A brother and sister discover each other following a car accident.
I’m still new to writing these stories. My last one “The Life and Times of an Expatriate” got generally good ratings for most chapters but generated very few comments. I’m hoping this story brings more comments, as feedback is one of the best ways for a writer to improve. I like to build a plot and storyline, to give some personality to the story characters. Depending on how this first installment is received, my plan is to break this story into three posted parts, each several chapters long and each exploring a new aspect to the character’s sexuality. So please enjoy the story and let me know what you think of it.

[b]Siblings by Birth, Lovers by Accident[/b]


Tommy Roberts sprinted through the kitchen and out the door. The 14 year was through the room before his mother and 12-year-old sister could even think to say good morning. He had no intention of riding with them to school and jumped on his bike, ripping down the driveway and into the street.

He never saw the car that hit him.


“Tommy, Tommy, can you hear me sweetie?”

Tommy could hear his mother’s voice but it sounded so far away and why did he feel worse than he could ever remember. He slowly came awake and could somewhat focus on his mother but she was still blurry and indistinct.

“Honey, you were in an accident.” She explained, “you were hit by a car on your bike. But your going to be okay. You’re in the hospital and the doctors have fixed you up but your going to be sore and will have to stay home awhile to get better.

Susan looked down at her oldest child; he looked so helpless. She could still hear the squeal of the tires and blaring of the horn, followed by the dull crunch as the car hit her boy. He had been unconscious for two days in the hospital and it was going to be a few months before he could be up walking again. She looked at the casts cover both his arms and another on his lower right leg. But it could have been far worse and that he had not been killed was a simple miracle.

The doctors had told her that she could take him home but he would need to stay in bed and be cared for around the clock for weeks to come. She was going to take her baby home and do just that – somehow.

Susan Roberts was 36 and a single parent since her husband’s death five years earlier. It had been a hard time for the family of three and she still struggled at her secretarial job to support them. Her boss had understood and given her three weeks off with pay to care for Tommy but time was running out. She only had another weekend before she had to go back to work. She had checked on home healthcare but there was no way she could afford it. There was really only one option left and she knew it wasn’t going to be a popular one.

“Lori, sit down dear I need to talk to you,” Susan said. She laid out the situation the her young daughter and took a breath before continuing. “So, I need you to stay home with your brother and take care of him while I’m at work. I’ve checked with your school and they can send your assignments as well as a teacher who will stop by every few days. They are going to do the same for Tommy.

Lori just nodded, obviously overcome with immensity of the news.

Susan took another breath and continued, “Your going to have to do everything I’ve been doing for your brother – everything. Do you understand?

“I think so,” Lori stammered.

Susan smiled, “That’s my girl, but lets go over everything anyway.”

She then explained to her daughter about giving Tommy his medicine and making sure he was comfortable. Susan explained that Lori would need to write all his schoolwork down for him and a dozen other responsibilities. Then she got to the hard part.

“You know Tommy’s been hurt real bad and he needs us for just about everything. It is like caring for a baby and that means he will need our help for some things that are going to be embarrassing for both of you. That includes baths and helping him go to the bathroom.

Lori flushed with embarrassment but understood that it was necessary. She was also a bit excited by the prospect of seeing a boy’s privates, even if it was her brother.

To say that Tommy was less than enthused by the news his mother related would be an understatement. It was bad enough that he had to have his mother’s help to pee and wipe his butt; that his bratty little sister would now being doing it was just too much. But even though he complained, he knew there really was no other option.


Monday morning came much to quickly and Susan left for work, promising to be home as early as possible. Tommy had likewise promised himself that he would not need to use the bathroom until she returned home.

By noon, he knew it was futile. His eyeballs were swimming in piss and he knew he couldn’t wait any longer.

“Lori… LORI,” he called out to his sister who was soon at his door.

“What do you need Tommy?” the 12 year old said as she came to his doorway.

“I.. uhh.. I know this sucks, but I really need to take a piss.” Tommy said.

“Are you sure you can’t wait until mom gets home,” Lori replied.

“I really wish I could but I can’t and I need your help,” Tommy said, “Please.”

