An ode to My friends who play online RPGs.
I have a magical and mystical helm,
It gives me points when I wear it to fish,
It doubles my wood cutting ability,
I wear the helm wherever I go,
It makes me invisible when I am being sneaky.

I have a magical and mystical helm,
It goes with the sword of slashing,
I use them to fight the red dragon lords,
With the magical shield of justice,
In my nap sack I have seven potions.

I have a magical and mystical helm,
It’s made of plastic and has big horns,
My friends shake their heads every day,
But I still have more runes than they do,
I teabag them like noobs to drive the point home.

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2012-11-22 05:05:45
Superbly illuminating data here, tkahns!

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2011-09-18 08:19:19
Sounds like Runescape/WoW all in one...

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