From the story of the same name...just decided to post this separate as a poem...
Your Eyes.

All that we have been through,
All the time we shared.
The good times and the bad,
It always seemed you cared.
Now you’re growing distant,
Starting to tell lies.
You’re starting to go away from me,
I can see it in your eyes.

We used to love together,
Love like we were one.
Now we are apart,
Our love has come undone.
I thought we’d be together,
Make the perfect pair.
Always thought you’d be there,
Always thought you’d care.
Now I’m left with questions,
A thousand whats and whys,
You are no longer mine,
I can see it in your eyes.

I’m left with only memories,
Of good times that used to be.
A thousand laughs and smiles,
Will always stay with me.
But never again will I feel your arms,
Holding me at night.
Or experience your charms,
Or savor your delight.
You walk away and leave me,
We say our sad goodbyes,
Never to come back,
I can see it in your eyes.


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2012-10-14 20:58:38
wow i can actually feel my emtoions in this poem...lovely

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2012-06-13 01:13:03
When you find that special girl, you truely can know everything about her in her eyes. The only downside of this is if she knows this and fakes her feelings to use or toy with you. It hurts caue youve finnly found a way into her heart, she breaks you, and sometimes,just sometimes, you dont care. Cause thats how much you love her...

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2012-03-21 22:38:58
you were sorta late that day & now every day. my idle dream of holiday heosus & beaches & eastern seaboard romance becoming some bucolic nightmare. you are the lastest person on earth at night. every night. i prise up the floorboards. bored. three possums have made a home there. they stare in orange.this is six lines - the comment box won't allow it though...

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2011-02-19 12:42:36
Beautiful. I loved it!!

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2010-08-15 12:37:51
What a beautiful poem......E.G.

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