Lori didn’t say anything but just walked slowly across the room and picked up the urinal. She knew what to do but was still hesitant to proceed.

Tommy squirmed a bit, “Please, I really need to go.”

Taking a deep breath Lori pulled down the sheet that covered her older brother’s body. He was naked from the waist down and she saw his flaccid penis for the first time, it was only about three or four inches long and had a patch of dark hair growing above it, but looked huge to her.

She reached out, touching It between two fingers for the first time and held it to point into the urinal. She immediately heard a stream of piss and a sigh of relief from Tommy.

After he finished, Lori set the urinal aside and dabbed at the end of her brother’s penis with a tissue to clean it. While doing so she felt it growing hard in her hand so becoming turgid and standing straight up. She just looked at it in fascination. Hard, it looked even larger to her and she could feel Tommy’s heartbeat through it. Now about six inches, long, she now examined the whole package – the first time she had ever seen a naked man. She looked at the sac underneath and could see two small nodules, these must be what she had heard called balls. The penis or cock as her friends called what boys had was like a mushroom with he top looking like a helmet; it was nestled in some very fine hair, not much but easy to see.

As if by instinct she stroked her hand up and down, feeling the soft skin slide over a much harder inside.

“Unhhhh,” Tommy moaned.

Lori jumped, letting go of his cock.

“Did I hurt you? I’m sorry, I just never saw it before,” Lori said.

“It’s okay, it just felt really nice. I’ve never had someone touch me like that before, I’ve only touched my dick by myself and well, now I can’t even do that,” Tommy said.

Lori continued stroking Tommy. He had grown harder and larger as her hand moved back and forth, he was now nearly double the size of when she had first seen it a few minutes earlier. The soft skin gliding over the hard interior fascinated and excited her. She had heard girls talking about boys at school but never imagined they could feel like this.

As she watched, Tommy’s balls drew up tight and she moved her other hand to time. They felt tight and hard, very different than just a few moments earlier. Tommy was breathing hard while moaning and pumping his hips in rhythm to her hand.

Then suddenly he groaned loudly and long spurts of liquid came out of Tommy. It went in the air before falling back on Tommy’s stomach. After several such spurts, more came out and ran down he sides onto Lori’s hand.

It was the most incredible thing Lori had ever seen and feeling the wet heat of her brother’s cum on her hand made her tingle and she could feel her panties grow moist. She let lose of her brother’s now soft cock and brought her hand up to face. Lori looked at the milky substance that coated it and for reasons she didn’t yet understand began to lick it clean, She found it to be mild with a slightly salty taste, unlike anything she ad ever tasted before. It was a taste she liked and hoped to taste again – soon.

“I better go.” Lori said to her brother who didn’t answer, seemingly lost in his thoughts. Lori got up and walked towards to the door. Just as she reached it, her brother spoke.

“Lori,” Tommy started then hesitated. “Thanks Sis, that was incredible.”

Lori looked back at her brother; he was looking directly at her with a smile on his face. She didn’t say anything, just a silent smile back as her fingers stroked the crotch of her shorts.


There wasn’t much talk in the Roberts house that night. Susan had came home and found everything in order. She was very proud of her children and especially Lori. She had not wanted to give such responsibility to her daughter. She knew that both children would find the situation embarrassing and awkward. She assumed that was why neither was talking now. She had asked both questions but the answers were short and offered little in the way of explanation. She decided it was best to just let them work everything out between themselves. In a short time they would get past the bashfulness and everything would be fine.

Susan need not have worried about her children getting past the awkwardness of the situation, if anything she would have been shocked at how fast they found comfort in her absence.

Lori was taking care of brother’s needs easily in just a few days and Tommy was no longer embarrassed by her presence. He now looked forward to needing her help and feeling her small warm hands on his body. She had once again jerked him off the second and third day; It was better than before the accident when he often stroked himself several times a day. Afterwards she would leave and he could hear her moaning and assumed she was playing with herself. That was all he needed and he would grow hard again.

Thursday morning, as Lori walked softly out of Tommy’s room following yet another hand job, he spoke up.

