My teen years

If you have read any of my other stories, you have figured out that I was a very horny kid growing up, and took advantage of many sexual situations with my sister and my cousins. I recalled another sexual encounter that I had with my aunt when I was 15, and thought I would also share that experience.

When I turned 15, I had just broken up with a neighborhood girlfriend, who still cared for me, but had become boring to me. Diane was basically a good catholic girl, who had decided that she would do most things sexual with me, because she didn’t want to lose me. I said most things, which included hand jobs, blowjobs, as well as letting me lick and suck her from head to toe, but not anything which would place my cock near her pussy opening. There was one time when I convinced her to let my cock rub against her pussy, but she only allowed it for a few seconds, and made sure that she didn’t get penetrated. That was my first experience with the dreaded “blue balls”.

My mother’s sister lived across town, and although I had several aunts and uncles, she was my very favorite relative, because we seemed to have a special bond. Her name was Debbie, and she always reminded me to call her that, rather than Aunt Debbie. I’m not entirely sure why, but maybe it made her feel younger or something. Debbie was divorced from an abusive husband, and since they had never had kids, lived alone in a very nice bungalow. Usually when I went across town to visit, Diane would be with me, and they too hit it off really well. The day after my breakup, I stopped at Debbie’s house to say hello and to see if she had baked any pies or tarts. She was a fantastic cook and her baked stuff was to die for. She saw me coming through the kitchen window and yelled for me to just come on in. As the door opened, the aroma from freshly baked pies and tarts had my mouth watering.

Debbie told me to have a seat and she would get me something as soon as they had cooled a bit. She sat with me at the kitchen table, and told me that my timing was perfect, since she had just finished all her baking. Debbie was 39, a year older than my mother, but looked nothing like her. It wasn’t that my mother wasn’t pretty or anything like that, but Debbie was more like those girls you would see on the calendars at the garage where Dad gets his car repaired. She was petite, but very well formed, with long legs, firm breasts and an ass that couldn’t be ignored. I guess Debbie knew that I had always had an eye for her figure, and it seemed that she would use any excuse to tease me. Not flagrantly, but little things like leaving a few buttons undone on her blouse, or bending to pick something up in front of me. Maybe it was just my horny imagination.

This particular day, Debbie was wearing a sun dress that buttoned all the way up the front, and when she stood near sunlight, you could almost see through it. The top three or four buttons were undone, and because she had been at the stove baking, she had little beads of sweat running slowly down her cleavage. I know that she is my mom’s sister, and that we have this special Aunt/Nephew bond, but hey, I’m still 15, with raging hormones, and I could feel my cock throb with each bead of sweat. As my mind started thinking the same things as my cock, she suddenly brought me back to reality asking “so where is Diane”? I told her that we had broken up, and this seemed to upset her. She said that she really liked Diane and it was a shame that we had broken up. I could tell that she wanted more details about the breakup, and I wasn’t comfortable talking about it, so I asked if the baked things were cool enough to eat. She got up and checked and said they should be, so she began cutting the pie and bringing me over a slice.

The taste of that pie, as well as the view I had of the sweat beads on her cleavage, had me in seventh heaven. Debbie asked me if it would bother me if she still had Diane over for visits, because they had become friends. I couldn’t see any reason to object, so I told her that was her decision and I didn’t mind. The only thing I mentioned is that I would want to make sure she wasn’t there if I stopped by. I guess talking about Diane deflated my cock, so I thought this might be a good time to get up and leave. Debbie said that I should take some tarts to my mom, so she asked me to wait a bit while she packaged them. As she reached down into a drawer to get some saran wrap, I got a better view of the cleavage, and with the sun shining on her dress, it was almost like I had a scantily dressed model in front of me. My cock instantly throbbed and became uncomfortable in my pants. I was stuck half way between the chair and the door, and there wasn’t much I could do, other than put my hands together in front of my pants. Now she was handing me the tarts, and I was going to end up very embarrassed. I took them from her and went to turn towards the door, when she said that I had nothing to be embarrassed about. I said to her “what do you mean”? She told me that most 15 year old boys are hard most of the time, and she was actually flattered at her age. Obviously she had seen the bulge, and my face must have been pretty red, because it felt like it was on fire. I quickly told her thanks for the baked goods, and virtually ran out the door.

