My perverted cousin

When I was twelve years old, I got into all sorts of sexual situations with my sister and some of my cousins, but I also remember a male cousin who was very strange. Barry and I used to hang out once in a while, and probably the thing we had most in common was our sex drives. He had three sisters who were all one to three years older than him, and were very cute. I was always curious as to whether I would ever have an opportunity to fool around with his sisters, but was a little afraid of how he might react.

One summer day at my grandmother’s cottage, everyone was there swimming and waterskiing behind my uncle’s boat. It was a very hot and humid day, so we couldn’t handle being out in the sun for too long. The girls were looking good in their skimpy bathing suits, and later in the afternoon when everyone was resting under the shade trees, I noticed Barry looking at his sisters with a very strange look on his face. The look was similar to how I felt when daydreaming about fooling around sexually with my sister or one of my cousins. I guess the reason I thought it was strange, was because I couldn’t think of anyone wanting to do their sister, except for me of course. No one likes to think they are strange, it’s only other people. I have to admit that his looks towards his sisters, got me thinking of them also, in a sexual way, but I wasn’t going to say anything. Barry and I were sitting about ten feet away from the girls, and there was no one else around because all the adults were inside with their cooling fans.

Barry leaned over to me and whispered a question that almost blew my mind. He had asked if I had ever thought about doing his sisters. I grabbed him and headed towards the water so we could talk without whispering. I said to him “why the fuck would you ask me that about your sisters”? Barry said “you are as horny as I am, so why wouldn’t you want to do them”? When I told him that I wouldn’t have thought that way because of our friendship, Barry laughed and told me that he has wanted to fuck them for months, but hasn’t really had the right opportunity. He went on to say that if he would do them, why wouldn’t I, if the chance came up. I have to admit that I was starting to feel that familiar twitch in my swim trunks, thinking about this.

Barry and I started to discuss how we could create the right opportunity with his sisters, so he said “leave it to me, and I’ll be right back”. He headed towards the cottage and about ten minutes later, he came out and told me to follow him. We headed back towards the shade trees, where the girls were sitting, and he proceeded to tell them that he had arranged to take the boat, along with drinks and snacks for everyone, over to the island for the rest of the afternoon. The girls were excited about the adventure Barry was describing, so they were all gung ho.
The island was in the middle of the lake about a half mile offshore, and was only accessible by boat. It was deserted except for old fishing shacks that were used for ice fishing in the winter. Aside from that it was pretty much grass and trees. We gathered up supplies, lifejackets, etc, and all headed to the boat to start our adventure.

With five of us, plus supplies, in a fifteen foot fishing boat, it was pretty crowded, and with just a six HP motor, the ride to the island was pretty slow. I didn’t mind because I was squeezed between two of barry’s sisters, and was enjoying the feel of their bare thighs against mine. The feel of their thighs and thoughts of what might happen on the island had my cock throbbing. Barry was at the back of the boat driving and his other sister was in the middle seat facing the three of us. As I turned to look towards the island, I heard a giggle from Barry’s sister who had been facing me. Everybody asked her what she was giggling about, but when I saw that she was staring at the bulge in my swim trunks, I knew. She didn’t say anything to anyone about it but both she and I were a little red in the face.

The boat finally arrived, so after throwing the anchor on shore to keep the boat from drifting off, and unloading the supplies, we started out on our adventure. Barry told the girls that there were lots of fishing shacks and big trees so we should start out playing hide and seek. He agreed to be the first to do the searching. That wasn’t what I had in mind, but I didn’t want to piss him off so I just went along with his plan.