“You don’t have to go, I know what you’re doing, I can hear you. Why don’t you just stay here? I know I can’t do much with these,” he said holding his cast covered hands up, “but I’ll try to help you too.”

Lori stopped and felt her cheeks grow warm. “I don’t know” she hesitated.

“What, you can see mine but I can’t see yours,” Tommy joked, smiling in the direction of his younger sisters voice.

Lori laughed softly, “I guess your right,” she said and returned to his bedside.

Look at you, your already hard again,” she said.

“I know, I always get hard when I hear afterwards. Maybe if you stay we can help each other some.”

Lori reached down and took the hard cock of her brother in her hand, stroking it slowly as she did. Except this time she gave in to her own desires and began rubbing her small breasts. She felt her nipple grow hard and slipped her hand under her t-shirt, pinching her hard nipple in rhythm to the stroking she was giving her brother.

In her room she had fanaticized about her brother. His body was the only boy she had ever seen. When she rubbed her breasts and fingered her herself, she had imagined it was his touch. Now as she touched her small body again it was even stronger because she could feel his skin at the same time.

“Just a second,” Lori said as she released her hold on him and stood. In but a moment she had pulled her t-short off and dropped her shorts to the floor. She rarely wore a bra, not really needing one yet and had only bikini style panties on as she climbed into the bed.

In her fantasy’s during the last few days, she had one that got her off stronger than anything and now she intended to explore it.

Sitting next to Tommy, she bent down and licked his cock causing Tommy to moan loudly. Then she opened her mouth and began to take his hard six inches in it. It was warm, almost hot and the skin was a soft covering over a hard interior. She swirled her tongue around the top feeling the spongy helmet and the sharp ridgeline. It had a slightly acidic taste but she liked it and she could feel his heartbeat in it. It throbbed each time in her mouth.

For his part Tommy thought he had died and gone to heaven. He thought the tough of her hand was incredible but this was simply indescribable. A warm moist surrounded his cock and moved up and down with a sucking feeling. He could feel her lips and tongue move over every part of his dick. He wasn’t even aware of his moaning or soft calling of Lori’s name. He wanted this feeling to last forever.

Lori continued moving her mouth up and down her brother’s cock. She could hear him and it made her feel even better. Her fingers had left her stiff nipples and were now inside her panties. She used her fingers to slide along her still bare slit and soon found her special button. She pressed it each time her move would go down the length of Tommy. For her too this was better than anything she had every imagined.

Tommy wanted to touch her in the worse way but with casts on both his arms his young mind couldn’t figure out a way to do that. So he watched as his sister swallowed his cock and fingered himself. There was no way such a view would let him go soft. Then his sister pulled her lips from his cock and brought her fingers from her pussy to her mouth. Immediately Tommy thought of the solution to his problem.

“Lori bring your pussy to my face.”

His sister looked at him puzzled. “Why?” she asked.

“Just do it, I think you’ll see why and won’t be sorry,” Tommy answered.

Lori shrugged and climbed on her brothers chest, straddling carefully so as not to put any weight on his casted arms. She still wasn’t close enough for Tommy to reach her and he thought a moment.

“Ok, now turn over on your knees but put a leg on each side of my head.”

She did as he said still not sure why, at least she wasn’t sure why until she felt something she had never felt before; something wonderful.

Tommy couldn’t believe how wonderful his first taste of pussy was. He had looked at his first pussy for a few moments before diving in. The bare skin surrounded a pink slit the just invited him in. The taste was clean and fresh unlike anything he had ever had before. The texture was warm, moist and smooth. He licked along the slit and pressed his tongue between the folds finding new areas to explore with each lick.

Lori whipped her head around to see what her brother was doing that was so wonderful. She was about to say something when Tommy found her young clit. A wave of pleasure like she had never known before went through her body.

“OHMYYYGAAAAWD,” Lori moaned out. “Don’t stop, right there, that is so.. YESSSSSSS.

Lori’s eyes had clamped shut as she experienced feelings she never knew existed before. As she opened them she was looking directly at her brother’s hard erection. With no hesitation she took his full length back into her mouth.