I couldn’t help wondering if Debbie would say anything to my mother, and I could only hope for the best. When I got home, I was alone in the house so decided to relieve the pressure. I took out a photo album that had pictures of Debbie and my mom, and thought I would use that for added stimulation. That didn’t work because I felt like I was jerking off in front of my mother, so I just closed my eyes and visualized Debbie with that sun dress, and in only a few minutes I was filling a Kleenex with my cum. I still was left with the feeling of embarrassment, from Debbie seeing my pants bulging, and started to think that I may not be able to go back there any time soon.

About two weeks later, Debbie called my mom and told her she had some more baked goods for us, and could I stop over to pick them up. Two weeks had gone by so I figured that it should all be forgotten, so I headed over to Debbie’s. As I sat making small talk with her, hoping that the boner incident wouldn’t come up in conversation, she said to me that Diane had been over for a visit a couple of days ago. I didn’t react, so she started telling me about their conversation. She said that Diane told her that you broke up because she wouldn’t let you have sex with her. I said that this was kind of personal, and I wasn’t comfortable talking about it. She kept prodding and prying so I asked her if the baked stuff was ready for me to take, since I had to get going. She got up and put her hand on my shoulder and told me that I had nothing to be uncomfortable about, and she knew how I felt since she had the same situation happen to her at 15.

Now she had my attention so I asked her to explain what she meant. She said that her boyfriend kept pressuring her to have sex, and because she wasn’t ready, he broke up with her. She said that to get even with him, she had sex with the next boy she went out with, who happened to be her ex’s best friend. She said that she did it because she knew he would tell her ex, and that would really piss him off. My cock was throbbing listening to her tell this story, and I was so wrapped up in it, I never noticed that she had a clear view of the throbbing bulge in my pants, from where she was standing. It occurred to me that she was no longer telling the story so I looked at her face and saw that she was staring at the bulge in my pants. For some reason, I didn’t get embarrassed this time, but just stood up and said I should be going. Debbie said you can’t leave like that or the neighbors would wonder what we had been up to. She said to have a tart and relax for a bit, until the problem went away. She sure wasn’t helping by asking me why I got excited around her, so I said that she was a beautiful woman and any man would get hard thinking about having sex with her. As soon as those words left my lips, I knew I had put my foot in my mouth, because the next words from her were “you mean you were thinking about having sex with me”? I stammered and fumbled for the right words without making things worse, but before I could say anything, she laughed and told me that she was very flattered that a 15 year old stud was turned on by her. That word stud somehow made me even more excited and my cock began throbbing uncontrollably.

There were a few seconds of silence, and not knowing how to react or what to do, I simply said “ you are so hot and you make me throb”. I figured that she would either tell me to get on home, or as I hoped, she might fulfill my dreams. She did neither. Debbie told me to sit down so we could talk about what just happened. She said that she was so flattered that she was able to excite a younger man, but she couldn’t forget that I was her sister’s son. Somehow in my mind I thought there was a chance of this turning out okay, so I told her that I was sorry if I was out of line, but found it very difficult controlling my urges around such a beautiful woman. I went on to tell her that I saw her that way, rather than as an aunt, and I didn’t want her to think badly of me. The look on her face told me everything I needed to know. She was flushed, smiling, and looking like she had just won the lottery. No, I’m not thinking straight, I need to get the hell out of here before I get in serious trouble. It’s happened too many times before when I let my cock do my thinking for me. As I started to get up Debbie pushed me back and sat down in my lap, and I could feel her pussy through her dress, as it rested on my throbbing cock. She whispered in my ear that it had been a long time since she had felt like this, and she was liking it. She then took my hand and led me into the bedroom, with a gleam in her eyes that I had never seen before.

Debbie pushed me back on the bed, and slowly started taking off her clothes. As the dress hit the floor, my cock just wanted to burst in anticipation. The lacy bra and panties were next, and as I watched her flip her hair, I reached down to start undressing. She walked over to me slowly, and stopped me from undressing and said she would take care of it. She straddled me and started slowly unbuttoning my shirt, while at the same time making sure her pussy was rubbing my cock through my pants. My shirt was thrown open, and then she kneeled at the side of the bed, where she removed my shoes, and then reached up for my pants. Watching this naked model like woman slowly undressing me was becoming torturous, and as her hands slowly removed my pants, I helped with my underwear, and she threw them aside. Before I could catch my breath, her hand touched my throbbing cock, and in an instant I was covering her with streams of cum. Yes I just did that-came before I even touched her. She smiled and told me that she knew that I had a lot more where that came from, and she crawled up beside me. This was my chance of a lifetime. I had blown my load, so now I could spend all my time enjoying the scents and feel of her body, while my cock recuperated.