We all scattered for cover as Barry began his countdown. I managed to find a shack that had no windows, just a small door. Although it was hot as hell in there, I found a very dark corner to hide in, and sat there quietly. I thought I had been discovered right away when the door slowly creaked open, but I could see that it was his sister, who had been giggling about my boner in the boat. She got inside and closed the door and didn’t notice me, until she went to the same dark corner, and ended up sitting in my lap. I knew she would probably scream, so I put my hand over her mouth and told her to be quiet so Barry wouldn’t hear us. She calmed down, so I removed my hand and told her not to move, because Barry might hear us, and we would be discovered. She didn’t move, but my cock did, as we tried to adjust our position so we were more comfortable. I could feel her pussy against my cock, and the slinky feeling of the swimsuits had him throbbing. She giggled softly and asked if she should try and move, so I said not to budge an inch or it would hurt me. It was pretty obvious she could feel my cock throbbing and because there didn’t seem to be any major objections, I decided to take things further.

I wrapped my arms around her and placed my hands on her breasts. They were just starting to develop nicely and each of them fit into my hands perfectly. She whispered to me quietly that it wasn’t fair that I got to grope her, yet she wasn’t allowed to move. I pushed my ass up off the floor and took my hands off her breasts just long enough to shimmy my trunks down just enough for my cock to be exposed. She was wearing a one piece suit so there wasn’t much chance of getting it off, so I just moved the shoulder straps down her arms, so I could hold her naked boobs in my hands. She sat there so quietly, and because I couldn’t really see her face for reactions to what I was doing, I wasn’t entirely sure if I would get away with this.

I took her hand and placed it on my cock, after shifting her to one side, and she kept it there with no resistance. She didn’t seem to know what to do with my cock, so I whispered for her to stroke her hand up and down. As she started stroking, I didn’t feel satisfied with just feeling boobs, so I moved my hand to her pussy area and tried to move the material to one side. It wasn’t working, but she took her hand off my cock and helped me hold the material while I got my hand inside the suit. Now this was much better, touching a naked pussy, and when her hand went back to my cock, I was afraid that I was going to cum. I asked her not to stroke too fast, so she just held him tightly. My fingers were cramped inside the crotch of her swimsuit, and it was nearly impossible to get her pussy lips open for a proper fingering. As much as she tried to help, I had to take my hand out because it was cramping and starting to ache.

I was really taking a huge risk at this point, because I whispered to her that I wanted us out of our trunks so we could play with each other. She said that we shouldn’t because Barry would probably be discovering us at any moment. I told her that Barry was probably doing the same thing with the first sister he discovered. I told her that Barry was a very horny guy like me, and because he wanted to have sex with all of his sisters, I was fairly certain that we were safe. I couldn’t see her face, but judging by the silence and lack of movement, she must have been shocked by something I said. Then she said to me “do you really think Barry would have sex with his own sisters”? I said ”sure, he told me so just earlier today, and why do you think we are on the island”? She then told me that she had seen Barry jerking off a few times with his bedroom door open, and he must have been hoping one of his sisters would come along and help him. I then said “you are probably right, because I have done the same thing with my sister”.

As I waited for her to say something, all I could hear was the beautiful sound of her bathing suit moving down her body, so I joined her and threw my trunks to the side. We embraced, and it was such a great feeling having her naked body right up against me. Her thirteen year old pussy, with a light covering of hair was rubbing directly against my throbbing cock, and I could feel my precum leaking onto her. Her hand was back wrapped around my cock, so I pulled us down to the floor, and lay her on her back. I gently parted her legs and started to work my fingers into her pussy lips. I moved my mouth up to her boobs and started to lick and suck on her erect nipples. She started moaning and her hand began stroking my cock even faster. I whispered to her “ not too fast, I don’t want to cum too soon”. I wanted to enjoy this to the fullest, but I knew that with this naked beauty next to me letting me have all of her, I would soon burst. I whispered in her ear “can we suck each other and try and have an orgasm together”? She didn’t answer, except to start shifting her position so we could have access to each other’s crotches. As I flicked my tongue through her pussy hairs to get to those moist inner lips, I felt the first breath and tongue flick on my cock. I buried my head into her pussy and licked her like she was sweet candy, while at the same time thrusting my hips to try and push my cock deeper into her mouth. I rolled onto my back and wrapped my arms around her ass, pulling her pussy tightly into my face, and thrusted my cock upwards into her mouth. I could tell from her moaning and her movements that she was close to coming, so I said to her “mouthfuck me, I’m going to cum”. With that her head started bobbing faster and faster, and the suction from her lips was increasing. I went for her clitoris and sucked hard alternating with quick tongue flicks, and as my cumload started the journey from my balls to the end of my cock, I felt her shudder, and push on my face with her pussy. We were both cumming, and were oblivious of everything around us, just enjoying the sensations as our orgasms ebbed.

