone!”
“Because I’m sick of you taking the rip out of me...”
“Oh shut up...” And he resumed the passionate kissing. It was so hard, I couldn’t push him away from me. It seemed like an eternity of tongue licking until he paused to stop. By then I was convinced he wasn’t joking.
“Now will you care to explain?” I gasped
“I want you...”
“Is that it?”
“Pretty much...”
“But you’re straight”
“Yeah, I lied”
There was a pause. “And you’re sure this isn’t a joke?”
“Oh for God’s sake, what do I have to do to prove it to you?”
A sudden fantasy hit me. And it hit him too by the looks of things, because he looked deep into my eyes and winked. He moved me off the wall and pushed me into the kitchen, our lips still entangled in a rock-hard kiss. My hands had woken from they’re moment of surprised rigidity and started moving freely around Kyle’s body. Eventually they involuntarily made their way to Kyle’s hips. I suppose one good thing about tracksuit trousers is they can be removed very easily...

Kyle’s cute smile was shown when I got on my knees and started to feast on the bulge that was visible to me. The smile soon went though as he cursed in joy at the sensations I was giving. I barely had to undo one button on his boxers when flesh burst from inside. I was amazed at the size of it, even though he was younger than me. I started ravaging at this new appearance and he groaned on and on, caressing the back of my head, forcing me to indulge more.

The feelings got to a point where he decided he wanted his first taste: “I wanna go” he gasped at me and I retreated reluctantly. He made haste with my jean zipper and he too with a growing sense of urgency placed his mouth against my own bulge. The feelings were very similar to ones he had experienced, but the only difference was, I had experienced them before...

He truly relished in the taste, he was there for ages on his knees. When he finally retreated he suddenly got horny... He draped himself over the table gasping ecstatically and in a high-pitched squeal said “Oh screw me now Jamie-boy!”
“Erm...but we haven’t got a...”
“I don’t care, just ride me! And never stop!”
That was an invitation not to refuse. He seemed gagging for it, even in his false identity. I’d hardly placed myself into him and he was already screaming. As I slowly edged myself further and further in, the screams got louder and more lustful. I worked into my rhythm and every time there was a thrust in, he screeched curses at the sensation. Every so often I would clasp my hand against his perfectly round ass, forcing out an additional groan. He didn’t deter, he didn’t look back, and he just wanted more.

The time came where I had to withdraw and he was panting for breath like he’d just run a mile. He slumped down the edge of the counter, where I thought he’d be worn out completely. But I was wrong. He licked weakly at my throbbing wet cock and panted feebly: “I want more...”
At first I was confused. But then as he stared at me, it hit me. So I gave him more. A whole lot more. So much more I covered his face in it. And that was it. Mission complete. Tensions relieved.

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2010-07-18 22:05:55
This little piece of pablum is boring and not even worth half a hard. There is NO SEX - some some thickly veiled wannabes.... If you're gonna write a SEX story - get some SEX into it!!!

Anonymous readerReport

2010-07-18 03:45:55
Nonsense! Ignore that previous comment. I think the story is delightful. It's nice to read a story that doesn't use the harsh words of other stories, but uses it's own side-stepping language. Sort of like Bill Cosby referring to swearing instead of actually saying the swears.
I say: Write On!

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2010-07-17 19:34:32
Hot. But too short and not enough detail in the sexual part of the story.

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