I started with her earlobes gently licking and sucking them, and then moved to her neck. I could hear her moaning and as I nibbled my way around her neck area, I was sure I could feel her heart racing. I licked all along the tops of her breasts, while watching her heave her chest upward pointing the erect nipples towards my mouth. I took them into my mouth sucking gently at first and then more forcefully. I heard her moaning get louder and as I sucked hard, she grabbed the back of my head and pulled it into her chest as she came. Her moans were almost like a soft crying, and she wouldn’t release my head. I whispered to her that I wasn’t finished and managed to get my head free to continue my trip down her beautiful body. As I licked and nibbled my way down her abdomen area, I felt her shudder and with a loud moan she said she was coming again. I started to move towards her pussy area and as I found her clitoris, she bucked upwards, grabbed the back of my head and crushed it into her pussy. She had come again. This was something new for me, because I didn’t know that a woman could come that many times, without even being penetrated.

The scent of her pussy and the sight that was before me had my cock throbbing uncontrollably. As she gradually released the pressure on the back of my head, my tongue flicked at her pussy lips, and as I looked up to see her face, she seemed to be in a dream state. I took one long lick into her pussy, while bringing my finger up to gently massage her clitoris and suddenly felt her shudder and moan again. Her thighs clamped my face and she must have come again. My face was squeezed pretty tightly and as she sensed that she should release it, she pulled me up to lay beside her. She told me that she had never had multiple orgasms like that, and she said she was very satisfied, but exhausted. She asked me if we could take a break before resuming, and although my cock was throbbing, and my balls were tight, I said okay.

After about ten minutes of resting and cuddling, she got up and knelt beside me. She started kissing my neck and chest as she traced her fingers over my lips. If I hadn’t come already, I would surely blow now, because this was pure heaven. She worked her way down my stomach flicking her tongue, and when she felt the head of my cock hit her chin, she rose up and engulfed it in her mouth. I held her face gently as she worked her tongue around the head of my cock, and when her tongue reached that sensitive spot underneath the head, I felt that tingling in my balls that was signaling an orgasm was imminent. I took her head a little more forcefully and pushed it down on my cock and told her I was cumming. As the streams of cum hit her mouth, she suckled like a puppy getting milk from it’s mother, and I thought this would surely empty my balls entirely. I couldn’t speak or move. I just lay there mesmerized by this gorgeous woman sucking the last remains of my cum. I pulled her up to me to cuddle, and when she kissed me passionately, I could taste my cum in her mouth. Normally the thought of that would make me sick, but this was too beautiful, and I simply savored her entire mouth.

After a few minutes, she said that she had loved every minute of our time together, and she would never forget it. I told her that we weren’t finished, and that I absolutely had to get my cock inside her beautiful pussy. She looked down and saw that I was hard again, and she said to me “15 sure is a great age to be”. I pulled up onto my elbows and moved into position between her legs. As I felt my cock gently touch her pussy lips, she let out another moan, and grabbed my ass and pulled me into her. I guess I had got all the gentle stuff out of the way, because all I wanted to do was slam her pussy and bang my balls off her ass until I came. I think she knew that too, judging by the way she was humping upwards to meet my thrusts. As I banged harder, I could hear her moaning for me to fuck her hard, and the sounds and smells had me lost to the world. I could feel the tingling in my balls so I started hammering her deeply with each thrust and told her I was going to cum. She told me to fuck her hard, because she was going to cum with me. I gave one last thrust and held it deeply as the cum streamed out of me into her pussy. Her pussy contractions from the orgasm sucked every drop from my cock, until we both collapsed in exhaustion and in ecstasy.

When the phone rang, it kind of brought us out of our dream state, so we both jumped up at the same time. Debbie answered the phone and I could tell from her reaction, it wasn’t someone she wanted to talk to at this moment. I heard her say that it wasn’t a good time to come visit and could they come by tomorrow instead. After she hung up, she told me it was Diane calling to see if it was okay to come over. We laughed and said that it was a good thing she phoned, rather than just dropping by. I figured that I should be getting on home, so told Debbie that I was leaving. She said “Are you sure you have had enough”? I replied “no, but tomorrow is another day”. I said that I would love to be in the throws of an orgasm in her pussy, while Diane was knocking at her front door. She thought that this idea was funny, but ridiculous, so she slapped me on the ass and said to get dressed.

Did I come back the next day? That is for the next chapter.

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