We lay in the same position, not wanting to break the spell, or lose the feeling, but it was inevitable-the door opened. We jumped up to see her other sister with a look of astonishment, and a little hint of curiosity. When she was finally able to speak, she said that she came to find us because there was another shack that she had found, with strange sounds coming from it. By this time we had our swimsuits back on, so we all headed to the shack she had described. We all listened at the door, and although the girls thought the sounds were strange, they were all too familiar to me. Those unforgettable sounds of balls slapping off of an ass, combined with soft moans and grunts, were music to my ears.

I explained to them that Barry was having sex with his sister, and we could either leave them alone to finish, or we could join in the fun. We decided to burst open the door, and as we all looked at the scene before us, our jaws dropped. Barry and I had never seen each other’s cocks when erect, and the sight I was seeing put my six inch boner to shame. All of us couldn’t believe the size of that cock thrusting in and out of the oldest sister’s pussy, and couldn’t help but notice that his balls were almost the size of tennis balls. That may be an exaggeration, but they were bigger than I had ever seen, even in books. Barry didn’t miss a beat, even with all of us watching. He pumped and groaned and his balls smacked off her ass, and although his body was pretty much shielding her face from us, she didn’t seem to want to stop. I think she must have been close to an orgasm because she was starting to moan much louder, and you could see her fingers digging into Barry’s back. She screamed that she was cumming, and probably her contractions on his cock pulled him over the edge. He slammed her hard and deep until he let out a big groan and said he was cumming. You could hear the swishing sounds of his cum, as it tried to escape her pussy.

We watched in awe as he withdrew his cock covered in blood and cum, and as he got up, we could see her pussy gaped open and oozing cum, mixed with blood. Barry looked at us with his big cock dangling between his legs, semi erect, and said “Who’s next”? Barry sat down for a breather and looked up at me and asked if I was interested in sloppy seconds. Being intimidated by the size of his cock, I simply said that I was going to go back to the other shack. The sister that hadn’t been involved in anything so far appeared to be drooling as she stared at Barry’s cock and balls, so he took her hand and said “you’re next”. As he pulled her down, me and his other sister headed back to our own shack, but then it occurred to me that maybe this shouldn’t be just my decision. I stopped and asked her if she wanted to stay and watch Barry have sex with his other sister, and she shocked me by saying that she did want to watch, but wanted me to have sex with her at the same time.

We made our way back and went into the shack just in time to see Barry getting really hard again. Holy fuck, that cock had to be ten inches long and was as thick as my wrist. He wanted his sister to try sucking his cock, but she wouldn’t because of all the blood and cum, and probably because she knew it wouldn’t fit in her mouth. He pulled her into his lap, and told her to prepare for the fuck of her life. I guess he knew that his sister was a little afraid of the size of his cock, so he flipped her legs onto his shoulders and started licking her pussy. He told her when she was good and wet, he was going to fuck her and take her cherry. I was pretty horny, and my cock was throbbing, and yet I was nervous about pulling it out because it was so much smaller than Barry’s cock. Somehow my girl must have figured out what was bothering me, so she suggested that I should help moisten her sisters pussy with Barry, while she helped her other sister clean herself up. Barry said “happy to share”, so I took her from his shoulders and placed her over mine, and started licking and sucking on her clit. She started wriggling and moaning and because her head was hanging down at crotch level, I reached down and put her face against my cock. She slipped the trunks down, took my cock into her mouth and started licking. This was another first for me-a standing 69. Quite enjoyable, but exhausting trying to hold up her weight, which was probably about the same as mine. Barry was peering around his sister’s head trying to get a look at my cock in her mouth, but because I kept moving he couldn’t see much. He said that we had done enough and he was now ready to fuck her. He took her from my shoulder area, and my cock popped out of her mouth.