She could feel every ridge and vein has she slid her lips over the hard cock. Her own feelings were building like into a wave. She felt her first orgasm course through her young body, followed immediately by a second stronger one.

Then the waves came one after another.

Lori had never known such bliss and wanted the feelings to never end. The whole time she never released her brother’s cock from her mouth. Sucking, licking and moving her lips along it as Tommy pumped his hips to match her moves, the two were a blur.

Suddenly her brother grunted loudly and after spurt of her brothers cum filled her mouth. She swallowed quickly but still some leaked from her lips. The siblings came together in a circle of mutual ecstasy with energy only youth possesses.

But the two eventually came down from their sexual high and collapsed into each other, panting for breath. Lori turned her body and snuggled up against her brother, the were soon asleep.


Lori awoke about an hour later and quietly slipped from the bed, careful not to wake her brother. Slipping her t-shirt on, she went downstairs to fix lunch for both herself and her new lover.

As she warmed the food her mother had left for the two children, she reflected on what had transpired that morning. She knew it was wrong but she had no regrets. It had been the most intense experience of her young life.

As she carried the tray of food upstairs, Lori also knew what she wanted and was sure her brother would want the same.

Tommy was awake when she entered his room and set the tray down.

“Hi,” he said hesitantly, “are you okay?”

“Yes,” she answered, suddenly shy. “How about you?”

Tommy nodded and said nothing more. No more words were exchanged as Lori fed him the lunch.

As the last spoonful of pudding was eaten, Lori leaned over and kissed her brother. They separated and smiled at each other.

“Tommy,” Lori started, then grew silent.

Tommy started to reply but Lori held her hand up to silence him.

Taking a deep breath, Lori had decided to just say what she wanted – “Tommy, I want to make love. Can we?”

“Ahh, sure, err I mean of course, yes,” Tommy answered in a fluster.

Lori leaned in and kissed her brother silencing his stammering. As she broke the kiss and sat up she looked down his body and saw the tent his hard cock had already created under the sheet.

“Well, it looks like your ready,” she giggled while drawing the sheet down.

Unable to resist, Lori once again took Tommy’s cock into her mouth. She had already found she loved the taste and feel of it’s hardness going in and out of her mouth. She could only dream of what it would feel like inside her.

As she licked around the spongy head, she knew she wanted that feeling and she wanted it now.

Lori climbed astride her brother and reached down to line him up with her body. After a couple misses, she felt her lips part as the cock slid in past her lips. The two siblings looked at each other in the eyes. Then suddenly Lori felt a sharp pain as Tommy pushed through her cherry. She gripped his shoulders and a single tear fell from her eyes onto Tommy.
“Are you okay?” a concerned Tommy asked.

“Yes, just wait a moment,” Lori answered.

Then he felt her slowly start to move, pressing down and allowing more of his cock to press into her body until he was fully inside her. She lifted and pressed back, setting up a rhythm between their bodies.

Lori felt filled and a bliss her fingers had brought her before. She could fill the cock as it slid into her, seemingly joining her to her lover. Tommy was just as spellbound; the warmth that surrounded his cock was incredible. He could feel himself glide in and out of a softness unknown to him before, yet there was a gripping tightness better than he had ever felt.

The two children were engaged in each others body, enjoying feelings that neither had known existed just a few hours earlier. Learning about one another’s in ways they never would have dreamt about just a week earlier. Tommy had thought of his little sister as a brat sent to make his life miserable. For her part, Lori had been indifferent to her brother. Some of her friends had said he was cute but to Lori he had just been a brother.

Now it was different, and always would be. Neither one would ever look at the other in the same way. They were sharing a love deeper than ever. Their bodies were joined and each was in a deep bliss of sexuality. Nothing else in the world mattered and neither was aware of anything beyond the urges and joys coursing through them. The cock pressing deep and the pussy squeezing tight around it. Their world was one and nothing beyond mattered.

At least until they heard the book drop and looked up to see their homebound teacher, Miss Cooper standing at the bedroom door in shock.

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