My girl had finished helping her other sister, so both of them came back over to me and said they would finish what their other sister had started. I couldn’t believe my ears-I was going to have two sisters sucking my cock, while watching Barry fuck the third sister. As the two of them licked and sucked at my cock and balls, I couldn’t help but notice that Barry wasn’t exactly being gentle with his next virgin target. We all gasped as he spread her legs and started to penetrate her with that monster cock. She started screaming and asked him to stop because he was hurting her, but he was relentless and wouldn’t ease up. He had maybe an inch of his cock at most in her pussy, and was raring back for a major thrust, when she suddenly seemed to pass out. This startled him, so he withdrew his cock and looked at us as if to say “what the fuck do I do now”? The oldest sister who had already been fucked by that monster suggested that he try putting some suntan lotion on his cock and in her pussy, and maybe that would let his cock slip in.

As much as I felt sorry for the soon to be defrocked sister, I still wanted those two girls to get back to my cock and balls, so I gently nudged their faces back to my crotch. There seemed to be a change of plans because they pushed me onto my back, and as my girl straddled my hips her sister helped point my cock to her pussy lips. She massaged my balls as my cock slowly parted the pussy lips, and when I met some resistance from the hymen, the older sister pulled my cock out and sucked it, while slobbering it with spit, to help with the journey. When she placed my cock back into her sister’s pussy, it slid easily right up to the hymen. My girl took a deep breath and suddenly thrust her pussy down at the same time I thrusted upwards. I was in and she didn’t seem to be in much pain. After about a minute, she started moving her pussy up and down, so I started more rapid thrusts upwards. I could feel her sister trying to reach between our legs to massage my balls, but she wasn’t having much luck.

Every once in a while I would glance over to see what Barry was doing, and it seemed he was enjoying himself watching the three of us. He was still hard as a rock, and more than a little frustrated about the small pussy opening that had denied him entry. He got a gleam in his eye and suddenly abandoned the passed out sister and came up behind the oldest sister, who had been trying to massage my balls. With a wicked thrust, he put that big cock in her pussy from the rear, and started humping wildly. I could hear his balls slapping off her ass, and it got me even more excited so I started thrusting harder upwards into my girl. We were both close to cumming, so kept up a furious pace until I could feel that tingle in my balls, and a second later my cock was shooting streams of cum into her pussy. As she felt the hot cum hit inside her, she let out a big moan, and let all her weight fall on me, and clung tightly. I looked down and saw that the oldest sister had given up trying to reach my balls, and was more focused on her raw pussy getting stuffed by Barry’s cock. As I let my cock slip from my girl’s pussy, I pulled her more towards me to kiss her, while reaching down to my cock. I tried to point my deflating cock at the oldest sister’s mouth as she was being humped mercilessly, and she must have finally figured out what I was trying to do. She sucked me into her mouth, and had me getting back to full erection in seconds. I think that she actually liked it because it was a distraction from that stump that was burning her raw pussy. My girl hadn’t noticed that I was now being sucked off, so I kept kissing her and sucking on her boobs to avoid being found out.

I didn’t think I had any cum left, but a few seconds later I was having an orgasm. I looked down to see a little cum seeping from the corners of her mouth, so knew that I indeed had not drained my tank dry. As she released my cock, Barry was getting down to the short strokes, and was hammering his sister’s ass madly. He gave a huge grunt and a deep thrust, and came in his sister’s pussy for the second time today. As my girl lifted up and looked back to see Barry pulling his cock out of his sister, she couldn’t help but notice the cum stains in the corners of her sisters mouth. She was about to say something about it, when we all heard the other sister mumbling something as she recovered from being passed out. We all turned towards her to see if she was okay, and all she had to say was “did I get fucked by that big cock”? We told her that it wouldn’t fit, and that she had not been fucked. She took a close look at all of us, and said that she was the only one that had not been able to have any fun today. The rest of us looked at one another, and finally agreed that she should not be left out. All of us went over to her and started caressing, licking, sucking and kissing her all over her body, and in no time she was moaning and writhing around on the floor. When I focused on sucking and licking her clit, while the rest kept up what they were doing, she was soon bucking wildly into my face, and screamed that she was cumming. When she was ready, we all released her and asked if she was satisfied. She said she was, when Barry interrupted and said that he wasn’t. He wanted someone to try a blowjob and if that wasn’t working he wanted to fuck another pussy.

My girl said that she was still pretty full of my cum and maybe would be slippery enough to try Barry’s cock, if he would give up the idea of getting his big cock into someone’s mouth. Barry said he had no objection to sloppy seconds, so he agreed, while I kind of sat back and wondered if I should be feeling jealous. After all, my girl and I had developed a special bond, or so I had thought, and here she is offering to fuck Barry. I decided that I was acting stupidly and I should just watch and enjoy the action. Maybe I could get a little more out of the others while Barry was fucking. My cock twitched, and I knew I was onto something.

As Barry positioned his sister and pointed his monster at her pussy, I reached for the only sister that hadn’t been fucked, and pulled her onto my lap. Watching Barry maneuver and inch his way into his sister was exciting to watch, and as my cock throbbed under the sister sitting on my lap, she started rubbing her pussy against my cock. My cum was obviously helpful to Barry since he was almost two inches into her and starting his thrusts to go deeper. I tried to get my cock positioned so it would enter those pussy lips that had been rubbing me, and maybe Barry and I could time our fucking together. As I pushed up, I pulled down on her shoulders and felt my cock hit her hymen. I whispered into her ear that she should get ready, because I was going to push deep into her. Just as I said that she raised up and crashed down hard, taking my full six inches into her pussy. Her moan caught the attention of everyone else, including Barry, who got even more excited, and moved even deeper into his sister. As he got about half way into her, I was already pumping deeply into his other sister, so he ran out of patience.

He reared back and with a huge deep thrust buried that gigantic cock all the way in his sister’s pussy, as she screamed in pain. I felt really bad for her, but I was also pumping a pussy and was getting ready to cum, so kept my focus on my cock. I started my short strokes and then slammed deeply into her pussy shooting streams of cum again. Where does all this stuff come from? As I would discover later in life, enjoy it while you can because it won’t last forever. I slumped in total exhaustion and slipped out of the pussy that was still contracting and pulsing on my cock.
Barry knew that I had come so it got him excited again and he started thrusting into his sister even faster, until she begged him to stop. He pretty much ignored her and kept up his thrusting until we heard that familiar grunt, at which time he slammed hard and deep and held there while he filled her with his cum.

All of us spread out on the floor, trying to recover, and I remember looking around at all the pussy and boobs and thinking that it was a rare moment indeed, that I was too tired to do anything about it. When we had caught our breath, and decided that we should get back to the cottage, Barry reminded everyone that what took place today was to remain a secret. If anyone felt the need to talk about it, they would have to deal with his wrath. In fact he went on to tell them, he would fuck their ass with his cock and rip them wide open if they told. I think he made his point with that statement and I was pretty sure no one would risk their ass, and his secret would be safe.

As we drove the boat back to the cottage, everyone was very quiet (probably trying to visualize Barry’s cock tearing their assholes apart), but I started thinking about his one sister that I hadn’t fucked. Man, I am one horny fucker.
The end.

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